The Vampire Diaries: RE-WRITTEN.

Summary: Elena has a fraternal twin, who is stuck in the same position as her sister and her brother. Damon/OC

My Character:

April Jeanette "Aj" Gilbert.

17 years old.

Long brown hair, green eyes , 5'2

Chapter 1. Pilot.

I woke up, hearing my sister murmuring to herself in the room next to mine, I sat up and yawned, rubbing my eyes. I was definitely not a morning person but obviously Elena was. I walked out of my room and stood outside her door, listening to her talk, I frowned. She was writing in her diary, like she had been since we were ten. It was something she and our mother shared.

I knocked and went in "Hey Laney" I said.

She looked over at me with a small smile "Morning Aj"

"You okay?" I asked.

She sighed "I'm fine, what about you?"

I nodded "I'm doing okay"

"We better get going" She said and pushed the diary into her bag.

We both went downstairs, Aunt Jenna frowning at me.

"Aj-" She began.

"I'm just going Aunt Jenna" I said before she scold me.

"Okay. Toast I can make toast" She said rushing around.

"It's all about the coffee aunt Jenna" Elena said with a smile.

"Is there coffee?" Jeremy asked coming into the kitchen.

"First day of school and I'm totally unprepared" She said. "Lunch Money?"

"I'm good" Elena said.

"Me too" I said as Jeremy took the money from her hands.

"Anything else? A number two pencil? What am I missing?" Jenna asked.

"Don't you have a big presentation today?" I asked.

"I'm meeting with my thesis advisor at…now. Crap."

"Then Go" Elena said "We'll be fine"

She left and both Elena I glanced at each other before looking over at Jeremy.

"You okay?" I asked.

"Don't start" He said and walked out.

I sighed and shook my head.
"Come on Bonnie's waiting" Elena said.

"Give me five minutes" I said.

I ran upstairs and threw jeans, a black tank and my grey hoodie on, along with my green converse.

I quickly ran out of the house, seeing Bonnie and Elena in the car. I got in the back and sighed inwardly. I hated school.

"So Gram's is telling me, I'm psychic, our ancestors were from Salem, witches and all that" Bonnie said. I had to admit, my friend was a weirdo at times. "I know crazy, she's going on and on about it and I'm like put this woman in a home already, But I started thinking, I predictied Obama, I predicted Heath Ledger, and I still think Florida will break off and turn into little resort isalnds...ELENA! Back in the car" Bonnie said.

I watched my sister carefully, she had zoned out again. She's been doing it alot latley.

"I did it again didn't I? I-I'm sorry Bonnie, you were saying that-"

"She's psychic now" I said leaning forward.

"Right okay" Elena said "Then predict something, predict something about me"

"I see..."

A crow suddenly hit the car and we all yelped in fright.

"What was that?" Bonnie asked "Oh My god!"

"Elena are you okay?" I asked.

"It's okay Im fine" She said.

"It was like a bird or something, it came out of nowhere" bonnie said.

"eally, I can't be freaked out by cars the rest of my life" Elena said.

"I pedict this year is going to be kick ass" Bonnie said "And I predict all the sad times and dark times are over and you're going to be beyond happy"

I smiled. Lets hope so...

We got to the school and went in, standing at out lockers, I didn't pay any attention until I heard Caroline.

"Elena! Aj ! Oh my god" Her voice said.

She hugged Elena then she hugged me. I tried not to sigh at her enthusiasm.

"How are you two? Oh it's goof to see you both! How are they? Are they good?" She asked Bonnie.

"Caroline we're right here" I said.

"And we're fine thank you" Elena said.

"Really?" Caroline asked.

"Yes. Much better" Elena and I say at the same time.

"Oh you poor things" She said and pulled us into another hug, I frowned.
"Okay Caroline" I said.

"Oh! Okay, see you guys later?"

"Okay! Bye" bonnie said.

I frowned "No comment" Elena said.
"I'm not going to say anything" Bonnie replied.

We began walking again but Bonnie stopped us.

"Hold up. Who's this?" She asked.

