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Chapter One: Realisations

There was something different about Rachel Berry. Something, and she wasn't quite sure what, that drew her in.

It was strange, because Cassandra had seen so many big city hopefuls, so many kids with dreams of their name in lights. Rachel Berry should have been just another name on her student list.

But she wasn't.

There was something familiar about her. She couldn't quite place what. The stunning, one-in-a-million voice, or the long dark brown luscious hair. She'd seen it before.

Why couldn't she place the familiarity?

She watched her dance. Watched as the short brunette moved around the room.

Where has she seen her before?

It was driving her crazy… Crazier than usual. She sneered, barking out insults like they were the air that she breathed. If she couldn't place her, she'd beat her down until she figured it out.

As if that had some sort of relevance to who Berry reminded her of.

She fell. Fell to her knees and then extended a hand, as if expecting her to help her up. Cassandra narrowed her eyes, crouching down beside her and delivering the cold, hard truth.

And that's when it hit her.

Why she looked so familiar.

She'd seen those same wide, brown eyes staring up at her before. The same pouted lips and brown locks.


It struck her like a knife to the heart. Rachel Berry reminded her of Shelby.

She growled lowly, barely loud enough for even herself to notice, before dismissing the class. She glared at the students until it was just her left alone, still staring at the door with narrowed eyes and a tight jaw.


She closed her eyes tightly, biting her lip as memories hit her like a montage.

"Okay, this is ridiculous. If you get the role, you get the role. If I get the role, I get the role. We shouldn't make a big deal out of it."

"Oh please Shel, you and I both know that if you don't get the call back you're going to throw the biggest diva tantrum as soon as we're alone."

Shelby huffed, rolling her eyes as Cassandra sprang forward, wrapping her arms around her neck to nuzzle her jaw.

"Come on, you know it's true."

Shelby sighed, smiling as she ran her fingers through Cass's blonde locks.

"Okay, so maybe I'm a little… Dramatic at time."

"A little?" Cass asked, lifting her head to raise an eyebrow as she scoffed.

Shelby pouted, pushing Cass away as she laughed, picking up a pillow and throwing it behind her as she dashed from the couch.

"Shut up!" She called over her shoulder, her eyes widening as Cass sprang from the couch, chasing after her.

Shelby squealed, racing down the hall with Cassandra in pursuit. Cass caught up just as Shelby was about to close the door to her bedroom. She pushed forward, knocking Shelby back with her arms wrapped around Shelby's waist. They fell on to Shelby's bed, Cass smiling as Shelby laughed. Her giggles fell silent as she scrambled backwards, pulling a soft pink blanket from underneath her.


Cass sighed, rolling on to her side as Shelby stood from the bed, folding the blanket and placing it on the dresser.

"What is with that any way?"

Shelby looked up, a small, sad smile on her face as she joined Cass back on the bed.

"It's… Complicated."

Cass frowned, even as Shelby slowly kissed her neck.

"Who's is it?" She asked, looking past Shelby to the pink fabric.

Shelby sighed, moving back and looking up in to her eyes.


Cass shook her head, returning back to the now as opposed to the before.

"Fuck!" She swore, moving to sit on the seat in the corner of the room.


Rachel's baby blanket.

Rachel Berry.

Rachel Berry looks like Shelby.

"Fuck!" She repeated, letting her head fall to her hand with her elbows on her knees.

Why, of all the people in the world, why did Shelby Corcoran's daughter have to walk through her door?

Wait… Did that mean Shelby was in New York too? She was obviously devastated when she was away from Rachel, for whatever reason that was, when Cass had last seen her. Cass doubted that Shelby would just let her daughter go off to New York on her own, especially when she knew all about the pressures and let downs that came with the Big Apple.

Was she going to see Shelby again? After almost eighteen years?


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