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Yumeí: Normally, you'd say that at the end comments.

Dream: Nothing wrong with forewarning.

Yumeí: Fair enough. This is another New Vestroia one, right?

Dream: Yep. The whole entire New Vestroia collection.

Yumeí:*whistles* This is gonna be long.

Dream: Yep. So I want to let everyone know before we start: I only own the Plot and OC's that show up. And since that is out of the way-

Yumeí: This happens before episode one!

Dream:-we shall start!

Yumeí sat in the archives of the Doom Dimension and was working on adjusting an anciently decreed punishment for Darkus Haloid. For a framed crime, the punishment was amazingly hard to cancel out. Simple things, like releasing the bakugan Masquerade had captured, were easy to finish up; she just had to write "sentence completed" on their punishment scroll, and they were free to go.

The crime that Haloid had been framed for was very severe, and thus, the punishment mirrored it. Yumeí was trying to figure out how to substitute the punishment for a gentler one, since nothing else had worked. She scribbled out the original punishment-again-and tried writing in "parole" but it vanished to be replaced by the original text: High security cell for a few millennia. Regular inflictions of pure doom energy.

Yumeí chewed on the end of her pen. This was frustrating! It seemed like the Doom Dimension was deliberately trying to make this difficult. She racked her brain for more ideas. Nothing.

She stood up to stretch, and knocked over a whole pile of yellowed scrolls. Yumeí sighed, and waved her hand. The purple wisps of Doom Energy-almost invisible in it's own dimension-lifted the scrolls and re-stacked them. Ah, Yumeí thought. If only all my other duties were so easily solved.

Yumeí went back to the desk and picked up her pencil and tried again. "Service" she wrote and then added a "?" after it. This time, the graphite faded, but so did the original black ink. Yumeí stared at the blank paper. That was new. Then the black ink returned, but now in her own hand rather than the heavy cursive.

"Yes!" Yumeí cried, punching the air in triumph. She fell out of her chair.

As she pulled herself off the ground, she felt something like a shiver ripple through the air around her. She instantly recognized that something was happening in the outside world, and warped to the observatory-an obsidian dome and a throne-like stone chair right in the center.

Yumeí sat in the chair and instantly, the black wall flared up in color, and she saw her brother up in the trees, training. Yumeí didn't get it.

Then the image flickered, and Yumeí felt something about the image change: it seemed like it was expanding. Then the picture burst free from the wall and enveloped her, so that Yumeí was suddenly sitting-apparently-in midair of the forest.

Then the gentle whispers of the Doom Dimension explained: she wasn't truly there, just watching from an angle in which she could interfere. The chill had been sent to let her know she needed to do something with this scene. The explanation was followed by a flash of Shun standing in New Vestroia.

Yumeí stood up and the image changed back to the present view of her brother. A mischievous smile beginning, Yumeí lifted her hand and clenched it into a fist. Suddenly, a dimensional portal opened, and Shun flew inside. Yumeí burst out laughing and found herself standing back in the observation room.

The look on Shun's face was priceless! Yumeí managed to stifle her giggles, and sat back down as another chill ripple began. This time, the whispers told her that she was seeing the near future rather than the present.

She saw Drago escape the perfect core, and take Dan and Marucho to New Vestroia. She saw Mira pick them up and explain the situation with the Vestal invasion. She watched the hotshot Darkus battler of the resistance challenge Dan and fight for what was apparently three hours. Yumeí stood back up and the images vanished.

She swept from the room and charged into another portal and found herself deep inside the high security cell that belonged to a large winged snake that had been turned to stone.

Yumeí reached her arm through the bars and touched the stone snout, and it came to life under her fingers, stone becoming scales, darkening in color. The bakugan opened it's eyes, and looked at her warily.

"Haloid, we are going on a little trip."

That was long.

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