Bleach: An Alternate Soul Reapers Story

Chapter 3: Hollow Brother

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Late at night Orihime was in her apartment doing her homework, unknown to her outside in the sky she was being watched by the spirit of a young man with brown hair and he had on a suit."

"Oh Orihime!" the spirit moaned.

A dark presence appears from behind the spirit, standing there were four Hollows surrounding him from different sides. The Hollow's arms shot out like tentacles and wrapped around him thus trapping the spirit."

"Let me go!" the spirit cried, struggling to get free. "Let me go, now." The spirit continued to struggle, but it did him no good as he was taken away.

The next day, Naruto decided to skip school and show Rukia around Karakura Town since she was going to be there until her powers returned. Even through she didn't have her powers anymore, she needed to do everything she could to assist Naruto in the works of a Soul Reaper and facing off against Hollows. Instead of wearing their school uniforms Rukia wore a blue knee length dress with dark one inch heels, and Naruto wore a red-orange short sleeved shirt, a pair of leather pants, and red and white shoes."

Now the two of them were just entering one of Naruto's favorite places in Karakura Town, The Manga Million Bookstore. The store lived up to it's name as there were large bookshelves across from the register and went around the building ending at a cafe bar which was located across the stores entrance. From the front entrance on both the right and left side were over ten smaller bookshelves, going down the middle at the very end were a few sofa chairs next to a book table."

"Hi, Naruto!" a voice called him. He and Rukia looked across from them, there standing behind the cash register was a tall middle aged man with brown hair, shades of grey in the back. Next to him was a very attractive woman in her twenties, she had fair-skin, long flowing blue hair with an elegant loosely tied knot at the back that reaches to the small of her back. she wore a white tube top that revealed her sizable breasts, cleavage, and stomach, and red shorts."

"Hi you two, what's shaking?" Naruto asked them.

"The usual, business is going great." the girl said.

"Say who's the sweetheart you've got there with, Naruto?" the man asked.

"Oh, allow me to introduce you guys to each other. This is Rukia Kuchiki, Rukia I want you to meet, Hagane Mokuzai and his daughter Setsuko."

"How lovely to meet you both." Rukia said, in a fake polite accent while Naruto looked annoyed by it.

"So what bring you here Naruto-chan, shouldn't you be in school?" Setsuko asked. "Don't tell me you're skipping school again."

"Yeah I am, but this time I have a good reason." he said. "Rukia just moved here yesterday so I thought I'd show her around Karakura Town." Naruto half lied.

Hagane smiled a bit before saying. "Same old Naruto, always willing to help out others."

"You know it!"

"Well, I suppose I don't have to lecture you today, consider yourself lucky." Setsuko said.

"Damn it Setsuko, do you always have to treat me like a little kid?"

"Yes, somebody's got to look out for your best interest. Your father and sisters aren't the only ones who love and care about you, ya know. Besides you're like a little brother to me." Setsuko, reached out ruffled Naruto's hair.

Naruto didn't get upset with Setsuko for what she was doing while Rukia had reminded silent the whole time, looking at them she could tell the three of them were very close. After Setsuko was done messing with Naruto, he and Rukia went to the last row of the smaller bookshelves and there something caught Naruto's eyes."

"Aw sweet, they finally have the next volume of Ninja Guardian on sale." Naruto said overjoyed.

"Ninja Guardian? What's that?" Rukia asked the blonde.

"It's only one of my many favorite manga stories ever." Naruto answered. "Basically it's about a young boy traveling the world to become stronger and during his travels he makes three friends who join him on his journey."

"You seem to be really interested in that book."

"Who wouldn't be?"

"If you want my opinion, I think that book is nothing but senseless violence." Rukia said, getting an angry glare from Naruto.

"How would you know? You've never even read it."

"Seeing that ninja punching that guy on the cover says a lot. Besides this is much more adequate for myself." Rukia picked on a sketch pad with a plushie white bunny on the front cover and on the back was a pink bunny. "This is exactly what I need, it'll give me something to work on while we're not dealing with Hollows, with this I'll be able to show off my artist talent."

"Artist talent? Your head must be screwed on backwards or something." Naruto said. "Besides your drawings are nothing but pure shit."

Rukia's response was answered with a kick to the stomach, however he moved to the side and caught her leg then shoved her to the ground. "Hey what's the big idea, shoving me like that?"

"You're the one who tried to attack me first, I just defended myself." Naruto said. he then then notices from the way Rukia was laying on the floor he could see up her dress. "Well, ain't that a site to be seen!"

"What is?" Rukia asked.

Naruto smiled and says. "Your vagina, I can see up your dress while you're laying down that way."

Rukia's face turned red from embarrassment as she jumps to her knees, closing her legs. She glared at the blonde who was still smiling. "You pervert!" she screamed as the raven haired Soul Reaper got to her feet and balled up her fist really to punch Naruto in the face, but he grabbed Rukia by her wrist thus stopping her punch. She tried to punch him with her other hand only to be caught.

"You know if you keep trying to attack me you'll only end hurting yourself. Especially since you don't have your powers."

"Well you're the one who was looking under my dress." Rukia said, struggling to get loose.

"How is it my fault? You're the one who decided to wear that dress, and not put on any panties." he said, releasing the girl.

Rukia glared angrily at the blonde as she crossed her arms and turns away from him.

"What's the matter Rukia, are you mad at me?" he asked, but he she didn't even give him a glance and remained face forward.

Naruto moved forward standing over Rukia, because of his height it was like an eclipse surrounded her. The blonde swung Rukia around so she was now facing him. The raven haired Soul Reaper was taken by surprise as Naruto brought her into a hug which made her blush."

"Naruto? Naruto what are you doing?" she asked, as he tighten the hug.

"I'm sorry for earlier!"

"What is this warm feeling, I'm getting?" Rukia asked herself. "It's Naruto's warmth, it's so calm and everything feels soothing as if the world around us is at peace. Like the deep sea flowing endlessly."

The raven haired Soul Reaper found herself hugging Naruto back, for reasons she herself could not explain. Naruto grow a foxy grin and lifts up the back of Rukia's dress taking it all the way off, leaving a completely nude Rukia with the exception of her heels."

Upon seeing herself naked as she was, and in a bookstore with other people around no less. Rukia blushed madly before using her hands to cover herself."

"Gotcha!" Naruto laughed.

"Damn you, Naruto give me back my dress right now." Rukia shouted, at the blonde trying to get her dress out of his grip, but Naruto held it up above his head and out of her reach.

"What's wrong midget, can't reach?"

"Oh just shut up, and give me my dress."

"Make me!"

"You're gonna pay for this, you hear me?"

"Hey, what's with all the noise?" a voice said.

Naruto peaked over the bookshelf only to see one of the stores security guards coming their way. Thinking quickly the blonde grabbed Rukia's hand and hidden her behind one of the sofa chairs. He got himself a magazine and sat down, pretending like he had been reading the whole time. The guard made his way towards Naruto with no one else around, so he thought."

"Excuse me, son."

Naruto put down the magazine and gives the guard his full attention. "Yes sir, is there a problem?"

"I believe, I heard a girl screaming." he told Naruto.

"Screaming? I've been here for hours and I haven't heard any screams." Naruto lied.

The security guard raised an eyebrow while staring at the blonde. His attention came upon Rukia's dress which was left on the floor."

"Mine telling me way this dress is laying here?"

Naruto quietly swore to himself at forgetting pick up the dress. He thought of another lie and says. "Oh that, I bought that for my little sister just to show how much I love her."

