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Jasper's POV

It had been two months since we brought Kim home, and everything had changed, but for the better. Everyone at some point had days where we felt like monsters for what we were, but Kim had changed that. The love she had for us, and us for her wiped away all the negative thoughts.

I had kept my promise of horseback riding, and twice a week Bella, Kim and myself would go to the local ranch, Kim absolutely loved it and it brought her a lot of joy. I planned to buy her a horse for her birthday in November, but I was still trying to win Bella over on the idea.

As for the rest of the family, Kim had developed a close relationship with them all, she loved her 'aunts and uncles' very much. For being Bella's sister she was quite the girly girl and loved playing dress up, and going shopping with Rose and Charlotte. Emmett and her were constantly playing, whether it be one of her toys, or a game of tag, and Emmett had become her personal horse giving her piggyback rides where ever they went together. Peter was the biggest surprise, he and Kim had a great relationship, and every morning at 8 o'clock they met on the couch in the living room to watch their morning cartoons.

Bella had become an amazing mother to Kim, they spent hours together, either talking or swinging on the swings in the back. Bella took to cooking every meal for Kim, doing her laundry, cleaning her room, just basically everything, but I'll tell you I had never seen her so happy.

As for my relationship with Kim, I couldn't ask for a better one. Other than the horse riding, Kim was much like Bella in her love of books. Some of the books were to difficult for her to read, so she would pick a book from my study, sit in my lap and have me read it to her. It was a daily thing, and apart from the moments alone with Bella at night when Kim was asleep, it was my favorite part of the day. My girls made me feel almost human,

The biggest surprise with Kim came about a month after we brought her home. The three of us were laying in Kim's bed, and like most nights she was almost passed out by the time we were done with her bedtime story. With her eyes closed she and her voice thick with sleep, she mumbled, "Love you mama, Love you papa," and was out like a light.

Bella and I were both very surprised, but were sure it was a mistake. The next morning, when Bella called her down for breakfast, she called Bella mama again, but the look on her face told us she made a mistake and was embarrassed. Bella asked her about the slip up, and she instantly thought we were mad, after reassuring her it didn't bother us, she explained why. She told us that she missed Renee and Phil, and that even though we took care of her like a 'mommy and daddy' she missed having someone to call that. She explained that she couldn't call us, mommy and daddy cause Renee and Phil would always be that, but mama and papa were different but still meant the same.

From that day on we were no longer, Jasper and Bella, we were mama and papa. The first time she had said it in front of everyone, there was obvious shock, but all turned to us with bright smiles.

Unfortunately, all good things had to come to an end. Peter had been a nervous wreck, jittery even for the last two days, he had no idea why, but all he knew was something bad was going to happen. Plans went ahead for a Volturi show down, we had no idea when they would come and what would be the outcome but we had a plan. Since Rosalie was not involved, she would take Kim and hide in a location that none of us were aware of, that way if Aro read our minds he would not be able to find them. If we lived through incident we would contact Rosalie on our cell and meet in a mutual spot.

My thoughts were interrupted, "Uncle Em!" Kim squealed loudly as Emmett and her entered the kitchen, with her on his shoulders.

Emmett and Rosalie had taken her to the farmers market in town. Kim had seen the sign and desperately wanted to go, so Em promised her he would take her today. Rosalie followed behind them her arms full of brown paper bags.

"What you got there, Rose?" I asked curiously, though from the horrible smell I had an idea.

"A bunch of produce, mostly fruit. Kim tried a bit of everything, and you know Em can't say no to her," Rose replied with a smile in the direction of Em and Kim.

"Uncle Em, down! I wanna see Papa," Kim said. Em picked her up off his shoulders and placed her on the ground. She took off running towards me, when she reached me, I picked her up and placed her on my lap, or usual position.

"Papa, there was pigs and sheep and cows, and one of them licked my hand!" she explained excitedly, thought scrunching up her face as she held out the hand the cow had licked. "Then we got cotton candy and I gave Uncle Em a cotton candy mustache," she said with a giggle, causing me to laugh loudly.

