Vaesha leaned against a pillar in fort Farragut, watching Lucien Lachance pace around with a gloved hand to his chin. He stopped and faced her, his expression blank, but Vaesha could sense the emotions he tried to hide.

"…Everyone inside the Sanctuary must die!" Lucien said in a low voice.

Vaesha had spaced out and didn't catch what Lucien had said before; she looked at him with adrenalin running through her veins, her heart pounding.

"Ocheeva, Vincente Valtieri, Antoinetta Marie, Gorgon Gol-Bolmog, Talaendril, M'raaj-Dar, and Teinaava. All these family members must die." Lucien continued.

"B-But… I don't want to kill them… They are my family… And the only other Vampire I know, who can give me guidance to my new life is a part of that…" Vaesha stuttered with fear.

Lucien spun around in-humanly fast and grabbed her jaw, rage burning in his eyes,

"Do it Silencer! You are no longer bound by the five tenets or a part of that family! You will kill them or evoke the Wrath of Sithis!" Lucien snapped as he gripped her jaw hard.

Vaesha grabbed Lucien's wrist and pried his hand from her jaw, hissing at him in anger and pain.

"Remember, no Sanctuary is deemed safe until the Rite of Purification is complete," Lucien said as Vaesha stormed away.

Vaesha left the lair of Lucien Lachance with horror in her eyes. She waited for hours before finally going to Cheydinhal with her dagger, Sufferthorn, a bonus given to her when she became a Slayer of the Brotherhood in hand. She entered through the main entrance of the Sanctuary; all her family members were asleep... except the giver of the Dark Gift... Vincente Valtieri whom walked passed her to leave the Sanctuary. The fledgling vampire walked into the living quarters, one by one her family members slain. She went after Ocheeva, giving her the poisoned apple before going to Vincente's room to wait for his return. He was reading at the small table, fresh blood dripping down his chin, he wiped it away before giving her a smile,

"You are like a dark gift from the Night Mother herself, what can I do for you?" he asked.

"I'm sorry Vincente..." she murmured before cutting the side of his neck with her blade. Normally it wouldn't harm him, but before she entered his room, she had rubbed some garlic on the blade.

Vincente seized up from the Garlic entering his bloodstream. Vaesha didn't match his horrified gaze as she sent a ball of fire at him, killing her Dark Brother, gift giver, and friend. Before leaving to return to Lucien, she took Vincente's gold amulet from his still corpse and broke into a run.

Vaesha entered Fort Farragut with her head hanging low, Lucien looked up from a book he was reading, his nose wrinkled as he picked up the scent of garlic.

"The Rite of Purification is complete… Well done Silencer," Lucien said in a low tone.

Vaesha didn't acknowledge the Speaker; she bit her lip with one of her fangs as she kept her gaze from him.

"I have already explained to you what the speakers represent in the Black hand, but I will explain it once more, lest you forgotten," Lucien said in a bored voice.

Vaesha sighed and looked to her hands, the blood of her family members was long gone… but she could still see it dripping from her hands.

"There is one listener and four speakers, four fingers and a thumb. But each speaker has a silencer, just like every finger having a nail, talon, or claw…" Lucien trailed on.

"I refuse to be your tool Lucien!" Vaesha snapped with a hiss.

Rage suddenly overwhelmed her. She lost a family because of his orders. She drew her Blade of Woe, the dagger he gave her when she first joined and dropped it at his feet. Clattering on the stone and echoing down the vacant halls of the fort.

"You can't stop being a murder, even if you leave the Brotherhood, you will still kill to survive as a vampire! And when you do, the Black Hand will find you!" Lucien growled as Vaesha climbed a rope latter.

"I never killed for my food, I only took enough to sustain my hunger," Vaesha said before leaving Fort Farragut for good.