"I see, well I'm sorry to have bothered you."

"Don't mention it."

After the security guard left Naruto picks up Rukia's dress while she pops her head over the sofa."

"Is he gone?" she asked.

"Yeah he is and here's your dress back."

Rukia take her dress from Naruto and slips it on. Now fully dressed she came from behind the sofa."

"You must feel better, now that you're wearing clothes." Naruto joked while getting a glare from Rukia.

"If you ever and I mean ever do that to me again I'll make you regret the day you met me." she said in a dangerous tone.

"Alright keep your shirt on." Naruto said not effected by her threat. "Now, come on lets go purchase our items and get out of here, I know some of the best food places in this town."

"Really, and just where are you taking me next?"

"Karakura Pizza Palace!" he answered.

Naruto and Rukia brought their items to the cash register, after their items had been bought and paid for the two were ready to leave. But before they did Setsuko called for him."



"Don't forget to go to work tomorrow or else your boss will chew your ass out like the last, you don't show up."

Naruto's eyes widen as he became pale and began to sweat with fear at the mention of his boss. To Setsuko, Hagane, and Rukia it appeared like he was about to have a panic attack."

"Oh, is Naruto-chan scared of his boss?" Setsuko teased.

"Shut up I'm not scared!" Naruto told her. "Let's go Rukia, I'll see you two around."

After leaving the bookstore, Naruto and Rukia walked until they reached the Pizza Palace. Rukia had to admit it was unlike any place she'd ever seen in her life even though she was a lot older than she appeared to be. Naruto order them a meatball pizza with ham and pepperoni on it, he also order some bread sticks to go along with the pizza. After they finished eating, Naruto took Rukia to see more of Karakura Town such as the park there they skipped rocks, although Rukia didn't say it but she was having a great time with Naruto. The last place Naruto took Rukia to was the movie theater, playing was a movie called "Samurai Swordsman vs Cowboy of the West"."

Once they were finished watching the movie they left and were now walking along the streets just enjoying themselves."

"The part I liked about the movie was when the samurai took out the cowboy army single handedly. What did you like about the movie?" Naruto asked Rukia.

"Hard to say, but what I did find it entertaining to watch."

"I knew you would it's one of the best movies ever played in this town."

"Naruto can I ask you something?"

"Sure, what's up?"

"Yesterday when I asked you to become a Substitute Soul Reaper you agreed to it without a second thought."

"So what's your point?"

"The truth is I never really expected you'd agree to it so easy. I know you told me it was because you wanted to, but I can't help but feel there's more."

Naruto smiled and said. "You really want to know it's because I want to protect those who are precious to me. You see Rukia my family and my friends, their lives are more important to me than my own. I'm willing to do anything to protect them even if it means throwing my life away for them, I'll gladly do it."

Rukia herself was a loss for words she never expected to hear this from the blonde not at all. Never before has she seen or known any human to be so noble, selfless, and pure-hearted as him."

"Naruto, you truly are a kind and caring person. It's a shame you weren't born into the Soul Society, you would've made an excellent Soul Reaper Captain." Rukia thought to herself.

"Hey Rukia are you alright?" he asked. "You look like something's bothering you."

Rukia snapped out of her thoughts."

"Oh it's nothing, nothing at all. I just spaced out for a bit." Rukia lied placing her hand behind her head as she laughs a little.

"Okay if you say so!"

As they continue to walk throughout Karakura Town Naruto sees his friend and classmate Orihime further up the street than he and Rukia were, and she appeared to be ready to cross the road. Then the blonde hears a noise, a car had gone by them at fast speed attempting to run a red light despite a single girl road crossing."

"ORIHIME, LOOK OUT!" Naruto shouts.

The blonde teen ran like he was being chased by an angry mob with Rukia right on his tail. Miraculously he made it in record time and got Orihime out of the way, Orihime gripped onto Naruto's shirt as he pulled her to safety and both of them rolled to the ground avoiding the car. Rukia ran to them to check if they were alright."

"Naruto are you okay?" Rukia asked the blonde.

"Yeah, I'm fine, nothing broken. Orihime you okay?" he asked, as they both got to there feet.

"I'm fine really, and thank you for saving me Naruto." Orihime said, blushing a little because of the way Naruto held her in his arms.

"Don't mention it, I'd do anything for a friend." he said releasing Orihime.

Orihime turned her attention to Rukia Kuchiki the new student."

'Rukia, is that you?"

"That right and just how do you know who I am?"

Naruto moves beside the raven haired Soul Reaper, whispering in her ear. "That's Orihime Inoue she's in the same class the two of us."

"Oh Orihime, how are you? I hope that you weren't hurt by any chance." Rukia in her fake polite accent.

"No not at all, because Naruto covered me with his body I'm perfectly fine." she said smiling.

Rukia's eyes narrowed as she notices a mark on Orihime's leg."

"Orihime did you always have that bruise?"

"No I didn't, I must've gotten it from when the car almost hit me."

"That mark doesn't look like it came from the car. It's looks more like a Hollow attack." Rukia thought as she stared at the mark.

"If you like Orihime I'd be more than happy to walk you home."

Orihime blushed a little and slowly shock her head. "Thanks, but no thanks Naruto. I really appreciate the offer, besides I have get home and get dinner prepare, I'm cooking leeks, banana, and bean jam."

"Something tells me I don't need to know what she's going to make with those." Naruto thought.

"Well, I'll see you both later, goodbye." Orihime said before walking off.

The day came close to an end as it was now sunset with Naruto on his way back home. Rukia thoughts were elsewhere as she had been silent for the last half hour. The Soul Reaper looked at the blonde and decide to ask him what had been on her mind."

"Naruto that girl Orihime are you close to her?" she asked.

"Yeah I know her quite well, she's best friends with my childhood friend Tatsuki. She very nice girl and it's a shame what happened to her though."

"What happened?"

"Three years ago her older brother Sora was in a car wreck and he died. He was all the family she had, poor Orihime I can't imagine what that feels like, living all alone with no family." Naruto feeling sad for his friend.

"Tell me something else, how long have you been connected to the spirit realm?"

"Not as much as I am now, it's only been recently. Why do you ask?"

"No reason just curious. Well I'll see you later Naruto." she said, moving ahead of him.

"Where're you going?"

"Home!" she answered. "I found a place here for me to stay."

"Okay then, guess I'll see you at school tomorrow. Good night!" Naruto left for home leaving Rukia by herself.

That night Naruto sat on his bed reading his new manga book then his little sister Yuzu came into his room.

"Naruto, my pajamas are missing have you seen them anywhere?" she asked.

"No I haven't, Yuzu but if I do see them I'll let you know all right." Naruto said kindly.

"Well thanks anyway Naruto you're the best big brother in the world Yuzu said smiling at her older sibling.

"Yuzu flatter me too much, ya know."

"No really I mean it, you're not like many older brothers almost none of them would spent there hard earn money on buying their sister a new set of clothes and shoes. Not to to mention the bracelet you gave have Karin a month ago."

"I only did it because I love you and Karin very much."

"And I love you too, Naruto." Yuzu ran towards her brother and kissed him on the cheek.

"Oh you!" Naruto rubbed his sister's head. "Go get ready for bed okay."

"Alright, night!" Yuzu said leaving the room.

