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Summary: When Harry returned to Hogwarts for his 8th year, he planned on having a normal year. What he didn't plan on was having extra lessons, making friends with old enemies making enemies with old friends and falling in love along the way.

Warnings: Malexmale. Mpreg. I have tried to keep Severus in character as much as I can.

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Harry was sitting at the kitchen table with Remus and Sirius in Grimmauld place. Sirius and Remus had gone to see Severus Snape about the job for Care Of Magical Creatures; Hagrid had handed in his resignation to Severus with the news that he was moving to France to live with Madame Olympe Maxime.

Severus told Sirius and Remus that he would let them know by August twentieth at noon; Sirius looked up and saw it was five minutes to midday. "Oh this is stupid!" Sirius snapped making Harry jump and his husband look up at him.

"Patience Sirius; Severus said he would let us know before midday and I know Severus is a man of his word."

"Snivellus is being a prick; I bet he has known for a while. He knows how much we want this job, even more so with it being Harry's last year as he is going back for the seventh year he missed. He just wants to make me suffer."

"If he does, he is doing a good job of it isn't he." Harry said as the floo flared and Severus walked in.

"What has you looking so ticked mutt?"

"Nothing like leaving things until the last minute Sniv-"

"Sirius." Remus warned. "Do Sirius and I have the job Severus?"

"You do; Sirius had the most experience."


"Yes. With you being a mutt and bonded to a werewolf I assume you know at least something."

Severus turned to leave when Sirius stood up. "Why are you only just telling us now? You were cutting it a bit fine with the time, weren't you."

"I have known since this morning but I had more important things to do than to put you out of your misery of not knowing."

"Such as?"

"I had to wash my hair." Severus turned to Harry when he saw the brunet smile behind his godfather's back. "You will need to be moved in to the school by the twenty fifth." and with that he was gone in a flash of green flames.

"Congratulations to you both; I'm happy for you." Harry said, bringing Sirius out of staring at the empty hearth; Harry walked over and hugged Sirius first and then Remus. "Sirius we'd better get everything in order and packed, if we only have five days."

Sirius nodded and looked at Harry. "Will you be alright living here for a week on your own?"

"Sirius, what I have just gone through this past year? I think I will survive living a week on my own."

The next five days seemed to fly by and, if Harry was honest, he was looking forward to having a week on his own before going back for his final year. That was the only good thing about the Dursley's; they left him alone in his room once they knew about how powerful he was.

Harry got up late the next day and, after showering and having his breakfast, he decided to tidy up a little. He figured if he kept the place tidy then Kreacher wouldn't bother him so much. He picked up the magazines that were laying on the table in front of the sofa that Sirius had left out and went to put them away when one slipped and landed on the ground with a thud. Harry sighed and put all the magazines he was carrying away.

He walked over to the dropped magazine and picked it up. He looked at the cover and saw it was one of Sirius' magazines...a gay muggle one. Harry sat down and began to flick through the pages. He knew he was gay as he had no interest romantically in the female sex; but just what type of bloke was his kind?

Flicking through the pages Harry saw a tall blond with bright blue eyes posing in just his boxer briefs, showing the obvious bulge. Nope; He was good looking but blond...no. Harry turned the next page and scrunched his face up...too many muscles. The only good thing was the bloke posing had dark eyes and hair as dark as night.

After skipping through some more pages Harry learned his type was leaning towards being tall and dark. He knew he didn't want someone his own age; he would prefer someone a little older than him. Someone who would see him as him, not the Chosen one.

Harry stopped when he got to a page that had been folded down in the corner and on the page Harry saw Sirius' handwriting. 'A position I would very much like us to try Moony x.' Harry turned the magazine sideways and cocked his head to the side to see the picture on the magazine of the two naked men. "Seriously Sirius. You get worse."

"He never gets better." said a voice, making Harry jump and drop the magazine.

"Professor Snape sir. I was just..."

"Spare me the details please Potter. Although it is fairly clear at what you were looking at."

"Know muggle gay magazines well do you Professor?" Harry asked before he could stop himself.

"Oh how your dogfather would be proud with you answering back with stupid and sarcastic comments." he said as he sat down in the chair next to the sofa where Harry was still sat. "Well? Are you going to play a good host?"

"Oh sorry." Harry stood up. "Would you like a drink of anything Professor or something to eat?"

"No thank you."

Harry scowled and sat back down. "Then why ask?"

"It is common courtesy to ask people who are guests in your house if they want anything when they stop by."

