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Summary: When Harry returned to Hogwarts for his 8th year, he planned on having a normal year. What he didn't plan on was having extra lessons, making friends with old enemies making enemies with old friends and falling in love along the way.

Warnings: Malexmale. Mpreg. I have tried to keep Severus in character as much as I can.

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The missing shower scene from chapter 4. "He was actually surprised one evening when he was joined in his shower by Severus who informed him of the mistletoe above them. Knowing he didn't put it there himself, he told Severus he loved him which led to fantastic shower sex."

Harry's last lesson that day had been Care Of Magical Creatures and he didn't know how it happened but somehow he ended up on his arse in the mud, covering himself in dirt. With the mud being sludgy and wet which was making Harry cold, Sirius saw his godson shivering and told him to go and shower and warm up and not to worry about class as it ended in ten minutes.

Harry walked into the castle and immediately hummed at the warmth that hit him hard. "Harry what happened to you?"

"Hey Neville. Had a bit of a mishap in Care Of Magical Creatures and the result is what you see now. Sirius excused me and told me to get a nice hot shower which is where I am going now."

Harry turned and cleared the floor of his muddy footprints behind him and continued to flick his wand leaving the floor spotless as he said bye to Neville and walked away. Neither of them seeing a certain Slytherin watching Harry's every movement with a smirk planted on his face as he watched the Gryffindor walk up the stairs, his wand waving from side to side behind him.

Harry reached his rooms and peeled his clothes off him as he made his way towards his shower. He turned the shower on full and after waiting for a few seconds for it to heat up, Harry stripped off the rest of his clothes and stepped in, moaning at the feeling of the hot water beating down on his skin warming him right through.

Severus walked into Harry's room and smirked when he saw pieces of Harry's clothing on the floor. He reached Harry's bedroom and stripped to nothing and took down the mistletoe hanging over Harry's bed and slowly walked into the bathroom and was, straight away, hit by the steam that blocked his vision from seeing the hand in front of his face.

Luckily he knew how to get from the door to the shower with his eyes shut so he had no trouble. However he waved his wand and cleared the room a little before placing his wand down and walked slowly over to the shower and watched as Harry bent forwards and washed his legs before running his hands up his thighs, over his taut stomach and up to his nipples where he took one between his thumb and finger and started to twist it as his other free hand moved south and had the fingers on his free hand, circle his cock, his thumb stroking the tip. "Severus." he breathed.


Harry gasped and spun around, Severus held his arm out and pulled Harry close to him as he stepped under the shower head. The water beating down on his head, wetting his hair and plastering it to his face. Raising his free hand above both of their heads.

Harry looked up, blinking the water from his eyes and saw in his loves hand a sprig of mistletoe.

"What a surprise."

"Nice one?"

"Oh yes." Harry breathed as he wrapped his arms around Severus' neck. "I love you Severus."

"And I you Harry." he whispered before capturing the lips of his Gryffindor, throwing the sprig of mistletoe away as he wound both arms around Harry, his hand running down the brunets back, stopping when it reached Harry's arse, squeezing lightly before letting his other hand join the other, spreading the cheeks apart as he used his forefinger to circle Harry's entrance and slowly pushed that finger inside, smiling into the kiss when he heard the Gryffindor moan, thrusting his tongue into Harry's mouth, coaxing it to dance with his as his finger was joined by a second, the movements speeding up before slowing down, teasing Harry who seemed to be in two minds whether to move more into Severus' hold or move back against the fingers that were giving him pleasure.

"Oh Severus." Harry moaned as he moved his head back, exposing his neck to Severus' lips.

Harry groaned when he felt Severus pull his fingers from him and move his lips from his own neck and spun him around, making him face the shower wall and shivered in pleasure when Severus practically growled into his ear, "I am going to fuck you so hard you will feel me in your throat." smirking when he felt his love shiver in delight.

Severus took Harry by the wrists and moved his hands up, using one hand to pin them against the shower wall. His other hand pumping his cock a few times before spreading his legs a little and lining the tip up with Harry's entrance. "Ready?"

"Yes Severus. Just. Please."

Severus smirked and placed a small kiss on the back of the brunets neck as he pushed forwards, not stopping until he was buried deep inside the man in front of him. Raising his now free hand, Severus used his hands to pin Harry to the shower wall as he thrust back and forth, his pace getting faster, thrusting forwards hard when Harry pushed back.

"Ah!" Harry yelled when he felt Severus' cock hit that spot inside him that got him to see stars every time.

Knowing he had found Harry's pleasure spot, Severus sped up, telling Harry to keep his hands where they were as he grabbed the Gryffindor's hips tight, bringing Harry back as he thrust forward. "Oh Severus I'm close."

"Cum love."

And Harry did. Screaming Severus' name as he coated the shower wall. Severus cumming after two more thrusts. He pulled out once he emptied himself in Harry and smirked when Harry shuddered and dropped to his knees on the shower floor.

"Are you alright Harry?"

"What do you think? Oh Severus we have to do that again."

Severus only smiled in response as he turned the shower off and helped Harry off of the floor and picked up his wand, drying them both off before carrying his love to the bed, joining him there.

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