Unknown either of them Rukia was in Naruto's closet and not only that she was wearing Yuzu's pajamas. She'd chosen Naruto's closet as her temporary home not because it be easy for her to me watch Naruto and change him into a Soul Reaper in case of an Hollow attack. But the main reason she stayed in the closet was because she didn't know any other places in Karakura Town to go even though Naruto had shown her around town. Her Soul Phone went off and takes it out from her pocket."

Hearing the beeping sound Naruto put his book down

"What the hell's that noise?"

Rukia jumps out of his closet surprising the blonde.

"Rukia? What the hell were you doing in there, and why are you wearing my sister's pajamas?"

"There's no time to explain, besides we've got orders a Hollow's close by." she told him as she put on her glove and changes him into a Soul Reaper.

"A Hollow? How close is it?" he asked.

The blonde got his answer as a giant hand appeared from a dark portal crushing Naruto's bed. Lucky when Rukia took his soul from his body she put it in the closet so nothing would happen to it. The Hollow fully emerged from the portal appearing to be more of a snake-like monster."

"Quickly kill it Naruto, aim for its head." Rukia told him.

"Got ya!" Naruto said.

The blonde leaped forward as draws his Zanpakuto and delivered an upper cut attack to the Hollow's face, which gave him a small cut. The Hollow roared as it used its tail to knock the blonde Substitute Soul Reaper aside. Naruto landed on his feet and runs forward and cuts its arm, which made the Hollow roar in pain and anger."

"Naruto don't just swing your sword, you need to cut off its head." Rukia told him.

The blonde nodded as the Hollow charged him and Rukia. Naruto jumped up and slashed the Hollow in the face in the same spot as before only this time he was able cut part of his mask off revealing a human face much to Naruto's surprise."

"What, it can't be but it is." Naruto thought.

The Hollow roars in pain then disappears through a portal leaving Naruto dumbfounded about what he had just seen. Rukia however was in a different state of mind and was focused following her orders."

"Naruto, why are you just standing around? Come on we have to go after it." Rukia said, running for the door but stop when she notice Naruto hasn't moved from the same spot he was standing. "Naruto what's the matter?"

The blonde turned and faced Rukia. "I got a good look at that things face and it was Orihime's older brother Sora."

"You're sure?"

"Positive, I've seen Sora many times to know his face anywhere."

Meanwhile at Orihime's apartment she was having dinner with Tatsuki. Tatsuki came over to give her some stewed beef and potatoes that her mother cooked. This wasn't the first time she'd brought Orihime food because she always ate strange food. Well they were eating Orihime told Tatsuki how Naruto saved her life earlier today and hanging out with Rukia."

"You've got to be kidding me, they were together?" Tatsuki asked Orihime surprised by this.

"That's right. It looked like they went shopping cause of the bags they were carrying."

"Well that certainly explains why neither of them were in school today, ditching school just to be alone with the new girl. That Naruto, who would have guessed he was that kind of guy, strange he's never shown any interest in any of the other girls at school until Rukia shows up. Above all that he could've offered to walk you home."

"He did actually, but I- Orihime suddenly found herself unable to speak as the thought of Naruto prevented her from doing so.

"Orihime? Orihime are you alright?" Tatsuki asked her who appeared as though she was in another world.

The buxom teen broke out of her thoughts and looked at Tatsuki while blushing. "Were you saying something just now, Tatsuki?"

"I was asking if you were okay, you just froze up like a statue."

"Oh I'm fine!" she said.

"Well you sure didn't seem like it a while ago." she said as Orihime laughed a little.

Back with Naruto and Rukia neither of them said a word since Naruto revealed the Hollow to be Sora. Rukia looked at the blonde and could tell he was confused by what he'd witness."

"Naruto listen to me!" Rukia said getting the blondes attention. "When fighting against Hollows attack them from behind and cut off their heads, it'll keep you from receiving more injuries than necessary and from learning their identities."

"Their identities?"

"Yes, Hollows were once the souls of human beings.

The blonde got a shocked reaction on his face after hearing this. "Why didn't you tell me this before? So the Hollows from yesterday and the day before were human souls I killed?"

"You shouldn't feel any sorrow for him, he's a Hollow now and he needs to be destroyed."

"How can you say that? It was human once, and you want me to kill him like he was just some monster from the depths of hell."

"Precisely he is just a monster now, for any soul that holds love or hatred towards this world will resist Konso and wonder around alone and become Hollows on there own or they're devoured by other Hollows and become one of the herd."

"But isn't there some kind of way to change him back, before he became a Hollow?"

"There isn't, once a soul turns into a Hollow they stay Hollows forever."

"I don't get it, why'd Sora attack us? He and I got along well together."

"I don't think it was us he was after, just you." Rukia said. "Judging from the last two Hollows you encountered I say they were being controlled by an even more powerful Hollow, that's in the works and it wants to consume your soul and it's been sending these Hollow to attack you.

"And now you want me to kill him? No I won't do it, I won't kill him."

"You have to, you don't have a choice in the matter. If you allow him to live he'll continue to wonder around until he gets your soul. Rukia told the blonde then her eyes widen. "Wait you're not the only one who's in danger."

"What? Who else does he want?" Naruto asked.

"Orihime, his sister!" she answered.

"Damn it!" the blonde swear. "Why would he want to go after his own sister he loved her."

"Souls that weren't guided into the Soul Society by a Soul Reaper or had fallen and lost their hearts became Hollows on there own. Hollows have been known to go after the people they loved the most back when they were still alive. You remember the bruise Orihime had on her leg? She believed she got it when that car nearly hit her, I've seen marks a lot like that before and it could only have been done by a Hollow."

"He tried to kill her once, now he's going to try again. I won't let him take her life." Naruto said, clenching his fist.

"Naruto you know what needs to be done in order to stop him for good."

The blonde sighed as he nodded. "I'm not going like this, but I'll do whatever it takes to protect my precious people."

"Come on, we better hurry to Orihime's house and fast." Rukia stated.

With Orihime and Tatsuki the two finished there meal and were discussing what to have for desert, Tatsuki subjected ice cream but Orihime was all out. She offered her friend some jellybean pudding with eggplants, but Tatsuki easily turned her down. Then they heard a bang and a faint but loud roar."

"What's that noise?" Tatsuki asked.

"I don't know!" Orihime replied.

The banging sounds continued to grow louder and louder. Because neither Orihime or Tatsaki couldn't see spirits they didn't notice the presence of the entity. Without warning Tatsuki watched as Orihime was knocked back to the floor by an invisible force."

"Orihime?" Tatsuki looked down at her friend and before she knew it she was knocked against the wall with her shoulder bleeding. "What the hell was that, and why am I bleeding? Someone or something's here, but I don't see anything."

Again she was hit by an invisible force sending her into the floor unconscious. Orihime watched in terror as she now sees a monster standing over Tatsuki."

"What is that thing?" Orihime stared at the Hollow then notices a chain sticking from her chest and on to her unconscious body which greatly surprised her. "I don't understand, how can I be over there when I'm right here? And why do I have this chain?"

Orihime thought were cut short as she saw the monster crushing Tatsuki with one hand. The teen got to her feet and ran to help her best friend, with all her might she was able to move the Hollow's hand away. With Tatsuki out of danger Orihime gently shock her shoulders to check if she was okay."

"Tatsuki are you alright? Please answer me." Orihime cried.

"It's no use Orihime, she can't see or hear us." Hollow-Sora said to her.

Orihime faced the Hollow and said. "Who are you? And how do you know my name?"

"Have you truly forgotten me? This saddens me."