We looked into the secritary's office to see the back of a boy.

"All we see is back" I said to Bonnie.

"It's a hot back" Bonnie said.

I smirked "Jeremy! Good batch man" I heard a boy say. I rolled my eyes, he'd been smoking weed again.

"I'll be right back" Elena said.

"Please be hot!" Bonnie whispered and I laughed.

Bonnie and I watched as the boy left the office, he stared at Bonnie and then glanced at me, as if his eyes were searching mine. I felt my face heat up but he smiled at us, causing me to smile back.

We watched him as he bumped into Elena, and I grinned at Bonnie, who grinned back.

We all went to our history class...and my god I forgot how much I hated Mr. Tanner. As usual he was talking about something I didn't understand, so I doodled in my notepad and looked up, finding myself staring at the back of the new boys head. He was looking at my sister...who was looking back at him, she blushed and looked away.

I smiled...maybe he would be good for her...


I was in the house, myself, I had no idea where my sister and my brother were, I had a funny idea of where they had went though. I sat in the kitchen and read through my emails on my phone and that's when Elena came in.

"Where were you?" I asked not looking up.
She sighed "I was"

"You were at the cemetry weren't you?" I asked.

She sighed again and sat across from me, and I looked over at her.

"Laney, I know it's me, I know but we need to try and move on" I said.

She bit her lip " I know"

"Bonnie wants to know if we'll meet her and Caroline later at the grill" I said changing the subject.

"Sounds good" She answered.


"We're meeting Bonnie at the grill" I said to Jenna.

"Okay. Have fun" She said "Wait I got this...Don't stay out late, it's a school night " She said.

"Well done Aunt Jenna" I grinned and opened the door, seeing the new boy..who's name was Stefan.

"Oh" I said.

"Sorry I was just about to kncok, Im here to see Elena" Of course you are.

"Uh...two seconds" I said "Laney!"

"What?" She shouted back.

"There's someone at the door for you" I said "I'll catch you at the grill!"

I smiled and shook my head. "It's nice to finally meet you Stefan"

"You too..." he tried but didn't know my name. I smirked.

I sauntered past him and went to the grill, going in and seeing Caroline, Bonnie and Matt. I sat down in the empty seat next to Matt, who looked over at me.

"How are you and Elena doing?" He was asking more about Elena than me.

"Their mom and dad just died" Bonnie said "How do you think?"

I frowned and shook my head "Elena's doing fine Matt, she's putting on a good face but it's only been four months"

"Has she said anything about me?" He asked.

"Oh no" I said putting my hands up "SO not getting in the middle"

"Pick up the phone and call her" Bonnie said.
"I feel weird calling her, she broke up with me"

"give her time matt" I said patting his shoulder with a small smile.

Just as I said it, Elena walked through the doors with Stefan, I bit my lip.

"More time huh?" Matt asked. I shrugged.

They walked over and stood "Hey, I'm Matt it's nice to meet you" Matt said.

"Hi, Stefan" Stefan replied.

"Hey" Elena said.

"Hey" Matt replied.

"So you were born in Mystic Falls?" Caroline asked. Her attemp to flirt with Stefan was terrible.

"mm-hmm and moved when I was still young"

"Parents?" Bonnie asked.

"My parent's passed away" He said.

"I'm sorry, Any siblings?" I asked.

"None that I talk to" He said "I live with my uncle"

"So Stefan, if you're new here you wont know about the party tomorrow" Caroline said batting her eyelashes. i rolled my eyes.

"It's a back to school thing at the Falls" Bonnie said.

"Are you going?" Stefan asked turning to Elena.

"Of course she is" I said before she could reply.


Mr Tanner was again yapping on about somethign I didn't understand, he spoke to Bonnie...then Matt, then Elena and was trying to make a fool of ehr.

"I'm sorry-I dont know" She said in a small voice.

"I was willing to be lienient last year for obvious reasons Elena, but the personal excuses ended with summer break"

I wanted to punch him straight in the face and if I could get away with it...I would.

