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Last Chapter:

Everyone took off to do their jobs, leaving a stunned Bella and slightly shocked me behind. "Did that really just happen?" Bella asked.

I laughed, nodding. "Yes, darlin'. I told you they would be happy."

"But what if we don't get her? We shouldn't have them go through all this and then find out we can't take custody." She was scared this would all be for nothing, but she was more scared at the prospect of never seeing her sister and her going in to a foster home.

"Darlin' they will choose what's in the best interest for her, and after everything is said and done, we will be the best option for her. Don't worry too much, you're starting to sound like Peter," I said with a laugh, nudging her shoulder and causing her to smile. "Now come on, let's go pack so we can spend some much needed alone time together while the others are busy."

I needed her in my arms for a little bit, and she needed some time to think and grieve and she wouldn't do it alone. We were in this together; we'd been through much worse and came out the other end okay. We were going to go to San Diego and bring Kimberly home, everything else will come afterwards.

Jasper's POV

We arrived in San Diego the previous night, and with some luck the next morning was perfectly overcast. We had a meeting with the worker on Kim's case at 9:30 and were currently on our way, in our rental car. Bella had called them the previous morning, after being transferred about ten times we reached the worker, Jessica Ramsay. She was thrilled when Bella explained her relation to Kim and her hope to become Kim's legal guardian, and she was even happier when she found out we would be in San Diego the following morning. She gave us the information we needed, and a list of documents that would be required from us, luckily Jenks had done is research and had sent us everything we could possibly need, he would definitely be receiving a bonus.

As we pulled up to the building, I felt Bella's nerves pick up. The last twenty-four hours had been tough on her, and I was concerned the thought of getting Kim home with us was stopping her from grieving over the loss of her mother and step-father.

I parked and turned to Bella who had been silently looking out the window. "You okay, Darlin'?"

She turned to face me, her eyes very similar to her human eyes thanks to the contacts we were wearing. "Yeah, I'm just nervous. What if she says no?"

"She won't, and if she does, it;'s not the end of it. I will get us the best lawyer money can buy, and fight for her. I promise."

She leaned over and kissed me gently. "Thank you, for everything."

"No need for thanks, Darlin'. We should head in so we're not late.," I said before kissing her cheek and getting out of the car.

I walked around and opened Bella's door for her offering her my hand. We walked into the building hand-in-hand, and entered the elevator, Bella pushing the button for the seventh floor. Her nerves rose with each floor, but as we reached our destination they disappeared and determination kicked in.

We gave out names to the receptionist who smiled kindly, and told us to take a seat as she picked up the floor. I kept Bella's hand in mine, rubbing my thumb across the top of hers, calming both of us. We didn't wait long and soon a woman, in her mid-twenties with red hair pulled messily on the top of her head, and bright blue eyes covered by rectangular black frames walked through the glass door separating the offices from the waiting room. She approached us smiling brightly.

"Mister and Misses Whitlock, it's wonderful to meet you. I'm Jessica we spoke on the phone," she said extending her hand to us.

"It's nice to meet you too," Bella said shaking her hand.

"Why don't you follow me to my office where we can chat and start some paperwork," she said with a smile, motioning for us to follow her.

We followed her down a long corridor, offices lining both sides, until we reached the farthest corner office. She opened the door and lead us inside, "Please have a seat," she said motioning to the two black leather chairs, as she made her way around the large oak desk, and took a seat opposite from us.

"Now, I'm going to be honest and straight to the point with you. Pending all your paperwork, background checks and references comeback clean, myself and my bosses are prepared to put Kimberly in your custody," she said with a large smile.

Bella and I turned to each other both with grins on our face.

"Now that's the reaction I wanted to see," Jessica said happily, with a clap of her hands. "Now comes the fun part, the paperwork," she said sarcastically, pulling out two large stacks of paper. Thank God we were vampires, a human would have carpal tunnel by the time they were done. "I'll also need both your government ids, social insurance cars, and marriage certificate to make photo copies of."

Bella dug through her purse pulling out the envelope full of our paper documents and her wallet, as I stood pulling my wallet from my back pocket. Bella handed Jessica everything and I placed mine in front of her.

"I love it when everyone is prepared," Jessica said happily turning to a small printer/photocopier on her desk. "Why don't you guys get started on that mountain while I take care of this."

