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(of Nargles and Plans)

What the hell?

Harry ran his hand over his chest, in complete disbelief. Sure, he healed quicker than the normal human, but a wound like that should have taken weeks to heal, even with magic!

Suddenly feeling agitated, the wizard clenched his hands into fists and said shortly to Luna, "Explain. Please."

Her lips were pulled down at the corners in a frown and she moved her hand to cover one of his. "There is nothing that I can explain that you do not already know – I need you to accept this part of you Harry. It's why I came here."

Luna's hand squeezed his gently. "You… are immortal Harry. Death chose you – you are not just the Master, but the Avatar of Death. I know you do not know what that means, and nor do I. I said before the answer lies in the other world – where your mates were born."

The wizard sucked in a shuddering breath. "I know. I know."

"No I do not think you do." Luna cut him off, her voice quiet and intense. It lacked the usual, dreamy tone, and it made Harry stare at her, his stomach rolling with anxiety.

Her grip on his hand tightened. "Harry. You are not mortal. You are not even human anymore. The magic inside of you…" She raised her free hand and pressed it against his chest, and Harry's heart leapt at the contact, his magic suddenly surging and sparking as it came in contact with the Seer's. Nothing more came of it, and it settled back into an easy rhythm.

"It is powerful. You might as well be a god… or you may be a demon."

Something recoiled inside of Harry at her words, and he pulled his hand back with a scowl. "I'm far from a god, Luna. And demon…? "

"Are you really?" She tilted her head, her lips quirked. "Whether you are a god or a demon, it matters not. One thing is certain. The magic at work here, you're destiny… It is so clouded that I cannot see beyond a certain point. And that point is when you step through the veil with your mates for a final time."

The wizard swallowed. "So I'm really not coming back again?"

She gave an elegant shrug. "Who knows? All I see is one possible future, and that is never set in stone. You know that. However… the point I am trying to make is this: you may live forever. You may rise or you may fall. But you will not be alone. The thing you have desired all your life is waiting for you beyond that veil, and Monkey D. Luffy and Gol D. Ace will be there with you, every step of the way. They will never turn their backs on you, no matter what you become."

She pulled away, and placed her hands in her lap. "And you need to lower the last of your barriers."

Harry blinked in confusion, and he felt Ace and Luffy move – and suddenly, it was like they were… right outside the door.

They were hovering.

Amusement, mixed with the confusion and anxiety, was a strange combination, the wizard decided. "I don't understand… There's nothing left between us. No shields or anything." He gave a wry grin. "I've accepted my fate."

"Have you really?" Luna questioned. "If you have… then I wish you luck, Harry Potter."

That said, she got to her feet and leaned over, placing a gentle kiss on Harry's marked forehead. "You will be great. The gods themselves with be in awe of you, I know it. But first… you must deal with Ellenore."

The Seer pulled back, and that familiar dreamy smile graced her lips. "I expect you to say goodbye when you leave. And I wonder…"

Luna made her way over to the door and opened it to reveal the two pirates skulking outside. They didn't look surprised or contrite that they were caught listening, and before a word could leave any of their mouths Luna said, "Do you have nargles where you're from?"

"Eh?" Luffy scratched his head, his head tilted in confusion, and Ace had a similar expression on his face – though strangely he looked like he was used to it.

Harry, feeling very out of sorts with many conflicting emotions struggling for control, could not help but grin as he realised that the two pirates had to deal with Luna for a while before he'd woken up. He was certain they must have been very confused by the Seer, and Harry mourned the fact that he was unable to have seen their interactions.

"Ah, I'm sorry – You must tell me at a later point in time, I believe Draco is ready to leave. There's certain business he must to attend to and I will be needed." Luna waved goodbye to Harry and slipped passed the pirates – and then paused, and said. "Harry… do not be too hard on Ron. He has been through a lot in the time you have been gone."

Harry narrowed his eyes at her. Was that so? George hadn't said anything alarming… But then again, George knew of the rift between them, and most likely did not want to bring up any unnecessary bad memories or emotions.

He made a mental note to talk to George about it – his curiosity had been peeked now, so he wasn't going to let it rest. He may… intensely dislike his former friend, but he didn't wish him any harm and felt… maybe a touch of concern. The wizard had noticed that Ron seemed unusually tense and hostile, and then there was the way Draco had acted around him while he was performing the check up on Harry and Ace and Luffy.

With a cheerful hum, Luna turned to leave once again, and Luffy and Ace bounded into the room to take a seat on either side of Harry. Luffy bounced and crossed his legs beneath him – and again Harry noticed he had the photo album in his hands, while Ace was a little more reserved and quiet.

