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Emma had eaten Regina out plenty of times before, but never had she done so while Regina sat on her face. It was frightening yet arousing at the same time. She was bound to the bed and unable to move her hands or legs, so helping to please the darker woman with her hands was not an option. Emma wondered if she would be able to breath, but she barely had time to think about it as Regina lowered herself lazily. Just as Regina's wet cunt touched her face, she thrust out her tongue and took one good swipe at Regina's bundle of nerves. That resulted in hearing Regina give an appreciative moan, coupled with the feel of her hands squeezing Emma's breasts.

Emma's long tongue flattened against Regina's clit before it slithered down to her entrance. She quickly folded her tongue and pushed in, wiggling it a bit before pushing in a little further. Regina arched her back and scraped her fingernails over Emma's firm stomach.

"More. Harder." Regina demanded, one arm reaching back to grip at Emma's blonde tresses and squeezing tightly.

Emma winced against the pain of Regina holding her hair so tightly, but it only served to make her that much wetter. The blonde did as she was commanded, pushing her tongue as hard into Regina's entrance as was humanly possible. Emma soon moved back to her throbbing clit though and took it into her mouth, sucking while simultaneously rolling her tongue over it. That move made Regina's knees shake, making her bend a little to grip tightly at Emma's hips.

Regina's fingernails dug into Emma's skin, leaving moon shaped indents in her milky skin. Emma bucked her hips up, own arousal making her throb to the point of pain. She needed release, but Regina outright refused it.

"Buck your hips all you want, Ms. Swan, but you don't get your release until after I get mine." There was a dirty type of satisfaction lingering in Regina's tone. The chuckle, followed by a moan, that arose when Emma dug her face deeper into Regina's pussy told her that that was the exact reaction Regina had been waiting for. Forever the evil manipulator.

After a moment of relentlessly assaulting Regina's sensitive bundle of nerves, Emma let go of it with a pop and blew cool air over it. "Let me use my hands." She muttered, sucking in deep breaths to quell the burning in her lungs.

Following the end of her words, Regina smacked each of Emma's breasts with the tip of her fingers as a warning. "You're being careless." She hissed, giving one more good smack to Emma's right breast. The loud smack reverberated through the room.

Emma bit her lip and sucked in a breath, feeling the sting of Regina's slaps through her chest. When she sucked in, the brunette's heady smell assaulted her nose. She could swear she smelled a hint of apples. Something that never seemed to surprise her when she had her head in between Regina's legs. Emma swallowed, finding her words again, but with the exact demeanor Regina was looking for.

"May I use my hands, Your Majesty?"

Though Emma couldn't see it, Regina smirked wickedly before answering with a question of her own. "Do you think you'll be able to pleasure me further with the use of your hands?"

"I am far more than sure." Emma's tone was cocky and self assured.

"Cockiness is arousing dear, but are you really, very sure?" The older woman questioned. Regina was the Queen of teases.

Regina raised an eyebrow, one of her hands moving to slide a finger through Emma's arousal. Emma shivered and tried hard to keep her hips from moving up towards the touch, but she was too far past 'fuck me, please' to be able to control it. Regina only watched in amusement and awaited Emma's answer.

"I am as sure as possible….Your Majesty." Emma tacked on the formality almost as an afterthought, nearly forgetting her position yet again.

"We shall see." Regina retorted as she lifted herself from her position.

Quickly Regina made work of her bindings on Emma's wrists, but left the ones tying her legs to the bed. When Emma's hands were free, Emma shook them, trying to get rid of the numb feeling. The blonde sure as hell needed the feeling in her hands to make Regina scream her name like she wanted her to.

Emma was about to touch Regina's thighs when she felt a smack against one of her hands. She jumped, rubbing the back of her right hand. She remembered herself, though, before she could do any protesting.

"You touch me when I give permission. I have not given permission yet." Regina reprimanded.

Emma groaned, biting her bottom lip as she stared up at the body hovering over her. She could see Regina was dripping with need, but she knew better than to take a swipe at it with her tongue yet. So, Emma waited silently, clit throbbing as the torture continued. It felt tortuous having to wait to touch Regina. It was one of Emma's favorite things to do.

Finally, as Regina scraped the edges of her nails up Emma's torso, her sultry sexy voice filled Emma's ears. "Touch me. Now."

