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This is completely random. All the quotes are from bits I found funny. I can't spell 'Wearth'/'wearith' OR WHAT EVER ITS CALLED. DX._.

Prince signed on, and heard a familiar yell of "YOUR HIGHNESS!", at which, he dodged. He turned to 'his' bard, and pointed accusingly. "DOES YOUR MOTHER KNOW YOU WEARTH HER DRAPES?!" he yelled in a demanding tone.

Gui grabbed Wolf's shoulders, and shook him back and forth like a rag-doll. He was sure to have whiplash later. "You listen well brother, I-" he started, being cut off when he was suddenly sucker punched to the other side of the room. Wolf blinked, "I'm listening." He said simply, before walking off, leaving behind a seething Prince, and a demon bard who was slowly sliding down the cracked wall.

"What does this do?" Feng Lan asked, picking up one of Doll's weaker bombs. "NO!" they all yelled. Too late, the building blew up. They were all fine, but a bit sore, and lying on the grass surrounded by remains of the house. "So that's what it does." she said, simply.

Gui had been poisoned, and the poison was making him delirious. "Enough! You are, all of you are beneath me! I am a god, you dull creature, and I shall not be bullied by you!" he yelled, his voice slurred. Prince grabbed him, and threw him through a wall. "Puny god." he said, simply, walking away patting the dust off his hands, while Wolf hurried out to get the groaning and poisoned Gui. Wicked, who had witnessed this whole scene, raised a brow and said, "There is only one god, and I don't think he dresses like THAT."

Kenshin walked into a room, only to have Sunshine point at him, and yell "HE'S MY BROTHER!", and Lolidragon turned to him, wearing her lab coat and smart glasses. "He killed 80 people in 2 days." she said, informatively. "Hes adopted." Sunshine said. Kenshin looked left, then right, then turned around, without saying a word, and walked out.

Wicked turned to Gui, and glared at him, "Is everything a joke to you?!" he demanded, "Funny things are." he said, simply. From the back of the room, you could just barely hear the noise of Feng Wu Ching making a whip noise, and then being bashed over the head by Yu Lian.

there was another one, but I forgot it. something about Wicked being whacked in the head by a tree branch while on the flying carpet...


this was small. Random.. and pretty badly written. xD


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