"Tell me you got a picture of that," I said turning to Rose who just smiled nodding her head, and handing me her cellphone.

The photo was of the three of them, em with a large blue mustache and Kim and Rose with matching pink ones, the picture alone was hilarious, but the smiles on all their faces was heartwarming.

"Papa, we also rode the Ferris wheel, and me and Auntie Rose played on the bumper cars, and Uncle Em and I rode the tilt-a-whirl a hundred times!" Kim said enthusiastically, waving her hands around.

Before I could respond to her, the front door slammed shut, grabbing everyone's attention, including Kim, who got up and ran towards the foyer. I heard her greeting Bella, who had been out feeding, but from the waiver in her voice and her emotions I knew something was wrong. I went to get up to find out what had her in such panic, she appeared in the doorway of the kitchen, a take-out bag in one arms and Kim in the other.

She was trying to remain calm, and listen to Kim explain about her day, but her wild eyes and the nerves rolling off her told me something bad had happened. I went to her side and took Kim from her arms, "Is that dinner?" I asked her softly, all she could do was nod in response. "Kim, why don't you go get cleaned up for dinner and then you can tell Mama all about your day. Okay?" I asked her. I needed her to leave the room, I needed to know what was wrong with my Bella.

"Okay, Papa," Kim responded, getting down from my arms and running toward the bathroom, obviously excited to tell Bella all about her day.

Once she was out of hearing range, I turned to Bella who's calm facade had completely vanished, as she pulled me to her, almost trembling. "What happened, Bella?" I asked concerned.

"I was being followed," she said with fear, causing me to let out a loud growl.

"How do you know?" Emmett asked, his protectiveness already shining brightly.

"After I fed, I decided to stop at the little diner in town to get dinner. I had been running for about five minutes when I smelt them, I knew instantly it was another vampire. I started running in circles, to see if they were actually following me or just passing through, on my fourth go around I finally lost them and headed here," she explained, her nerves still shot.

Before anybody could respond Peter and Charlotte appeared, "Kim's on her way back, we'll go run a perimeter check and make sure they didn't follow you back," Peter said, before the two took off.

Bella took a deep unnecessary breath putting her nerves in the back of her mind, and started unpacking the food she had brought back, she didn't want Kim to know something was wrong. Kim came running into the room, and jumped up on the stool at the breakfast bar as Bella placed a container full of chicken fingers, fries as well as carrots and celery with a small container of dip.

Kim launched into her stories from the day, as Bella unpacked the rest of the food. Emmett and Rosalie were safe from the food torture tonight since they had eaten lunch with her, Bella and myself weren't so lucky. Bella took a seat beside Kim at the counter, and I took the seat next to Bella, luckily Bella had gotten me a hamburger, as close to rare as she could get it, so it was a lot easier to choke down.

Bella was amazing at not letting Kim know anything was wrong, she laughed and asked Kim questions as she told her about the fair, even giggling as Rose showed her the mustache photo, but she couldn't hide how scared she actually was from an empath. My nerves were not any better, I wasn't scared I was angry and concerned, I was angry at myself for letting Bella feed on her own, and I was angry that someone had put her in such a panic, but I was extremely concerned, for once I had a family to protect, I had a daughter who was depending on me to protect her for the rest of her life, and that's what I planned to do.

"Papa, can we play checkers?" Kim asked excitedly. She liked to play with me, since I let her win.

"Of course, sweetheart. Put your trash away and go set them up in the living room, I'll be in when I'm finished," I said pointing to my burger with only two bites missing, thankfully I could toss it once she was gone.

"Okay!" she said happily hopping down from the stool, empty container in hand. She threw container in the garbage from a foot away,m a game her and Emmett had started. "That's two point, Uncle em! I'm winning!" Kim exclaimed happily, before running into the living room, leaving all of us laughing at her retreating form.

