"Laai Zyrek?" a tall person in a dark cloak flanked by two perfect examples of dumb muscle were asking Saggy Sooge.
"Nah, I aint never heard of the name before." He said, multiple chins wobbling.
He pointed one of his four arms at the back door, a signal for her to sneak out and find Silverfingers.

Just before she jumped out, she saw the person's cloak flap open, enough to see the crest on in it. Deathwatch.

She quietly slid out from behind her fortune-telling stall, you wouldn't think there would be too many of those around the shadiest part of Mandalores under city, but there are a lot of corrupt buisnessmen dying to know if their latest black market deal will make them rich, or some random hooker, needing to know if their latest escapade has left them with a bun in the oven.

The strange thing was, that she usually got it right, unless the person was wearing a large amount of silver. But Laai Zyrek could tell if somebody's luck was going to change, for better or for worse.
Unfortunately, from recent a check, she had known something really bad was coming up. Which was why Saggy and Silverfingers had devised this escape plan for her.

Laai arrived at the trapdoor, and knocked in her special pattern: 3 knocks then a pause, 2 taps and a half pause then 4 quick taps.
After a pause, she saw four thin, extremely long, silver fingers open it and pull her in.

She landed unceremoniously in the speeder, but recovered quickly. "Come on fingers, stop your manicure session, time's a wasting!" she joked.

Strangly, there was no witty reply. Silverfingers silently strapped himself in and began to do a saftety check.

Now Laai knew something was very wrong, Fingers was acting very out of character. Usually, you cant get a word in edgeways, and Silverfingers was the most dangerous driver she knew, so why the heck was he doing a safety check and putting on his seatbelt?

Hell, she didnt even know his speeder HAD seat belts! Wait, his speeder didnt have seatbelts, this wasn't Fingers' speeder, which meant...something had gone very wrong.