We each grabbed a set of papers and started, if we didn't have to keep the human charade we could have been done in minutes. I was on my tenth signature, when Jessica started asking questions, some she had asked on the phone, but I was sure she was just making sure our stories hadn't changed.

We reiterated the story we had concocted, Bella and Renee didn't know about each other until Bella turned seventeen and sought out Renee, when Bella's mother revealed she had a half-sister. They kept in contact through letters and phone calls, but when Bella moved to Texas they lost touch.

"It's a shame when that happens," Jessica said with a small sad smile. "Why did you move to Texas?" she asked.

"Shortly after Bella and I married, my parents passed. They left us their house and land, just outside Houston, as well as a large sum of money. We had just finished college and decided to start our lifes there where we could have a home of our own and focus on our lives as a married couple and our careers," I explained, relaying the rest of our story.

"Were you two high school sweethearts?" She asked with a smile.

"Sadly no. I lived in Texas all my life, and Bella lived in Florida. We met my sophomore year at NYU. I saw her from across the cafeteria and I just knew, it was love at first sight. I proposed a year later and we were married shortly after Bella graduated," I said with a smile in Bella's direction.

It wasn't a complete lie, when I saw Bella her first day in Forks, there was something there, but I was blind and brainwashed by the Cullens.

"That's a lovely story, it's so nice to see a couple who has been together as long as you two have and still in love," she said smiling. "Now the next part of this process, I'm going to have to ask a few, potentially uncomfortable questions, and I apologize in advance," Jessica said as she pulled out a list of questions.

"It's no problem," Bella responded, but I could feel her nerves kick in to overdrive.

"The first question I need to ask is, do you plan on having children of your own, and if so do you think it would affect your relationship with Kim?"

"No, we are unable to have children, I'm infertile, but even if a miracle happened my relationship with Kim would never change, she is my blood," Bella said, she knew this question would be coming and had been preparing her answer.

"I'm so sorry, that must have been very difficult to deal with," Jessica responded with nothing but sympathy.

"It was at first, but I've known for a long time children weren't an option so I was able to move on."

"I'm glad to hear that. Now next question isn't so personal, it's about your employment and finances. Now I know you said your parents had left you a sum of money, but do you feel that you could comfortably support Kim financially, and are your wok hours flexible? If so do you have any documentation to support it, because I will need it."

Bella dug through the envelope as I spoke; "The money I received from my parents went into a high interest saving account, and with the help of an adviser I made some investments, we could live quite comfortably with the money,and still have enough to send Kim to any college she wanted." I responded and Jessica smiled nodding her head as she wrote down my answer. "As for our work hours it wouldn't be a problem, I'll be starting a job at the local high school in September as a freshman/sophomore history teacher, so I'll be working while Kim is in school."

"What about you, Bella?" Jessica asked.

Bella handed her our documentation before speaking," I work mostly from home, I work at a publishing company in New York, I'm only needed at the local office in Houston once a week for progress meetings and they always end by noon," Bella said.

"Excellent! Do you have childcare set up for in case your work keeps you longer? If so I will need their contact information written here," Jessica said handing Bella a form to fill out.

"My brother, Peter and his wife Charlotte live next door to us, Peter works at a local farm, but his wife works from home and has already claimed babysitting responsibility," I said causing Jessica to laugh lightly. "We also have our friends Rosalie and Emmett McCarty, we've been friends since we moved to Texas five years ago, and are really more like family."

"Wonderful, now as for Kim's schooling you will be responsible for finding her a school in your town and once enrolled we will need to send us documentation proving she has been registered."

"Not a problem," I answered.

Before Jessica could speak again, her office phone rang, she apologized for the interruption before picking up, I could hear the receptionist's voice float through the phone notifying Jessica that 'they' had arrived, it must have been good news because she smiled and hung up.

"If you'll excuse me for a moment I have something to take care of, why don't you finish off that paperwork," she said getting up from her chair and walking out.

We were able to finish the paperwork with more speed once she had left, and in a matter of moments I was signing the bottom of the last page. As I put the pen down on her desk, the door opened and Jessica walked back in.

"Now I have a bit of a surprise for you, I have had Kim brought from the home she has been staying at to meet you." I could feel Bella's joy wash over the room, she wanted to see her more than anything.

