A cool spring air blew across the landscape of Falkreath hold. The sun was setting and the darkness began to creep, bringing the forested region to an eerie life. A merchant caravan decided to camp near a rocky outcrop by the coast of Lake Ilinalta. The camp was a standard one. The merchants and servants huddled near the central fire and the guards stayed at the circumference. A four hour shift of four guards was set to keep the camp relatively safe from the local wildlife and the odd bandit raid or two.

The sergeant, along with other guards who were not on duty, sat by the campfire and began eating dinner along with the merchants. One of the soldiers, an Imperial, began to buckle under the sway of two bottles of Nord mead. He was middle aged already but he didn't have any marks of a veteran soldier.

He called out to one of the merchant's servant girls. "You! What's your name girl?"

The girl, a young Nord of slender body and brown hair, answered shyly. "Melissa, mister."

"Come here and bring me a pair of Nord mead." He ordered groggily.

"Leave the girl alone Hornblare. We're here to guard the caravan. Have some manners." commented the sergeant. He was a Nord, probably in his twenties. He was heavily built and a scar ran across his right arm. Blonde hair framed his formidable face.

"Come on Wolfcloud. Can't we have some fun?" He turned to Melissa who was now behind one of the merchants. "What's taking you so long? Get here now. Don't listen to this bear of a man." He said, pointing to the Nord.

"I'm warning you Hornblare. I'll have you tied up for the rest of the journey if you continue." Wolfcloud growled.

"Pft. You'll be dead before that happens." He stood and drew his sword. Wolfcloud and the other guards rose to subdue their comrade. The merchants, shocked by the sudden turn of events, scurried away. The Nord sergeant readied his shield for the first blow.

However, that blow never came. Hornblare fell towards the campfire with a dull thud and an arrow through his chest. A quick and heavy silence blanketed the group, but the sergeant was quick to recover. "Everyone down!" Wolfcloud bellowed as he dived towards cover. More guards fell under the fire of incoming arrows. "It's coming from the trees!" shouted one of the sentries who managed to duck behind one of the caravan's carts.

Shouts and snarls began to echo from the forest and figures emerged from the tree line. Hoof beats were also heard coming from both sides of the road.

"I don't want to die." cried one of the merchants.

"It would be shameful to be slaughtered behind covers." muttered one of the guards. Wolfguard nodded his agreement. "Sovngarde awaits!" He shouted. He jumped to meet the closing enemies. There were at least a dozen of them. His war axe rose in a cleaving arc to hack the nearest one, but he was stopped and blood burst from his lips while an Orc sword was running through his ribs.