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A piercing scream echoed through Godric's Hollow. A boy of 5 cowered in the darkest corner of his room, blood gushing from a large wound in his leg as he attempted to scramble away from the dark shadow looming over him.

"P-please daddy... I-I'm sorry... No more... Please!" the little boy sobbed, but that only served to make his father angrier.

Soon enough, there was another scream and the boy's vision went black. He cherished the relief unconsciousness gave him.

The next morning he was awoken by a loud rapping on the door, signalling it was time to get up and begin his chores. As he moved from his mattress on the floor, he winced in pain having forgotten about his wounds from the night before. Carefully he shifted his weight onto the other leg and hobbled over to his special medical box to bind his leg for the day. The blow to his head that had knocked him unconscious hadn't actually left too much of a mark, only a small gash above his left eyebrow.

Every week his timetable was the same, except if his 'parents' had something important they needed him to do or if it was his birthday. Unfortunately for the dark haired child, today was his 6th birthday and also a Thursday. If it were any normal Thursday, he would be doing the laundry and tending to the garden however today he was to clean the entire manor from top to bottom, tend the garden and cook a 3 course meal for his jailors and their friends. The child was relieved that the gardening was still scheduled, as he was desperate to see his little friend.

His day sped by fast as he cleaned the 8 guest bedrooms, family dining room, formal dining room, formal living room, library, family room, entrance hall, study, potions lab, duelling room, bathrooms and kitchen until they were all spotless. He also prepared 12 starters consisting of a rare type of quail egg with salmon and tomato bruschetta, roast beef with all the trimmings, and a large triple layer Victoria sponge cake with a cheese board for after.

Once he'd had all of that checked off he was sent out to the back garden to de-weed and make sure it looked exceptional for the company later. The little boy ran down to the rock garden in the corner to see if his friend was there, which of course she was. She never left.

"Good Evening my snakeling, Happy Birthday. Why are you limping? Have the humans not been kind to you today?"

"Thanks Nagini! I… I hurt my leg last night, that's all…"

At that the snake hissed angrily, sensing the obvious lie. "Do not lie to me! I heard the screams last night, as did every other creature in a 10ft radius! If these vile humans cannot treat you as you deserve I shall take you somewhere you will be treated as a prince. You will never have to lift a finger again. Do you wish this?"

The boy nodded eagerly, his one wish being offered to him so casually and started stroking the scales of his rather not so little friend. The snake in question was as large as an anaconda, with the mixed markings of a python and a boa constrictor. As she slowly started to move away she hissed a final parting message to the soon to be free child.

"Two days from now, as the sun sets, meet me once again by this rock. I will take you somewhere better. Do not be late." And with that, she left. The boy finished up in the garden and slowly went back inside, looking forward to Saturday.

Two days and several beatings later, the youngling hobbled up the stairs to his sorry excuse of a room. All of his things had been packed that morning, not that he had many things. Sighing he looked in his mirror. For a 6 year old he was still abnormally small, as well as half starved. He had horrific bruising all over his face and neck, a split lip and the cut above his left eye. Thankfully with clothes on the more extensive injuries weren't visible. He didn't want Nagini's friend to see him in such a state or they may not want him! Just as the sun was setting, he softly stroked the scar on his forehead. It was shaped like a lightning bolt, and was the only thing he liked about himself. He hated the bright green eyes and the constantly messy black hair, but most of all he hated his small, abused and skinny body.

He tore his gaze from the mirror, grabbed his bag and quietly but quickly snuck downstairs. He'd learned to be unnoticeable by the time he was 3 so as not to disturb the monsters that he lived with. He quickly dodged past the room they were in and out of the back door.

He met Nagini by the rock and grinned at her as she wrapped herself around his petite waist. Suddenly he felt a hook-like pull on his navel and everything started spinning. However it ended as quickly as it started and he found himself in front of a large dark foreboding manor with Nagini nudging him forward with her head. The boy gulped, feeling extremely intimidated by the dark shadowy structure and the large stone snakes by the entrance gates.

He slowly walked forward, feeling more and more nervous with each step until he suddenly stopped. He was a mere few feet away from the door but he couldn't move any further from fear. By the doorway stood a dark cloaked figure with the darkest of magics surrounding him. The figured visibly sighed and came down the steps to where he stood.

"Nagini my pet, is this the abused Potter child you requested be brought here?"

"Yess master, his name is Harry. I couldn't leave him there any longer. The boy is in dire need of medical aid."

At her words he glanced at Harry, who looked like he was about to collapse, and what could have been mistaken for a smile graced over his lips. At that point, although he'd desperately been trying to stay conscious in front of the extremely powerful man, Harry fainted.