Star of Death

Author Notes: Hey guys, this is a story based on Death the kid and what would have happened if he didn't meet Liz and Patty, but instead he met a cute girl named Stella Night… Enjoy

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Chapter 1

Death the Kid was a wealthy and honest boy living a sheltered life but he has etiquette manners and an unhealthy obsession for symmetry. Stella Night was a poor black haired girl who lived alone and had experienced many hardships in her life. These two very different people met in the outer districts of Death City.

"Help me! Please someone help me!" Stella screamed as she was chased down a dark ally. She ran across many different streets until she ran into a dead end. Kid who was nearby happened to hear her pleas for help, being the well-mannered gentleman that he was brought up to be; he quickly dashed towards the ally to find a group of men surrounding a frightened girl.

"Get away from her you filthy swine!" shouted Kid.

"Oh so a snobbish rich kid decides to take on all of us. I am so scared" mocked a particularly large man.

"I will ask you one last time gents, unhand the lady and be gone!" shouted Kid again, but this time with a louder voice.

"What are you going to do about it? Hey guys want to knock some cash out of the kid? I bet he is loaded" spoke another man.

"Yeah, we can get the girl later, I am sure we can get some cash first before we have some fun" smirked another man. The group all charged at Kid and tried to tackle him, but Kid was ready. He quickly took up the sin stance and waited patiently for the right moment. He waited until the enemies were just a few feet away before dashing so quickly that he became a blur. The group of men stood no chance as he dodged and weaved through their attacks and dealt them back 10 times harder. He effortlessly punched the first man with his palm. Then he kicked the next man in the groin. The third man was stronger and faster than the other two and dodged Kid's attack, trying to give him an uppercut, but Kid's quick thinking or instincts made him do a back flip while kicking the man unconscious in the process. He smashed the remaining men with his skateboard and knocked them out cold.

He walked up to the girl and helped her up onto her feet. In the dim light he saw how cute she was and immediately blushed. Even though she wasn't symmetrical he couldn't help but recognise her as a very beautiful girl.

"Are you alright? Are you hurt anywhere? I can take you to my father's school and get you checked out if you are" said Kid, who suddenly found the ground very appealing. 'Why am I behaving like this? I have met plenty of girls who are symmetrical yet why is this unsymmetrical girl having such an effect on me?'

"Thanks but I am fine, although I would like to go to that school of yours. I have always dreamed of going to a school but I was too poor to afford to go to one" she said sadly.

"I might be able to convince my father to let you into the school but you will have to go with me, is that alright?" Kid asked.

"Not a problem. Although I am curious, why would you help a complete stranger like me?" Stella asked.

"I think your question should be, why do I not I help you. I have plenty of reasons to help a girl no matter what circumstance" replied Kid

"Well thanks again, and sorry I didn't catch your name back there. My name is Stella, what is yours?" asked Stella.

"My name is Death the Kid but you can just call me Kid for short" smiled Kid.

"Do you mean as in Death's son?" asked a surprised Stella. Kid simply nodded and turned into a crowded street. Stella, who had been busy with processing her thoughts finally decided to look at Kid. 'Now that I get a good look at him, he is extremely cute. I wonder what Lord Death is like? Maybe he is an older version of Kid' Stella thought. They finally arrived at the entrance of the DWMA and arrived at the Death Chamber.

"Hey father! I have a new visitor for you!" said Kid.

"Of Course, Of course, come on in! I just started to miss those cute stripes of yours" said Death. Surprisingly Kid seemed unfazed at Deaths comment.

"Hey umm… Kid, do you want to go to the infirmary? Are you unwell or is something bothering you?" asked Death.

"I don't think so, but why ask father? I am perfectly fine and I am sure that I don't have any scrapes or bruises" replied Kid. Stella coughed to attract the attention of the two men.

"Oh sorry how rude of me, this here is Stella I saved her from a group of men who were trying to do her harm. Is it possible for you to apply her for a position in the school?" asked Kid.

"Of course Kid but she will need a suitable partner so will you care to tell me if you are a weapon or a meister?" asked Death.

"I think I am a weapon like my parents but they both died when I was young so I don't remember too well" answered Stella.

"Would you like to test with Kid? I am sure that you will be fine since I see that your souls should be compatible to each other" suggested Death, 'and I am sure those two harbor strong feeling towards each other already despite the fact that they just met'

Stella calmed her excitement as she transformed into dual gunblades which appeared into Kids hands.

(AN: Picture Haseo's Gunblades from Haseo's Xth form from .Hack except the blades are black in my story)

"Very interesting, a unique and amazing weapon, I am sure we can find a good meister for you" said Death, secretly knowing that Kid will instantly ask to be her partner.

"I hope you don't mind Lord Death but, I would like to become Kid's partner please" said a blushing Stella. 'She is so cute when she does that' thought Kid, which in turn made him blush.

"I don't mind father, since I wanted to create a death scythe to my own specifications anyway" said Kid who was still blushing from the thought of having her as a partner.

"Ok kid but you will have to enrol in the academy too then since you are her partner" said Death.

"Fine as long as I am her partner I don't mind" responded Kid, who then blushed when he realised what he said. Death kept himself composed but inside he is laughing his head off at his son's embarrassment.

"Do you have a place to stay?" asked Death, thanking that his mask hid his devious smile.

"No not really, I was kicked out of my apartment a few hours ago because I couldn't afford rent" replied Stella.

"Don't worry you can stay with me. I have a large mansion but I live alone so it is very lonely" said Kid. Death was laughing inside his head at the cluelessness of the two teenagers.

"Alright Kid, but I don't expect to be a grandfather until after your marriage do I understand?" smirked Death.

"Yes fathe… WAIT WHATT!" said a very red Kid, who was blushing so hard that a tomato would be nothing compared to him. Stella was at a loss of words and was equally red. Death was laughing so hard he stomach had started hurting.

"Alright you two I have some work to do, now run along, classes will start at 7 a.m. tomorrow" said Death who was expecting Kid to complain about the number 7. Kid and Stella just nodded as they were still red and speechless from the previous statement.

After they left the room Death just chuckled, 'Kid has finally grown up, but the lack of his symmetrical obsession is a bit disturbing. Maybe that girl will do him good' thought Death.

End of Chapter…

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