Emma's hands could not move fast enough. She had one hand holding tightly onto Regina's left thigh while the other went straight for the sweet spot. Her middle finger circled Regina's soaking entrance as her mouth attached itself to Regina's clit once more.

Regina's legs shook as soon as Emma began to work her tongue over her bundle of nerves once more. Her hands rubbed down Emma's body until she was gripping the blonde's muscular thighs. Regina gripped so tightly that she was sure her fingernails would leave crescent moon marks on Emma's pretty, pale skin. Which, of course, was exactly what Regina wanted.

The way Regina was handling her seemed to spur Emma on, making her suck that much harder on Regina's clit. It also inspired Emma to quit her teasing and push her middle finger inside of Regina, immediately turning her hand and curling her finger. Emma pumped into Regina three times before she added another finger, crooking both to find just the right spot inside of the brunette straddling her face. Emma knew exactly when she hit it too because Regina's grip would tighten further and her moans would increase in both amount and volume.

Before long, Emma added yet another finger. Her pace quickened considerably as Regina began to ride her face. It was practically involuntary the way Regina's hips were moving. With Emma's tongue pleasuring her and the blonde's fingers buried knuckle deep into her overheated pussy, Regina just couldn't help herself. She clung to her control though. Every now and then she made sure Emma knew who was the boss by smacking her hand against Emma's heat. Regina would even bend down to bite at Emma's perfect skin, leaving marks here and there. She was positive some marks wouldn't go away for weeks. This only made Regina grin widely, finding satisfaction that her marks on Emma would stay for more than just a day.

Emma quickened the pace of her fingers, making sure to rub against Regina's sweet spot in time with the licking of her clit. She was positive this combo was bringing out hushed expletives from Regina. She also knew that it was bringing some fairly loud moans from the brunette, just serving to make Emma feel that much more aroused, if that were even possible.

Every now and then Regina would let her fingers 'accidentally' slip run through Emma's wet folds, but she went no further. She was consumed with her own pleasure as Emma's talented mouth continued her breathtaking work. Emma's fingers were not without talent either. The way she buried them knuckle deep into Regina, and twisted and curled them, drove the brunette quickly towards that pleasurable precipice of orgasm.

Emma was really getting into her task, her mouth moving as Regina rolled her hips forward and back. She couldn't seem to get close enough, couldn't seem to get even more pressure pressed against her heated core. So Emma took it up a few notches, slamming her fingers into the writhing older woman and pulled on Regina's clit with a new kind of force. The seemed to do that trick and Regina gripped at Emma's hips harder than before, making a bit of pain roll through Emma's bones.

A crying shout fell from Regina's mouth as her orgasm slammed into her full force. Emma marched on with her roughness and it only served to help Regina fall from her first orgasm and free fall towards another one a second later. By the time Emma slowed down, Regina's entire body was shaking and there was a sheen of sweat covering her body. When Regina let go of Emma's hips, the brunette opened her eyes to her hands prints etched into Emma's pale skin. Regina smirked and rolled herself gracefully off of Emma. The finesse of the move was impressive considering the mind blowing orgasms she had just encountered.

Emma's green eyes stayed stuck to Regina's body, pink tongue flicking out to lick at kiss bruised lips. When Regina's gaze turned back to her, she watched the brunette's dark, lust filled eyes travel down her naked body. Emma shivered, finding the way Regina was looking at her to be enticing. A steady hand reached out to touch Emma's flushed skin, the tips of Regina's fingers skimming along Emma's sides and sliding downwards. It was almost reverent, the way Regina was touching her, but Emma knew better. And with the mischievous sparkle in Regina's eyes, she knew there was something on the woman's mind. After what seemed like years, Regina finally looked Emma in the eyes again and the wickedest of grins graced her face.

"You pleased me more than sufficiently, Ms. Swan. It has been a while since you've induced multiple orgasms. I do believe you're entitled to my little surprise for you now." The smile on Regina's lips grew almost impossibly darker.

Emma felt a mixture of fear and arousal wash its way through her body. She recalled Regina saying something to her about having a lot in store for her moments before she had been demanded to pleasure the older woman. While the prospect of having Regina do such dark things to her deemed painful, there was something deep inside her that told Emma she wanted this. It was sick and it was twisted, this little affair between them, but they were in too deep to stop it now.

