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He had been with the freak for two weeks now and nothing really had changed in all that time. They left one motel and drove all day not really talking much to each other and went to another motel, where Dean was promptly tied to a chair. He was started to get used to sleeping being tied to a chair, which was just too twisted for him to really want to think about.

He was in the impala at the moment though and since they were at freeway speeds he could move freely. Everything was going as usual until the man pulled off at the next exit, it was 2 o'clock in the afternoon, it was unlikely they were stopping for the night.

"Where are we going?" Dean asked.

"We are going to get some fast food, now tell me what you want because your not going to be able to speak once we get there."was he serious? He was actually get eat to real food?

"2 cheeseburgers and a large Coke." he said quickly least the man change his mind.

"Keep in mind we're not stopping again for another 3 or 4 hours no matter what."

"A small Coke" he amended, he was excited no matter how weird that was, they were going to get some real food. They were in city streets and his legs were frozen like they always were while on city streets. Weird again that he was used to his legs being paralyzed. The man made a few more turns and there they were in front of a McDonald's, never had the golden arches look so beautiful before. That's when the full paralyzation happened. He wasn't able to look even at the menu as the man ordered.

"One Cheeseburger, a small Coke, a chicken burger and a small sprite." the man said. Another man read back the order and told him his total. The man drove them forward again and Dean could smell the fast food smell in the air. That's what he focused on rather then conversation between the man who kidnapped him and the man who making their food. Dean heard the window being rolled back up. The car started off again and now only his feet were parlayed. The man handed the bag of fast food to him. Dean dug around in the bag until he found it, one of his burgers. He picked up one of his burgers and bit into the bun savoring the grease and cheese, he loved burgers. It wasn't as good as a diner burger but still it was so so good after weeks of granola bars and water.

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