Angered by this Hollow-Sora prepares to attack his sister, Orihime closed her eyes in fear. But the attack never came, she opened her eyes and sees Naruto holding a large sword and wearing a black robe. Naruto arrived in the nick of time since he'd been to Orihime's apartment more than once also Rukia informed him that Soul Reapers have the ability to fly and he could get there quicker flying than on foot."

"Don't you dare try an attack Orihime especially while I'm here." Naruto glared at the Hollow while blocking off his attack. He brushed Hollow-Sora back as he jump up to slice him, but before he could Hollow-Sora disappeared through a portal.

Orihime stared at the blonde feeling happy and grateful he'd saved her life not once but twice today."

"Naruto thank you so much for saving me from that thing." Orihime smiled.

Naruto was surprised that Orihime could speak to him let alone see him at all. He'd been told by Rukia that no one other than spirits could see him in his Soul Reaper form."

"Wait a minute, Orihime can you really see me?" the blonde noticed the chain she had on her chest.

"Of course I can, why shouldn't I be?" she asked.

Hollow-Sora reappeared as he glared the the blonde, "Shall I tell you? Orihime is a spirit now, I removed her soul."

"Damn you!" Naruto shouted with venom in his voice.

"Naruto don't worry about Orihime." Rukia said kneeling beside Tatsuki check on her condition. "As long as the chain isn't broken she can return to her body. Just concentrate on destroying him.

Naruto nodded, knowing his friend can be saved relieved him greatly, now all he had to do was kill her brother. As much as he wished he didn't have to end Sora's life there was no other choice than that. Back when he was a young boy and Sora was still alive he looked up to him as an older brother."

Hollow-Sora swiped his tail at the Substitute Soul Reaper, Naruto dodged the attack and cut him on the lower part of his torso which made him growl in pain. Naruto gave the Hollow a kick to the face followed by several punches and a spinning kick. Angered by the attacks Naruto had delivered him Hollow-Sora tried to punch Naruto and missed as jumped to the side of him, unfortunately that's what Hollow-Sora wanted him to do. Using its tail he wrapped his tail around Naruto's leg and swag him around and finally throws him through the window landing face flat on to the street."

Concerned for the blonde Rukia turned her attention away from Tatsuki, using her Kido spell to treat the girls injuries. At the site of seeing Naruto thrown out the window she rushed out the now hole in the wall and to Naruto's side."

"Naruto are you alright?" she asked.

"I'm fine, thanks for asking." he said, getting up to his knees with blood dripping from his forehead.

"Good, remember what I told you strike him from behind and take off his head."


Orihime found herself in Hollow-Sora's grip, she attempted on help Naruto after seeing her friend tossed out the window, but Hollow-Sora prevented her."

"Let me go, let me go, Naruto's hurt he needs me." Orihime cried as she struggled to get free."

"Orihime don't you know who I am?" Hollow-Sora asked.

She looked directly into Hollow-Sora's eyes and could tell instantly that the monster before her was her older brother. "Sora? Sora is that really you?"

Hollow-Sora released her from his grip, gently placing his young sister on the floor unharmed."

"Yes Orihime it's me!"

"No this can't be, you can't be my brother. My brother was gentle and kind, he'd never hurt anyone not ever."

"You've forgotten about me dear sister and I was so lonely." Hollow-Sora told her. "After I died you prayed for me everyday, and even though I was lonely it was your prays and your memories of me that have given me peace. However because of your friendship with Naruto Kurosaki you prayed less for me than you originally did, a year later you befriended that girl there and you prayed lesser and lesser. And then when you enter high school you completely stopped praying for me and that's the reason I was so lonely."

"But Sora it wasn't that I-

"You listen to me Orihime!" he said cutting her off. "If love me you'll stand aside while I kill both the girl and that Soul Reaper, Naruto."

Horrified by her brothers intentions her own voice died inside but then gather the courage to tell her brother what she was feeling. "Sora, please leave Naruto alone, he's done nothing to you. Just because He and I are friends doesn't give you the right to-

"You shut up, Orihime!" Hollow-Sora snapped. "Don't you dare tell me what's right and what isn't, you're to blame for this. You chose him and that girl instead of honoring my memories. I've become this monster and for that I'll kill you with my own two hands."

Hollow-Sora wrapped his hands around Orihime's neck as he lifted her into the air. The buxom teen could feel all the oxygen leaving her body, and what was worst there was nothing she could do to save herself. When it looked liked Orihime was about to be killed, something amazing happened. He let go of her as let out a roar of pain. Naruto had sneakin up behind him and stabbed Hollow-Sora in his tail repeatedly."

Naruto moves beside Orihime placing a comforting hand on her back as she catches her breath then glares at the Hollow. "You know something Sora, older brothers are born first for one reason to protect their younger brothers and sisters. Just hearing you threatening to kill your own sister really pisses me off . When I was little I considered you an older brother myself but now I can't even look at you anymore, you're not the Sora I used to know."

"You shut up, you don't know anything." Hollow Sora roared in anger. "I was only fifteen when Orihime was born, our mother was a contest whore she spent most of her time with other men than she did with us. And our father was nothing but an abusive alcoholic bastard that took his problems out on us every chance he got and almost raped Orihime if it wasn't for me. I raised her the way those two never could, to me she's been more a daughter than a sister. Now Orihime come with me, you belong to me."

"Like hell she will, I won't let you have her." Naruto spat.

The blonde launched himself at the Hollow, knocking him outside of the apartment and turns to Rukia. "Rukia stay with in here with Orihime, I'm going to take here of this guy for good."

Naruto flew into the air, Hollow-Sora charged at Naruto with his mouth wide open preparing to bite off the blondes head. The Substitute Soul Reaper blocked his mouth off with his sword then kicked Hollow-Sora on the side of his face crashing down into the ground. Hollow-Sora got right back up and roars before being kicked again by Naruto."

"It's time I put an end to this, goodbye Sora."

The Substitute Soul Reaper ran forward readying his Zanpakuto to kill Hollow-Sora, but the Hollow shot acid from his mouth and on to Naruto's hands which made him scream in pain as he dropped his weapon, unable to hold its handle."

"Damn it, my hands feel like there're on fire."

Before Naruto knew it Hollow-Sora hit'em hard with a punch that send him tumbling backwards, he tried to get up only to knocked back down. Hollow-Sora grabbed Naruto by his head and punches him in the stomach making him cough up blood, however that didn't stop Hollow-Sora as he punch him a few more times and slams him hard into the ground."

"No matter how much you hurt me, I won't let you harm Orihime." Naruto told him.

This time instead of punching the blonde Hollow-Sora put his hand on top of Naruto, preventing from standing up. "You shouldn't have interfere with me, and now you'll die. Say your prays Soul Reaper."

"NARUTO!" Rukia screamed as she watch the blonde about to be killed.

Hollow-Sora brought his hand down about end Naruto's life, however."


"AAAAHHH!" Hollow-Sora shouts in pain.

Hollow-Sora had his left arm cut off keeping him from killing Naruto. Hollow-Sora glared at the person responsible for his missing arm. "Who are you?"

Naruto and Rukia, minus Orihime knew exactly who the newcomer was. And it was Hiyori Sarugaki."

"H-Hiyori?" Naruto stood up while looking at the short blonde.

"What's she doing here?" Rukia asked herself out loud forgetting Orihime was there beside her.

"My name is of no concern to you shit face, besides you're so damn loud I could hear you all the way across Kurakura Town." Hiyori said with annoyed expression on her face.

