Guest Prompt: After a long night of paperwork, B&B fall asleep on the couch, their bodies entangled. Hannah comes home to find them that way.

This happens after "The Shallow in the Deep".

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They'd been working on paper work in Booth's apartment. They hadn't done that in awhile and Booth had at first felt a little awkward about it. He had been avoiding being with Brennan alone for so long that when he finally found himself in just that situation, Booth had been more than a little nervous.

Brennan had wanted to finish up their case file paperwork that evening because she was supposed to be leaving for North Carolina for a two week stay with Russ the next morning. Booth had promised her that they would finish up the paper work so she could leave for her trip; so, he had offered his apartment to finish up the reports. He would take the reports in the next day and Brennan could get an early start on her road trip.

When they'd arrived at the apartment, Booth had counted on Hannah to be there as a sort of chaperone; but, he had found her gone. She'd left a note saying that she was out working on some hot story.

Biting the bullet, Booth had made some grilled cheese sandwiches and had offered Brennan beer for a late night snack while they worked. The meal had been eaten while they had steadily worked on their forms. After awhile, they had both moved from the dining room table to the couch. If they were going to work they wanted to at least be a little comfortable.

The cheese sandwiches, the beer and the very dull paper work soon lulled them both into sleep.


Feeling his shoulder being roughly shaken, Booth opened his eyes to see a very angry Hannah looming over him.


Outraged, Hannah shouted, "What the Hell do you mean what? What do you have to say for yourself?"

Booth, finally realizing where he was, looked down to see Brennan lying wrapped around him. His arms twined through hers.

Brennan, waking up to a shouting Hannah, pulled herself free from Booth and slid off of the couch, landing on the floor next to the couch.

Booth concerned that Brennan may have hurt herself, leaned over the couch, "Bones are you alright? You didn't hurt yourself did you?"

Hannah furious that Booth was not answering her question, reached over the couch and punched him in the shoulder, "Hey, you better start talking and I mean fast. I come home and find my boyfriend and my supposed friend lying on the couch sleeping together obviously after you two had been making out. You are so full of shit Seeley. I mean if you're going to screw around on me at least do it someplace where I won't catch you."

Starting to lose patience, Booth sat up and stared at Hannah, "Hey, I have not been screwing around on you. Bones and I were just doing paper work and I guess we zonked out. We were sleeping. Period. End of story."

Shaking her head, Hannah cried out, "End of story my ass. I'm not blind. Is this what I got involved in. I'm the live in girlfriend and she's your side piece."

Brennan, not understanding the phrase but understanding the intent, stood up and replied, "Booth was telling you the truth. We were doing paperwork and we fell asleep. We have not been engaging in sex."

Crossing her arms, Hannah replied, "Liar. I'm not stupid. I have eyes and I can see what was happening. I will not be treated like this, Seeley. I thought you were a stand up guy; but, I can see that you aren't. You're just a dog like all of the other men I've ever dated. Well, I never put with that shit from them and I won't put up with it from you either. We're done Seeley. Done."

Storming into the bedroom, Hannah slammed the door closed behind her.

Booth, hearing dresser drawers being slammed open and closed, turned to look at Brennan, "Bones, I'm sorry. Why don't you go home and I'll try to fix this. I may not be able to salvage my relationship with her; but, I can at least try to make her see that you're innocent in this mess."

Holding up her hand, Brennan replied, "No, Booth. Let me go talk to her. She's very angry with you. As unfair as that is, maybe she'll listen to me."

Sighing, Booth replied, "I try to fight my own fights, Bones."

Shaking her head, Brennan responded, "This is just as much about me as it is about you Booth. Let me talk to her."

Shrugging his shoulders, Boot glanced at the bedroom door and then back at Brennan, "OK go ahead. What the Hell, I'd probably just make it worse anyways."


Walking into the bedroom, Brennan found Hannah folding clothes and putting them in a suitcase. Closing the door behind her, Brennan folded her arms across her chest, "Booth is an honorable man. He was telling you the truth. We were not engaging in sex."

Looking up, Hannah smirked, "No, not sex, just a little foreplay. A make out session?"

Shaking her head, Brennan replied, "Why are you discounting what Booth and I are trying to tell you? We are both very honest people. You are throwing away your relationship with Booth on supposition."

Snorting, Hannah responded, "Supposition. That's a good one. I may not have three hundred degrees like you do; but, I'm not stupid either. I know what I saw."

Cocking her head to the side, Brennan remarked, "Obviously you are very stupid. You have been given an honest explanation and will not accept it. You are willing to break up with Booth over something you think happened instead of what really happened."

Throwing a shirt into her luggage, Hannah grabbed another shirt, "I'm a reporter. I'm trained to know when someone is trying to snow me. You two aren't even very good liars. That's what's so bad about this."

Sighing, Brennan opened the door and walked back into the living room. Sitting next to Booth, Brennan placed her hand on his knee, "She thinks we are terrible liars and we are very dishonest."

Frowning, Booth stood up and walked over to the bedroom door. Placing his hands on his hips, Booth glared at Hannah, "Hey, you can think what you want about me; but, Bones isn't a liar. She's the most honest person I know. If you'd get your head out of your ass long enough you'd remember that. Bones doesn't tell lies."

Turning coldly to Booth, Hannah replied, "Everyone lies, Seeley. Even your precious partner. Call me a cab, I'm ready to leave."

Shaking his head, Booth advised, "Call them yourself. This is your break up party, not mine."

Walking back into the living room, Booth shrugged his shoulders and then walked over to his recliner and sat down. Leaning back, Booth closed his eyes, "She's being a bitch Bones. I'm sorry."

Hannah, hearing Booth's statement, walked through the doorway and then over to him, raising her hand she slapped him. Booth, furious, stood up and held his hand to his face, "I think you'd better leave now, Hannah. You're not welcome here anymore."

Very angry, Hannah grabbed her laptop off of the coffee table and carried it and some of her luggage to the door. Placing her stuff outside the door, Hannah walked back to get the rest of her luggage.

Stopping on the way out of the apartment, Hannah snarled, "I hope you and your partner are happy together." Stepping outside of the apartment, Hannah slammed the door shut.

Brennan, puzzled at the turn of events, turned to Booth, "I find it strange that a reporter cannot recognize the truth when it is being told to her. I'm not sure why she is at the top of her field. I would think being able to tell when you are being lied to would be a plus in her field."

Booth, sighing, sat back down on his recliner, "The Hell with her. She had no right to call you a liar." Sitting back, Booth stared at his darkened television screen.

Puzzled, Brennan stared at Booth, "You don't seem to be very upset that she's left you."

Flashing a sad smile, Booth responded, "I knew she'd leave my ass sooner or later. No one sticks with me for very long. It was just a matter of time."

An earnest look on her face, Brennan observed, "Except me. I will never leave you Booth. You will always be my best friend."

Smiling, Booth turned his warm brown eyes towards Brennan, "Yeah, except you. I'll never leave you either Bones. No matter what. I love you and I will always stick by you."

"You love me?"

Nodding his head, Booth grimaced, "I have for a long time. Some day you and I are going to be ready for each other at the same time and when we are I'll be here. I'm never going to desert you Bones. Never."

"Booth, what would you say if I told you that I'm ready now?"


This may not be what you intended; but, that's what my muse came up with. I know it was a little wordy; but, I didn't think I could cut anything out.