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Summery: John's bad timing on that fateful night changes everything AU.

John woke up to the tv playing a football game, he yawned he must of fell asleep in front of the television again. He wondered why Mary hadn't waken him up and told him to go to bed. Bed, that's where he should have been at the moment and he should really go up there, it was warm and comforting but this half awake state he was in at the moment was warm and sleepy as well. But he wasn't as young as he used to be, as sleeping all night long like this would give him a back ache in the morning.

He slowly opened his eyes and slowly pulled himself to his feet, he glanced at the stairs, why hadn't they put the tv upstairs so that he wouldn't have to go them now? He took the stairs slowly gathering up a little speed as he started waking up little by little. He made it to the top, finally it was much more of an accomplishment in his sleepy state then it would have been normally.

John was going to make his way to his room but he heard Sammy's fussing and went into Sammy's room. Only to see something that shocked him awake, there was a man in Sammy's room his back was turned to him. John was about to attack the guy when suddenly he was glued to the wall. The man turned around, his eyes weren't normal they were yellow and starring at him. Yellow that wasn't a normal color what was he? What was he doing here? He tried to go to his son again to protect but again found out he couldn't move.

"John, John, John you just had to come in right at this moment didn't you? This is really going to put a crimp in my plan. Ah well you can't dwell on the past. Dean, will just have to grow up without a mother and a father and Sam well I guess he's coming with me." He had thought he was scared before now he was terrified, the creature what ever it was planning on taking his son...and he said something about Mary's life being in danger.

"It is really such a shame, such plans I had." he shook his head then looked above him, John's glance followed his to Mary his beautiful on the ceiling. He tried to get to her but because of whatever the creature was he couldn't move could only stare at the expression of horror on Mary's face.

"Two for the price of one I guess it is." then John felt himself being forced up the wall and then onto the the ceiling and eventually came to rest across from Mary. He looked into her eyes she was scared and also sad , he wondered what his own eyes showed. Then suddenly Mary's stomach was slashed open and she emitted a scream a scream that filled up the whole house and his head. His wife was tough she must have been in a lot of pain to scream ,so he tried to grab her hand to calm her but they were inches away from being able to reach.

"Well you two love birds, I gotta be going now and so it's goodbye."Suddenly they were engulfed in flames but despite the agony of the flame burning into his skin he still noticed the demon taking Sammy out of his crib. He died feeling helpless to stop whatever was going to happen to his sons.