"Hiyori what are you doing here?" Naruto asked.

"Isn't it obvious dumbass? I felt your Spiritual Pressure and thought you could use some help, since you're stuck with that wannabe Soul Reaper."

"Hey, who are you calling a wannabe?" Rukia shouts at the shorter girl but isn't paying her any attention.

"Stay out of my way girl or I'll kill." Hollow-Sora roared.

"Oh go fuck yourself!" Hiyori said ignoring his threats.

Hiyori attacked Hollow-Sora with multiple kicks that sent him flying then jumps up into the air above him and delivered powerful punch to the Hollow sending him hurtling into the ground below creating a crater."

"Damn, that was some punch!" Naruto said impressed by Hiyori's fighting skills.

"She's so strong!" Rukia said.

Hiyori lands in front of the crater looking at the dead Hollow-Sora."

"Well that takes care of that." she said facing away from the Hollow.

"Is it girl?" a voice said.

"Hiyori, look out!" Naruto warned the short girl.

The short blonde turned and saw Hollow-Sora now standing. With one swing of his tail he pushed Hiyori out the the way then turns towards Naruto. "I'll devour you first Naruto then that girl, and then I'll take Orihime."

"Never, I'll die before I let you have her." Naruto yelled.

"Then allow me to grant you wish!" Hollow-Sora said as he launches himself at the blonde. "DIE NARUTO KUROSAKI!"

Hollow-Sora hurled himself at the blonde, still in pain from the acid he spit out Naruto was unable to pick up his sword and because of the injuries he suffered he wasn't able to defend himself either. As it looked Naruto was going to be killed."


Blood dripped on the ground, however it didn't from Naruto, it was Orihime's blood dripping from her shoulder. She jumped in between her brother and Naruto shielding him with her own body only she was caught in Hollow-Sora's jaws as she held her brother in warm embrace falling to her knees."

"Orihime?" Naruto said surprised by the orange-haired girls actions.

Hollow-Sora looked down at his sister and says. "Why Orihime? Why'd you do that?"

"Oh Sora I'm so sorry it's all my fault you're this way." she said in a sad tone. "It's because I begged you not to leave me all alone and you couldn't find peace. Ever since you died I've always had this feeling that you were watching over me, like you always did. When that car was about to hit me you protected me as well as Naruto, the reason I have this mark on my leg is because you pulled me out of the way."

"So that explains Orihime's bruise, not from being attack but to save her life." Rukia said, standing beside Naruto as well as Hiyori.

"Soon I realized if you stayed by my side you'd never be able to rest in peace. I thought if I'd showed you my life was really happy you'd wouldn't have to worry about me and you could pass on. I never thought it would make feel sad and lonely." Orihime cried. "I'm sorry Sora I never wanted you to feel that way.

Orihime passed out due to her injury, Hollow-Sora looked down at his sister as he said her name. Her words to him had gotten to him so deeply he cried out Orihime's name over and over as he screams in agony."

"What the hell's going on with him?" Naruto asked. "Has he gone crazy or something?"

"No, he's fighting for control part of him is still human." Rukia told Naruto as she used her Kido spell to heal Orihime. "It would seem that this poor soul didn't become a Hollow by choice. Remember when I said a powerful Hollow was in the works?"


"Well that Hollow has been manipulating him into attacking you, seeing as how you knew this soul. That Hollow believed that you wouldn't fight back and kill'em. Which proved to be true, and right now this soul is fighting desperately for control for Orihime's sake."

Hiyori scoffs. "If he's seriously wants to take control he better do it fast. Cause if he attacks us again, I'll destroy him until there's nothing left."

"I wouldn't count on it, look!" Naruto said.

Rukia and Hiyori looked at Hollow-Sora's roars of pain continued and the mask on his face slowly begin to crumble, soon the mask completely broke apart revealing his true face. Now in control of him Sora looked down at his sister."

"Oh Orihime!" Sora said in a voice filled with sorrow then he sees the hairpins. "Those hairpins, she's wearing them."

"Orihime told me you gave her those hairpins as a present before you died Sora, and after you died she's been wearing them ever since to honor your memory. And not even once has she ever taken them off." Naruto said.

Sora thought back to the day when he first brought Orihime the hairpins, but she refused to wear them saying they were childish which lend to them not talking to each other and it was one of the saddest moments of his life. Seeing how his younger sister was honoring him by wearing the hairpins made him feel happy inside, however there was one thing left to be taken care of."

Sora sees Naruto's Zanpakuto on the ground and picks it up then points it to his neck ready to end his own life."

"Wait a minute, Sora what are you doing?" Naruto asked.

"There isn't much time before the Hollow takes me over. So well I'm sane for the moment, there's only one thing I can do."

"But you don't have to do this!"

"Naruto it's alright he's making the right decision." Rukia said as she finished healing Orihime. "As I've told you before once you become a Hollow you can never return to who you were again. The best thing for him is to pass on."

"She right Naruto and besides exorcising a Hollow isn't the same as slaying it. You're washing away its sins so he can enter the Soul Society." Hiyori said getting a surprise reaction from Rukia.

"Who is this girl and how does she know about the Soul Society?" Rukia thought.

Orihime regain conscious then stares at her brother and says. "Sora please wait, there's something I have to tell you."

"What is it?" Sora asked.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I was ungrateful for the hairpins you gave me. Thank you for giving them to me, brother."

"Oh Orihime, you're welcome!"

Sora turned his attention to Naruto remembering when Orihime had introduce him to the blonde. He and Orihime were in the same classes together back in elementary school, Orihime was being bullied by sixth grade boys and girls. They pushed her around and pulled her hair, not caring that she was pleading from them to stop. Her cries for help were answered as Naruto pushed them out the way and hugs her letting her know he was there to help her. The sixth graders were pissed at Naruto for getting involved with there affairs and tried to beat him up only they were the ones who got the beaten. Sora was grateful to Naruto for standing up for his sister and always being by her side."

"Naruto thank you for always being there for Orihime, when she needed you the most."

"Don't mention it, I'll always be there for my friends!"

"There's something I'd like you to do for me, Naruto."

"What is it?"

"Please look after Orihime for me she's in your hands now."

Naruto smiles and said. "Right, I'll protect her no matter what?"

With nothing left to say Sora smiled at Orihime for the last time then jabs himself and begins to disappear in blue beams of light leaving nothing behind except for Naruto's sword, seeing her brother pass on filled her up with sadness as she break into tears. Naruto moves beside her and puts his hand on her shoulders."

"Don't cry Orihime, Sora wouldn't want you to be sad now that he can rest in peace."

Orihime turns to the blonde still crying and hugs him, which Naruto graciously returned. After a while she'd calm down."

"Are you alright now Orihime?"

"Yes, and Naruto thank you. Thank you for being a true friend to me all these years."

Naruto looked the orangette in her eyes."

"Orihime remember what I told you the day we met? I promised to be there for you in your time of need."

"Yes I remember you've helped me a lot in so many ways. Even on the day Sora died you came over to my house, so I wouldn't be alone."

"And I've kept that promise, and I always will."

Orihime smiles as she hugged the blonde even tighter."

"Naruto, it's time!" Rukia said, getting his attention as she took out her memory replacement device.

"Time for what?" Orihime asked.

Rukia pointed the device in Orihime's face and with one shot she was knocked unconscious."

"Will that takes care of that, now for your other friend and we'll be done here."

