Two Halves of a Whole by fountainofroses

Thanks to all of the reviews. And to Bluewings, it's good to be back, writing a story is a great way to relieve stress. At the point of typing this I was having dinner (spring rolls, sweet chilli money bags, little pies and little sausage rolls with soy sauce, tomato sauce and a carton of pure milk) so excuse if there are spelling mistakes I typed one handed. And for added affect, I had my gas oven on and door open so it'll heat up the place it was damn cold, all of this while laying on my bed with the soft glow of lanterns and candles. It was brilliant. Music listening too: Ten Days – Celine Dion. Now enough of my babbling and on with the story.

Chapter Three – Hundred and one questions.

The next morning found Abel and Cain sitting at the dining table, in the almost all white dining room next to the white lounge room and the white kitchen, eating breakfast, well Cain was, Abel was too busy reading a medical book about Amnesia. Cain looked up at the silent man, who had explained the night before hand that they were twin brothers, and decided to break the silence.

"Umm, Abel, can I ask a question?"

Abel looked up from his book and straight at him. "You just did, but you may ask another." Cain rolled his eyes but asked away.

"Why is everything white?"

Abel looked around his apartment, then back at Cain. "Because I prefer white, it gives the place a peaceful and controlled environment, and it's pleasant. Too many colours mess up my thinking space. It's just easier for me." With that Abel turned back to his book, he had just found the section he wanted.

'Amnesia is a condition in which one's memory had been lost. The memory can be either wholly or partially lost depending on the extent of the damage. The memory has often appears to be stored in the several parts of the brain called the Limbic system.'

"Abel, what is my full name?" Cain inquired, looking at Abel with a slight tilt of his head.

Abel sighed, " Your full name is Cain Abel James Nightroad." Cain nodded, eating more of his cereal.

"And what is yours?"

"Abel Cain James Nightroad", Abel answered immediately without looking up from his book. Realising that Abel wasn't really paying him any attention asked another question.

"Sooo, what are you reading?" Abel sighed yet again.

"I am reading a medical book."

Cain curiosity piped stuffed another spoonful of cereal into his mouth before walking over to Abel and wrapping his arms around Abel's shoulders.

"What for?" he asked softly in Abel's ear. Abel turned his head to look Cain in the eyes before answering.

"I am reading up on Amnesia, trying to find out how I can fix yours. If it can be fixed that is." And with that went back to reading, trying to ignore the fact that Cain was practically hugging him from behind.

As for Cain he was enjoying the closeness, and slightly surprised that Abel wasn't throwing him off like his cold exterior suggested. So to gain Abel's attention once more, Cain begun asking more questions.

"So who were our parents? Do we have other siblings? If so what's their names? Where do we work? Do we have the same job? What type of friends do we have? What's our favorite past time? What's our favorite colour? Where do we live? How old are we? What's our favorite food? Which do we prefer summer or winter? When our birthday? What kind of girls are we into?" Cain fired off one after the other not really giving Abel much time to answer and watching with amusement as Abel's face went from indifferent to flushed anger.

"WILL YOU SHUT UP," he eventually yelled. Cain immediately stopped talking and pouted. Abel let out an irritated sigh, shrugged Cain off, gathered his priest robe and stood up to leave.

"I'm going to work," he said, as he was about to walk out. Cain eye's widened and whimpered.

"But what am I suppose to do?" Abel glared at his brother's face.

"Stay here and be quiet" he suggested coldly and left. Cain's pout turned to a feral grin.

"Now that's more like you, 02"