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Staring at this toes, Booth complained, "My feet? It had to be my feet?"

Staring at Booth, Brennan frowned, "You're lucky it's only your feet. Your heart did stop twice you know."

Frowning, Booth turned his gaze towards Brennan, "I'm not . . . . Never mind. How am I supposed to get around if my feet are burned?"

Cocking her head to the side, Brennan replied, "That's why wheelchairs were invented."

Disgusted, Booth clenched his fists, "I hate those things. It was bad enough I had to use one after my feet were damaged by the damn Republican Guard. I don't like them. They make me feel like I'm sick or something."

Shaking her head slowly, Brennan explained, "If you wish to get out of that bed then you have two options. You can let someone carry you every where or you can use the wheelchair."

Moving his eyes back to his bandaged feet, Booth gave in, "Alright. You win. . . . Wait, how am I supposed to get into the wheelchair. I don't want anyone picking me up."

Rolling her eyes, Brennan avowed, "I think you're a terrible patient Booth."

Frowning, Booth asked, "You think so?"

Nodding her head, Brennan smiled, "Yes, I really think so,"

Gazing at the orderly standing next to the wheelchair, Booth sighed, "Ok, whatever."

Bob, smiling, walked over to where Booth lay, "Just don't think about it." Lifting Booth from the bed, he moved him to the wheelchair.

Impressed, Booth stared at Bob, "Wow, I'm not exactly a little guy."

Laughing, Bob replied, "Neither am I, Agent Booth. That's why I was tagged to help you."

Brennan standing behind the wheelchair, smiled at Bob, "We're going to take a walk. We'll back in awhile."

Smiling, Bob responded, "Not a problem."


Sitting in the cafeteria, Booth sipped his coffee while Brennan spooned some yogurt into her mouth. "I'm sorry I'm a pain in the butt, Bones. I shouldn't be taking being in the hospital out on you."

Smiling, Brennan swallowed her yogurt, "Irritability is one of the after affects from being jolted by lightning."

Studying Brennan, Booth moved his cup to the side and placed his hand on Brennan's hand, "If it hadn't been for you and Hodgins I'm pretty sure Marcus and I wouldn't have had a chance. Thank you. I've always admired that you know exactly what to do and when to do it."

Shaking her head, Brennan grimly replied, "No, that's not true. Sometimes situations arise that leave me in a quandary. . . If I had simply told you when we met at the coffee cart when I got back from Maluku that I had changed my mind about us I am certain these last few months would have turned out quite differently; but, you showed me the picture and I wasn't sure if I could talk to you about us. I waited so long to make up my mind that I allowed Hannah to walk back into your life and then it was too late."

Griping her hand, Booth sighed, "I wish I'd never got involved with her. It was a big mistake and I didn't see it until lately. Cam tried to talk to me about Hannah; but, I didn't want to listen. I'd made up my mind and you know me, I can be pretty stubborn. I'm sorry Bones. All of this crap should never have happened."

Grabbing Booth's hand with both of hers, Brennan shook her head. "We've both made decisions in the last year that were detrimental. I'm just sorry that Hannah treated you so poorly."

Grimacing, Booth stared at their clasped hands, "She came back to my apartment and tried to tell me that she wasn't in love with Karl. She told me that he was just her best friend."

Nodding her head, Brennan frowned, "She tried to tell me the same thing. I know what we saw Booth. I may not be adept at reading body language like you are; but, I know when someone is in love with someone else or at least as strongly as she was showing Karl."

Moving his gaze to Brennan's blue eyes, Booth smiled grimly, "Well, I am pretty good at reading body language and I know what I saw. She is in love with the guy. I just hope he's in love with her. If he isn't then I feel sorry for her."

Noticing the droopy eyelids on Booth's face, Brennan smiled, "I think I had better take you back to your room before you fall asleep."

Releasing her hands, Booth smiled, "I am tired,"


Wheeling Booth through the corridors, Brennan maneuvered Booth's chair around a corner to find Hannah and Karl in the distance. Karl was sitting in a wheel chair and Hannah was kneeling next to him. The fact that she had her arms around Karl and they were kissing didn't seem to shock either Booth or Brennan.

Slowly moving Booth's chair down the corridor, they soon came abreast of Karl's wheelchair. Stopping, Brennan cleared her throat rather loudly.

Breaking her kiss, Hannah looked around to see Booth staring at her with a blank look on his face. Brennan on the other hand appeared to be studying her like a new strain of bacteria under a microscope.

Her cheeks flaming, Hannah stood up and walked behind Karl's wheelchair. Karl smiling at Booth, reached over and grabbed his arm, "Hey, I don't know why you're in the hospital but whatever it is, I hope it isn't anything serious. Thanks for saving my life Agent Booth. I owe you so much. If you hadn't followed us, Hannah and I would both been killed. Thank you." Pausing, Karl licked his bottom lip, "I'm not going to tell you I'm sorry you broke up with Hannah though."

Shrugging his shoulders, Booth smiled, "Yeah, stuff happens, don't worry about it and you don't owe me anything. I was just doing my job."

Grinning, Karl patted Booth's arm, "You're the best, man. The best, isn't that right Hannah?"

Looking away from Booth, Hannah responded, "Yeah, the best."

Annoyed, Brennan started pushing Booth's wheelchair, "We have to go now. Booth needs to rest."

Releasing Booth's arm, Karl exclaimed, "You ever need me for anything, all you have to do is ask, Agent Booth. Me and Hannah owe you big time."

Her face still turned towards the wall, Hannah began to push Karl down the hallway.


After Bob had lifted Booth back in to his bed, Booth smiled at Brennan. Watching the door close behind Bob, Booth wiggled his eyebrows, "So want to make out?"

Chuckling, Brennan removed her shoes and climbed in the narrow bed with Booth. Pressed against him, she wrapped her arms around him and studied his hopeful face, "Just remember, nurses pop in and out of here all of the time."

Laughing, Booth kissed her. "We won't go past second base."

Leaning back and looking at Booth, Brennan replied, "I don't know what that means; but, I think I get the implication."

Laughing, Booth kissed her again, "There's nothing ilmplied about this."


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