"We've set her up in the meeting room with her caregiver, before anything gets approved we want to make sure she is comfortable with you. You will be alone, but the room is completely covered in windows. I was only able to swing about half an hour, but it'll give you time to get to know each other and give me time to photocopy everything and get you your copies of the paperwork. Are you ready to meet her?" Jessica asked with a smile.

We both nodded our agreement and followed Jessica out of the office, we followed her down the hallway to the left of her office, at the end of the hallway we saw the open room, and a middle aged woman sitting on a couch. When we reached the room, we saw her, sitting there on the couch beside the woman, her hair was brown, long and wavy, when she looked up at us I saw her beautiful bright blue eyes, so similar to my own as a human. Her face reminded me very much of a younger Bella, a sight that caused my dead heart to clench.

"Bella and Jasper Whitlock, this is Susan Ambers the director of the home Kimberly is staying at," Jessica said introducing us to the woman who politely shook our hands. "And the little lady sitting beside her is Kimberly." Kim blushed and waved slightly, her shyness was radiating off her, but as she focused intently on Bella there was another emotion shining brightly, and that was recognition, which worried me.

"We're going to leave and give you guys some time to talk. Kim, remember if you need me I'll be just outside," Susan said before following Jessica out the door.

Once they were gone, Bella bent down to Kim's eye level, smiling brightly. "Hi, Kim. I'm Bella and this is Jasper," Bella said pointing in my direction.

"I know who you are, your my sister. Mommy and daddy showed me your pictures, and told me that you lived with the angels now," Kimberly responded, sending me into a state of shock and Bella's eyes to fill with tears that would never fall. We hadn't accounted for her possibly recognizing Bella.

Bella wrapped her arms around Kim, who wrapped her tiny arms around Bella's neck while Bella spoke quietly in her ear. "You're right I am your sister, but you can not tell anyone that, okay?" Bella said pulling away to look Kim in the eyes. " I'll explain it to you in time, but they can't find out or you won't be able to come stay with us," Bella whispered, the fear of loosing her because of our secret terrified her.

Kim was slightly confused but nodded and pretended to zip her mouth closed causing Bella and I to chuckle. Kim turned to look at me but quickly turned away blushing, "Is he your boyfriend?" Kim asked Bella with a giggle. Bella turned and took my hand pulling me to the ground closer to them, "Yes, he is," Bella said smiling at Kim.

"You're pretty," Kim said looking at me, causing Bella to fall into a fit of giggles.

"Well thank you, sweetheart, but I think you are much prettier than me," I said sincerely. She blushed again causing a pull on my heartstrings, and wrapped her arms around my neck giving me hug. At that moment she had me wrapped around her little finger and I knew I would do anything for her.

"Do I get to come live with you?" Kim asked shyly, moving her arms from around me and looking at me and Bella with hope.

"We hope so, Kim, but we won't know for a little bit," Bella said sadly, and Kim's face fell a little. "Do you want to come live with us?" Bella asked.

Kim's smile was back in full force while she nodded enthusiastically. "Where do you live?" Kim asked with curiosity.

"We live in Texas," Bella answered.

"Are there really cowboys and horses?" she asked excitedly, causing me to chuckle.

"Yes there are a ton of cowboy and lots of different horses," I answered.

Her eyes lit up brightly, "If I get to live with you can we ride a horse? I only got to ride a pony at the fair last year."

"Of course, I'll take you anytime you want," I replied. Most vampires couldn't get near animals for long periods of time, they sensed we were predators, but with my gift I am able to keep the horse calm.

Kim excitedly clapped her hands together. "Do you want to colour with me?" Kim asked looking at us and pointing to the table with loads of blank paper and a box of crayons. We agreed and followed her over to the table. Kim sat in the small chair that made her level with the desk while Bella nad I sat across from her cross legged on the floor.

Kim picked up a crayon and started drawing, but told us not to look. It amazed me how such a small act could make her so happy, a child's emotions were so pure and innocent as an empath it was something truly amazing to feel. I picked up a crayon and started to draw, I wasn't half bad and decided to draw Kim a picture, something I knew she'd like.

About fifteen minutes later, Kim announced that she was done, and handed the picture to Bella who titlts it so I can see, for eight she drew incredibly well, I knew the moment I saw it what it was, there was three people a man with yellow hair and a blue shirt much like mine and a woman with brown hair and purple sweater that Bella was wearing, between us was a small girl with hair much like the womans and a pink dress on. A house in the background, a stick figure horse to the side and a bright yellow sun in the sky, the drawing brought Bella to tears, but for once they were happy tears.