The firestarter's eyes were trained on Harry's un-wounded chest. He reached out with a warm hand and gently placed his palm on the wizard's rune-scarred skin and he said with confusion, "You're completely healed? How's that possible?"

The wizard shivered slightly and he could only shrug. "I have no idea to be honest. With what Luna was saying… my guess is my magic healed me. I really, really don't know. And I don't think I will for a long time. She say's I'm immortal – and I like to think I am, but I guess… I'm just struggling to hold onto my humanity. That is… if I actually have any humanity left."

He leaned back against the headboard with a huff. "But it doesn't matter. There are things that must be done, and I no longer have an excuse to sit here and heal."

He eyed his mates. "I know you want to talk about… the things that have happened, but I need to stop Ellenore. I have an idea, it's not fully cemented, and there's a chance that I could royally fuck up and land up in the exact same position I was just in." Despite what Luna told me… "But I at least know what I'm dealing with now – or at least, I hope I know."

Luffy was fiddling with the cover of the album, an unusually hard look in his eyes. "You won't be leaving without us this time. We're coming with you."

The wizard snorted. Distantly, he knew he needed to ask what the deal was with the rubberman and his photo album, but that could be dealt with later – unless Luffy brought it up. "I knew you were going to say that. And I'm not going to deny you. Because I could use your help."

"Good." Ace had a satisfied smile on his face – and Harry felt his chest warm. He felt an… intent come from Luffy, and had barely turned his head before the rubberman pressed his lips against Harry's. It was eager and wet with just a hint of tongue, before Luffy pulled away and his lips were replaced by Ace's.

Harry was left breathless and wanting – but, as he said before, now wasn't the time to discuss their bond… or rather, now wasn't the time for them to play around.

Luffy had a pout on his lips, and Harry couldn't resist chuckling softly, and he leaned over to give the younger pirate another kiss.

He felt another pulse of warmth, and it to a moment for the wizard to pinpoint it – but when he did, he echoed that warmth. It was the first kiss he had initiated after all.

The wizard pulled back with another laugh. "Okay, down to business."

There was an almost feral light in Harry's eyes. "How good are you two at needless destruction?"

The devious grins that stretched across both of their faces were answer enough.



The red-head stopped, and looked at Harry with questioning blue eyes. "Yeah?"

They were about to leave. Luna had left with Draco and hour or so beforehand. As the Seer had said before, Draco had to head back to St. Mungo's, and Luna was going back for a final check-up. Harry had no idea what she was talking about, because she would have had one before she was cleared to leave the hospital in the first place, but he didn't have it in him to question her.

Draco had attempted to give him a stern talking to about rushing into danger without thinking, but Luna cut him off before the Healer could become engrossed in his rant. He only managed to get a few more rude names out before the seer pulled him along.

So after Harry told Ace and Luffy the details of his rather… pathetic plan, and the wizard had fixed up and re-carved the runes on his skin (a simple, if a little painful process, but it was nothing he couldn't ignore) – he and the two pirates were ready to begin the second assault on Ellenore. When he'd told George about it, the info-broker had been incredulous, and almost went on the exact same tirade that Draco had tried to go on, but he stopped himself.

The red-head knew that Harry knew what he was doing. The bounty hunter would do his best to ensure that he would not get injured so badly again. So George held his tongue and wished Harry and the pirates good luck.

But before Harry left… there was something he needed to ask George to do, and also… He needed to know about Ron. He would have asked Draco, he had left before Harry had the chance.

So that left George.

"What happened with Ron?"

George's eyes darkened. They hadn't been on the best of terms for a good few years – since George entered the shady side of trading, he'd distanced himself from his entire family, though more so with Ron because of his occupation as an Auror. But that didn't mean he had stopped caring about them.

"Do you remember Sia?" George said softly.

Harry frowned. The name rang a bell, and it took a few moments for it to click. "She's his girlfriend, yeah?"

"Fiancée. She died – in the attack that took Luna's eyes. They were together at the time and… Luna couldn't help. And neither could I."

Harry pursed his lips and his stomach rolled. "Ah."

That explained things. And it made Harry want to kill Ellenore more than anything.


The piece of parchment Harry gave George had a specific set of instructions on it. They needed to be followed to the letter, because if not then Harry knew the plan would not work.

"This is the last favour I ask of you." He told George softly. His lips pulled into a smirk. "I'll pay you for your services of course."

"I wouldn't expect anything less of you." The red-headed wizard replied with a grin that reminded Harry of the old days, back when they were still in school… and Fred was still alive. "I expect you know I require double the usual amount though, what with all the information I gave you before."

"Of course." Harry gave a mocking salute and turned on his heel, heading towards where Luffy and Ace were waiting by the doorway.

Ellenore was going down.


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