Bleach: An Alternate Soul Reapers Story

Chapter 1: A Substitute Soul Reaper is Born

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or Bleach, if I owned Naruto he'd be trained by Jiraiya after Minoto's death. This is my first Bleach/Naruto crossover story I've written. None of the other characters from Naruto will not be in this story except Naruto himself taking Ichigo's place.

Pairing Naruto/Harem

Summary: Naruto Kurosaki was just an ordinary kid, but not until he met Rukia Kuchiki and Hiyori Sarugaki. Rukia granted Naruto the powers of a Soul Reaper in order to protect not only his home town, but the lifes of everyone he cares about"

In a placed filled with complete darkness several figures emerged from the the shadows, falling from the sky landing in a place known as Karakura Town. A full moon shined over Karakura Town, and standing on top of a telephone pole was a girl dressed in a black kimono."

"Judging from the Spirit Energy I'm sensing, they must be close by." she said to herself. And with that she leaped off the telephone pole and into Karakura Town.

Elsewhere in Karakura Town a gang of punk skaters were in confrontation with a single boy, this young boy's name is Naruto Kurosaki. Naruto was a tall teenage boy that stood at a height of 6"3. He had long spiky blonde hair which was tied into a ponytail that reached all the way down his back, blue eyes, and whisker marks on the side of his face. Naruto wore is high school uniform, which was a grey jacket with a blue t-shirt underneath and grey pants."

The skater gang was furious with Naruto as they looked really to kill him. The reason for this was because, Naruto knocked out one of the skaters."

"You got a death wish or something, blondie?" one of the skaters asked him. "No one jumps one of my boys and gets away with it."

"Oh, shut up, you're so annoying!" Naruto said, not intimidated.

"What? That's all you've got to say?"

"What else do you want me to say?"

"How about apologizing for what you did to my boy, and I just might let you go unharmed."

Naruto sneered. "You can take your apology and shove it up your ass."

The leader of the skaters growled at Naruto, as he punched his fist into his palm. "Fine, have it your way blondie, but know this I'm gonna making you wish you never met me. But before I have you on the ground crying, tell me what your name is?"

"It's Naruto Kurosaki!"

"Well, Naruto, my names Lil' Toshi, and other two over there are Lil' Mitch and Yama-Bro. "Now that we all know each others names, it's time for your beating."

Lil' Toshi clenched his fist and charged at Naruto. Just as he as about to punch Naruto he caught Lil' Toshi's fist, and delivered a hard punch to his stomach which made him grab hold of his sides."

"Ahh, damn you, you bastard, no one hits me and gets away with it." Lil' Toshi groaned in pain.

Naruto grabbed Lil' Toshi by his shirt, roughly throwing him to the ground and repeatedly stomped on his back. Lil' Mitch and Yama-Bro both looked at Naruto with fear in their eyes, neither one of them could find the strength to move at the sight of their leader being beaten up. Naruto turned his attention towards the other skaters."

"Alright you scumbags listen, and listen well. Do you see that?" Naruto pointed at a vase with flowers laying on the ground beside a street lamp.

"Yeah, it looks like some flowers that were left here. For some kid that was killed in this area." Lil' Mitch answered, trembling with fear.

"CORRECT!" Naruto yelled as he rushed over , and hit Lil' Mitch with a spin kick right in his face leaving a shoe mark. Naruto turned his sights on Yama-Bro who was so scared he looked really to wet himself. "Now tell me why that vase is on the floor?"

"I-I don't know." Yama-Bro stuttered. "Maybe one of us knock it over while we were skateboarding, look we didn't mean-aargh."

Yama-Bro wasn't able to finish what he was going to say as Naruto punched him straight in his face. "Good, you guys aren't as dumb as you look. Now get out of here, and don't comeback. If I ever see any of you around here again I'll make sure that this will be your grave." Naruto said, surrounded by an orange aura as he's were now white. The skaters ran away from the blonde as fast as they could, fearing what Naruto might do to them.

Naruto watched as them leave until they were out of sight. "Well that takes care of those pest. "You can come out now, they're gone."

Appearing from beside the street lamp was the dead spirit of a little girl. The girl had on a striped tank top with shorts, and her brown hair was done into pigtails."

"Thank you very much for your help, maybe now I can rest in peace." the girl said smiling.

"Don't mention it, it's the least I could do." Naruto said, as he walked over and sat up the vase those skaters knocked over. "I'll bring you some new flowers tomorrow, besides you deserve to rest in peace."