"It's us!" Kim exclaimed happily, "do you like it?" she asked hopefully.

"We love it!" Bella said through her tears.

"Now I've got something for you," I said to Kim handing her the drawing, she smiled brightly.

"It's a horsey! Look Bella! It's like a real life horsey," she exclaimed happily showing Bella. "I can keep it?" she asked, and I nodded my head. She got off her chair and ran over to me hugging me tightly, chanting 'thank you'.

Suddenly the door opened, Jessica and Susan walking in both with satisfied smiles. Bella and I stood from our positions while Kim ran over to them and was waving the picture at them. "Look what Jasper drew me!" she exclaimed happily. Susan and Jessica both smiled and told her it was very pretty.

"I'm sorry we have to break this up, but I must be getting Kimberly back to the home. Say goodbye Kim," susan said, her emotions showing she really was sorry.

Kim came over to us and hugged Bella, who bent down and wrapped her arms tightly around her, both their emotions screaming that they didn't want to let go. Bella kissed the top of her head and said she'd see her soon. Kim came to me and I picked her up, giving her a light squeeze, before I put her down she placed a kiss on my cheek with a giggle.

She walked to Susan and took her extended arm, giving us a small wave before exiting the room. Jessica walked up to us with a sad smile,, she knew it hurt for us to let her go. "That went really well. Now I have your copies of the paperwork and all your documents," she said handing me the stack of papers and Bella the documents we had given her. "It looks good, so I don't want you to drive yourself crazy about this. You guys should go back to your hotel room and rest, I'll be in contact when the background checks have come back, good or bad you'll know," Jessica said.

After a handshake and goodbye we left the office and headed back to our hotel, we were grateful for the underground parking since the sun had decided to make an appearance. Once back in our room, Bella let her true nerves and hurt appear, I did all I knew how and hugged her tightly to my chest. "It's going to be okay, Bella. They have no reason not to give her to us, and I promise you I won;t let them say no." I would kidnap her before I let her go to someone else.

"I know I just can't let her go now, it would kill me," she said with complete honesty.

"I know, Darlin, but you can't stress over this. Why don't we call the others? I thought of a few things while we were there that we need to discuss with them, and I want to make sure Charlotte hasn't gone crazy and started knocking down walls," I said trying to make Bella laugh, and I succeeded.

"You don;t think she'd actually do that, do you?" Bella asked wide eyed.

"Have you met Charlotte?" I asked sarcastically, before picking up my cellphone and dialing home.

"Hello?" Emmett's voice answered.

"Em, it's us."

"How'd it go? Everything okay?" Em asked rapidly.

"It looks good, but we need to talk about a few things, is everyone there?" I asked.

"Everyone except Rosie. We had a bit of a storm so everyone went out while the sun was gone, I just got back from the toy store, Charlotte got back a little while ago from the hardware and furniature store and Peter's been painting most of the day. Rose went to the clothing store so there's no telling how long she'll be," em said with a laugh.

I could only imagine the chaos that was ensuing, in my mind I saw Charlotte breaking a wall down with her hands, Peter covered in paint and a million shopping bags littering the living room. Shaking my head at that mental image I asked Em to grab Peter and Charlotte while conferencing Rose's cellphone.

Once everyone was there and we answered their questions about how it went, and listened to Charlotte and Rose squeal as Bella told them we met her, we got down to business. "I realized today we had been slightly foolish, Kim is a smart girl and we haven't discussed how to keep are secret from her, she'll pick up on the little things, and we can't overlook the details and put her in danger," I explained.

"What kind of issues?" Charlotte asked.

"For one thing, food. It won't take her long to start asking why she never sees us eat," I explained.

"That's simple, I'm sure all of us can agree to eat atleast one meal a day in front of her, right?" Em asked. He had a weird thing about trying human food, the process of bringing it back up he didn't enjoy, but Emmett always had been a weird one.

The rest agreed, but I didn't miss Peters groan or the loud smack that followed it. "What else, Jasper?" Charlotte asked.

"Sleeping and the sun, the latter I'm most concerned about," I said.

