Baby Brittany

Volume I

This is an adult baby series of stories. Brittany and Mercedes are main characters in this volume. Side Characters of Santana, and others are included. This story contains, lesbian sex, masturbation, adult babies, spanking, diapers, pull ups, strap-on anal sex, breastfeeding and more. This is a prequel to Glee Mommies and Babies Volume I. I would suggest reading that as well.

Disclaimer: I do not own glee or any of the characters in this. Also this story contains strong sexual stuff and Adult baby and Grown women and Teenage girls (all of my characters are 18 and up) wearing diapers and having sex. There is some force and rape like events in this as well. If this does not appeal to you I suggest not reading it.

Chapter I

It was Friday night and Brittany was horny. Santana was busy with her new job that she didn't want to talk about. This meant Brittany had to please herself. Brittany had the house to herself and knew what she wanted to do. She pulled a chest out from under her bed and got the key out of its hidden hiding spot, under lord tubbing-ton's litter box. She put the key in and opened it up.

Brittany undressed herself down to nothing. She looked in the mirror at her beautiful 34C breasts. Her nipples reminded her of pepperoni and sometimes confused her. She had no hair on her pussy because her parent's paid to get it removed. Brittany was convinced when it started growing that someone had cursed her when they found puberty too hard a subject to explain to Brittany they figured removing it was best.

Brittany put her hair in bradded pigtails and took a bag out of the box she laid on her bed and pulled a pacifier from the box. She sucked on the pacifier as she took a diaper out of the box and put it on herself. Brittany loved the way diapers felt. They turned her on and made her feel safe. She pulled out her laptop and got on her new favorite website. It was an adult baby website that helped adult babies and others in the community meet each other.

Brittany had been chatting with and having sexual emails exchanged with another girl on the sight. She called herself Mommacedes. This girl was also 18 and lived in Lima. The girls had exchanged this much but had not meet in real life yet or web-cam. They had exchanged pictures with their faces blurred. Brittany had always sent her pictures of her wearing a diaper with her boobs in the picture.

Brittany did not identify as being an adult baby on the site...mostly because the term confused her. So she was listed as a diaper lover. Mommacedes admitted she was looking for either but would prefer an adult baby. When Brittany opened her email she was excited to see another from Mommacedes. In the email Mommacedes asked if she would like to meet at bread-sticks for lunch tomorrow.

Knowing that Santana had work and that she would be free, Brittany said yes. Brittany could not wait to see those large black 40D breasts in real life. Mommacedes body reminded Brittany a lot of what she thought Mercedes would look like naked. She had always thought Mercedes was beautiful so she hoped Mommacedes looked something like her.

Brittany heard the house door open and shut. She panicked for a moment worrying that her dad might have come home early. She heard her mother call out "Brittany where are you sweetie?" Brittany grew excited and called down to her mother.

"In my room mommy" was all she said. She closed her laptop and waited on her bed for her mother to come up. She was excited and so horny. Brittany's mom came in the room. Of course the first thing she noticed was the diaper her daughter was wearing.

"Diapers again sweetie? Be careful baby we don't want your father to find out about this. Where is Santana? Shouldn't you be out scissoring your girlfriend somewhere?" Brittany's mom asked. She could not help but smile looking at her adorable 18 year old daughter in diapers.

"Daddy will not find out. I keep them hidden mom. Santana is at her new job. She has not told me much about it though. I wish we were scissoring right now. I am soooo horny mommy. Please fuck me. Fuck me please mommy please!" Brittany said begging her mother. She turned around and waved her diapered ass around for her mother to see.

"Sweetie are you sure, what if Santana ever found out about this? You know I love you and enjoy our time together but maybe this should not have started? Maybe we should end this now sweetie?" Her mother said.

"Mommy I had those same thoughts when we started this 3 months ago. You said it was not cheating if it was family. You said that the best person to teach me things like this was my mother. Mommy I have learned so much. We both get horny when Santana and Daddy aren't around. I want you to fuck me now." Brittany said.

Brittany got another diaper out of her chest and laid it on the bed. She walked over to her mom. "What is the diaper for baby?" Brittany leaned in and kissed her mother. The two women made out as Brittany took off all of her mothers clothes. Once she was naked Brittany walked her to the bed and pushed her on the bed. Brittany laid on top of her mother as they made out on the bed.

Her mother was laying on top of the diaper. Brittany broke the kiss and stood up. "The diaper is for you mommy. I think you will like it mommy. I want to see my mommy in my diapers." Her mother tried to protest a little and even put her hands in Brittany's way a few times. But she eventually allowed her daughter to put her in a diaper.

Once diapered the girls laid on the bed and rubbed each others crotches both over and under their diapers. Once they came her mother took the diaper off and left. Each of them took a shower and got dressed by themselves. Brittany went to bed early so she could prepare for her date tomorrow with Mommacedes.

{The next day}

Brittany had been ready to go since 8 in the morning it was now 11:30 and time to leave for her date. She had put her hair in pigtails and decided to wear her cheer leading uniform and frilly white panties underneath. She packed her diapers and everything in a bag just in case. She walked out the door to her car.

When she arrived at bread-sticks she looked for the seat she and Mommacedes had agreed to meet at. She saw Mercedes sitting there. Brittany was very nervous but she walked over to Mercedes. "Hey Brittany" Mercedes said with a smile.

"Hey Mercedes...could you move please...i am meeting someone here I met on-line and told them I would sit at this table." Brittany said looking Mercedes in the eye. Mercedes tried not to laugh and gathered herself for a sceound.

"Brittany sit down for a minute." Mercedes said. Brittany sat down still waiting for Mercedes to leave and looking for Mommacedes. "Brittany how did you not realize it was me? I am Mommacedes. I am the one you are here to meet." Mercedes spelled it out for Brittany.

"What...Mercedes please she could be here any minute...Oh I think that is here now." Brittany said looking at the person walking in the door. Mercedes looked over her shoulder and at the door. She laughed and then looked back at Brittany.

"Brittany that is a middle eastern man. Does that look anything like the beautiful black woman that sent you pictures of herself?" Mercedes kept laughing.

"Well I was hoping that wasn't her but my point is you need to leave before she gets here. I do not want to scare her off." Brittany said still very confused why Mercedes would not leave.

"Look Brittany I never thought it was a big secret who we were. I just thought you were good at hiding it at school. My pen name is basically my name and I gave you pictures. I only blurred the face so you couldn't use it against me in case this was a joke. I knew it was you from day 1. You did use your own name as your pen name." Mercedes said.

"I did not. My name is Brittany Susan Pierce. My pen name is Britteny S. Pearce. See the spelling was different and I always blurred my pictures." Brittany said clarifying as she still looked at the door waiting for her date to show.

"Yes you blurred your face with crayon and then scanned the picture. I could still see your face Brittany it just had light crayon marks over the face. Brittany stop looking I am right here I am Mommacedes."