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Going back home

Cleo Sertori step out of a cab outside her house at the Gold Coast, Australia. She has just returned from her year as a guest-teacher at the Highland Academy of Performance Arts in Glasgow, Scotland.

"Welcome home, Cleo!" says Rikki, Emma, Bella, Zane and Lewis in a happy cheerful tone as they run out from Cleo and Lewis' house.

"Hello, guys!" says Cleo with a big smile.

"Welcome home, foxy Cleo!" says Lewis as he pull Cleo into a nice warm hug and give her a hot sensual kiss.

"It's nice to be back." says Cleo with a sweet little smirk.

"It's been empty around here without you." says Lewis.

"Aww, Lewis!" says Cleo in a soft voice. "My time in Scotland was fun, but I've really missed you too."

"Hey, love-birds!" says Rikki in a loud clear tone.

"What...?" says Cleo. "I haven't seen my man for a whole year. At least give us more than a few seconds."

"Sorry, my bad..." says Rikki as she roll her eyes.

"Did your students like you as a teacher, baby?" says Lewis.

"Most of them..." says Cleo. "There was this girl named Jessica Machlayne in the first year class I had who didn't like me, but she learned to show me true respect once she saw that I'm not as meek and wimp-like as she thought I'd be."

"Besides that..." says Emma.

"Besides that...it was very fun. The Highland Academy of Performance Arts is a good classic dance-school that teach dancing the way it's supposed to be taught." says Cleo.

"So, did you get along with the other teachers?" says Zane.

"Yeah, I did. One of the male teachers, Trevor Johnsen seemed to have a small crush on me, but it turns out that he actually has a wife and kids. So...no problem there." says Cleo as she giggle a little.

"Do you think you taught the students anything they can have use for, Cleo?" says Bella.

"Sure! Look what sir Frazier gave me." says Cleo in a happy tone as she open her handbag and pull out a gold badge.

Emma read what's written on the badge "To Cleo Sertori. HAPA's special award for the best guest-teacher in the history of the school."

"An award, huh? Not bad..." says Rikki. "Nice goin' there, Cleo!"

"Well I am a good dancer." says Cleo. "I knew I'd do great. This award I didn't get by doin' nothing, Rikki my friend."

"You really are a good dancer. I know that, Cleo. I'm sure the HAPA don't give such fancy awards to every simple guest-teacher that come around." says Rikki.

"Let's go inside everyone. Cleo my love, we've bought cake and wine to celebrate your return home to good old GC." says Lewis.

"I love sweet cake." says Cleo. "Hope it's raspberry-cake, cuz that's my favorite cake ever."

"It is and we got several bottles of your favorite wine too." says Bella.

"Nice!" says Cleo in a childish girly tone.

"Aww, Cleo!" says Emma. "You're such a girl."

"And that is exactly the way you all like me, right...?" says Cleo with a smirk.

"It is." says Lewis.

As they enter the living room, Cleo see a large raspberry-cake in the middle of the big table.

"Wow! Such a beautiful cake." says Cleo. "For little cutie me?"

"For our sweet Cleo." says Lewis.

"For the awesome Cleo Sertori." says Emma and Rikki.

"Okey, time for cake. I'll open a bottle of wine for our master dance-teacher." says Zane.

Zane open a bottle and pour a glass for Cleo.

"One for me too, sexy one." says Rikki.

"Sure, baby." says Zane as he pour a glass for his wife.

"Me wanna cut the first piece of the cake." says Cleo.

"Of course. You're the guest of honor, this little party is all for you, Cleo." says Emma.

Cleo cut a large piece of the cake.

The gang of friends eat cake and drink wine and Cleo tell them about her year at the Highland Academy of Performance Arts.

"You should have seen the school-building. A fancy mansion. I had my own room and not just any room. It was like a suite at a high-level hotel." says Cleo.

"Didn't you get a rental car too?" says Rikki.

"Yeah, I did get a rental car. It was purple, my favorite color and I didn't have to pay for gas so I could drive around as much as I wanted to on my free time." says Cleo.

"That Frazier-guy gotta be a pretty rich old man if he can provide such cool stuff for a guest-teacher." says Bella.

"Guess he is a rich man. He is also very nice and friendly." says Cleo.

"Are there both male and female students at the HAPA...?" says Lewis.

"Most students are girls, but there are male students too." says Cleo.

"Did any of the male students try to flirt with you?" says Rikki with a smile.

"No." says Cleo. "Thank God that didn't happen."

"Why would that be so wrong? It could be pretty cute." says Rikki, teasing Cleo a little in a friendly way.

"First, I'm married. Second, even to fourth year students I'm an older woman and third, I'd never cheat on Lewis with a student. I'm not a dirty slut." says Cleo.

"Sorry, it was just a joke." says Rikki.

"I know." says Cleo with a small laugh.

"Rikki, be nice. This is supposed to be a fun day." says Bella.

"Sorry, you guys know that I have a perverted sense of humor." says Rikki.

"Bella, it's okey. Not even Rikki can destroy this day for me. I'm just real happy to be home." says Cleo.

"Also I know that Cleo love my jokes, even if she'd never admit it front of all you guys." says Rikki.

"I've never told you that I love your sexual jokes Rikki." says Cleo, all fake-angry.

"See, what did I tell you? Never admit." says Rikki with a smile.

"Mm, this cake's totally nice!" says Cleo as she eat some of her cake.

"Lewis told us that this is your favorite type of cake." says Emma. "That's why he asked me to make it for you."

"Em, you made this cake?" says Cleo surprised.

"Yeah, I did. We couldn't have Rikki make it. She's nice and all, but not really the ultimate housewife." says Emma with a smirk.

"Hey, my Rikki is more than good enough of a wife for me." says Zane to Emma.

"Sorry, I didn't mean it that way..." says Emma to Zane.

"Oh..." says Zane.

"It was a joke." says Emma. "Rikki is actually a really good wife. I've seen her cooking-skills. She's almost as good as me."

"It's true. I've seen it too. Rikki make awesome tacos." says Bella.

"I can't make cake though." says Rikki.

"That's okey. I don't eat much cake anyway." says Zane as he give Rikki a kiss.

"No, but you eat a lot of sushi." says Rikki.

"Sushi is the best food ever. I could eat it every day." says Zane.

"I agree with you, Zane. Sushi is awesome." says Bella.

"I love cake and candy, but I never eat too much of it. As a dancer I gotta stay in shape." says Cleo.

"To stay in shape has always been important to me as well." says Emma.

"I know." says Cleo with a smile.

The next day, Cleo is back at her normal job as a dance-instructor at the GC School for Dramatic Art.

"Welcome back, Cleo!" says her students in a happy tone as Cleo enter the classroom.

"Hi, guys! Cleo is home." says Cleo. "Ready to dance?"

"YES!" screams the students, happy to have Cleo back.

When Cleo return home five hours later, Lewis has made dinner.

"Had a good day at your regular job, Cleo?" says Lewis.

"Yeah. It's good to be back at GCSDA." says Cleo.

"I've made dinner. Fish pie, that you like so much." says Lewis.

"Nice!" says Cleo with a sexy wink.

Cleo had fun in Scotland, but she's happy to be back home with her husband and her friends. To Cleo Sertori there's really no place like home.