The two were in a very intense battle. Both were geniuses and knew to take two steps ahead of each other. The man, on the white side, the white king, was staring down at the battle field and eating sugar cubes, millions of possibilities running through his mind. Eventually he settled on one and moved a knight.

The teen, the black king, at the other end of the board smirked. He already had a plan in mind. He moved the pawn in front of his king two places.

"You were planning on moving your bishop next," L said, glancing at Light. "Were you not?"

"No," Light replied. He narrowed his eyes at his rival, who could always tell what move he would make next, no matter how many possibilities there were. L raised his brows, the corner of his lips twitching.

L barely looked at the board before moving the other knight. "Your move, Yagami-san."

Light moved another pawn forward. "Your move, Ryuzaki."

L leaned forward slightly and stared at the bored, his face blank. A minute had passed and L didn't make a move. His eyes were still locked on the board.

"What is it?" Light asked. "What's wrong?"

L finally looked up. "You're currently acting like Kira would," he commented, staring Light straight in the eye. "You move pawns before anything else."

"That doesn't mean I'm acting like Kira!"

L popped another sugar cube into his mouth. "Kira is one to use people he doesn't need first. He makes sacrifices to get what he wants."

Light glared at L, his fists clenched. "I thought we went over this… I'm not Kira!"

"I was wrong about that, but there's still the possibility." L moved a pawn. "We still have no idea of where Kira gets his power from, but there's a five percent probability that you once had this-"

"Enough." Light stood up and glared daggers down at L. "I'm going out to see what Dad's doing."

"Yagami-san, your move."

Light snarled and slammed a bishop down on the board. "There!" he barked before storming out of the room, fuming.

L remained silent for the next few minutes. "…This is certainly a difficult position," he said to no one in particular. He moved a pawn forwards.

"Your move, Yagami-san."


"Hey, Ryuzaki."

L looked up from the chess board, his expression lighting up at the sound of Light's voice. "Yagami-san, would you like to continue our game?" he asked, a hint of eager in his voice.

Light raised an eyebrow. "The game we had months ago? You still have it?" Light shrugged. "Sure, that sounds like fun." Light sat down. "So, who's first?"

"Your move, Yagami-san."

Light nodded and moved his queen.

L moved his bishop. "Your move, Yagami-san."

Light moved his bishop forward. "Check." Light smirked.

L widened his eyes slightly. Indeed, Light's bishop was facing his king. He moved a knight and destroyed the bishop. "Your move, Yagami-san."

Light reached his hand out to move a castle.

"LIGHT! RYUZAKI!" Matsuda ran into the room, his face full of worry. "It's an emergency! The Death Note…!"

Light quickly moved his castle and walked out the door, L following behind. "We'll settle this later, L," Light said. L nodded in reply.

"Just remember that it's your move." L nodded again.


L stared down at the board, a million possibilities running through his mind. Light's previous move, although rushed, left L in a difficult position. Most moves he could make would result in Light gaining the upper hand. He had to think about the move.

He reached out to move a pawn, but instead moved his king.

L looked up and smiled. "This was quite a difficult move to make. Well done, Yagami-san, you really challenged me there."

Silence. The chair remained empty and silent.

"Your move, Yagami-san."

A/N: In case it's difficult to understand, this is the movie verse, with L winning and Light losing. Basically, Light's dead at the end.