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Chapter 2

Harry had been led from the council by Elrond, following the elf's echo of footsteps to avoid walking into anything; he was unfamiliar with his surroundings after all.

"Why are you so willing to let me stay here, are you not afraid of me?" Harry asked out of the blue, it had been bugging him. Why was this man, and many others being so kind to him, a stranger who had appeared from nowhere?

Elrond turned to glance at the boy behind him, his eyes locked on the raggedy male. "While a surprise, I'm not afraid of you, nor are many others. You may look intimidating but you're presence shows you're not a threat."

Harry could only shrug as they continued in silence before another thought struck him.

"This Valar you spoke of earlier…" Harry said slowly, wanting to find answers.

He had been flown to this strange world where there seemed to be a war over a ring of power, and Harry was befuddled as to why he had been sent here.

"The Valar have gifted some people of my race with the ability to foresee the future," Elrond said simply, his flowing robes trailing behind him as he swept graciously down the hallway.

So a Seer then, Harry thought to himself, cursing his bad luck with seers and their damn prophecies about how he'd save them all.

"And you had a vision about me?"

Elrond looked over his shoulder, his eyes piercing Harry, looking into his eyes even with the hindrance of the blindfold.


"What did you see?" Harry asked, ignoring the look he was being given as he continued to follow blindly.

"I saw a bloody battlefield with you standing amongst thousands of orcs, fighting alongside the fellowship," Elrond said, "your presence will save many."

"So I have to fight?" Harry asked, sidestepping a tree which had grown inside the building, the elven structure having been based about the scattered trees which dotted the landscape.

"It is your choice, but I will tell you this," the elven male stated, "you shall find happiness here that you will find in no other realm, not even your own."

Harry was surprised, "so you know that I'm not from this place."

"I do," Elrond replied, "as I'm sure a few others will eventually figure it out too. One however you must tell all."

"I must tell? Why on earth would I do that," Harry scoffed.

"Because it will mean everything to you."

Harry rolled his eyes, although Elrond could not see it.

Right, and pigs can fly, Harry thought to himself with a mental snort, oh wait, already made Aunt Marge take to the air, that's close enough.

"Well I think that's bull," Harry simply said in reply.

"You think that now young one," Elrond said as he stopped at a door, holding it open for his guest, "come, this shall be your room for your stay."

"Thank you."

Elrond noticed the state of Harry's clothing and hair as well as the dirt which was covering him. "It seems you're also in need of some new clothing and a bath."

Harry had the decency to blush; he knew that he would have probably looked a little raggedy from his stay in Azkaban.

"Uh…right," the raven said in reply.

"There is a bathroom adjoined to your room, over to the right side of the room, you can bathe there. I will send someone here to take you to get some clothing," Elrond said as he turned to leave the room, "I hope your stay in Rivendell will be pleasant."

"Thank you for your hospitality," Harry replied as he felt the man leave the room, the click of the door behind him letting the wizard know he was alone.

Slowly, he turned around the room, taking in all the various objects which he could sense so he could create a sort of mental picture to guide him. Harry began to make his way across the large room, walking around the large bed which was in his way.

Running his hand along the wall of the room he finally reached wood, assuming it was the bathroom door. Feeling for the knob he turned it, pushing it inwards as he began to same process.

Once he found the bath he proceeded to turn on the taps, keeping a hand under the flow of water as he adjusted it to the right temperature.

Beginning to strip down, he took off everything except his blindfold.

Turning off the taps once he felt the water was deep enough he stepped in, sinking in till he was seated in the bath, letting out a sigh of content as the warm water washed over him.

How long had it been since he had a proper bath? Since his days at Hogwarts most likely, maybe even that time during the Tri Wizard Tournament?

It was a relaxing feeling to be surrounded by warmth like this. Harry accioed soap to himself and began to wash all the dirt and grime off, even his hair was given a good untangling.

Once he found himself fully clean he stepped out of the bath, droplets of water cascading down his toned body, pooling in small puddles around his feet.

He accioed a towel to him, not being able to see since his blindfold was still in place, wrapping it tightly around his middle as he ran his fingers through his long wet locks.

Harry sensed the door to his room open as he stepped out of the bathroom to confront them, curious and also unaware of his current state of dress which he forgot about in favor of finding out who was entering the room.

"Do you always happen to enter other people's rooms without knocking?" Harry stated, arms crossed along his still wet chest, hair still dripping droplets of water onto the carpet.

Arwen blushed at the state of the male, face bright red as she ducked her head to avoid staring, her pale white skin dusted pink.

"I do apologize for my rudeness," Arwen said, still avoiding the gaze of the male as to not look at his bare body, "my father sent me to get you some clothing…which I can see you are in need of."

Harry noted that she was female, obviously from her voice.

"The daughter of Lord Elrond then?" he said simply for the confirmation.

"Yes, my name is Arwen," said lady replied, introducing herself.

"I'm Harry, nice to meet you Arwen."

"As it is you," was the melodic reply of her voice.

She must be quite beautiful, if her voice is any indication of what she looks like, Harry mussed to himself, actually it seems as if a lot of these people have this sense of peace and serenity about them. I wonder why…

The elf maiden shifted in her spot silently, alerting Harry to her presence still there.

"Oh right, clothing," Harry said, recalling her earlier words.

He turned, looking over his shoulder, his eyes seeking her out even behind cloth, "I'll be one moment."

Arwen merely nodded, waiting patiently.