"There were 346 casualties unless you're counting the local civilians" Stefan said. Saviour Stefan, I smiled.

"Thats correct Mister..."


"Salvatore? Any relation to the Original settlers here at Msytic Falls?"


"Well, Very good, except of course there were no civilain casualties in this battle"

"Actually there were 27 sir, confederate soldiers, they fired on the church, believing it to be housing weapons, they were wrong. It was a night of great loss. The founder's archives are, uh, stored in civil hall if you'd like to brush up on your facts, Mr Tanner"


I smirked...Haha, It was like a breath of fresh air for someone to actually stand up to him.


Bonnie, Elena and I were sitting in the woods, stuff going on around us. I sipped on the beer, I never had been a big drinker, much more bothered about Elena not drinking too much.

"People look up to me. I have to set an example" Elena said pulling me from my thoughts.

"Just admit it Elena" Bonnie said.
"oh, ok, he's a little pretty" She said.

"He had that romance novel stare" Bonnie said.

I smirked "Stefan looked deep into her eyes peircing her very soul" I say with a grin. Elena slapped my arm and I laughed.

"So where is he?" Bonnie asked.
"I don't know you tell us, you're the psychic" Elena said.

"Oh right. I forgot, Grams says I have to concentrate" Bonnie said.

"Wait! You need a crystal Ball!" I said with a smile.

SHe touched Elena's hand and then spaced out for a few minutes.
"Bonnie?" I asked, she then abruptly pulled her hand back.

"What?" Elena asked.

"That was wierd. When I touched you, I saw a crow" She said.

"What?" Elena asked.

"A crow, there was fog, a man...I'm drunk, it's the drinking. There's nothing psychic about it. yeah? Okay Im gonna get a refill"

She sauntered off "Ok...Bonnie!" Elena shouted.

She looked at me and shrugged and we both turned seeing Stefan.

"hi" He said.

"Hey" "Hi" We both said at the same time.

"um..I'm gonna...go over something else"I said and walked away. I heard Elena giggle and I shook my head.

After standing myself for ten minutes, I saw Jeremy.

"Jer!" I shouted. He ignored me and walked into the woods, so I followed him.

"Jeremy!" I shouted again, again he ignored me. I growled under my breath.
"Jeremy where the hell are you going"

"I don't wanna hear it!"

"Yeah well to bad!" I snapped back.

Suddenly he tripped, I gasped and ran forward and saw he was lying over someone.

"Vicki? No! Oh my god it's Vicki" Jeremy said.

"Oh My God!" I said.

"NO!" Jeremy said and stod, picking her up and he carried her back, me behined him.

"Someobody help!" I shouted.

"Vicki?" Matt asked "Vicki, what the hell?"

"What happened to her?" Tyler demanded.

"Somebody call an ambulance!" Matt shouted.

Elena, was then in between Matt and Me.

"Everybody back up! give her some space" Tyler said.

"It's her neck!" I said. "something bit her. She's losing alot of blood"

I looked around seeing Stefan, he stood out from most people. hsi eyes were wide and he had this look on his face...this look that told me he knew what had happened, he turned and quickly left.

"Vicki! Vicki come on" Matt says "Open your eyes! Vicki look at me" Matt says to his unconsious sister.

Elena, Bonnie and I watched as Matt left in the ambulance with Vicki. I frowned.

"Hey, we're gonna go to mainline coffee...wait for news" Bonnie said.

"I gotta take Jeremy home" i said "But you can go Laney"

"No it's fine, Im tired, it's been a long day"

"Guy's I'm not psychic but whatever I saw...I have this feeling"

"Bonnie..what?" Elena asked.

"That it's just the beginning" She said.

She sauntered off to get Caroline.

"I'll go het Jeremy" Elena said.
"I'll call Aunt Jenna"


Stefan went into the boarding house quickly, frowning.

"What's going on?" Zach asked.

"Someone else was attacked tonight Zach and it wasn't me!" Stefan said and ran to his room.

Suddenly a crow entered.

"Damon" He stared over at the man on the balcony.

