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Last chapter:

"It seems Edward here has some information pertaining to a Newborn Army in the South, and a leader we have been after since the 1800s."

Caius smiled a small smile, he enjoyed taking out the camps and nothing was better than capturing an extremely overdue kill.

"I'd be happy to help you, Edward, but it seems sending my forces to destroy this camp and save the girl from our guard and the future seer is worth more than some information on your dear family and the camps," Aro said with a sick smile, and I knew what he was asking; I had thought long and hard about it. After this was done, my family would be torn apart, and I would still be without a mate. Surprisingly, this was an easier decision than I thought it would be.

"I not only offer this information, but I offer my loyalty and service to the guard." Aro beamed with my answer, he never thought I would agree.

"This girl must be very special to you," Marcus said from beside Aro. Marcus was the least cold of the brothers; losing his love, Didyme, had changed him forever.

"Yes, she is. It's my fault she got dragged into this world and I need to fix it."

"Very well then. I'll have Gianna set a room for you, and in a few hours time, you can meet with Caius, Felix and Demetri. They'll be leading the attack on the camp," Aro said, patting my shoulder.

As I walked with Gianna to my room, all I could think about was I was setting things right. I could never make it up to either Bella or Jasper, but I was going to try really hard. I wasn't going to let Alice win.

Jasper's POV

Confusion, anger, hurt, betrayal. You could pick any of them and you would be able to describe how I was feeling. Our simple trip to Forks had become a nightmare. My anger was focused on one person and one person only: Alice.

Her actions mostly left me confused. Bella was nowhere near a threat to their perfect family. For the last ten years she had been living a private hell with no intention of seeking out the family that left her alone and broken. So the only question left was why would Alice declare Bella a threat? And did she know what was really happening all these years? Did she know that my Bella was suffering? Did she know the torture my mate endured daily? My anger boiled over and soon the book in my hands was destroyed. Over the last two weeks my anger had destroyed many things.

The information Rose and Emmett brought to us was a shock, but it changed everything in our lives. With the knowledge about the vegetarian lifestyle, I had become convinced drinking from humans was the right thing to do, and I regretted the decades spent with those people I called family.

Then there was the news of the Volturi; it had us all on edge, we had no idea when Alice would go to them, and who knew how the Volturi would react. I wanted to believe the brothers would give us a chance to prove our innocence, but the Volturi weren't known for reason. Peter, on the other hand, was convinced the guard would arrive and execute us immediately, and for that reason, he had taken to running training daily and was a stickler for making us stay in pairs when we went out.

My thoughts were interrupted by the front door slamming shut and Peter's loud voice. "God dammit, Bella! Stop being such a baby!"

"Fuck you, Peter! I'm not a baby; I told you I can't do it!" Bella growled out.

I made my way downstairs. I didn't like how Peter was talking to my mate, and I wanted to know why she was so upset.

"There's a difference between can't and won't!" Peter yelled back. I reached the foyer just as Bella lunged for him, and I caught her with a second to spare.

"Let me go, Jasper!" she yelled as she fought against me.

"No, not till you calm down and someone tells me what the hell is going on." The two of them had been at each other's throats every time they came back from training. Neither of them would say why, but it was going to end today.

Peter was the first to respond, "Your mate is being a baby."

"And your brother is a jackass, who doesn't understand the meaning of 'I can't'," Bella growled.

"You can, you just choose not to," Peter yelled.

I felt Bella's anger spike, so I tightened my hold on her before she could lunge again. "You're an asshole," she growled at Peter.

"Enough, Bella," I said with warning.

"At least I'm not coward," Peter retorted.

I was getting mad; I didn't want the family fighting, but it angered me more when Peter insulted my mate. "I said enough! Now someone better tell me what the fuck is going on in the next five seconds or so help me God!" I commanded; enough was enough.

Peter turned his stare to Bella. "If you won't tell him, I will."

A scowl crossed Bella's face. "It's none of your business, Peter! Why can't you just let it go?"

I removed my hold on Bella and turned her face towards mine. "Bella, what aren't you telling me?" I was concerned, but I was more scared of how bad it could really be.

Bella remained quiet, but she couldn't hide the sadness she was feeling.

"She's gifted, Major," Peter said like it was some kind of secret.