"You're too kind!" the girl said before she disappeared.

Naruto smiled feeling proud of himself for what he had done for the girl spirit, and walked to his house.

Naruto Kurosaki was like any other 15 year old boy except there was one thing that made him different of all the others, he could see sprints. For as long as he could remember he had been able to see the souls and the dearly departed, but that was something he didn't say to anyone a side from his family if he'd let anyone else know word could get around and everyone in town would think he's insane. The Kurosaki family owned there own private medical clinic which was there home as well."

The blonde only had to walk a few of blocks before he reached his house. Naruto opened the gate and walked down the path to the front door. "I'm home!" he greeted his family.

However after those words were said he received a roundhouse kick to the face that planted him head first on the floor by his father, Isshin Kurosaki. Isshin was a tall man with black spiky hair, and he had facial hair on his cheeks and around his mouth.

"You let your guard down!" Isshin calmly stated, with his hands on his hips. "Always stay alert when you enter a room, and your late for dinner again."

Naruto picked himself up and got right in his dads face, surprisely Naruto was two inches taller than his father. "Come on, is this anyway to welcome your own son after he risked his life just to help a spirit find peace." Naruto yelled.

"So it's the ghosts fault now is it!" Isshin countered. "And I'm guessing it was ghosts that left your room a mess too?"

"Bite me!"

"When are you going to learn some responsibility?" Isshin asked, pulling his son into a headlock.

"Maybe me when you change my curfew, I mean what kind parent gives their son a seven o' clock curfew?"

"The kind that shows discipline. Isshin answered.

"Discipline this!" Naruto elbowed Isshin in the stomach. After Isshin recovered he and Naruto begin trading blows, both physically and verbally. While the father and son were squabbling Naruto's younger siblings Yuzu and Karin were eating there dinner, Karin was a girl with black hair that was straight and cropped hanging above her shoulders. Yuzu had short light brown hair with a short bang hanging over the right side of her forehead and she wore a red hairclip on the left side of her head.

"Knock it off you two, come and eat your dinner." Yuzu said trying to stop her brother and father from hurting each other.

"Don't waste your time, Yuzu just let'em fight." Karin said returning to her meal.

Yuzu gasped at her twin sister. "Karin, how can you say such a mean thing?"

"Relax it'll be over soon!"

Karin's words proved to be right as Naruto sent Isshin crashing into the wall with a kick. "I'll see you guys later, I'm going to my room."

"But Naruto what about your dinner?"

"It's alright, Yuzu I'm not really all that hungry anyway, good night." he said, giving his sister a warm smile.

"Nice going, dad!" Karin stated, not looking at her father.

"Me, what did I do?"

"Naruto's having a hard time right now." said Yuzu.

"Yeah just the other day he told me he's been seeing more spirits than he normally does." Karin added.

"I don't understand why he'd talk about those things with the two of you instead of coming to his own dad?" Isshin asked, wondering why his oldest son wouldn't come to him.

"That's easily answer, dad you're an immature man with the intelligence of a five year old. Karin stated emotionless.

Isshin begin to cry with tears flowing down his eyes and he ran over to a large poster of a beautiful woman on the wall."

"Oh Masaki, my dear wife I don't know why, but ours daughters are being so mean to me. What do I do, what do I do?" he cried.

"Well for starters you can take down that poster." said Karin.

Inside Naruto's room he sat on his bed staring at the ceiling with many thoughts going with his minds like why was he seeing so many spirits all at once. Even though it was strange for him to see spirits to begin with, but he accepted it in time."

"Maybe I'm overacting, and it's probably nothing I should be worried about." Naruto thought.

The next morning Naruto got dressed for school, but before he left the house there was a new report of an accident that happened close to where they lived. As Naruto headed for his school he stopped by the street lamp where the spirit he helped yesterday rested and left some flowers in the vase like he promised he would. Then the blonde heard someone scream and rushed over to where it came from, and there he saw the girl spirit was being chased by some kind of creature that looked like a giant mantis. Naruto and the girl ran as fast as they could however the monster was right behind them unfortunately the girl spirit tripped and fell. The blonde ran back to help her, but the monster caught up to them, and it looked like it was going to eat them. Then Naruto saw a strange girl with black hair dressed in a black robe carrying a sword, She used her sword to cut the creature in half then she disappeared leaving Naruto wondering who that girl is and what that thing was."