"Hey Hiyori thanks for-

Naruto looked her where the short blonde was standing, but see was nowhere in site. "Huh, where'd she go?"

"I have no idea."

The next day at Karakura High around noon the students were either having there lunches inside or outside. However Orihime and a few of her female classmates decide to eat up on the roof where Orihime was telling the other girls about last nights event."

"You've got to be kidding me, there's no way that happened."

"But it's true a one-legged sumo wrestler carrying a gun blow a huge hole in my room. Ask Tatsuki she was with me last night."

"I don't know about a sumo wrestler, all I heard was a loud banging and that's it."

"Orihime if you're going to make up stories at make them believable."

"Don't listen to them Orihime I believe you even if it is just a wild story." said a girl with red hair and wearing red framed glasses named Chizuru Honsho.

"But it's not just a wild story it really happened."

Naruto and Rukia were listening to Orihime's story as well. The blonde looks at Rukia."

"Why'd you make her believe a sumo wrestler blasted through her apartment?"

"I didn't, the memory replacement works at random based on the limits of what he or she will believe." Rukia told him.

"I see!" Naruto said knowing Orihime has an overactive imagination. "By the way there's something you and I need to discuss."

"What is it?"

"About you living in my closet. If you needed a place to stay you should've just asked me, I would've said yes."

"You'd allow a complete stranger live with you?"

"I don't consider you a stranger Rukia, you're my friend."

"Friend? But you've only known me for two days, I don't think that's enough time to qualify us as friends."

"So what, I don't care if I've met you ten minutes ago I say we're friends rather you like it or not. And I'll gladly risk my life to protect you."

Ruka was about speak, but realized there was no need to argue with the blonde especially after he explained to her his reasons for becoming a Soul Reaper and fighting for those special to him. And now he made her into one of his important people, his kindness was one of the things she admired about the blonde."

"Alright then, if you say we're friends then I guess we're friends."

"You're damn right we are." he said, patting Rukia on the head like he'd done before.

"I have to say you really surprised me, when you were fighting against that Hollow. You didn't fight just good, you fought extremely great despite that you've recently became a Soul Reaper."

Naruto flashed a foxy grin. "Well, I've had a lot of fighting experience. And I owe it all the my master."


"When I was a kid, I trained everyday with him. His name was Sigma Kiyoshi, he was a well respected man he taught how to fight for those precious to me."

"What was your relationship with your master, exactly?" she asked.

"He was like a second father to me and a good friend." Naruto answered.

"Do you still train with, Sigma?"

Naruto face expression became sad with sorrow. "Not anymore, not since he died. This days I train on my own."

Rukia could see the pain in the blondes eyes as he told her of his masters fate. "I'm sorry, Naruto."

"Don't apologize. Besides on the day he died, he told me not to be sad and to continue to fight for the people I love. So stop worrying about it, okay."

The school bell had rang meaning lunchtime was over and it was time return to class. For the students who didn't finish there lunches either threw them in the trashcan or brought back with them."

Rukia was about to go back to class, but Naruto stopped her."

"Hey, Rukia hold on a second!"

"What is it?"

"Could you do me a favor? Tell Miss Ochi that I left early."

"You're leaving, why?"

"I have to get to work at 3:00 pm, so I figured I'd go home for the time being. That way I can have some free time to myself."

"Exactly how along are you going to be working?" Rukia asked crossing her arms.

"Just until 6:00 P.M.!"

Rukia sighs. "Alright, just don't take too long. Who knows when a Hollow maybe attacking."

"Relax, Rukia I'll be fine so stop worrying."

"Who says I was worried?"

"Whatever you say, I'll see you later." the blonde said, while smiling then places a small kiss on her forehead surprising her greatly making her blush. "And don't forgot you're free to stay in my room as much as you'd like, goodbye for now Rukia."

Rukia watched the blonde leave while touching the spot where Naruto had kissed her, something she never before in her life had ever experienced."

The blonde teen made his way from school all the way back to his house, upon entering his home he found a note written by his father that he has some errands to run and will be late getting home. After reading the note he went straight towards his room and finds out he's got a visitor. Hiyori was on his bed snoring."

"Hey wake your little ass up, Hiyori!" he shake her sides but all she did was turn over facing him still snoring.

"Are you listening to me...wait a minute...ARE YOU DROOLING ON MY BED?" Naruto shouted. He looked down and saw a puddle of drool growling on his bed from the short blondes mouth.

"Huh...what!" Hiyori said half asleep opened her eyes and stares at him. "What the hell do you want, dumbass?"

"Right now I only want to ask you a few questions, snaggletooth, but first I need you to sit up." Naruto said.

"Fine!" she said sitting up and stretches her arms out. "So what do you want anyway...hey, just the hell do you think you're doing to me?" she asked him as her face changes red.

"What does it look like? I'm wiping the drool off your face." Naruto said clamly as he wiped her mouth clean with a tissue. "I used to do it for my sisters when they were younger."

"Do I look like one of yours little sisters?" Hiyori asked angrily with her face still red. "And just who are you calling snaggletooth, whirlpool?"

"That would be you I'm calling snaggletooth. Now could you tell me why you're here in my room?" he asked with a serious look on his face.

Hiyori scowled at the tall blonde. "To answer you're question simply, I was tired and I didn't feel like going home to sleep. Plus I've been waiting for you to get back, I've been watching you since you became a Soul Reaper, and I watched you fight against those Hollows the other day not to mention the one you fought yesterday. And I have to say you've got some skills, however while you maybe a good fighter you need to improve more if you hope to live long. The Hollows you've faced were nothing compared to the one's I've seen, and don't forget there's a nasty Hollow out there that wants your Spirit Energy more than anything. Eventually he may come for you himself, and at your current level you won't stand a chance. That's why I'm here to train you properly."

"Hold on a minute, are you a Soul Reaper too?" Naruto asked raising an eyebrow waiting for her answer.

"Well I used to be!" she said looking a little sad then looks angry. "I don't to need to tell you anything, dumbass, alright?"

She jumps off the bed landing in front of the door and opens it. "Well, are you coming so I can train you or not? I haven't got all day, dumbass."

"Yeah I'm coming, I need to make a quick call." he said taking out his cell phone and dials in a number.

"Hello!" a voice says.

"Hey, it's me listen I'm sorry but I can't come in today, could I take the week off?"

"YOU MORON!" the voiced shouted through the phone. "Do you realize what you're asking me? You took last week off, and came in for one day after that and now you want to take another week off?"

"That's the reason I'm calling to apologize!"

"Do you think an apology will make everything okay? You don't even care do you? Just get yourself over here or you're fired."

Rather than argue with his boss he willingly accepted his unemployment. "Really, well I guess I had it coming."

"What? What're you saying, Naruto-chan?"

"I'm saying I can't blame you firing a guy like me, who doesn't take his job seriously." Naruto says with smirk. "I'm really sorry, thank you for supporting me for so long."

"It hasn't been that long, only six months. Besides the real fun of working Odd Job Service is just beginning. Our adventures together can still go on for a long time to come...

"And it seems our adventure as ended!" Naruto hanged up his phone then turns to Hiyori. "Okay let's go!"

"Who was that you were talking to?"

"My boss or rather my ex boss."

"So you're really going to skip out on work?"


"And it doesn't bother you if you get fired?"

"I can always find another part-time job."

"Whatever let's get going."Hiyori said walking out the door with Naruto following her.

They walked and walked, as Hiyori was leading the tall blonde to there destination he felt something brush up against his leg. Looking down he sees a small black cat rubbing against him."