I turned to look at him. "I know. She's a shield; she has been since she was human. It's the reason Edward couldn't hear her thoughts or why, at points, I can't tell what she's feeling."

"That's what you told him?" Peter asked Bella, staring at her with intensity.

"I didn't tell him anything!" Bella said defensively. It was true, we never discussed her power, it was never important, and I was concerned it would bring back bad memories for her.

"Tell him or I will, Bella. I'm not a scaredy cat."

"Peter, enough!" I yelled, warning him with my eyes to knock it the hell off. I turned to Bella, "Bella, please, darlin', tell me what's wrong?" I asked.

She looked up at me for the first time since this started, and I could see the venom pooling in her eyes. "I am a shield, but shortly after my first year as a vampire I discovered I am a physical shield as well. But like I told that jackass," she said, pointing at Peter, "I haven't been able to produce one in over two years."

"Why?" I asked, confused. I wasn't angry she hid it, obviously there was more to the story than Peter or I knew.

The look on her face broke my heart, and I saw Peter's face soften. "Sugar, tell us why," he said, all evidence of the fight before gone from his voice.

Bella snorted in reply; she wasn't buying it. "Don't pretend like you care, Peter. If you did you wouldn't have done this!" she yelled. Peter flinched from her words, but before he could respond an emotional volcano erupted from Bella. "You wanna know why I can't produce a shield? Have you ever been held down and forced to produce one to protect yourself from being attacked by angry newborns to prove the durability? How about being denied blood for six weeks while you were forced to keep your shield up to protect the bitch torturing you when there was a threat?"

I was frozen, unsure of how to respond. My heart broke knowing the torture she endured, and how she had kept this hidden; however my anger was greater - not at Bella, but at Maria. I knew the torture her gifted soldiers were put through; the one shield we had acquired during my time at the camps eventually committed suicide, just walked right into the fire in front of everyone. Maria loved to test their durability by denying them blood and making them weak. They were her lifeline when danger came, and she wanted to make sure she would be protected at all costs. Images filled my mind of my beautiful Bella being held down by some faceless soldiers while angry rabid newborns lunged at her. I felt sick to my stomach.

I turned to my mate, the memories of the past obvious in her eyes; the spark that had returned during our time together was now gone, replaced with fear. If it wasn't for the un-shed tears in her eyes that would never fall, the cold demeanor on her face would concern me. It reminded me so much of myself all those years ago before Peter came back for me. From the look on his face, he saw it too.

Bella's voice broke my thoughts, her voice sounded hard and her emotions were blank to me; she sounded nothing like my sweet girl. "I'm going for a run. I'll be back before sunset." She took off without another word.

I knew where she was going, and I wasn't going to let her sit and hurt by herself, but first I need a word with Peter. I turned to him, his concern for Bella was evident on his face, but he was fearful of what I was going to do to him. "You should have come to me privately. You and I both know the horrors of the camp. You don't think Maria would have discovered she was a physical shield? Do you not remember what happened to the last shield Maria got her hands on?" I could see the sadness in his features, those memories never went away, and all we could do was try to ignore them.

"I'm sorry, Major, but I know if it comes down to a fight with the Volturi, her shield would be key. It could be the difference between life or death."

"I know and I'll talk to her about it, but I'm not going to push her. Maria took it easy on us, we don't know what kind of hell she was put through, and the mental anguish she suffered may have destroyed her ability." There was so much unknown about how a vampire could be gifted, it was very possible her shield was controlled by her emotions and, from what I knew about Maria, it was possible she would never produce a shield again.

"I get it, Major, but I think she's scared more than anything. I'm starting to think the shield brings back bad memories, she needs to use good memories to replace the bad ones." Peter's words hit me like lightening, bringing an idea. I had to find Bella.

I headed for the door, but before I opened it, I turned to Peter and said, "You will be apologizing to her when we get back, and if you don't, I'm telling Char." I didn't wait for his response, but I heard a groan as I jumped off the steps.

Between her scent and the pull in my heart, I had no need to truly focus, besides I knew she'd be at the falls, she loved them. The Whitlock property was huge because we like our privacy. Before we came back here, Char had some renovations done, including a small pond and mechanical waterfall. Bella loved spending time there, and when she was having a bad day it's where I could usually find her.