"Hello brother"

"Crow's a bit much isn't it?" Stefan asked.

"Wait until you see what I can do with the fog" Damon smiled.

"When did you get here?" Stefan asked.

"Well I couldn't miss your first day of school" Damon smirked "Your hairs different I like it"

"It's been fifteen years Damon" Stefan said.

"Thank god. I couldn't take another day of the nineties. That grunge look, did not suit you" Damon said "Remember Stefan it's important to stay away from the fads"

"Why are you here?" Stefan asked.

"I miss my little brother" Damon said innocently.

"You hate small towns, it's borning nothing for you to do"

"I've managed to keep myself busy"

"you know you left that girl alive tonight. It's very clumsy of you"

"Argh...that might be a problem...for you"

"Why are you here now?" Stefan asked.

"I could ask you the same question, however Im fairly certain your answer could be summed up into one little word...Elena." Damon smirked "Of course then there's her sister...Aj"

Stefan stared at his brother.

"She took my breath away...Aj" Damon said moving around "She's a dead ringer for Elizabeth...and Elena, a dead ringer for Katherine"

Stefan moved forwards, not speaking.

"Is it working Stefan? Being around them? Does it make you feel alive?"

"They're not Katherine and Elizabeth Damon"

"Well let's hope not...we know how that turned out" Damon smirked "tell me something when was the alst time you had something stronger than a squirrel?"

"I know what you're doing isn't going to work"

"Oh yeah?" Damon asked shoving Stefan "Come on, don't you crave it a little?" Damon asked slapping Stefan's head.

"Stop it" Stefan said.

"Let's do it. Together" Damon said "I saw a couple of girls out there...or just, let's just cut right to the chase! Lets just go straight for Elena and Aj"

"Stop it!" Stefan shouted.

"Imagine what Elena's blood tasted like Stefan!" Damon smirked "I can"

Stefan's face transformed and growled. "I said Stop it!"

Stefan ran at his brother, throwing him and himself out the window, when he landed on the pavement , Stefan let out a groan.

"I was impressed, I give it a six. missing style, but I was plesentlay surprised, very good with the whole face-" Damon made a noise and a guesture with his hand "thing. It was good"

"You know it's all fun and games Damon, Huh? But wherever you go, people die"

"Thats given"

"Not here. I wont allow it"

"I take that as an invitation" Damon said.

"Damon please, after all these years can't we just give it a rest?"

"I promised you an eternity of misery, Im just keeping my word"

"Just Stay away from them Damon, stay away from Aj"

"Where's your ring, oh yeah, sun's coming up in a couple of hours, , and poof, ashes to ashes" Damon said and then smiled "Relax, it's right here"

He handed Stefan his ring back and as Stefan put it on, Damon's face transformed and he grabbed him by the throat, throwing Stefan into the garage.

"You should know better than to think you're stronger than me. You lost that fight when you stopped feeding on people. I wouldn't try it again" Damon said and then they ehard a noise coming from the house "I think we woke Zach up...sorry Zach"


Jeremy was drinking a beer when I found them in the woods, Elena was frowining.

"You guys ok? I called Jenna, she's on her way" I said ostly to Elena, then I turned to jeremy "Oh and by the way, the last time I checked those men in uniforms? Were police. People are gonna stop giving you breaks Jer" I said "They just don't care anymore. They don't remember our parents are dead because they have their own lives to deal with"

"The rest of the world has moved on..maybe you should too" Elena said.

"I've seen you in the cemerty Elena, writing in your diary, that what you call moving on?"

"Mom and Dad wouldn't have wanted this" I said.

He looked away, frowning.


I was sitting on my window ledge in my room, staring out the window, when I seen Stefan, he was here to see Elena. I was good she was getting ehr mind off it. We have our own ways of dealing with this.

But the thoughts still traced around in my mind. Why did everything slip away so quickly? Was it really time to move on? I frowned Was tomorrow really going to be any easier?

It's not easy to wish for good things in life sometimes...because the bad things...they follow you.

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