"Well hello there kitty cat!" Naruto said, as he picks up the small animal which puts its paw on his face not scratching him. "Aren't you just a cute little thing?"

"Naruto will you put that cat down, and let's go already." Hiyori said impatient.

"Alright, hold your horses!" he said then looks at the cat. "But first how about you showing me who you really are, I can tell you're definitely no ordinary cat."

"So you know, do you?" the cat spoke in a deep voice and Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"Why are you talking like that, when you're clearly a female?" Naruto asked shocking both Hiyori and the cat.

"How'd you know she's a girl?" Hiyori asked curious.

"I guess it's because of the Spirit Energy I'm sensing from you. And from what I'm able to sense, I can what sort of being you are, like your gender."

"He can sense Spirit Energy, but that's impossible. It takes years of training to fully learn to detect other spiritual beings. This boy is most intriguing." the cat thought.

"He's only been a Soul Reaper for three days, and he can already sense Spirit Energy? There's more to you, Naruto Kurosaki than meets the eye." Hiyori thought.

"Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Yoruichi Shihoin."

"Yoruichi, that a pretty name. I'm Naruto Uzumaki Kurosaki!"

"If you two are done chatting lets get going, Naruto." she said angrily. "By the way Yoruichi, what are you doing out here wondering the streets?"

"Oh, I was just on one of my strolls around Karakura Town."

"That's so like you! You walk off, and don't come back for who knows how long."

"You should know, I like getting out and stretching my legs."


Later they arrived in front of a small building including Yoruichi who'd become interested in Naruto. Naruto looks at the sign above the entrance. "Is this the place?" he asked looking over at Hiyori. "I don't see how we'll be able to do any training here."

"Shut up, moron!" she yelled, as she smacked him in the back of his head with one of her flip flops. "Stop asking stupid and pointless questions, now just shut up and follow me inside."

"What the hell was that for?" Naruto yelled at her rubbing his sore head with one hand. "You stupid pigtailed snaggletooth midget."

"What was that?" Hiyori asked still holding her flip flop. "Would you mind repeating that?"

Naruto bent down right in her face smiling evilly. "Yeah, I said you're a stupid pigtailed snaggletooth midget. You got a problem with that?"

Hiyori smiled back at him, but it an evil one, more like an amused one. "Well, it seems you do have some balls after all, you're not a little pussy like I thought you were."

"Now, now you two, don't fight amounted yourselves." Yoruichi said.

"Ah shut up cat bitch, no one was even talking to you." Hiyori snapped. "Now follow me, Naruto!"

Hiyori slide open the door, the inside appeared to be an ordinary candy store and nothing seemed strange about the place as far as Naruto could tell."

"Well hello there, Hiyori my old friend, what brings you to my humble manor?" a man said appearing out of nowhere.

He was a tall man with messy light blonde hair with strands framing the sides of the face and hanging between his eyes. He wore a brown coat, which sports a white diamond pattern along its bottom half. Underneath it he had on a dark green shirt and pants, wooden sandals, and he wore a striped dark green and white bucket hat."

"Yoruichi I wasn't expecting you back so soon. And who's this handsome young man you have with you, is he your boyfriend Hiyori?" he asked smiling at them.

Hiyori's faced turns red while Naruto chuckled a little and said he wasn't. The angry girl jump-kick him back into the wall leaving a big crack."

"I see you still have that fiery temper you've always had." the man says standing up hold his chin where she kicked him while laughing a little.

"What's all the noise in here?" a new arrival said.

A tall muscular tan-skinned man with his hair cornrowed and he has a large mustache, which is connected to his long sideburns. He wore a pair of rectangular shaped glasses. He had on a white muscle shirt light brown pants and a blue apron."

"How do you do, Miss Sarugaki?" he asked politely.

"Sup, I'd like you to meet Naruto Kurosaki. He's a Substitute Soul Reaper, and he needs to be trained." she told him.

"A Substitute Soul Reaper, how interesting." he said looking at Naruto. "Well it's a pleasure to meet you, I'm the owner of this little shop, Kisuke Urahara."

"And I'm his assistant and good friend, Tessai Tsukabishi."

"Nice to meet you both!" Naruto said.

"I'm honored you felt the need to come to me for help, Hiyori." Kisuke said smiling. "But how can I, a simple shop owner possibility be of any assistance."

Hiyori growled at the shop keeper. "We'll you cut with the bullshit, Kisuke? We need to use the training grounds."

"Alright, alright! Come with me if you please, and I'll get you settled in." Kisuke said.

Naruto and Hiyori followed Kisuke to the back of the store as well as Tessai and Yoruichi. He slide open a door and walked in with the other behind him."

"I wonder, where exactly is this so called training grounds?" Naruto thought.

They came to a stop as Kisuke opened a trap door with a ladder going down. "Please, follow me!"

Kisuke climbed down the ladder with the others following behind except Yoruichi who rode on Naruto's shoulder. Soon they reached the bottom and Naruto was beyond surprised by his surroundings. The area was a rocky underground with a sky filled with clouds."

"Wow, look at this place!" Kisuke shouts. "Who'd ever thought that beneath my little store, there was this huge terrain?"

After those words came from his mouth Hiyori drop-kicked Kisuke directly in the face, sending him flying into the nearest boulder."

"DAMN IT, KISUKE. Do you always have to pull that stupid surprised act every time someone new comes here, you dumbass." Hiyori screamed at him.

"Oh my, Hiyori you really need to learn to control my that temper of yours." Yoruichi said with a sweat drop.

"This place you guys have here is fantastic, really great." Naruto said before finding him in a massive hug."

"Thank so much for saying that, Mr. Kurosaki. It's good to know there are people such as yourself who appreciate our work." Tessai cried anime tears making the blonde sweat drop.

"Can you please let go of me Tessai, you're crushing my ribs." Naruto said as he was released from the painfully embrace. "I've got to say Tessai you're really strong fellow."

"Why thank you, Mr. Kurosaki!"

"Say don't you think it's time you get yourself more suitable?" Kisuke asked the blonde now standing holding a bleeding nose.

"More suitable?" Naruto asked confessed. "What do you mean by that?"

"He means transform into a Soul Reaper, dumbass." Hiyori stated.

"Oh right. Well that's going to be a problem, Rukia used a red glove to change me, but I don't have it. So what am I gonna do?'

"Perhaps I can be of services!" Kisuke said holding a cane then pokes Naruto in the head with the end of it, knocking him down. When he looked up he saw his body being held by Tessai then looks down at himself and once again he was in Soul Reaper form. "Surprised Naruto?"

"Not really, this is only the third time I changed into a Soul Reaper." he said.

"I see!" Kisuke looked at Hiyori. "It's your turn now, Hiyori or do you need some help?"

The short blonde snatched away the shopkeeper's cane. "I'll do it myself you old perv." Hiyori said pushing the cane into her forehead separating herself from her body, as it fall face first on the ground."

"Don't you think it would have been easier if you'd sat down." Naruto said looking at Hiyori. "You're going the injury your body that way."

"Oh relax blondie, I'm fine!" Hiyori said taking out her sword from its sheath. "It's just a Gigai, I haven't had a real body for over 200 years."

"200 YEARS!" Naruto exclaimed. "How can you be 200 when you clearly look like you're 12."

"What did you say 12?" she yelled at Naruto before running up and smacked him hard across the face with her flip flop. "I'm not 12 you moron!"

