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Last Chapter:

"I just can't believe it's come to this," she admitted sadly. "Not to mention, I wasn't expecting Edward to show up at our door, it's just a lot to process," she explained.

I wanted to tell her it was all going to be okay, but I knew I couldn't promise something like that, so I promised what I could. "Bella, I promise I will do whatever it takes to protect our family. We haven't done anything wrong, we have to believe that Edward knows what he is talking about."

"I know," she admitted with frustration. Putting her faith in Edward was a lot easier said then done. "You know I love you, right?" she said with passion.

I leaned forward and placed a gentle kiss to her lips, "I know, and I love you too, more than you will ever know," I said before kissing her forehead and pulling away.

"Alright, I think we need to go fulfill our nighttime duties, the little one is getting impatient," I said with a small smile, as I felt Kim's agitation at waiting so long for us.

"Mama! Papa!" Kim called sounding annoyed, causing Bella to break out laughing.

I took Bella's hand in mine and we made our way upstairs, tonight could be our last as a family, and I was going to enjoy every last minute with my girls.

Bella's POV

Arriving at the landing strip, I still wasn't sure this was the right thing to do. I wanted to trust Edward, but I wasn't so sure he was trustworthy, his track record had proven he wasn't. I couldn't tell you what I was more nervous about, spending nine hours on a plane with Edward, and my daughter who had taken a seriously disliked interest in him, and vice versa, or the fact when we arrived in Italy, I could ultimately die. Obviously, I needed to sort out my priorities.

"Mama, look! Why is that plane so small?" Kim asked me from the backseat of the car, breaking me out of my trance.

"It's meant to be for less people," I explained.

Kim seemed satisfied with my answer, and happily followed Rose out of the car. Jasper turned to look at me, his eyes silently asking me, if I was truly okay. Obviously my shield had taken over and my emotions were a blank to him, something he truly disliked. I concentrated on sending him what I was feeling, a mix of sadness, fear and uncertainty, luckily for me he understood and I didn't have to explain, we didn't have that much time.

Jasper got out the car, and made his way to my side, opening the door for me, and offering his hand. Getting out, I spotted Edward, he looked much different today, dressed in regular clothing, even his eyes were now a muddy brown, much like all of ours. I appreciated the human facade, but his motives still bothered me. When he spotted the group of us, I didn't need Jasper's gift to know he was relieved.

Edward walked towards us, apprehensive, but with a small smile. "Hello, everyone," he said in greeting as he reached us.

"Hi, Edward!" Kim exclaimed happily, causing everyone but her and Edward to scowl.

Before Edward could respond, Jasper interrupted, "everything set?" he asked.

"Yes, we're ready to leave when you are, and I've spoken with Aro, but I think it would be better to speak once in the air," Edward replied gesturing to Kim. Obviously there would be quite a bit of vampire talk. "Everyone ready?" he asked after a moment.

We all nodded and followed him to the plane. The private jet was beautiful, plush leather seats lined each side of the plane, and in the corner a small table for four.

"Everyone take your seats, I'll tell the pilot, we're ready," Edward said heading to the cockpit, as Jasper, Kim and I took our seats at the table. Kim picked the window seat, it seemed she had gotten over her fear of flying, I took the seat beside her and Jasper took the one directly in front of her.

Kim asked for her iPod, that Em had given her a few weeks earlier, put her earphones on and stared out the window. Edward came out of the cockpit and took a seat, farthest from everyone, he wasn't stupid enough to think anyone was really in the mood to talk to him.

The first half hour of the ride, was unusually quiet, except for the faint sound of music coming from Kim's earphones. I was distracted by my thoughts, and hadn't noticed, Edward making his way to us, until he was beside me.

"Can I join you for a moment?" he asked, looking at me, but I was sure the question was directed at Jasper, since the only spot was beside him. Jasper nodded, gesturing to the spot beside him, which Edward very carefully took. "Thank you. Anyways, as I told you I have spoken with Aro. So far everything seems to be going well, the Cullen's are being guarded in the castle and as far as Alice believes we are searching for you to execute you," he explained.

Anger bubbled up inside me as I thought of Alice, the person I thought was my friend, the sister I had always wanted. How could one person be so evil?

