2188 C.E.

" Good morning Montreal! This year marks the Second Anniversary of the destruction of the Reapers and the salvation of the Galaxy. Unfortunately, This is also a reminder for us to be more careful in making decisions as their repercussions can be felt for centuries to come.

Exactly what happened two years ago? Well, as you may all know, Commander Shepard and his team successfully destroyed the reapers with the help of the other alien races and the weapon called "The Crucible". In an ironic turn of events, each of the reapers technologies exploded, husks, destroyers and the reapers themselves.

This also included the Mass Effect Relays and the Crucible.

Now housing more than three other species (Humans, Salarians,Quarians,Krogans,Turians,Asari, Geth, Hanar, Vlous, elcore, Vorcha, Batarian, and one Prothean) and with no way of traveling between solar systems, Earth has become a really crowded place to live in. And while each specie contributes to our survival, Earth is not equipped to handle all of us.

Instead of being killed by the Reapers, We are instead Slowly but Surely starving ourselves out.

Thank you Commander Shepard!

This Jane Valderama, Alliance news"

"As harsh as those words were, Shes right" Admiral Steven Hackett stared at the screen and explained "We are slowly dying, Shepard..."

Commander Shepard presses on the remote and the television went off, the room was quiet "Do we still have communication?"

"Yes" Hackett looked at him "But without the citadel or the council in power, the other races are just as blind as we are."

3am this morning Shepard was awaken by the sound of his omni tool.

"Who is it?" asked Liara Tsoni, his wife, who tried to hog the bedsheets again.

"Hackett" Shepard answers.

"Well what does he want at this time?" Liara sat up now and saw Shepard staring at his omni tool. "Shepard?"

"He wants to meet me, at his house.."

"Must be serious" Liara knew what was happening, another mission. Two years had passed since that day. She remembered hanging up his name at the Normandy's Death wall, crying. Only to find out the next day he had survived after all. She wanted to warp him til he really died for making her worry.

"I should go.. "

"Shepard? SHEPARD!" Hackett snaps his fingers, Shepard had been dozing off "Im sorry I called you here at this time, But Its really that urgent."

"No offense sir but this is not the job for me.. " Shepard stands up from the admirals couch, ready to leave. I dont want to do this anymore... I have to stop.. I have a family now.. Shepard thought as he walked towards the door.

"Do you even know what I'm going to ask of you?" Hackett's annoyed voice echoes across the empty house, Shepard stops in his tracks "Shepard, I know you're retired. But please, you know I would only ask you do this, because you're the only one who can.."

Shepard turned around and looked at Hackett's eyes.

"Commander Shepard, Are you ready to save the universe once more?"