That night when Naruto came home from school he went straight to his room still thinking about the events that had happened, and who that girl was he saw kill that giant bug. He was soon broken out of his thoughts as the same girl he saw earlier came through the wall however this time she wasn't by herself. Along side her was an even shorter girl with blonde hair tied into pigtails, dressed in a white shirt and a red jogging suit, flip flops, and carried a sword in a sheath hanging over her shoulder. She had a scowl on her face while she had her hands on her hips."

"I still don't see why I need your help!" the blonde complained, crossing her arms. "It's only one lousy Hollow, it's not like I'm dealing with the Gillians."

"That maybe true, but you still haven't answered any of my questions yet. For instance I'd like to know where you got that Zanpakuto from, how you have excellent control of your Spiritual Pressure, and how you seem to have the training of a Soul Reaper." the raven haired girl said, not even looking at her.

"And I've already told you it's none of your fucking business, alright."

"Hey!" Naruto yelled, as he kicked the black haired girl in her ass, sending her flying to the floor. "Just who the hell are you two, and how'd you get into my house, are the two of you burglars?"

The blonde girl saw what Naruto did with her widen eyes then she started to snicker a little, and then within a few seconds she bust out laughing so hard she fall on down her back with tears coming from her eyes."

"Oh shit!" she said gaining a bit of control herself. "That has got to be one of the funniest thing, I've ever seen." she said, still laughing a bit while holding sides.

"Really?" Naruto asked, looking over that the short blonde girl.

"Hold on a minute, you can see the two of us?" the black haired girl asked completely surprised by this. "But that's impossible we can't be seen by ordinary humans. You're saying, you're actually able to see us?"

"Well considering that was my foot I just planted in your behind, I can see you see just fine." Naruto stated as he watched her stand up while she rubbed her sore butt with one hand.

This got another sound of laughter from the short blonde girl, who was now sitting on Naruto's bed while kicking her feet against his deck."

"Will you cut that out, whoever you are." Naruto shouted at the short girl, sounding upset by the noise she was making.

"Hiyori, Hiyori Sarugaki!" she said, not looking him or the other girl.

"Say what?" Naruto asked, confused by what she told him.

"That's my name, dumbass. What are hard of hearing or something?" Hiyori stated angrily at him.

"Oh, so Hiyori's your name huh? Well, I'm Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki Kurosaki." introducing himself. He turned towards the raven haired girl. "And now for you, what's your name, midget?" Naruto asked, curious to know who this girl was.

"Midget, you take that back right now whirlpool, I'll have you know I'm avenge height. And for your information, my name's Rukia." Rukia told him. she then got a good look at Naruto. "Say, you're the same boy I saw in town earlier today."

"Yeah, and I saw you as well."

Rukia stood in front of Naruto observing him, puzzled how a mere human could see her in the first place. There was nothing odd about him, and he seemed like any normal human, but then Rukia noticed the blonde had some kind of markings on his face."

"What are you staring at?" Naruto asked.

"Is there something wrong with your face, you've got those weird looking scars. Or is it some it some kind of signature, how strange." she said.

Naruto chuckled. "There're not scars, it's my birthmark

"What?" she said caught by surprise, she then got an even closer look at the blonde. "Are you kidding me, looks to me like you have whiskers."

"You can't begin to guess how many people, I've heard say that. Now then, why don't you go play your game somewhere else, okay little brat." Naruto stated, patting her on the head as if she where a puppy.

"Little brat am I?" Rukia said gritting her teeth. "Bakudo #1. Sai (Restrain)." Rukia yelled out, causing Naruto's arms to pull back and lock behind him.

"Hey, what the hell, I can't move my arms. What did you do to me?" Naruto asked, struggling to free his arms to no avail.

"I used a Kido spell on you, it's a powerful incantation only a Soul Reaper can cast, try as much as you want, but you won't get loose. And just so you know, little brat, I may appear young too you, but I've lived nearly ten of your lifetimes. Rukia said, darkly smiling the the blonde.

"What are you?" Naruto asked.

"I'm a Soul Reaper!" she answered.

"Soul Reaper?"

"Yes, a Soul Reaper, now listen up I'll explain to you what a Soul Reaper is." she said, taking out a notebook and marker from inside her robe.

A few minutes later, Rukia finished explaining to Naruto what a Soul Reaper was, while Hiyori laid on his bed, reading one of his manga books. "So do you have any questions, before I go on?" Rukia asked, looking slightly annoyed.