"Well as you do not want anything, might I be permitted to ask what has brought you here?"

"I have come to discuss where you will be staying at Hogwarts for your last year. There will be only fourteen of you returning to complete your eighth year. Five Gryffindors are yourself, Ronald Weasley, Dean Thomas, Neville Longbottom and Hermione Granger. Slytherins are, Draco Malfoy, Theo Nott, Blaise Zabini, Gregory Goyle and Pansy Parkinson. Hufflepuffs are, Hannah Abbott. Susan Bones and Justin Finch-Fletchley. And one Ravenclaw, who is Terry Boot."


"I am visiting all of the students who are returning to do their seventh year. As there are only fourteen of you, you will all have your own separate rooms; much like the Head boy and girls rooms only the rooms you will be having are the abandoned teachers rooms. Would this be preferable to a shared common room and dorm?"

"Yes; Thank you. Who have you seen up to now Professor?"

"The Slytherins, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuffs."

"Would you like me to tell Neville? Despite what he did in the war, standing up to Voldemort and all, you still make him nervous for some reason."

"Thank you. I was told to thank you from my godson for returning his wand but he can do that himself. He owes you more than a thank you for returning him his wand and I would also like to thank you."


"For saving Draco's life. Please do not go telling him I look on him like a son; I know he looks to me as more of a father than Lucius, as he has told me on several occasions. I don't know what I would have done if he had died in that fire, so thank you Harry."

"I couldn't just leave him there, Sir, no matter what we have been through in the past. I not only need to thank him for not giving me away at the Manor when he knew it was me, but I also owe you a huge thank you for coming through for me and risking your life for mine over and over again."

Severus just nodded his head and stood. "If you are to tell Longbottom, then I only have three more calls to make. Enjoy the rest of your holiday and see you at the feast on the evening of September the first."

After Severus had left, Harry went back to thinking of the conversation he just had with Severus. Severus ... he was tall and dark, older, intelligent, everything Harry was look- Harry shook his head from his thoughts. No, that was just silly thinking; he couldn't be thinking right if he thought Snape matched the description of the partner Harry himself wanted. Although... thinking more on it, Harry could only face the truth; his type matched Severus perfectly. Harry groaned as he slapped his hand over his face. "Why?" he questioned an empty room.

It was soon September the first and Harry was sat in the carriage held for the returning eighth years when the door slid open to reveal Draco Malfoy. "Potter."


The blond sighed and sat down facing Harry. "I want to thank you for saving my life. I know you didn't have to risk yours to come back for me and wouldn't have blamed you if you hadn't, given our history. I want to thank you Potter, for if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be sitting here now. The war is over and it is time to move on and look forward."

"I agree Malfoy. And you are welcome."

"I offer my friendship to you again in hopes we can move on and be friends." the Slytherin said with his hand out.

Harry stared at the hand for a few seconds before taking the hand in his own and shaking it. "Friends, Draco."

"Friends, Harry."

"Oh Harry, you're not serious?" Both men dropped their hands and turned to the doorway to find Ron and Hermione standing there.

"Ron the war is over now. It's time to look forward, not back."

"Besides the school would be better if we were friends." Draco added.

"House unity Ron." Hermione reminded him. "The Slytherins and Gryffindors will not get on, even the first years; but if they see that Harry and Draco here can be friends, then anything is possible given how they have been towards each other these past seven years."

Draco looked at Hermione when she sat down next to Harry. "You really are clever aren't you."

"I try." she replied with a smile but soon looked shocked when she saw the pale hand of Draco Malfoy extended to her. She looked at Harry who smiled and took Draco's hand. "Now you Ron."



"Fine." Ron shook his hand grudgingly. "I still don't like you." he added.

"Fair comment. Until I get to know you more I don't like you either."

"So you don't like Harry or Hermione either then?"

"I like Hermione because she is clever and like me, she knows what she is talking about. As for Harry I have never hated him. The past seven years was an act I had to keep up."

"So all that name calling to Harry you never meant?"

"Of course I did; I was a jealous kid and acted on that jealousy."

The door to the carriage slid open and Blaise walked in with Pansy, Theo and Greg. "You are all here...good. I was just shaking hands and calling a truce with Harry, Hermione and Ron here."

"Who initiated the truce?" Blaise asked.

"I did."

Blaise nodded and, with the other three, he walked forwards and held his hand out to Harry, Pansy to Hermione and Theo to Ron and Greg standing waiting with his hand out.

"I still don't like this." Ron mumbled.

