"Very good," Lucas using a smarmy tone. "You succeeded with your first instruction."

Tori swallows hard; the kind of tough swallow you get when you're very depressed. She was numb in her sister's car; like she was out of her body.

"Now keep it up and we'll get along fine." Tori starts the car. "Got gas?"

"Um, three quarters of a tank," Tori can't help nodding as she speaks like Lucas has a visual on her.

"That's good. It's a bit of a drive."

She exits the hospital visitor's parking just on the other side of the emergency entrance, where Tori followed the ambulance a while ago.

"Take the first turn and get on the ramp. Stay on it as if you're going to Mulholland Drive but you're not."

Tori never drove on the highway before but she was afraid to allow her fear to show through. She was compliant but earnestly believed that she was holding enough back for Lucas not to have a handle on her. It was a sad delusion but it was all she had for that lonely drive.

"This exit right here." Tori gets off the highway. The road winds around to almost a full circle before leading her on a rural road.

"Where am I?"

"It's not important. You're going to have the accept that I don't care for being able to find your way back here."

"How will I?"

Lucas sighs. "Of course I will guide you back to the hospital? Or would you rather I show you the way home?"

The thought of giving this man her address made her sick to her stomach. "No. The hospital is fine. You're going to leave her alone, right?"

"I am many things but I won't snuff someone during their convalescence."

"I mean if I do this," Tori's features harden. "Will you leave Jade alone?"

Lucas chuckles. "Well, I certainly could. The same goes for you. Neither one of you mean anything to me." His tone gets dead serious. "Now Miss West's mommy and daddy on the other hand; they might not be so receptive to the end of our bargain."

Tori sobered up mentally. Whatever hints of tiredness and doubt buzzed around in her head subsided. That was their hold over Jade. "What bargain?"

"Let's just say, a father doesn't need to die for his children to inherit his debts. But the benefit of him being still alive is I can still collect somehow." She understood what he meant by that. If not Jade, then her friend will do. Ironically, Jade would be the last to consider them friends.

"Where…" Tori tripped over her words. "Where am I going now?"

"Slow down," he ordered sternly. "I don't need you getting pulled over."

Tori eases on the gas.

"Now, turn left at the second intersection."

More subtle directions followed. Even if Tori has a photographic memory, she still couldn't retain every facet of these directions. As disturbing a thought it was, Tori knew she was dependent on Lucas for getting her away from here.

After the job, that is.

What the hell was he going to ask me to do? she thought.

The car finally parked and Tori was able to rest her legs. She got out of the car and immediately felt the Charlie horse on her left leg. Tori and the car was illuminated by a greenish-white light situated just outside a warehouse.

"What do I do?"

"Knock on the door. They're expecting you."

Tori slowly ascends the steps leading to the side door overlooking the fenced entrance. She knocks softly twice. No answer. She then hits it a little harder. Tori backs up as the door clicks and opens in almost the same motion.

"Who are you? What are you doing here?" It was him. The man who shot Jade point blank just hours before.

Tori struggled with the words; a stutter gripped her progress. "Luc, Luc, Lucas sssaid that you had something for mmmme."

The suit stared the teen down and gestures behind him. "Well, get in already."

Tori enters and the towering gunman slams the door shut and locks it.

Tori is led to a massive room filled with boxed and crates. She turns around as almost soils herself when she finds Jade's attempted murderer is staring daggers in her eyes.

"You're new. Never seen you before."

"Lucas called me in tonight."

The gunman sniffs and pivots to walk away. "Wait here." Tori catches a glimpse of the gun he used sitting in his holster when his jacket swung open.

After about two minutes, the man returns with a brown package no bigger than a hatbox. He hands it to Tori who reluctantly receives the mystery parcel.

"What is it?"

The man groans to himself. "He warned me you ask too many questions."

Tori gulps and holds the package close to her, finding security in some object as she stands before this killer.

"What do I do with this?"

The man's frown grew. "What the hell do you mean 'what do I do with this'?" He pounds on the box with his finger, pointing to some writing. The strength of this pointing almost made Tori drop it. "You deliver it."


"No. Just take it to the address on the box. Do you think you can handle that?"

Did she have a choice? "Yeah."

The suit folds his arms. "Fine then. Off you go."

"Okay," Tori begins to walk toward the way she came in.

"Hold it. There's Two things you need to know. First, take good care of it It's…delicate."

Tori nods.

"Second, make sure that you get the hell out of Dodge when you drop it off."


"It would be best if you weren't around when…"

Tori leans in. "When what?"

"When that thing goes off."

Throw up rose in her mouth and she suppressed it.

"This is a bomb?"

"Worse," the man in black smiled.