The Choice

Author's Note: Alright we have come to what appears to be an end to this story, I started work on this story nearly a year ago and I lost inspiration and other things caused me to go on a break from it, but in a blinding flash of working off and on with this story it got done. Well it got to the point I wanted it to at least, and since I am not fond of cliffhangers...I leave the fate of this story in your hands. Here is how it works: I will put up for different choices for you to make, any choice you try to put in that is not one of those four WILL NOT be counted and therefore a vote wasted, so don't waste both of our time with that bullshit. Once one choice has reached 5 votes I will finish the story in that fashion. Only one vote for each person so if you want a choice to come about get your friends to read it, it should only take about 30 minutes really. So know that you know how it works let's get on to your options:

A-In this option I leave the story as is or write a small follow-up chapter and it ends, or if no votes come in this will be the default choice because I have other fanfics I want to make.

B- In this option there will be a romantic paring between Ryu and Ayane, because out of most of who Ryu could be paired with if anyone is smart enough to play the Ninja Gaiden Xbox games, they would know why it is the most logical paring (I don't believe DOA is canon so any Ryu and Kasumi is complete and utter bullshit in my eyes, but the aspect of Hayate is cool though).

C- This option is for those of you who want to throw the paradigm for a real loop and pair up Ryu and Lei Fang. There is one story I have seen so far that has that particular pairing (I myself think Jann Lee and Lei Fang is the preferred paring, but this is an interesting option). It is rare but can be done.

D- This option blows everything up, this will add a new pairing I have never seen so that might be why I am giving it a chance to appear here. The pairing of course would be Ryu and Kokoro. I know that seems so damn odd but if 5 people get this option picked first I would be willing to try it out.

Ok you now know how this is going to work, the first option to reach 5 votes gets it. So at the bottom you can leave a review and your vote, I will be waiting to hear what you want, see you around Omnisage signing off.