As Emma's mind began to conjure up pictures of what was about to happen, Regina leaned over to her and placed her lips close to Emma's ear.

"It's time to see just how much you can take, dear." A tongue darted out lick the curve of Emma's ear. Not for the first time, or the last, Emma shuddered.

Regina removed herself from the bed momentarily, throwing a condescendingly menacing glance to Emma as if to tease her with 'Don't move.' Emma glared back at the woman, doing her best to keep her bravado even though her heartbeat quickly in her chest. She was filled with anticipation and worry, unable to imagine just what Regina had disappeared to retrieve.

The first thing Emma smelled when Regina returned was smoke. Quickly her eyes darted around to find the brunette and when her green eyes landed on the beauty, they immediately went wide. Regina stood at the end of the bed with a blood red candle in her hand. It smelled of apples, naturally. The flame flickered and waved on the wick, teasing Emma with its dancing. Quickly her eyes averted back to Regina's face, a question in her eyes. Regina read that question very quickly.

"Oh, that is exactly what it's for, dear. I told you I had quite a bit in store for you. I wasn't lying." That menacing tone of Regina's made Emma's mouth go dry and her legs quake.

Regina climbed onto the bed carefully, keeping the candle as steady as possible. She moved herself to Emma's side, facing her as she sat on her knees. Regina placed a solitary finger in between Emma's breast and slowly slid the finger down in a sensual and enticing slow motion. She swirled her finger around Emma's belly button and then stopped at her navel.

"I'll try not to mar your pretty skin too much. But I do believe you'll enjoy this."

Emma's first thought was that she would not, in fact, enjoy what Regina was about to do. She watched in aroused horror as Regina tilted the candle ever so slightly. The wax seemed to crawl towards the edge of the candle before dripping off completely. Emma watched the hot wax fall to her skin in what seemed like slow motion. But even with watching it fall, Emma was not prepared for the sting the spread across her skin. She hissed and closed her eyes tightly together.

Regina trailed the wax from Emma's belly button, leaving drops every inch until she reached her breasts. She flicked her thumb over Emma's erect nipples, appreciating them before dripping a circle around them both. And even though Emma's eyes were still tightly shut, she could practically feel the hum of arousal rising from the blonde's body. No matter how much Emma wanted to deny it, this kind of dominant sexual play aroused her to no end.

To check that fact, Regina moved the candle to her right hand and trailed her left hand down Emma's body. She cupped Emma's smooth sex before dipping two fingers inside. Emma's breath hitched and her hips jerked at the contact, eliciting a somewhat strangled sigh from her. When Regina pulled her fingers back, she spread her pointer and middle finger apart and watched Emma's arousal spread between them. With her nostrils flaring and her pupils dilating further, Regina brought her fingers to her lips and sucked them into her mouth. Her dark eyes closed and a muffled moan filled the room. Regina quickly cleaned Emma's arousal from her fingers before returning her hand back to Emma's soaking pussy.

"I have told you how wonderful you taste, haven't I, Ms. Swan?" Regina questioned, dipping her fingers back into Emma's wetness to add effect to her words.

"Verbally? No. You're usually very stingy with compliments. Rigid, really." Emma retorted, unable to keep herself in check.

Emma's snide remark was rewarded with a rather large circle of wax being dripped close to her navel. Emma jerked and tried to bite her tongue, but a gasp followed by a growl flew from her mouth.

"Fuck! Fuck!" Emma breathed, arousal rising with the pain.

"Oh, in due time, dear. In due time." Regina quipped, chuckling darkly.

The dripping of the wax continued, leaving drops of red wax all over Emma's body. There was even a rather large spot where Regina had written her initials with the wax. She smirked down at that, knowing that her initials would be a large red mark on Emma's skin for a while. Regina was also positive Emma would pay her back for that, but for now it was her turn to be the punisher.

Eventually Regina placed the candle down on the bedside table, blowing out the candle so it wouldn't drip on it. When she moved back to Emma, she positioned herself between the blonde's legs and breathed in the smell of Emma's arousal. She hummed her approval before moving in and biting hard on the inside of Emma's thighs. Emma yelped and jerked, but was unable to move her legs any further. Regina smiled widely and menacingly.

"You're tied down. You're not going anywhere, dear." Another hard bite to the opposite thigh followed Regina's words, making Emma whimper. "As I said earlier, I have something in store for you. We've never discussed it, but I decided I want to see how far I could push you."

