Behind The Scenes

Chapter 1

Life of a star

"And cut! Great work everyone! You can all go and change, that's all for today." Our director Hiro Mashima yelled out.

We had just finished filming the final episode of the Infinity Clock arc and I honestly can't wait for the start of the Grand Magic Games. I stood up and offered a hand to Natsu to help him up. We were in the last scene where Natsu catches me as I was falling from the sky.

"Thanks," he said with a nod.

"Your welcome."

"Keep up the good work and I will see you all tomorrow evening at the party to promote the show!" Hiro said as everyone started filing out.

I left out the door, my bag thrown over my shoulder as the hot sun beat down on me. I clicked the remote to unlock the doors on my all white BMW X6. It was the M series and it's my favorite. I loved it the moment I first laid eyes on it. Climbing into the car, the engine started with ease. I checked my phone for messages, and noticed that I had two. One from Mirajane and the other from Levy.

"Hey Lucy, I was just wondering who you were going to attend the party with. Let me know." Levy wrote. I myself was not sure who I was going with. It's not like I really wanted a date anyway. I texted her back telling her that I had no plans to take a date to the party before I checked Mirajane's message.

"Since we are going on a week long break, why don't we take a vacation? Some place sunny yet not too far?" Typical Mirajane for you. She always has something planned.

"Sounds great Mirajane. I'll leave the details to you. Let me know when you figure it all out."

Outside the show is pretty similar to what goes on in the show. We are all friends both during and after the show and we kept our names the same because Hiro said that they fit the story line pretty well. Thinking back, we have been through a lot with this show and it's fan base just keeps growing in size. I grabbed some take-out on my way home and I could smell the delicious aroma during the rest of the drive making my stomach growl slightly.

Pulling into my driveway, I pressed the button on my sun visor to open the garage door. I could here the mechanism as the door pulled up letting me in. I got out of the car and made my way to my front door. My house was rather large but no where near the same size as other actresses.

It was two stories with white outer siding and a dark gray tiled roof. I took the steps up to land onto my large wooden porch that wrapped around the front and went towards the side of the house. I unlocked the large, painted black door and made my way into the grand entrance-way of the house.

Walking in your instantly greeted with beautiful cherry oak hardwood floors and a grand staircase a few feet away. The stairs had beige carpet that ran down the middle revealing more of the wood floors on the sides. I sat my keys down on the table by the door and made my way towards the kitchen. Sitting my food down on the gray granite counter-top, I opened the cabinet and pulled out a plate and fork.

My kitchen was also large with black cabinets and all stainless steel appliances. In the middle of the room was a set of cabinets with matching counter-top as one side was short to use for cooking while the other side sat higher and served the purpose of being used as a bar. There were four bar stools sitting there that were made of black iron and the cushions were gray suede with a high back.

I took a seat in one of the bar stools and began to eat my food. I was about halfway done when my ringtone signaled that I had a message. Pulling out my HTC I saw that the message came from Mirajane.

"Alright, I was thinking about us going to Miami. What do you think? And we should invite everyone to go with us. That would be fun. We will be leaving right after the party on a late night flight, so as soon as you get home. Be ready to leave for the airport."

"That sounds fine. I'll meet you guys there tomorrow. Miami sounds amazing right now and I think that we can all use this time to relax and have some fun."

I put my phone into my back pocket as I started to clear up the dishes. Today was a pretty tiring day and I was looking forward to going to bed. I made my way up the stairs as I received another message. This one was from Levy.

"You should go with Gray or Laxus. They both have the hots for you and would love to go with you."

"No, I'm okay. I would rather just go by myself. I don't need to take a guy with me. Besides, I'm not interested in them." I sent the message as I pushed open the door to my bedroom.

Flicking on the light, I saw my pristine room just as I left it. My four poster bed looked inviting and I removed my heels and pulled out some pajamas from my large chest of drawers that matched my bed. All my bedroom furniture was stained black, so you could still see the wood grain through it. I am a very modern girl and black furniture is easy to match.

After putting on my pajamas I pulled down my soft white down feather blanket and crawled into bed. As I lay in bed, I let my mind roam over all the things that have happened since becoming a part of Fairy Tail. Most of the actors are pretty new. Erza, Mirajane, Gray and I are the only ones who have had work prior to this. I had starred previously in several box office hits and modeled some as well.

Mirajane is very well known in the modeling world. But she is also known for her acting and singing. She does a little bit of everything and is very well loved by her fans. This is Erza's first job acting, before this all she has done was modelling. Gray does both modelling and acting like me, but is more known for his modelling career.

I have made a lot of friends since the start of the show. Mirajane, Erza and Levy are my best friends. Just like in the show but the difference is that Natsu isn't my best friend in real life like in the show. I always hear great things about him but for some reason he tends to ignore me, maybe even avoid me. At first I thought that he just didn't get along well with women but he talks just fine with the girls especially Lisanna so it's clearly not that. I can only assume that it's just me that he doesn't like.