"You'll come round." Pansy smiled, winking at a taken aback Ron.

Blaise after shaking Harry's, Ron's and Hermione's hand sat down next to Draco and put his arm around him, kissing his temple.

Halfway into the journey Draco leaned over. "Hey Harry, are Ron and Hermione together?"

"No. They tried it but it didn't work out; they agreed they are better as friends. Why do you ask?"

"Because our friend Pansy has a hungry look in her eyes."

Harry looked over and saw Pansy staring at Ron. "She kinda looks like Lavender Brown did when she wanted Ron."

"Don't let her hear you say that. She'll scratch your eyes out." Blaise warned making Harry laugh and ask, "So Pansy is like Hermione?"

"In what way?"

"Someone you don't want to upset or get on the wrong side of?"

"Oh yes." Draco nodded.

Harry looked over at his bushy haired friend and wasn't surprised to see her nose buried in a book.

Draco looked at Theo. "She has only just called a truce with us Theo. Don't scare her off."

Harry frowned. "What's up?"

Blaise leaned in to answer. "Theo has liked Hermione since our sixth year. Anyone would think the world had ended when he saw her and Ron holding hands after the war. Luckily Draco and I passed it off that he was upset and angry that the light side had won."

Harry laughed but quickly went quiet when Theo leaned over and got into Harry's personal space. "Are Hermione and Ron still together?"

"No. They tried but found they are better as friends."

"Will she bite my head off if I try to talk to her?"

"Only one way to find out."

Theo seemed to like that answer as he smiled and stood up and made his way over to Hermione.

"Harry if he asks Hermione out now, what will she say?"

"She'll say no; but watch when he walks away. If she watches him go then she is interested."

All three of them sat and watched as Theo sat down and after a few minutes, stood up and walked away, making his way back over to them, but they weren't watching him, they were watching Hermione. And all three smirked when she looked up from her book with a smile on her face, watching as Theo sat next to Neville who was talking to Ron; after shaking hands and nodding his head, he joined in on their conversation.

"Maybe Theo can give Ron some tips on how to handle our girl." Draco said as he spotted Pansy sitting there, staring at an oblivious Ron.

Blaise looked over and chuckled. "Once she decides what she wants, nothing will stop her."

The train stopped at the Hogsmeade Station; they all got off the train and made their way to the carriages that would take them to Hogwarts.

Ron got up and sat in the corner, Harry made to follow but found himself being shoved out of the way. He turned to see who pushed him and saw Pansy getting into the carriage, her hand out to Ron. "Are you going to be a gentleman and help me up?"

Ron blinked and stared at her hand before reaching out and pulling her, making her stumble more than she should and ending up on his lap.

"Pansy put him down." Theo said as he got on the carriage, turning and holding his hand out to Hermione who took it with a smile.

"How can I put him down? He has me."

"Of course he does." Draco said sarcastically as he sat on Blaise's lap, arms around his neck. Harry sat next to them and then Theo and Neville leaving Hermione to sit facing Theo next to Ron and Pansy, who was still sitting on Ron's lap, the redhead not doing anything to stop her.

Theo stood up and moved across, sitting next to Hermione. "I wouldn't want you to fall out."

"So you would sit on the end and risk hurting yourself just for me?"


"What a big heart you must have."

"That's not the only big thing I have." he flirted.

When they all arrived at Hogwarts and walked through the great doors, Harry stopped when he saw Severus Snape stood outside the doors to the Great Hall. "Welcome back to you all. There has been an extra table placed in the Great Hall for you, the returning eighth years. I will show you where you will be sitting and eating from now on and when I can, sometime in the next few days, I will be coming to see each of you individually to see how you are all settling into your rooms and such. Follow me."

Severus turned and walked through the doors to the Great Hall when they opened. Harry shook his head when his eyes dropped to Severus' arse; not that he could see how it looked in those tight black trousers as his robe went down his back and to the floor. No. Harry thought. I can't be falling for Severus. I just can't be.

"Potter, wipe that vacant expression off of your face."

"Sorry? What?" Harry blinked and looked at Severus who had a slight scowl on his face. "I said this is where you will be having all of your meals for your returning year."

Harry looked at the table to see the returning eighth years. Some talking amongst themselves and only Hermione, Draco and Ron looking at him. "Thank you sir." he mumbled and sat down next to Draco, facing Hermione.

"Where were you then?" Hermione asked.

"I don't know." he simply answered, smiling at his friend, giving her reassurance.

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