Author's Notes

So, what happens now?

Basically, I felt as though Intimate Strangers was getting way too long and convoluted. I didn't want to suddenly transition from 800-word chapters to 5000-word ones, which is what I was going to have to do to tie up all my loose ends without adding another fifty chapters to an already incredibly long fic. So, I've decided to finish IS up here.

Yes, there will be a sequel! What, you thought I was only going to give Click one kiss? And don't worry, Abby and Jones aren't going to stay together forever. ;) I have the name and the ending planned out for the sequel; I just need to sort out the middle. I'm going to try to make the chapters longer so there won't be as many this time around, because a fifty-chapter fic looks seriously intimidating, and I don't want to scare off all my lovely readers. That probably means I won't be updating as frequently, but don't worry; I want all my pairings to hurry up and live happily ever after as much as you do. :P

And yes, I seriously need to go back and edit the majority of IS. Because of the fifty-document limit (which I didn't know about until recently, or else I definitely would have made these chapters longer), it's probably going to take a while, especially if I'm writing other stuff on the side, but I do need to go and tidy up a whole lot of stuff, I know. That's probably not relevant to most people reading this, since you've hopefully gotten through all of IS already, but I'm just letting you know mostly so I can't chicken out later and end up never doing it.

Anyway... that's it from me! I really hope you'd enjoyed reading, and that you'll stick with me for the sequel, which will hopefully be up soon. To my most longtime readers and reviewers: you are so awesome. I probably wouldn't have finished this without your encouragement; even a simple, "Update soon!" puts a smile on my face. May your anomalies never lead you into certain death!

Much love and the odd dinosaur,

EDITS: Sequel now up! It's called Infinite Moments. I hope you guys enjoy it. I'll be updating as often as I can.