Chapter 2

Look in chapter one for disclamers

Jane stood behind in the classroom when the bell had rung for school to led out. Jane didn't want to leave the comfort of Maura. She smiled dreamily through out the lesson and didn't focus on her talking but, on those terrfic..

"Jane Clementine Rizzoli." Angela Rizzoli barked.

She had came into the school in search of her only daugther. Boy, was she pissed off. Jane gulped when her mother used her full name. She knew she was in trouble now. She gave her a short smile but was soon followed by a smack in the face. Jane winched when her mothers' hand made contact of where her last bursing was. She sighed and rubbed her cheek a bit. She was glad she was the last one in the room. Maura had to leave for a faculty meeting and told her to shut the door when she left. Jane now knew she was in deep shit as she stood up.

"Sorry Ma, Lost track of time. Won't happen again."

"It better not Jane. You know how you father hates to wait for your sorry ass. Frankie and Tommy are already at home. Now move it missy and your grounded for two mouths. No Phone, Emailing or computer. Got it."

Angela looked hard at Jane, as she nodded yes slowly and walked out of her classroom with her mother. She ran into Maura without looking up. She looks up at the tall women and blushed deeply and felt horrible for bumping into her. She smiled and then soon frowned when she heard her mother yell at her.

"Jane Rizzoli! I'm so sorry Miss. She didn't mean it right Jane?"

Angela glared at her as Jane slowly nodded yes. Maura frowned wondering why mother was so mean to Jane.

"It's fine. I'm her teacher . I asumed she had already left. I'm terribly sorry for you to keep waiting for her. Won't happen again. I promise you that."

Maura soon noticed the red slap stain on Jane's left side of her cheek. She went to touch it but Jane backed away afried of it to hurt even more. She quickly passed Maura embarrsed and felt so lost without her. Angela gave Maura a quick smile and rushed afther Jane. Maura was now concerned for her new student as she walk to her clasroom window where she spotted Angela hitting jane in the eye. Jane felled to te ground with a hard thud and gave a cry. Maura wanted to help Jane so bad it actually hurts her heart knowing she can't do a thing. Angels just shooked her head and got into the car. JAne sighed and got up and brushed herself off and went into her car to headed home.

The next day, was the weekend. Maura was happy to be at her home relaxing after a long week of school. She loved kids she really did but, she didn;t mind beging alone one damn bit. In fact, she loved it. She had a pet tourist, Bass and has a big house from her previous job and decided to keep it with her teaching salary. She did not get paid as much as she wanted but, she was still geting money to keep her gergous home. She sighed as she sanked back into her cozy warm vinalla couch with a nice cup of hot tea. She took a sip and turned on her flat screen to watch the news. She turned the voulum up when she heard something about the Rizzoli family. She watched carfully hopeing it dosn't have anything to do with Jane. But, she was to laste to take back her estimated guest. Why did she always have to be right?

"In further news, The Rizzoli parents are being charged with sexual rape and neglect for these 3 poor childeren. They are now under foster care and hopefully will be able to find a loving home for all 3 of them."

Maura soon regratted sipping her tea and snuggling down into her couch. Jane needed her and she is just siting around her home doing noting to help this child. She soon grabed her coat and left without a second thought. She was going to help Jane and her 2 brothers no matter what will happen.

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