"Sleeping is not a problem, all our rooms are equipped with things to do till morning so we can just stay in there at night. As for the sun, that won't be to difficult, Em and I built a play structure out back she can play on and we can watch her from the kitchen window, and when she wants us to go outside with her we'll cover up, if she asks why we'll just tell her we get cold easy, the minute she feels our skin she won't think twice about it," Charlotte explained. It seemed like she had thought of everything.

"Any other concerns, Jasper?"

"Yes, last one, our eyes. She saw Bella and I with brown today and the red would most likely teriify her and be hard to explain."

"Don't worry, we are stocked for the next fifty years. Everyone just has to carry extras around and pay attention to how long they've been wearing them so their aren't any accidents."

The plan was perfect and I was starting to feel more confident that we would be able to keep our secret from her. We explained to the group our intention to stay in San Diego till we knew, neither of us wanted to leave her without Kim. Before we disconnected I relayed the information that Kim loves horses and that I wanted them to do something for her. Charlotte said she was on it, before disconnecting.

There was nothing left for us to do but wait, and hope. We needed Kim in our lives just as much as she needed us.

Ten days later – Bella's POV

I had been a nervous wreck waiting, the not knowing was killing me. The family back home had all confirmed that social services had called in regards to the adoption and reference. They all said it sounded positive, but I was still scared.

We had just gotten back from town after a pre-sunrise hunt, the clouds were covering the sun, so we walked through town for a bit, Jasper was hoping it would distract me, and it did for a bit, but a part of my mind was always on Kim.

As Jasper opened the bathroom door, in his towel fresh from the shower, my cellphone rang. I sped over to the dresser to pick it up, I nervously checked the caller id and saw child services flashing back at me. With a nervous but anxious look at Jasper, I answered.


"Hi, Bella. It's Jessica Ramsay from CPS. I'm sorry for the wait, you must be a mess, the office that handles our background checks got a bit backed up."

"I've been a wreck honestly, but I understand," I said, still in his towel Jasper walked towards me, taking my hand and sending me a wave of calm.

"Well I hope I can make you feel better, congratulations. A judge approved the custody agreement an hour ago, Kim is yours as of 11 o'clock tomorrow afternoon, if you're ready."

I wanted to cry and jump for joy simultaneously, both Jasper and I had large grins on our faces. "Of course, we're ready. I'd take her today if possible," I said, causing Jessica to laugh.

"I love the enthusiasm, it's moments like this that make me love my job. Now there are a few things we need to discuss, the neighbor that was watching Kimberly the night of the accident, boxed up Kim's room and some family photos and such, and is keeping them at her house till Kim can receive them, how would you like to go about it?" she asked.

Jasper quietly spoke too low for human ears, "Get the address and I'll have a courier pick them up," he said before heading for his jeans to retrieve his cellphone. I responded to Jessica who gave me the address, and in seconds Jasper was on the phone with a courier.

"Now you can pick her up here at the office at 11 o'clock, but I suggest you come a little early so we can have you sign a few things and get you your copy of the custody papers."

I confirmed we would be there for 10:45, and after thanking her for the millionth time we hung up. Jasper is off his phone a minute later, we smiled at each other, before he runs over picking me up and kissing me, we were both overjoyed at the news. Jasper continued to place kisses all over me but I had to stop him. "Jazz, not that I don;t want to celebrate, but we have a lot to do."

He groaned in response. "I hate it when you are right," he said before placing me on my feet.

With another quick kiss we went in to action. I called the family with the news while Jasper called to get our travel arrangements home.

By 8 o'clock that night everything was set, we had a flight out of San Diego for six the next night, getting us back to Texas late enough their would be no sun and Kim would have time for dinner before the flight. A courier had picked up Kim's things and it was being shipped overnight to our home, Jasper said he wanted it to be there for when she got there, and Em and Rose had agreed to go grocery shopping in the morning.

The Next Day

We arrived at the office at exactly 10:45, and were greeted by a very excited Jessica. She told us to follow her to her office to start the paperwork before Kim arrived. My hand shook as I signed the custody papers, it was surreal this was happening, even Jasper couldn't keep the smile off his face since last night.

As Jessica handed us our copies of the paperwork, there was a knock at the door, Jessica got up to open the door and the minute it was opened Kim came running into the room, a backpack on her back and a teddy bear with a bow-tie in her hands, that I recognized from my childhood.