"Yeah, why do your drawings suck so bad?" he asked, looking upset, at having to listen to her, while still having his arms stuck behind his back because of the Kido spell she used.

Rukia response was drawing a mustache on his face with her marker. "Well, how do you like this? I believe this drawing looks good on you." she said, with an evil smirk.

"He's right, you know, your drawing really do suck, and nothing you do can make them any better." Hiyori said, putting the book down and glares at her. "And if you even think about using any of your Kido spells on me, I'll shove that notebook of yours so far up your ass, you'll be spitting paper out of your mouth for an entire mouth."

Hearing that was enough to make Naruto laugh hysterically as he rolled around on the floor. "Hahahahahahahahahahaha, now that that's something I definitely gotta see."

"As I was saying!" Rukia begin to say, but whatever she was going to say was interrupted by a loud and terrifying roar coming from outside of the house.

"What the hell was that sound?" Naruto asked, still on the floor.

"It's got to be a Hollow!" Hiyori stated.

"You mean those monster things you were talking about?" he asked, feeling an evil presence approaching. "There's one coming this way."

"You're right, and it's Spiritual Pressure isn't like the other Hollows." said Rukia, as she ran for the door there was a scream coming from within the house. When Rukia opened the door Naruto's sister, Yuzu collapsed.

"Yuzu, are you alright, and where's Karin?" he asked, worried for his sisters safety.

"Naruto!" Yuzu said weakly, Karin's been, you've got to save her." as she fall to the floor unconscious the sound Karin screaming could be heard.

"Yuzu!" Naruto yelled out, trying to inch his way to towards his way towards her.

Hiyori kneed down to next to Yuzu and checked her pulse as Rukia ran to help the other Kurosaki sister who was in grave danger. " You can relax, she's just unconscious!" she told him, looking down at Yuzu.

She stood up, unsheathe her sword and walked out the door, as she did Naruto yelled out. "Hey, don't leave me like this, help me get my arms loose."

"Sorry, I can't undo another Soul Reaper's Kido spell!" Hiyori stated coldly, as she started to walking again.

"Just where are you going?" he yelled, as she broke into a run down the hall.

"To make sure that Soul Reaper bitch doesn't screw up and get your sister killed." she yelled back, not stopping.

Hiyori caught up with Rukia outside the house, she drew her sword preparing to fight the Hollow. Hiyori looked up at the huge Hollow holding a small girl, who was yelling in pain. "What the hell are you doing standing around for?" she asked Rukia. "It's a Soul Reapers duty to kill Hollows, now get your worthless ass moving before she gets eaten, and if you won't do anything to help then I'll fight this Hollow freak instead." she snarled at her.

"Listen, I know my duties as a Soul Reaper, and I can more than handle this." Rukia said, gripping her swords handle.

"Oh, just shut up!" Hiyori stated irritated.

"KARIN!" Naruto yelled from behind the two girls, now standing up. This caused both the girls eyes to widened.

"What the hell, how are you standing, while caught in a binding spell?" Hiyori asked.

Rukia thought along the same thing. "She's right, he shouldn't be able to stand, he'd need an enormous amount of Spiritual Energy to do that. And there's a no way he could possess that kind of power he's only a human, but then again he's able to see the two of us, so he must have some amount. Still it's very strange for a mere human." she thought to herself.

"NARUTO, HELP ME!" Karin yelled.

"I'm coming Karin, hold on!" Naruto yelled, as he struggled to get his arms from behind back.

"No, stop!" Rukia cried. "That Kido spell is too strong for a human to break, if you keep trying to break it, you'll only cause damage to your soul!"

Naruto heard what Rukia was saying, but ignored her all he could think about was saving Karin. Miraculously in a few moments of pulling, he break free from the binding spell with a flash of light coming from him. Naruto grabbed a folded up chair and ran passed the girls, who were both shocked to say anything at what they've just seen.

"Hey, you let go of my sister, you bastard and fight me instead!" Naruto shouted at the Hollow, squeezing Karin.

The Hollow turned towards him as Naruto slammed the chair into him. The Hollow easily knocked him away with one arm, unaffected by the blondes attack. Naruto raced back towards the Hollow determined to save his sister no matter what happened to him as he was about to attack the Hollow again, but Rukia appeared in a flash, cutting the Hollow's arm, while Hiyori cut it's leg. Both attacks wounded it badly for it roar in pain as Karin fell from the Hollow's hand, but she was caught by Hiyori. The wounds the Hollow received caused it to vanish."