I got up from my seat taking the uneaten food from Bella and myself and threw it away, I turned to Em and Rose, "Can you guys give us a minute? Maybe you can help Kim set up the game she still has a bit of a problem with putting the pieces in the right spot," I asked.

"Of course, Jasper," Rose said taking Em's hand and pulling him towards the living room.

I walked over to Bella, wrapping my arms around her from behind. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," she said unconvincingly.

"You are a terrible liar," I said kissing her neck. "I'm sorry I wasn't there to protect you, I promise I will never let anything happen to you, or Kim ever again."

"Don't apologize Jasper, I wanted you here for when Kim got home, I should have let Charlotte come with me, but I'm okay. Whoever it was just sacred me, but I know if they wanted to hurt me they could have but they didn't and that's what matters," she explained.

The thought of something happening to her caused my stomach to turn, I could have lost her today, a fact that I wouldn't be able to forget anytime soon.

"Come on, Kim's dying to beat you at checkers again," Bella said with a small smile, obviously sensing the direction of my thoughts.

"You know one of these days, I'm not gonna let her win," I said with a smirk.

Bella started laughing, "Please, she's got you wrapped around her little finger." She was right and I knew it, my girls were everything and I would do whatever it took to make them happy, even if it was something as small as throwing a game of checkers.

Bella took my arm and pulled me into the living room, where Kim was sitting on the floor in front of the coffee table the checkers board all set to go, I took my seat in front of her, and Bella sat beside her.

We were about halfway through our first game, and without even trying to let her Kim had been kicking my butt, but I realized I could beat her in three moves, but she was so excited about winning I couldn't do it. Suddenly my ce4llphone rang, my first thought was it was Peter calling to tell me he had found something, but as I looked at the phone and saw that familiar Seattle area code, I knew it was bad.

"I have to take this. Darlin', can you play for me?" I asked Bella who nodded tightly, obviously seeing the caller id.

I walked into the kitchen, and answered the phone. "Hello?"

"Mr. Jasper, it's Jenks. I'm sorry to disturb you this evening, but it is quite important."

"What's going on?" I asked concerned, I currently had him doing multiple things for me, so there were to many reasons he could be calling.

"Mr. Jasper, you asked me to keep an eye on passenger lists for your ex-wife. I'm sorry for the delay but two days ago, she as well as a Carlisle and Esme Cullen boarded a private jet to a town named Volterra in Italy," he said causing me to freeze.

"Why is it I'm just finding out about this now?" I yelled, causing Em and Bella to run into the room.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Jasper. Private jet listing are much more difficult to attain, especially when they left from another country," Jenks responded fear in his voice. I knew he was telling me the truth, but it didn't change the fact she had now been in Volterra for two days, and the guard could come for us any moment.

"Jenks, I apologize for my anger, I know you are correct and I appreciate how fast you did get this information. I need you to do what we spoke of, the account numbers are in the email I sent you, and if it comes to it, my sister will be in contact with you for what we discussed."

When I found out about the Volturi, I put a plan into action. Half of my funds would be transferred into two separate accounts one under Rosalie's name and an account I had set up for Kim, and travel arrangements had been made for Rosalie to escape with Kim, to a place only Jenks knew at the time.

"Of course, Mr. Jasper. I will await her phone call, and the funds will be transferred in the next hour."

"Thank you," I said before disconnecting.

"Jasper, what's going on?" Bella asked me concern flowing off her.

"The Cullen's arrived in Volterra two days ago, they took a private jet Jenks couldn't access the information till now," I explained. Bella's eyes went wide and Emmett's fists clenched at his side.

"Jasper, what do we do?" Bella asked.

"It's time to put our plan into action. It's more than likely the person following you tonight was a guard, who was sent to track us down," I explained.

Peter and Charlotte entered the room with incredible speed, "There was an unknown scent about five miles west of the house, we tracked it to town then lost it," Charlotte explained.

