It was the night of Christmas and I was a small child. The wind was howling and the moon was tinged red by the swirling desert sands. "Santa's going to have a hard time getting here tonight', I thought.

I didn't realise how hard it was going to be. I brushed my teeth and put out his milk and cookies and then, with a loud yawn, looked out my window one last time before bed. And behold, to my surprise, Santa's sleigh, hauled by six white boomers, careered across the dusty sky. I watched in amazement for a few seconds before I realised. Where was Santa?



The Grinch has made an evil plan to kidnap Santa. He didn't want Christmas to happen. The Grinch locked Santa up in a secret room. When he left the secret room, the Grinch fell into a sewer.

When he was in the sewer, he fell down a hole, sliding down backwards. Then he banged into the secret room. He broke down the door with his head and Santa escaped back to his sleigh to deliver the toys. The Grinch got a headache from banging his head into the door. His headache got bigger and bigger and BIGGER and his head exploded. Everyone is so happy because the Grinch is gone forever.

They decided to have a Christmas party for lunch where they opened more presents.

People pulled Christmas crackers and had coloured crowns. It started to snow and everyone made snowmen, it was a merry Christmas.