"Allow me to explain it for you, Naruto." Kisuke said in a serious tone. "For every soul that dies in this world maintains there age appearance when they died in the human world. As for those who are born in the Soul Society age in appearance, souls can live to be hundreds of years old, such as myself."

"Wait a minute are you, Yoruichi, and Tessai Soul Reapers as well?" Naruto asked holding his cheek where a red mark from Hiyori's flip flop was left.

"We were at some point in our lives, however that's a story for another day perhaps. For now young Kurosaki focus on your training. "Kisuke said walking away with Tessai and Yoruichi. "Have fun you two and be sure to train him properly Hiyori instead of flirting with your boy toy."

"S-S-SHUT UP YOU ASSHOLE!" Hiyori screamed at him with her face red from embarrassment. "Are you ready to start, Naruto?"

"Ready? I'm ready for anything!" he said pulling out his Zanpakuto.

"Good, because I'll be training you for the next two weeks to see where you stand."

"That's fine by me, now let's go!"

Hiyori looked at him with an evil smile on her face. "Prepare you're Naruto cause your ass his mine."

During the course of Naruto's training with Hiyori, she had to admit the blonde had some impressive fighting moves however his moves were no match against hers, which proved to be true as she sent him crashing into a bounder four times. Hiyori taught the Substitute Soul Reaper three of her fighting techniques and how to focus his Spiritual Pressure into his attacks. As well as teach him to wield his Zanpakuto even though he'd learned to used a sword back from when he was a kid. The training went on for hours and it was now night time. They decided to call it a day and continue again tomorrow, after Naruto got back in his body and Hiyori in her Gigai.

"Thanks again for letting us, use your training grounds, Kisuke." Naruto said.

"Don't mention it, feel free to visit anytime." he said smiling.


The blonde left the Urahara Shop and was on his way home with Hiyori following him.

"Not to sound rude or anything, but why are you following me?"

"Simple dumbass! I'm keeping an eye on you in case anything strange happens, besides you're still undergo my training."

"You could've said that without the dumbass part, ya know."

"I'll call you dumbass all I want, blondie."

"In case you've forgotten you're blonde too."

Without saying I single word Hiyori punched Naruto dead in the face."

"Ow, that hurt!" Naruto groaned, covering his face with both hands. "What'd you do that for?"

"I felt like it!"

"You're a real hot tempered bitch, you know that."

"Oh stick it up your ass!" she said walking ahead of him.

As they arrived at the Kurosaki Clinic Naruto walked to the front door while Hiyori went to his room through his window."

"Dad, Yuzu, Karin I'm home!" Naruto called, walking through the door

"WELCOME HOME, NARUTO!" Isshin yelled out going in for a drop kick. Naruto stepped to the side as he watch his father crash into the door.

"Jeez dad don't do that!" Naruto stated calmly.

"Very good, you've defeated me and without using force." he said on the floor.

Yuzu and Karin came from upstairs. "What's with all the noise?" Karin asked looking at her brother and father.

"Welcome home, big brother!" Yuzu cried with joy, jumping at Naruto with her arms open hugging him. "I was beginning to worry about you, when you didn't answer your cell phone."

"I'm sorry about that, I'd accidentally dropped my phone and the battery fall out into the sewers so I had to buy another one." Naruto lied. "Sorry for not calling right away."

"Its all right, as long as you're home safe and sound."

"Ah there's nothing more valuable than love between brother and sister. Karin let's show'em some father/daughter love." Isshin said, now standing up. then finds himself back on the floor as Karin kicked him hard in the face.

"Take a nap you old pervert." Karin said irritated.

The Kurosaki family spent there time together like a normal family, like having family dinner. After they were finished eating, Naruto made two more meals for himself and went to eat upstairs in his room surprising his father and sisters. However the food wasn't really for him, but Hiyori and Rukia, once he'd entered his room Hiyori was sitting on his bed reading one of his manga books."

"Hey snaggletooth I brought you something to eat." he said, putting one of this plates down beside her.

Hiyori stopped reading the manga book and looked at the food that was offered to her and eats it all. "That was delicious!"

"Aren't you even going to say thank you?"

"Like hell I will!" she said, opening up the same manga book.

"You're ungrateful you know that?"

"Piss off!"

Naruto grit his teeth as he scowled at the short blonde, deciding not to say anything further to her. He then goes to his closet and knocks on it."

"Rukia are in there?"

The closet door opens slowly as Rukia stepped out in Yuzu's pajamas. "Yeah Naruto, I'm here!"

"Here this is for you!" Naruto said, handing Rukia her meal.

"What's this?"

"Your dinner silly, I figured you'd be hungry after waiting for me to get home."

"Thank you!" Rukia said with a small smile then gets an angry look on her face. "Buy the way where were you? You said you'd be back by 6:00 P.M. and it's almost 9:00 P.M.."

"I was with Hiyori and I sort of forgot about the time."

Rukia looked at Hiyori, who glared in annoyance at the raven haired Soul Reaper.

"What are you doing here?" Rukia demanded.

"I could ask you the same thing, bitch."

"For your information Naruto said I could stay here, plus I need to watch him in case of a Hollow attack."

"What good could you possibly be? You don't even have your powers anymore, meaning you're completely worthless."

"Just because I don't have my powers now doesn't make me anything, but worthless."

"You wanna test that theory?" Hiyori challenged.

"That's enough you two!" Naruto said. "It doesn't matter which of you is watching out for me, stop fighting with each other. The last thing I need is my dad and sisters finding two girls in my room. I'm going to go take a shower, I'll be back in a while enjoy your meal Rukia."

While Naruto was gone, Hiyori read another one of Naruto's manga books as for Rukia, she was sitting inside the closet with the doors opened as she went through her Soul Phone to turn in her report to the Soul Society. A few minutes later Naruto return wearing a white tank top with orange pajama pants and he carried some extra blankets for Hiyori and Rukia, after he gave them their blankets they went to sleep with Rukia sleeping in the closet and Hiyori sleeping on the floor next to Naruto's bed, and been given an one of his pillows to rest on."

Sometime during the night Naruto awoke up and found Hiyori was no longer on the floor, but on the end of his bed sleeping with her pillow propped up against the wall sideways. Seeing this made the blonde smiled."

"Look at her sleeping like that. Even though she can be a major pain in the ass when she's awake, but now that I see her like this she looks like a peaceful little angel. She's a lot calmer and nicer to be around asleep than she is awake."

"My sentiments exactly!" a voice said, Naruto turns to see Kisuke sitting half way inside his window smiling. "I used to think the same thing back when I was her Captain in the Soul Society. I could hardly get her to follow any of my commands, rather it was drilling the squad or handling the paperwork. I'd always put sleeping pill in the drinks I'd give her, but boy when she found out what I'd been doing, she beat me black and blue with her wooden sandals. And let me tell you something, Naruto those hurt a hundred times worse than those flip flops do."

"Why are you here, Kisuke?" Naruto asked.

"Oh me, I was just in the neighborhood and I thought stop by to see how you were doing." he answered.

"Well, as you see my life's taken a big change since I've meet Hiyori and Rukia. But other than that things have gotten exciting."

"I see, well then have a pleasant night. Oh and one last thing, if you're planning on making on Hiyori I know a special place were you two can go if you ever want to be alone. If you catch my meaning." he said, before disappearing."

Naruto didn't look the least bit angry at Kisuke for what he was subjecting. "Things have really gotten exciting!" he said, as the blonde falls back asleep."

End Chapter

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