Harry returned to the bathroom, giving his current clothing a scorgify to remove the stains on it for the sake of Arwen, who he didn't think would take to well to walk along with a man who smelt.

Exiting, Harry was still barefoot as he walked back to Arwen.

"Lead the way fair lady," Harry said with a small bow in her direction to which Arwen blushed, although it was hidden from the male's view.

The Elvin female walked through the doors, back down the corridor with Harry trailing behind her,

"I have heard from father that Mithrandir is curious about your powers," Arwen said softly, striking up conversation to fill the silence which hung between them as they walked.

Harry kept quiet, having no idea who this 'Mithrandir' is.

"They say, you are one of the 'Istari'," she continued, her eyes glancing over her shoulder to him before they turned back to looking where she was going.

"So they say," Harry commented nonchalantly.

"You are young, even amongst the fellowship you are the youngest," Arwen stated.

"What? Those little people are really that old?" Harry asked.

"Hobbits are small creatures, but their age is deceiving from their stature," Arwen stated, "peaceful and relaxed is the life of a hobbit, or so Mithrandir told me anyway from his stories."

Harry merely nodded, not knowing what else to say.

This world was strange and new, with all sorts of magical creatures which he had never heard of or was totally unheard of where beginning to intrigue Harry who had always been the curious type.

Arwen lead the long haired raven into a large room, holding open the door for him to step through.

Smiling he did so, smelling the fabrics within the room easily, the smells of satin was familiar after all.

"Lord Elrond asked of me to bring you our guest, he is in some need of clothing for his stay as well as his journey," Arwen said to the Elven tailor, speaking in soft elvish.

"Understood Milady," the woman said in soft reply as well.

"I'm Harry nice to meet you," said male said in Elvish, the earlier spell he had cast automatically making him adjust to his surrounding language which just happened to be Elvish.

Both women in the room were surprised by this, evident on their faces although Harry couldn't see he could tell by the terse silence which filled the room.

Arwen shook herself from her surprise, clearing her throat as she asked in Westron again, "so you can speak Elvish Mor Dulin."

Black bird…really? Harry mussed to himself, the words she spoke being translated in his head to make sense.

"It's a uh…spell which I used on myself which lets me speak any language I hear…" Harry said, rubbing the back of his head with an awkward smile.

He had heard the language earlier today too when Aragon had spoken it too, but it had only been those few words.

Arwen just cocked a brow at that, it was certainly like no magic she had heard that an Istari could use, but from what she had heard from others who had been present at the meeting was that this Harry had fallen from the sky, seemingly from nowhere.

"Well Harry, I leave you here with Hanòn, she will see that you are dressed and have clothing for your travels," Arwen said, smiling to the said male who smiled back.

"Thank you Arwen for you time," Harry said with a small bow, still keeping in mind that she was a princess.

"I will come back in an hour or so, you should be done by then."

Arwen then left, her long dress trailing out behind her as she left the raven haired male to get his clothing made tailor fit to his frame.

"Well I guess I'm in you care then, Hanòn," Harry said politely, smiling.

It was then that he had been measured with a tape, from his shoulder to his fingertips and his feet to his chest and his collar to his waist; it was all written out from the scratching on parchment that he could hear.

In no time at all Harry was clothed in perfectly fit robe made of a pale silver material which felt like nothing he had ever felt before, much softer than satin. It seemed to have a split up the sides, letting it flow easily as he was handed a pair of black leggings to wear beneath that, and a pair of what seemed to be black leather boots.

He had also been given a tunic which he had been told was dyed black, with a pair of light brown leather pants which seemed to be a second skin when he had tried them on. Hanòn had also made him another tunic shirt which was a button up white shirt made of a sturdy material, although it was soothing to the touch and not course or rough.

Overall, Hanòn had clapped in delight at his new appearance, having insisted on doing his hair as well much to his disapproval, but he really couldn't resist considering he was the one who was being treated to all this, having no form of money to pay them for it at all.

So there he was now, dressed in silver with black boots, the material falling to the floor as the side split of the robe which started at the waist exposed the black of his leggings. His hair was done in a braid, falling down his back and the ribbon was secure around his face.

Hanòn did not question his blindfold, no one had so far and he was surprised yet thankful for this.

He'd rather people not know about why he kept his blindfold, the last time people had found out they had locked him away in a jail cell to rot for the rest of eternity.

As promised, Arwen had returned just in time as Hanòn had been trying to convince Harry to put flowers into his braid and he had been adamantly refusing.

"Ah Harry, I see you have finished?" Arwen asked, noting with a smile of his clothing, "you did well Hanòn."

"Thank you Milady," Hanòn said with a curtsey of her own flowing gown, her head bowed.

"Come now Harry, I'm sure that you will be needing some replenishments, we shall be having lunch soon, would you like to join us?" Arwen asked.

"I would, very much but I'm really quite tired, I think I may retire to get some sleep," Harry said, rubbing the back of his head.

"I understand, I'll inform father," Arwen said with a smile, "I hope you sleep well. Oh, you do recall the way back to your room from here correct?"

"I do, and please do apologize for me," Harry replied, turning to Hanòn he said, "and thank you too Hanòn, for these lovely clothing. I'll cherish them, and try not to destroy them."

"No problem Istari," Hanòn said in reply, her smile mischievous but still held that kind tone all the elves seemed to hold.

Harry really was fascinated, but as he bade both women goodbye and began to make his way back to his room.

Harry had to wonder what was going to come.

For some reason, he had this terrible sense of foreboding that something big was going to happen, and he didn't know whether it would be for the better or for the worse.

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