At first that used to bother me and I tried numerous times to get to know him but he always just kind of brushed me away. Yes he does small chit chat, hey how are you, fine thanks you, gotta go bye, kinda thing but anything more than that and it seems like he starts to get annoyed with me. After all this time passed I kind of just let it go now. When I had first met the guy, I have to admit that I had a small crush on him. His pink hair was different and I always had a thing for unique guys.

I knew Gray before this film because we both starred in another movie together and he liked me then too. We became good friends but that was it. Even though rumors were started saying we were dating but none of them were true. Everyone else I met for the first time on set. But in the end I am very happy I chose to do this part. If not I would never have met my three best friends. My thoughts finally slowed as sleep took over, luring me into my dreams.

I got up the next morning to my phone ringing off the hook. In a daze I answered it to find out if was my hair dresser and that they are at my door. Apparently I woke up late, extremely late at that since its already noon. I have six hours to be at the party. Damn it, I forgot to set the alarm. I went down and let in my hair dresser. His name is Cancer and he is the best in the business and I was lucky enough to snag him just for myself. When I came down I could smell the breakfast that my maid Virgo was cooking. It smelled delicious, as always. I went about my day as usual. Having my hair done, make-up, my stylist came with the dress I would be wearing to the party along with the shoes and accessories. I was wearing a long black silk dress that hugged my curves and accented them perfectly. The was a small diamond necklace around my neck and a matching bracelet around my wrist. My shoes were black four inch high stilettos. Cancer did a great job on my hair, giving it some large loose curls at the bottom that framed my face.

Finally I was finished and it was 430pm. Now all I have to do is wait for Natsu to pick me up. I was sitting in my living room waiting when my phone rang. It was an unknown number. I answered it not sure who would be calling me from a number I don't recognize, but this is a private line so no ordinary person would have it.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Hey it's me, are you ready?" Came a mans voice on the other line. It sounded familiar but I wasn't sure who it was.

"Who is this?"

"It's me Natsu," I was surprised that he was calling me. I didn't even know he had my number. At least, I don't remember ever giving it to him.

"How did you get my number?" I asked.

"Hiro gave it to me, are you ready yet?" He sounded impatient, I could tell that he didn't want to do this.

"Yeah I'll be right out."

Walking outside, I saw Natsu leaning against a red car that I thought he looked good against. It was a Bugati Veyron. He held the passenger door open for me and I glanced at him skeptically before climbing in. This was a side of Natsu that I had never seen before. I didn't mind it though. He quickly climbed into the driver side and started the engine. His hands moved in swift, practiced movements as he drove. It seemed like driving was second nature to him. At least he doesn't get sick like his character in the show.

"You could have just knocked," I commented, trying my best to avoid glancing at him. He wasn't a bad looking guy. His shockingly pink hair, spiked in a messy yet neat kind of way. It was like he styled it to look messy. But it suited him well and looked great against his tan skin and charcoal eyes. He was very fit, with muscles visible even under the the perfectly tailored suit that he was wearing.

"Why do that when I could just call?"

"Why do you even have my number?" I was curious about that. Did he ask for it or did Hiro offer it to him?

"I asked Hiro for it. Don't worry, I wont call you unless it's work related." I rolled my eyes at his response. It didn't matter that he had my number as long as he uses it for a good reason and doesn't give it out to anyone that I wouldn't want to have it.

"That's fine, just don't give it out to anyone."

"Fine, whatever you say princess." He gave me that same attitude that I usually get from him. I never understood why he dislikes me so much.


"Yeah like you don't know," he glanced at me from the corner of his eye before turning back towards the road. He made a left turn and I knew that we weren't far.

"I don't. Where did you get that from?" I never liked being called names like that. I reminded me of my childhood, when things were still good. It's painful to think of such things.

"Everyone calls you the princess of Fairy Tail."

"They do?" I never expected that. Why would I be named something like that?

"You really didn't know?" He cocked an eyebrow at me.

"No I didn't."

The rest of the way, we mostly rode in silence. That was the longest conversation that I had ever had with Natsu. I can't see myself enjoying the party tonight. Especially since I have to go with Natsu. We have just arrived at the front entrance to the party. I tried to remind myself that this was for Hiro and that I had to endure it.


I was currently sitting at my vanity waiting for Cancer to finish my hair. I was watching his skilled hands work their magic on my blond hair. My phone rang, letting me know that I had another text. Opening my phone, I was surprised to see that it was from Hiro.

"Apparently it seems someone leaked to the press a rumor saying that you and Natsu are dating. Yeah yeah I know what your thinking, Oh god, right? But this may be a good thing. It would be a good way to rally up the fans and get them excited for the next season so I am asking you if you could just play along with it for now. For publicity reasons. Thanks your the best. Oh and I already have Natsu's consent on this. He gave the go ahead. ;)"

Flashback end

He knew what my answer was going to be without me saying it. No one goes against the director unless you want a really short career. So I checked myself in the mirror and waited for my door to open. They always let the main actors out last as a kind of like main event. When my door finally opened I knew it was time for me to take a deep breath and brace myself for all the questions I was going to have to answer.

To be continued

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