She ran to us and tried to wrap both of us into a hug at once. "Mrs. Ambers says I get to live with you! Is it true?" she asked staring up at us.

Jasper and I nodded and she squealed excitedly tightening her hold on our legs.

"She's all yours," Susan said with a large smile. "Kim, I want you to be good for Bella and Jasper," she said.

"I will!" Kim responded happily before going to her and hugging her goodbye, before Susan took off.

"Congratulations, now go enjoy being a family, and we'll talk when Kim is registered in Texas," Jessica said shaking or hands and leading us out the door.

Kim took my hand and we left the building. Kim talked excitedly about coming home with us, she was a ball of excitement and it was rubbing off on Jasper. We took her to lunch where she devoured a plate of chicken fingers and fries, before heading back to the hotel to grab our things for our flight. Kim happily jumped up and down on the bed while we packed.

After Jasper checked us out of our hotel, he gave Kim a piggyback to the car, putting her into a fit of giggles. Jasper placed her in the backseat, and I slid in beside her. About halfway to the airport, Kim turned to me.

"Bella? Will you tell me now about being my sister? Mommy said that you lived in a city of angels, and Mrs. Ambers told me that's where mommy and daddy went. How did you come back?"

I had been thinking about this since the last visit, and I hoped she would take my explanation. "I was very very sick, Kim. The angels took me to their city and made me better, it wasn't my time to stay with them."

Kim seemed to believe me, cause she smiled. "I'm happy the angels sent you back, cause now I have a new family."

I wrapped my arm around her and squeezed her gently, kissing the top of her head, "I'm glad they sent me back too."

Kim continued to ask questions about Texas, and when we told her about the others, she started asking everything about them, instead of trying to explain what everyone looked like, Jasper handed me his phone so I could show her pictures. She turned to me and asked, "Are they my family now, too?"

"Do you want them to be?" I asked, slightly fearful of her response.

She nodded. "I never had a big family before," she answered with a smile. She kept herself entertained through the rest of the ride, scrolling through Jasper's phone and looking at all the photos, until we reached the airport.

Jasper grabbed our bags from the truck while I helped Kim out of the car, once inside we quickly found our check-in counter and handed over our baggage, the lady at the counter though Kim was adorable and gave her a small plastic plane to take with her. While we sat waiting to board, I could see Kim start to fidget and Jasper picked up on it almost instantly.

"What's wrong?" Jasper asked, pulling Kim into his lap.

"I'm scared. I've never been on a plane before," she said, her voice wavering. I felt like an idiot for not thinking about the plane, I had been just so excited to take her home, I never thought that this might be the first time she had been on one.

"I know a plane can be scary, but I promise you you have nothing to worry about. Bella and I won't let anything happen to you, ever," Jasper said looking into her eyes trying to assure her.

"Pinky swear?" she asked extending her tiny pinky. I couldn't help but laugh at the sight of Jasper's pinky locking with hers.

Once on the plane, Kim had slightly calmed, and only cried for a few moments during take-off, eventually Jasper pulled her into his lap comforting her, and in no time, he had her looking out the window with him. Eventually she fell asleep, and Jasper kept her in his arms till it was time to buckle her in.

We were in our car we had left at the airport and half way home before she woke up, when she opened her eyes and saw the farms we were driving past, she started clapping and cheering. She pointed out every animal to us, each one made her more exciteded then the last. I decided we would have to take her to the petting zoo in town at some point, it felt amazing to know I would get to do these things with her.

When we pulled up to the house and parked, we both turned to look at Kim who's eyes were wide staring at the house. "Is this where we are going to live?" she asked in astonishment.

"Yes, do you like it?" I asked.

She nodded excitedly, "It's like a mansion!" she exclaimed.

"Ready to go inside and meet everyone?" Jasper asked, and I could feel her nerves. If she was anything like me the thought of meeting a bunch of people probably scared her.

"Bella? Jasper? What if they don't like me?" she asked in a small voice.

"Why wouldn't they like you sweetheart? They are all very excited to meet you, and they are going to love you. I pinky swear," Jasper said, making me smile and Kim giggle.

We got out of the car and headed for the door, Kim holding one of my hands and one of Jasper's. When we walked in everyone was waiting for us in the foyer, Charlotte and Rose in front of Emmett and Peter, which was a good thing since they could be quite intimidating to such a small girl.