"Karin, no!" Naruto yelled.

"Don't worry, the Hollow left without devouring either of your sister's soul!" Rukia stated calmly, while gripping her sword tightly in both hands."

"Are you sure?" Naruto asked, as he held on to his unconscious sister.

"Yes, Hollows don't just attack at random they seek out souls with high levels of concentration Spirit Energy. For instance that Hollow I killed before was after the same type of Spirit Energy. I believe the Hollows are really after you."

"Me, you're saying it's after me?" Naruto's eyes widen.

"It appears that way!" Rukia stated calmly.

"So when that girls ghost was being attacked it was because of me?"

"Yeah, that Hollow figured she might lead it to you!" Rukia stated.

"And now I've put my sisters in danger, and it's all my fault?" Naruto stated, looking down at Karin.

The Hollow reappeared looking angrier than before as it set it's sights on Naruto. "It's back, quick take your sister and get out of here, now." Rukia yelled as she tighten her grip on her sword even more.

Naruto ran in front of the Hollow. "Hey, fish face!" Naruto yelled. "Leave my sisters alone, if it's my soul you want then come and take it, you ugly bastard."

"No, get out of the way!" Rukia screamed.

The Hollow reached forward really to devour him, but it never got close enough, Naruto's eyes widened at what he'd seen. Rukia appeared and shielded him as she cut into the Hollow's mouth with her sword and his teeth bite on to her, causing blood to squirt out of her shoulder will the Hollow had blood dripping from it's mouth.

"Soul Reaper!" he yelled as Rukia fell face forward on the ground and the Hollow could only roar in pain.

"Damn, that must have hurt!" Hiyori said, in a bored tone, as she stood next to Karin incase the Hollow tried to come after her. "You really are a pathetic excuse for a Soul Reaper.

"You're a fool!" she said, in between painful breaths. "Did you really think that you'd be a match against a Hollow? And giving it your soul would be meaningless, one soul won't satisfy it for long."

"Then what am I suppose to do?" he asked Rukia.

"I'm too injured to fight!" she said as propped her self against a fence pole. "Do you want to save your family?"

"Yes, if there's a way then tell me how, I'll do anything to save them." he said.

'Wait, are you planning to do what I think you're doing?" Hiyori stated.

"What's she gonna do?" he asked, looking over at Hiyori.

"It will only be temporary, but you must become a Soul Reaper yourself!" Rukia said, holding out her sword.

"Say what?"

"Take my Zanpaktou, run it through the center of your being, and I'll pour my powers into you!" she said, still breathing hard.

"Will it work?" Naruto asked bewildered.

"I believe so!" she said, looking up at him. "You broke out of a powerful Kido spell, you can see and interact with spirits as if they they were ordinary people, and you have a huge amount of Spirit Energy locked inside you. It was probably exposed when you made contact with that young girl's ghost.

"Alright then!" he said taking hold of her sword by the blade as she pointed it to the center of his chest. "Let me have those powers, Soul Reaper."

"It's Rukia, my names Rukia Kuchiki!"

"And I'm Naruto Uzumaki Kurosaki!" he said before the sword plunged into him. There was a huge light and the Hollow that had reappeared a moment ago was suddenly missing an arm. Both Rukia and Hiyori looked over and saw Naruto as he landed back in front of the Hollow. He was dressed in ordinary Soul Reapers clothing along with a brown sword sheath going across his chest, but that's not what Hiyori and Rukia were surprised about.

"Oh, shit!" Hiyori exclaimed out loud. "Look at the size of his Zanpaktou, it's enormous, I've never seen one that size."

Rukia was thinking the same thing as she stared at him. Naruto wield a sword as long as his body. "I don't believe this!" she said to herself. "I meant to only give him half of my power, but somehow he's taken nearly all of it."

"Yeah!" Hiyori stated, not paying attention to her, and focused on watching Naruto fight. "Considering the level of Spiritual Energy he has, that's not surprising. I'm just glad it was you that gave him your powers, and not me."

As Naruto finished off the Hollow with his huge Zanpaktou. "There that takes care of that!" he said.

Little did the three of them realize, but today was going to change their lives forever."

End Chapter

Here's the first chapter of my Bleach/Naruto story. don't be upset that I had replaced Ichigo with Naruto. Somethings in the Bleach universe have been changed like Naruto will obtain a Zanpakuto one that's different from what all the other Soul Reapers posses.