Title: My Mother Is A Cyborg

Author: Maggiemerc

Rating: PG

Relationships: Callie, Arizona, Calzona

Spoilers: For season 9. But set in the future when things are quite so intense.

Disclaimer: No I don't own them but if I did their season 9 plot would involve makeouts in the shower.

Summary: Sofia has decided on a costume for Halloween but it involves Callie making a request.

Author's Note: A little fluff because everything is all dark and drama and sometimes we need something fun and sweet!

My Mother Is A Cyborg

"Mom can Mama be a cyborg with me this year for Halloween?"

Callie did everything in her power not to drop her spatula. "Excuse me?"

"I want to go as a robot," Sofia explained, "And Mama should go as a robot because she's already part robot."

Anyone else saying that would have gotten smacked with the spatula. Her daughter though... She poured her eggs onto her plate, turned off the stove and put her spatula aside. "What makes you think Mama's a robot?"

Sofia was slathering more apple butter than was probably healthy onto her toast. "Because she has a robot leg." She punctuated this observation with a loud bite. "And robots have to charge their batteries or they'll die. And Mama has to charge her batteries or her leg doesn't work and she gets cranky."

Arizona had managed to forget charging it all of twice. Once when they were doing things in an on-call room and then Callie had to put on her scrub top without a bra and run across the hospital to get a charger and once the week before when she'd used the plug Callie had noticed was acting wonky and it hadn't actually charged her leg. She was significantly crankier the second time. There was now a reminder sign above the outlet and Arizona was suggesting she get another leg for emergencies so she wouldn't have to wear her jogging leg with the big foot blade to work when her main leg wasn't working.

Though it was really because there was a new model and they could dye the titanium a lovely magenta color that was just purple enough of a pink to be "hardcore."

"So you want to be cyborgs."

Sofia nodded.

"Can I be one?"

She shook her head, "No. You have to have batteries to be a cyborg Mom."

"So you have batteries."

Sofia tapped the giant MagLite she'd recently appropriated as light/lightsaber. "I need two D batteries. Also I have a robot leg like Mama but mine shoots lasers out of the knee and I can't take it off and hit people with it like she can."

Someone had heard Arizona's new favorite rant about taking off her leg and clubbing irritating people with it. That probably wasn't good for a four year old to hear.

"Well," Callie said with an overly dramatic sigh, "I guess I'm taking two robots trick r' treating then huh?"


There was a little concern with bringing it up with Arizona. While she was incredibly patient when it came to their daughter and her leg she was decidedly less patients with adults.

She took a deep breath and opened the door to their shared office.

And stopped dead. Arizona was sitting on the floor with half a grocery store's supply of aluminum foil, permanent markers and a lot of aluminum tape.

"Did you say yes," Arizona asked brightly.


"She asked me while she was getting dressed if we could be robots together and I said she had to run it by you first but I kind of liked the idea anyways so I was going through supplies!"

"Why would she need to ask me?"

Arizona's face relaxed and she spoke softly, "I know you can get sensitive about it."

She shut the door so Sofia wouldn't hear and came closer, "I'm not sensitive. I'm—"

"You are."

Callie started to protest but Arizona tugged her down next to her. She gently ran her thumb over Callie's cheek and involuntarily Callie leaned into the touch. As long as they'd been married it still made everything better. It always had. Even when they were—whatever they were doing.

"You're sensitive so I don't have to be Callie and I love you for that."

Arizona was smiling consolingly one moment and spontaneously leaning in and kissing Callie brightly the next.

She pulled back, "I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable Arizona."

"I know."

Callie looked away because it really seemed like she did make her uncomfortable. Sensitive? People would stare and Callie would scowl back. It was only right. They were being the jerks. She was trying to—to protect her wife.

"Hey," Arizona put her scissors down and grabbed both of Callie's hands. "Stop that."


"Thinking I'm saying more than I'm saying. I mean it Callie. When you're not there it can be exhausting in public. Because I have to always be prepared you know? There are all these," she searched for a word because Arizona really didn't curse much, "idiots. And they look at me like I should be pitied. Or like I'm not all there. I mean two days ago a woman told me I shouldn't carry Sofia because I might fall and hurt her."

Callie's mouth dropped open. Her brain was already moving through a series of questions she needed to ask so she could find the woman and do something she might get arrested for.

Arizona squeezed her hands, "But when you're there I don't have to worry. You worry for me and I can just be," she looked down at her shortened leg, "I can be the woman you married."

She reversed their hands so she could squeeze Arizona's and leaned in to rest her forehead against her wife's. She didn't need to look her in the eyes. "You are the woman I married."

She didn't need to look down at her leg either. It didn't matter. She loved the woman who sent a four year old out to do her dirty work and sat in her office making a foil robot costume.

But just because she didn't need to look Arizona in the eye to convince her she was and would always be that woman she walked down the aisle to meet her didn't mean she couldn't press her lips to Arizona's in a heated kiss that quickly turned into something giggly and perfect and not for their daughter's eyes or ears.


Trick r' treating with a pair of cyborgs almost didn't happen. Mainly because the prosthetist was late for the fitting of the much hyped pink leg. But just when Callie was preparing herself to tell Sofia they were going to have to go alone her phone buzzed with a text to come outside.

Arizona had acquired more than her initial costume of foil shorts and shirt. She had a crutch that doubled as a giant gun and a small one for Sofia whose costume mirrored her mother's a little too literally.

Arizona held up her crutch gun, "See. The interns are good for something."

Callie rolled her eyes. She usually just had them pick up her dry cleaning or grab her lunch—not fabricate a very cool gun out of piping, paint and a crutch.

She slipped her arm around her wife and watched as Sofia ran around the front yard making explosions and dodging them.

"How'd it go?"

"Awesome. I'm a little tired though. I figured the crutch might be a good idea just in case."

She rubbed her hand up and down Arizona's arm, "I can always carry you."

"What? You're a badass human. I'm a badass robot. I don't need to be carried," she scoffed.

"Can I be your badass human friend you lean on then?"


They were interrupted by Sofia. She'd stopped waging imaginary war in the front yard. Something had caught her eye and she ran back to them.

"You got it!"

Arizona grinned and lifted her thigh. Her new black and pink leg didn't even swing. "I did. What do you think?"

Sofia studied it a moment before touching it with none of the tentativeness most people had around it. To her it was just a part of her mother. "It's neat."

"It's pink," Callie whispered into her ear.

Arizona kissed her wife's neck and murmured, "It goes with the bra I'm wearing."

A very pleasant heat shot straight through Callie and she snatched a quick peck on the lips before dropping her hand into Arizona's for solid G-rating hand holding. How fast could she get her daughter through trick r' treating and into bed?

Sofia, not realizing her Mom was suddenly keen for a robot strip tease, put herself between them and grasped both their hands and began regaling Arizona with a tale of their many adventures as robots.

Callie caught their silhouette in the waning light. There they were out on the scariest night of the year. She'd protect them—against all the monsters and bigots and idiots. She'd be sensitive so they could be strong.

Her two perfect cyborgs in the sharp relief of the shadows of twilight.