As I cut through the trees that hid the pond from view I saw her. Her head was on her knees and her arms were wrapped around her tiny frame, like she was holding herself together. Her long chestnut hair covered her face from my view, but I could still hear her small sobs. I didn't have to move much closer before she knew I was there, her glistening black orbs looked up at me, the color of her eyes always matched her mood, the reason I was hoping my theory would work.

"What are you doing here, Jazz?" she asked sadly, her broken voice much different from her departure.

I sat down beside her and pulled her into my lap. Her scent washed over me, and the ache in my chest vanished as she entered my arms. "You're hurting. I'm not going to let you hurt alone."

She looked up at me with question in her eyes. "You're not mad at me?"

"Mad at you? Darin', why would I be mad at you?" I asked her, stunned.

"'Cause I didn't tell you," she said softly.

"Bella, I get why you didn't, I don't blame you. Yes, I wish you told me so I could help you, but if you weren't ready, there's no reason for anger. Peter shouldn't have pushed you, and he will be apologizing."

Bella laughed, a sound very dear to my heart, especially when she was feeling sad. Her eyes were now the bright red they should be. "Why? Did you go all Major on him?"

I chuckled, shaking my head; I didn't need to go all 'Major' on him when his mate had him by the balls. I enjoyed seeing Bella smile, but we still had to talk.

"Did you want to talk about it?" I asked quietly.

She sighed but nodded. "I've tried, Jasper, but it doesn't work. If I could make it happen, it could have saved me a lot of problems at the camp. Don't you think I would have done it? No matter what I do, it won't happen."

I could only imagine Maria's rage when she discovered her shield had lost its power, the punishment would have been severe and we were both lucky Maria hadn't killed her. She must have been one hell of a soldier.

"I know you would have. I have a theory, and if you feel up to it, I wanted to see if it works."

"Peter's already tried everything from jumping at me from the tops of trees to throwing rocks at me," she complained.

I growled in response, "He did what?"

Bella's eyes widened and she clapped a hand over her mouth. "Shit! I wasn't supposed to say that."

I groaned in response. My stupid brother was going to get it when I got back. I knew those things wouldn't hurt her, but it was still too far. "Peter will get what's coming to him. My theory involves nothing being thrown at you, I promise. Besides I'm not Peter," I said with a smirk.

Bella laughed. "You sure as hell aren't. Okay let's try." I knew she was scared, but she wouldn't be for long.

I stood up, cradling her in my arms before gently placing her on her feet. I kissed her cheek before backing away slightly. "Now you can control your mental shield, correct?" I asked, and she nodded in response. "What do you think about when you put it up?"

"I just think that I want my privacy. There was a mind reader at the camp and when I first discovered how to use my shield I would focus severely on how much I didn't want him to hear me. I wasn't sure if it was just Edward who couldn't hear me, but one day he came to me and told me my mind was a complete blank to him, that's how I knew my shield was working."

"Good. Now when you could produce a physical shield what caused it?"

Bella turned her eyes away from mine. "Fear," she said sadly. I needed no explanation, but it helped. I was getting more confident my experiment would work.

I moved towards her and placed my hand on her cheek. "No sad thoughts, you'll never experience something like that again, I promise," I said, kissing her forehead. I would keep her safe; nothing was more valuable than her. Not even my own life.

"Darlin', I want you to think of your happiest memory. Don't tell me what it is, but let me feel it. Close your eyes and drop your shield," I said as I slowly backed away. If this worked I didn't want to be in the way.

She did as I said, and her emotions hit me, nervousness, excitement, and fear. "Remember every detail, remember how you felt at that exact moment, remember what words were spoken, if any."

I don't have time to brace before I felt it. I felt the warmth of her happiness, and I felt an almost thumping of my dead heart. I felt nothing but love, happiness, and hope. I would ask her later what memory she had chosen.

"Now, when I say so I want you to focus on your physical shield. Just like you always do," I explained and she nodded. "Focus, Bella!"

I felt her hesitation. I waited as the warm fuzzies left her, and her determination kicked in. A second later I felt it, fear, loneliness, and pure terror all mixed into one.

"Think of that happy memory, darlin, but remember your shield." The minute I felt her warm fuzzies appear again I blasted them at her full force, erasing any of the dark feelings. "Your shield, Bella. Use your shield!"