"What are you going to do to me?" Emma questioned wearily, looking down at Regina.

"Did I say you could ask questions?" Regina looked up at her, a glare contorting her features. Emma swallowed and sighed, leaning her head back onto the pillow.

"I'm sorry, You Majesty." The way Emma had to grovel like that, it was demeaning and more than embarrassing. The only thing was, Emma enjoyed it. Regina had a way of making her feel tiny and small, but the pleasure was so worth it.

Regina seemed to forgive her transgressions and Emma was positive she had when she felt Regina's tongue slither against her throbbing clit. Emma's leg clenched in pleasure, knees bending momentarily until Regina's tongue was no longer felt. Emma groaned and tried to move towards Regina's mouth, but a hand stopped her. Emma's eyes slipped down to the woman between her legs, eyes begging for more even though Regina paid no attention to her face.

There was no warning when Regina immediately slid two fingers inside of Emma. Her fingers bent up, making Emma's legs quake when she hit the magic spot. Regina pumped her fingers in and out a few times before giving her attention to the green eyes boring down on her.

"Does that feel good, Ms. Swan?" Regina asked, punctuating Emma's name with a twist of her fingers. Emma's only response was a curt nod and a squeak. "Perhaps I should add a third finger?" Regina purred, not even waiting for a response before she slipped a third finger into Emma's awaiting entrance. This brought out a long moan from Emma, who canted up her hips to push Regina's fingers deeper. A satisfied grin played out on Regina's lips at this move, making her raise an eyebrow as her eyes scanned Emma's sweaty body. Regina stopped the motions of her fingers and lifted herself up on one elbow to peer into Emma's face. Emma stared back at her for a moment, but her head felt heavy and so she let it fall back to the pillow.

"How much can you take, Emma?" Regina breathed, addressing the blonde by her first name unexpectedly. "Just how tight of a fit would my fist be?"

Emma's green eyes popped open and she immediately stared wide eyed at Regina. She almost asked a question, but bit her tongue.

"Good girl." Regina grinned, finding it amusing the Emma was in fact trying to keep herself in line. She could also see that Emma hadn't been expecting Regina to mention such an act as fisting. It was clear Emma had never even thought about it. But oh, Regina was going to make her think about it now.

"I think I could make it fit." Regina continued on with her previous line of thought. "It will be tight and probably painful at first, but I think that you'll learn to love it. Pain is pleasure, dear."

With a smack to Emma's heated core, Regina slide her forefinger and middle finger through Emma and quickly found her entrance once more. A third finger followed quickly after, but Regina was nowhere near satisfied yet. Emma squirmed above her, but she continued with her train of thought. A fourth finger was added, making the fit a little more tight. Emma groaned, trying to squeeze her thighs together, but Regina kept her legs spread wide open.

Regina made a steady pace of finger fucking Emma slowly and tortuously as she nipped and licked at the insides of the blonde's legs. She was priming her, prepping her for what was about to come, pun completely intended. Every now and then Regina would stop to suck roughly on Emma's sensitive bundle of nerves, which in turn made Emma let out a few growls of pleasure.

The dirty work was just getting started though as Regina began to push her fingers even further into Emma. Her walls contracted around her fingers and tried to resist them, but Regina was not about to give up. Thankfully Emma was providing enough of her sweet arousal to make it a little more easy. Not that Regina wanted to let Emma do anything the easy way. Regina worked her fingers in a little more, pushing in and pulling out slowly inch by inch. She knew when it was beginning to feel even more tight when Emma let out a groan of pleasure that was riddled with pain and frustration.

"Oh, come now, Emma. I know you love this. Just imagine the pleasure you'll get from having my entire hand inside you." Regina inched her hand in further, up to her top knuckles, as soon as the last words syllable ended.

"Oh, shit! Fuck!" Emma growled and moaned, fists clenching at the bed sheets beneath her.

Regina smiled before pulling out her hand. Emma immediately felt empty, but the feeling didn't last long. With Regina's five fingers pressed together tightly, she pushed into Emma's awaiting pussy. She moved into her until half her hand was inside of Emma. She could feel the blonde's walls tightening around her fingers, entrance trying to make room for the obstruction. Above her, Emma began to breath heavily through her nose. She was clenching her jaw tightly as Regina continued to push in.