"It's the Volturi," I said, they would want us to feel a false sense of security until they arrived.

"How do you know?" Charlotte asked.

"Alice is in Volterra," Em responded, causing Charlotte to gasp and Peter to freeze.

"What's the plan, Major?" Peter asked.

"Rose and Kim will be leaving tomorrow, they will be here any day. No one but Jenks is aware of where they are going, when this is all over, I will contact Jenks and he will tell them to come home. If something happens they are safe, and no one will be able to find them," I explained, the thought of never seeing my baby girl again, broke my non-beating heart, but I had to believe that it wouldn't come to that. I had to remain strong, for my family.

"Em, go be with Rose. Charlotte, can you go be with Kim? Bella and I need to take care of some stuff," I asked.

Em didn't need to be told twice and went to go be with his mate, none of us knew when they would see each other again. Charlotte nodded and made her way into the living room, I could hear Kim ask where everyone was, but Charlotte distracted her by challenging her to a game of Checkers.

I took Bella's hand in mine, and walked us upstairs. Our first stop was my study, neither of us knew what to say to the other, so we went about our business, I went into my safe retrieving Rose and Kim's fake documents, multiples from different countries, and I cleaned out all the cash, over $50,000 made up in different currency so they were set no matter where Jenks was sending them.

Bella walked over to the far bookshelf and removed my large Civil War Appendix, and opened it, removing the two letters placed inside. One from me and one from her to Kim, in case something happened to us, we wanted her to know how much we loved her, and to explain why we were gone.

"Jasper, this is really happening isn't it?" Bella said turning to look at me, the pain, fear and sadness all reflected in her eyes.

I went to her, wrapping my arms tightly around her. "It's gonna be okay, I'm not going to let anything happen to Kim or you, until my dying day I will protect you. We have done nothing wrong, Darlin'. We will make the brothers listen to us, I am not going to give up this easily.

"I'm scared, Jasper," Bella said, snuggling into my chest.

"Me too, Darlin'. Me too," I admitted to the only person, I ever would, pulling her as close as possible.

We stayed like that for a few moments, but we both knew there was more to do, and left the study hand in hand, making our way to Kim's room. When we arrived, Bella went straight for her closet, grabbing the small suitcase we had bought her, for this exact reason. While Bella rummaged through the closet for clothes, I opened the concealed compartment, and stashed the cash, documents, and letters. As I finished closing it Bella came back with an arm full of clothes, and started packing, the last thing to be packed was Kim's favorite teddy bear.

We stashed the suitcase in Kim's closet, and headed downstairs. Even with the looming threat of the Volturi, we were going to enjoy our last night as a family until this was settled. When we got down, we found Rose and Em sitting on the loveseat holding each other closely, while Kim was going through the mountain of DVD's, with Peter and Char.

"Mama, Papa are you going to watch a movie with us?" Kim asked with a bright smile holding her favorite Harry Potter DVD, a series her Uncle Em had introduced her to.

"Of course, baby girl," Bella said with the best smile she could muster.

"Yay!" she cheered, handing Charlotte the DVD to put in, as she ran to us and pulled us to the couch, sitting herself in the middle of us.

We had gotten to the part with the giant spiders, that Kim didn't like, causing her to hide her face in my chest, when suddenly there was a knock on the door. The six of us vampires all froze, every single one of us smelling that it was another vampire.

The scent was familiar, but off causing me not to be able to identify them, I raised my eyebrow in silent question at Peter, asking if it was the scent from earlier, he stiffly nodded. As I rose to answer the door, Em and Peter made their way towards Bella and Kim forming a protective shield.

I took a moment, before opening the door, reading the emotions of the vampire on the other side, I felt nerves, but nothing else, they knew I was there so there was no chance of just not answering. I slowly opened the door, ready to meet the guard member Aro had sent, but the black cloak and bright red eyes that met mine were not the ones I expected. For once I was speechless.

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