Suddenly I was knocked on to my ass. After my initial shock wore off I looked up and discovered the cause. A blue glitter ball had encased Bella, almost like she was in a bubble. I smiled, overjoyed, and said, "Open your eyes, Bella."

She slowly opened them, and when she did and saw her shield she gasped, her shock popping the bubble, but it didn't matter because she had done it.

"I did it!" she yelled excitedly.

I grinned and ran to her, picking her up and spinning her around. "I knew you could," I said before kissing her.

I placed her on her feet; her smile was wider than I had seen it recently. "Can we do it again?" she asked happily. I couldn't deny her.

We spent the next hour messing around with her shield, and after only a few attempts, she no longer needed my gift to produce it. She proved she could defend herself from oncoming attacks, though it wasn't something I liked doing with her, and besides running into her shield full force actually hurt. I had gotten curious and asked her what memory she had chosen; when she told me it was the day that I told her I loved her, my heart soared. I had one more thing I wanted to try with her before we headed back; she would need to feed after exerting her shield so much, but I was curious.

"Bella, do you think you could still shield another as well as yourself?" I didn't want to think negative, but if the guard did show up to execute us, Bella could shield herself as well as Rose and Charlotte and get to safety. Peter, Emmett and I had a very emotionally deep conversation one night about the reality that, if it came down to a fight, we would sacrifice ourselves for our mates. There really was no question about it.

"Maybe," she said, very unsure. I could tell she was concerned she would fail.

"I want you to focus on your shield, but I want you to also think about shielding me."

It only took a minute, and soon I could see the blue shimmer surrounding us. I was amazed how easy she had accomplished it; she didn't even have to close her eyes. "Bella, how are you doing this?" I asked, bewildered, but so very proud.

"I don't know, but all I had to do was think about protecting you from danger and it appeared. You mean more to me than anything, even my gift knows that," she said with a smile.

I wrapped my arms around her, and brought her lips to mine. "You are my world, Bella. I love you more than I could ever say."

She pecked my lips gently. "I love you too, Jazz." Those words always brought a smile to my face.

"What do you say we head back? You need to feed and so does Em, it'd be good for you guys to go together."

"Yeah, it just so happens the hulk needs to feed when I do. Could you be any more obvious about trying to protect me?" she said with a laugh. She had me, but it wasn't a complete lie; Em really did need to feed.

"Sue me, alright. I just want you to be safe. Besides, Rosalie fed with Charlotte and Peter yesterday, and I just don't have the will power to put up with him, he listens to you way more," I explained, causing her to laugh.

"Well I guess I'll take pity on you, but you owe me!" she said with a smirk.

"I'll repay the minute you are home," I said, giving her a quick kiss.

"Well then what are we waiting for? Let's get this over with so I can get home," she said with a wink before taking off.

I shook my head with a laugh and took off after her; we arrived at the house at the same time. Bella went in, calling for Em. When she mentioned going into town, a loud whoop came from his and Rosalie's room, followed by a door slamming shut. In an instant he was downstairs, ready to go. He exclaimed something about bonding time, and dragged a waving Bella out the door, blowing me a kiss before it was slammed shut.

I shook my head with a laugh and headed for my study. I figured I could get some reading in before Bella returned. I sat in my overly large chair and started to read; Bella had found me a large almost encyclopedia type book on the Civil War, it was one of the few I didn't have and was more accurate than most. I was thoroughly enjoying my book when my cell phone rang. I was confused considering everyone who normally called was home except Bella and Emmett, so I looked at the caller ID. When I saw that familiar 206 area code, I was concerned. Only one person in Seattle would be calling me, and they only called with bad news.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Mr. Jasper, it's Jenks. I'm sorry for calling, but it's very important."

"What is it?" I asked concerned, I had a very bad feeling about this call.

"Mr. Jasper, you asked for me to keep an eye on one Renee Dwyer for you and call if anything was to come up." My heart sunk. I had him keep an eye on both her parents when I thought she was dead, it was the reason I knew of Charlie's sickness. I hoped nothing had happened to her mother.

"What's happened?"

"Mr. Jasper, I'm sorry to tell you this, but Renee and Phil Dwyer were in an automobile accident just outside San Diego last night. They were hit head on by a drunk driver. When police showed up, they had already passed."

All I could think was: no!

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