As Rose and Charlotte approached us, Kim's hands tightened in ours. "Hi, Kim. I'm Rose and this is Charlotte," Rose said pointing in Charlotte's direction. "Hi," Kim replied shyly. "Your dress is very pretty," Rose said causing her to smile. "Thank you, I picked it out all by myself. Mommy said the flowers are called roses, like your name," Kim said happily, causing everyone to laugh.

Em approached slowly and bent down to Kim's height, a tough feat for a man his size. "Hi, Kim. I'm your new uncle, Emmett. I have a surprise for you," he said with a very child like smile.

"For me?" Kim asked in surprise looking at him with wide eyes. Em nodded and pulled from behind his back a huge teddy bear, half the size of her.

Kim's mouth dropped in surprise, and took the bear hugging it close to her chest. "I can keep him?" she asked in shock. Emmett laughed and said 'yes'. "Thank you! I'm going to name him Emmett just like you, cause you are big like a bear," she said causing everyone, even Peter to crack up. She attempted to wrap her arms around Emmett in a hug, but failed miserably, so he picked her up and hugged her instead.

When he put her down, Peter approached. I'm not going to lie and say I wasn't concerned but Peter ended up surprising all of us. He bent down much like Emmett had and introduced himself as her uncle Peter, now a little more comfortable with everyone she was much less shy saying hi to him.

"You know Kim, someone told me you like horses, is that true?" he asked with a small grin.

"I love horses! Jasper said he's gonna take me to ride one," she said excitedly smiling at Jasper who winked at her.

"That sounds like a lot of fun. Now I have something for you," he said pulling out something from the pocket of his shirt. It was a small silver necklace with a small horse charm dangling, Kim's face was comical as Peter put the necklace on her, and she wrapped her small arms around his neck, as he finished clipping the clasp, and said 'thank you', the shock evident on his face as she turned to show Jasper and I the necklace.

"Kim, would you like to come see your room?" Rose asked in a hopeful voice. She and Charlotte offering Kim their hands, Kim nodded excitedly and took their hands, but not before turning around and making sure Jasper and I were coming. Jasper took my hand as we climbed the stairs to the second floor, when we reached the room, we saw the large pink letters on the door that said her name, which Kim liked very much.

When we entered the room, Kim was not the only one in shock. The walls had been painted a light purple, with white crown molding, the bed was large enough for five people and more pillows then I could count. There were toys all over the room, and behind her bed there was a beautiful hand painted murial of a horse grazing on a farm.

"This is all for me?" Kim asked staring at everyone with shock.

"Of course it's for you," Charlotte said happily.

Kim ran to them and pulled both of them into a hug, with surprising force for such a small child against two vampires, then turned to her bed and ran for it, before starting to jump up and down in a giggling fit. After a few minutes, Rose asked her if she wanted to see her clothes, and Em asked if she wanted to see her toys, it was past midnight by the time they were done and Kim was yawning like crazy.

"I think it's bedtime," I said with a small smile, I could tell Kim didn't want to go to sleep, but even she knew it was late. She said goodnight to everyone, and Jasper stepped out of the room while I helped her change into her new pajamas, when we were done, I called Jasper back in.

She climbed into her bed, and asked if Jasper and I would stay. I went on her one side while Jasper went to the other side. She closed her eyes and was silent for a few moments. "Bella, Jasper are you my new mommy and daddy?" she asked, causing my dead heart to break.

"Kim, no one will ever take the place of your mommy and daddy, but we are going to do everything a mommy and daddy are suppose to since yours can't," I explained.

"What if I want to call you mom and dad? Would that be okay?" she asked shyly.

"We would be honored, Kim, but only if you want to," Jasper said, since my words were caught in my throat.

Kim seemed to like his answer cause she smiled and nodded. "Jasper, will you read me a bedtime story? Daddy always read me one before I went to sleep," Kim said with a small sad smile.

"Of course, sweetheart. Which story?"

She picked 'Cinderella' and she curled herself into Jasper's side as he read. She was nearly asleep when Jasper finished the story.

With her voice full of sleep, and her eyes closed, she whispered, "Love you," before drifting into a deep sleep. Her words brought tears to my eyes, I bent over and kissed her forehead before whispering, "We'll love you forever."

I had never spoken truer words, that night we laid in bed as a new family, and all we wanted was our happily ever after.

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