A sound mixed of pleasure and pain ripped through Emma's throat when Regina pushed her hand all the way in. Emma's cunt soaked her hand all the way to her wrist. Regina licked her lips and found the sight of her hand inside of Emma to be highly arousing.

"You're very tight, Ms. Swan. My hand barely fits." Regina teased, flexing her fingers to send a mix of pain and pleasure coursing through Emma.

Emma sucked in a deep breath and moaned deep in her throat. She couldn't deny that the pain of having Regina's entire fist inside of her was arousing. And when Regina flexed her fingers once and then twice, she was thankful she wasn't standing up. The blonde was fairly positive she wouldn't walk right for a while. If she would even be able to get up after this.

Without even asking, though there was no need to in their game of dominance, Regina began to twist her hand inside of Emma. The blonde shook and grit her teeth together, Regina's pace of fist fucking Emma increasing second by second. It wasn't long before driving her fist into Emma with force, flexing her fingers each time she pushed in. Emma trembled from head to foot and could feel her orgasm approaching quickly. It was as she was climbing that hill to orgasm that she felt something press against her ass. Emma jumped and looked down. However, from the way Regina was bent over her, she couldn't see a thing.

In quick succession and just as she pushed her fist back into Emma's awaiting pussy, Regina slipped a wet finger into Emma's ass. The sensations intertwined together sent shockwaves of pleasure sizzling through Emma's veins. It was soon after that, as Regina continued a talented rhythm with both hands, that the brunette's mouth dropped to Emma's clit. Emma pushed her head back into the bed as hard as she could, her screams and moans bouncing off the walls of the room. She was becoming louder and louder, unable to hide and unable to care that she was pleasured beyond belief.

Regina sucked heartily on Emma's clit and fucked her with purpose. Her teeth grazed against Emma's throbbing clit, fist pumping and flexing inside of Emma simultaneously. Regina gained complete satisfaction to know she was making Emma come undone minute by minute. She unattached her mouth from Emma's clit for a moment to speak seductively to the blind writhing and squirming above her.

"I have you under my thumb, Ms. Swan. Right where I want you. And it's quite obvious, to me, that it's where you want to be. After all, it's why you're here enduring this. You can't get enough of me." There was a beat of silence, Regina's tone leaving room for teasing even as Emma's moans continued and Regina took a moment of pause. "You can't resist me, can you…. Emma?" She punctuated Emma's name clearly with a twist of her wrist and one last lick of her clit.

That was all it took for Emma to come undone. Her orgasm ripped through her, starting in her stomach and coursing out until it hit the tips of her fingers and toes. She screamed, mouth hung open and head pushing even further into the mattress. The orgasm continued, making her scream cut off until it left her writhing silently with her mouth open wide. Emma began to shake violently, Regina slowly removing her fist from Emma's entrance as the woman came down from her high. Even as the orgasm subsided and Emma sucked in a deep breath, her body continued to shake.

Emma was vaguely aware of the bed dipping and Regina disappearing yet again. It only minimally concerned her as she tried to catch her breath and stop her body from trembling. To say that her orgasm had been intense would be an rather large understatement. She couldn't remember the last time she'd had such a feeling rip its way through her body. Emma finally let go of the sheets she had been holding onto. She only hoped she hadn't ripped any holes in them.

Regina returned a moment later, but Emma had her eyes closed, which rendered her completely oblivious to what Regina had in her hand. Regina laid the object in her hand down and made her way to Emma's legs. With ease and quickness, Regina untied Emma's legs. The blood rushed to Emma's feet quickly, making them throb for a moment. Still Emma didn't open her eyes, only able to lay there and continue to bring herself back down from a cloud far beyond cloud nine. However, there was a smack to her stomach that startled her and her green eyes flashed open.

What greeted her was the sight of Regina holding the riding crop again, but in the other hand was a double edged dildo. Emma eyed it with suspicion, her eyes narrowing as she gave Regina an incredulous look. Regina rolled her eyes and bent over to look Emma in the eyes.

"Don't think I'm done with you yet, Swan. You should know by now that my sexual appetite is practically insatiable." There was a wicked gleam in Regina's eyes as she said this and Emma swallowed hard. "Now, on your stomach." Regina demanded, grinning with cruel intention.