Dear Doctor,

You lost your friends,
you got them back.
Only to lose them again,
yet this time forever, lost for the final time.
Touched by an angel,
Becoming the couple out of time.
Lost forever.
But were they not always that, the couple out of time,
Along with the leagues of companions before them?
You lost your friends;
you're angry
I understand
but now is not the time to be emotional.
Sound familiar?
But it's the curse of life,
watching those you love pass you by and on to forever.
It's also the curse of the time lords,
you even said it yourself once.
You lost Amy and Rory;
Your best friends,
River, Melody's parents.
Don't believe you we're the only one mourning their loss.
Millions of voices continue to cry out into the night for Amy and Rory.
But Doctor,
we know what they did.
They'll live on through us and millions of others,
for we loved them too.
We saw what happened,
we saw them disappear,
we too cried.
Don't think you mourn alone.
Don't think you have to travel alone,
because we are there for you.
Listen to River,
Listen to Amy.
Don't you travel alone.
Your new companion is out there waiting for you.
You may never say "Come along Ponds" again,
but just remember that right now,
that somewhere in time and space,
you just did.
So now we come to a close, saying
Farewell Ponds,
Farewell Amy and Rory.
You will sorely be missed
and we will always love you.
Oh, and Doctor?
We will always,
Love you too.

See you at Christmas.


Bad Wolf and Timelords (Bree Taylor. You know who I really am ;)

And from the millions of spoken and unspoken:

Dingo Schnuzy


Crazy Russian Vodka Man

Epic timelady TWright (aka June Adams)


Lauracountryluv (IloveMattSmithandAlexKingsto n,theyareAWESOME!) 3



edwardlover77 (snapefan77)

NightshadeLies (9Demon9Girl9)

Obsessive weirdo

Your 'Children of Time'

A/N: Many people i have talked to suggested sending this off to the people at Doctor Who, even the actors and actresses themselved. i think it would be cool if a large number of people "signed" this before the 50th anniversary, we could have a large number of contributors towards a celebratory piece commemorating Doctor Who. If you liked this and would like to be included in the signitures, please leave your pen name, alias, youtube channel, videogame account name, DA account, etc in the comments to represent your name in a disclosed fashion. Please do not use your real name, an alias would be preferable.

Thank you.

-Bad Wolf and Timelords