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Nightwing x Kagome


His nightly patrol was done.

Dick sighed, stripping the mask that hid his identity from his face while he entered his large room, closing his eyes in slight fatigue while throwing the mask on the floor where he would pick it up later.

Surprisingly, it was a rather quiet night in Gotham City and both he and Tim had decided to end patrol to retire to the Wayne Manor. Batman, not surprisingly, decided to stay out for another hour or so just to make sure that their city was safe for another night.

He was glad that had he gotten off early since he could just relax, have a shower, and get some sleep in; something that was very rare for Justice members to fit into their busy schedule.

"Considering you haven't noticed me yet, I suppose it was a long night?"

Dick's body tensed unconsciously, but he immediately recognized the voice and the language and stared at his bed in shock, gaping at the smiling figure sitting comfortably in the middle of it, "K?" He asked, saying the nickname for her, not sure if maybe he had already fallen asleep and was dreaming.

"The one and only," The female nodded, "Do you stay out so late every night?" She asked, laughing softly as he continued to just stand and stare at her.

"I..." Dick stammered a little as he hadn't spoken Japanese for quite some time, walking forward until he was standing right at the edge of his bed, "It's been a while, K."

The girl grabbed his hand and pulled him down on the bed with surprising force considering her small stature, "Too long," She agreed, her fingers working to remove his black uniform, "So I convinced Sesshoumaru to let me stay here for a while."

Dick stared into the blue eyes, the shade the exact same as his own, not even noticing when part of his uniform fell from his chest, "Does... does Bruce know?" He asked, not knowing what to really say. His guardian knew of their... special relationship, but did nothing to stop it, despite knowing what it backlash it could cause if anyone ever found out.

"Of course he does!" She smiled, "It would be pretty hard to get into Wayne Manor and the hall where the used bedrooms are if he didn't."

The former Boy Wonder shivered slightly, feeling her hand caress his now bare chest, "I missed you, K," He admitted, falling to his side on the bed while she copied his actions, moving closer and he noticed that he could feel her body heat, "But it's dangerous–"

"Don't give me that," She huffed, poking him his chest, "I can take care of myself and you know that," She suddenly rolled onto his chest and he grabbed her hips in surprise, if only to steady her, "Maybe I'll join you on your patrol tomorrow."

"No–" Dick began to say, but it was cut short when she quickly leaned down, kissing him full on the lips and he tensed at first, but then finally relaxed at the action.

"Did you miss me that much?" She asked, pulling back and watching his half-lidded eyes with curiosity. Normally, they would have reluctant to cross such boundaries, even though they had already done so in the past. It simply proved how long it had been since they had last seen each other.

"Of course I did." Dick muttered, thinking it was such a stupid question and his hands moved from her hips to wrap around her back to squeeze her tighter to himself.

"Good, then it's settled!" She smirked, resting her head on his shoulder, "You can introduce me to your teammates first thing tomorrow!"

He spluttered, "What?" She pouted at his look and he could only see how cute she looked with that childish pout.

"It's time for Young Justice to learn of Nightwing's long lost sister, Kagome Higurashi! (Of course I won't tell them my real name though)."

Ugh, maybe he would just deal with her in the morning...