Two Halves of a Whole by fountainofroses

Chapter Two - The beginning of confusion.

Upon entering his small one bedroom apartment, Abel laid his brother down on the queen-sized bed. As he was slipping the disco like shoes off his twin's feet, Abel began asking himself why?

Why was he doing this? Why was he caring for the man who killed Lilith? But the most important why was.

Why was Cain there in the first place and how did he become injured? After successfully pulling the shoes off, Abel lifted Cain up so he could take off the dirty jacket and shirt, before laying him back on the pillows and pulling the white linen sheets over the exposed chest.

Afterwards Abel walked to the bathroom to have a shower and hopefully clear his head under the freezing cold torrential of water. After he finished, his mind none the clearer, he begun to clean up the place wiping the tables and counters, sweeping the floors and dusting the bookshelves, finally re-entering his bedroom to find Cain in the same position as before, reliving a sigh Abel picked up the dirty clothes and collecting his laundry, left for the Laundromat downstairs.

When the laundry was completed Abel began folding the clothes neatly and putting them in their respectful places inside his wardrobe. Abel was just placing the laundry basket back in the bathroom when he heard Cain moan and toss in his sleep.

Abel stepped to his brother's side and lightly tapped him on the shoulder to see if he woke up, the only response that he received was Cain swatting his hand away and curling more into the blankets. Abel couldn't help himself, he smiled at the familiar antics of his twin, and leaning over tucked a few strands of loose blonde hair behind Cain's ear. Pecking at the man again, Abel sensed that he was coming around so decided to cook some food for dinner.

Hearing clashing and banging, Cain stirred, yawning as he sat up, stretching his arms up above his head. He turned his head this way and that taking in his surrounds. The dark wooden flooring, the crisp white curtains blowing in the wind by the slightly open French windows, the large bed that he was sitting in with it's white sheets, quilts and pillows, too the white wardrobe standing in between the two white doors which sit comfortably with the white-washed walls.

"Why is there so much white?" Was the first question to pop into his mind, but as he sat there he began to realise that he had no idea where he was, or what he was doing here, but as another thought entered his mind, a man dressed in (would you believe it) white, with long silver hair, beautiful ice-blue eyes and carrying a tray of what appeared to be two bowls of soup, entered the white bedroom. The man looked up, and smiled slightly as he set the tray down on the white bedside table.

"Feeling better? I find you unconscious." The man asked handing Cain a bowl and spoon, and Cain looked the man up and down as he sat down near the end of the bed and decided to ask the most important question on his mind.

"Who am I?"

Abel stared at his brother and noticed that he was serious, gave a rather large sigh "you've got to be kidding me?"

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