"I explained to Aro, that Kim is unaware of our existence, which he was quite pleased with, as I thought it makes things look much better, anyways he agrees she should be kept from the discussion and has agreed to allow, either Peter, Charlotte,. Rose or Em to stay with her in another room, until she is needed."

Again, I didn't need Jasper's gift to know the entire family was more then a little relieved.

"Now since Bella's mind will be closed to Aro much like her's is to me, it will be up to everyone else, mainly, you Jasper to show Aro, everything. From the day you left the family till now, you need to let him see, you wanted nothing to do with the Cullen's and that there has never been any intention to turn Kimberly before maturity," Edward explained. I decided that I would not correct Edward and reveal the truth about my shield, Alice wanted me dead, and I was going to show Aro exactly what the last decade of my life had been like.

"Aro has requested, that none of you mention anything about what I have told you. He wants the Cullen's to believe that you are completely unaware as to why you are being brought to the castle," Edward stressed.

"Of course," Jasper replied.

Edward smiled, nodding, obviously happy things were going to plan, but I had to ask him something, something that I thought only he could answer, "Edward, why has Alice done this?"

Edward sighed, and a small frown appeared on his face, " I wish I could tell you, Bella, but I don;t know, though I have a feeling we will all have answers sooner rather then later."

I knew he was right, but could we really believe that Alice was just going to come out and say why she did all of this, when the Volturi could very well execute her.

"Mama, I'm bored," Kim said removing her earphones and turning to look at us, "and hungry," she added as an afterthought.

I went to get up to retrieve the bag I had packed for her, with some colouring books and snacks, when Edward stopped me. He got up and went to his small bag in the corner of the plane and pulled out a colouring book and crayons, then made his way to the small fridge behind us, and pulled out a plastic container, with cut up fruit inside, a juice box and a prepared sandwich, from the smell I guessed it was turkey. He made his way back to us, handing the contents to Kim, who thanked him happily, and opened the sandwich, putting her earphones back on before taking a bite.

I could tell Jasper wasn't happy, though neither was I. I couldn't understand why he was being so kind to her, or why he would even think of these things.

"Thank you, for that," I said forcefully. I appreciated him doing it, but what I didn't appreciate was the sudden interest in my daughter.

Edward waved off my thanks, "It's really no problem, I wanted her to be comfortable, and you guys have enough on your minds. If she gets thirsty, there is more juice and some chocolate milk in the fridge," he explained with a smile.

I didn't know what to say, so I remained silent, Jasper and I sharing the same worried face.

The plane ride dragged on for another hour in silence, Kim had finished her food and was done colouring, crawling into Jasper's lap, and falling asleep cuddled to his chest, the sight still warmed my heart, every time. I headed over to Rosalie, she would be the one to stay with Kim when we arrived in Volterra, as I was speaking to her, I watched as Edward made his way back over to Jasper.

"You are very good with her," Edward said quietly taking the seat across from them.

"You seem surprised," Jasper said, gazing down lovingly at Kim.

"I never pegged you as someone who wanted a child," Edward explained, he wasn't being rude, just stating his opinion.

"It was never an option," Jasper responded simply.

Edward nodded in understanding. "She loves you very much, you know," Edward stated simply. "Even now as she dreams, she see's you as her protector, and her father, just as much as she considers Phil to be. Her love for your family shines brightly with every thought."

I watched Jasper smile contently down at Kim. "We all love her very much as well, she has changed us all, for the better," he responded.

Edward smiled, "I can tell, I don't think I've ever seen you look so content."

It was silent for a moment, before Jasper spoke, "Tell me, Edward. Why did you do all this, for us?"

Edward smiled sadly, shaking his head, "Jasper, you forget I can hear you," he responded tapping his head. Jasper frowned, and I was confused. "I did not do this to take Bella from you," he answered, shocking the hell out of me, but I could tell by the look on Jasper's face he didn't believe him.

Edward glanced at me sadly, before dropping his eyes to the floor, he knew I was listening, "I know you two are meant to be together, I will not lie and say I feel nothing for her, but I have matured a lot of these last few months, and I know I owe you both so much," he said quietly. Looking at Jasper dead in the eyes, "Going to the Volturi was my only option to stop all this drama, so I did it," he said simply.

Jasper took a moment to let Edward's words sink in, before speaking, "I'm going to be honest, I still don't like you," Jasper said, with a small smirk, "but I appreciate everything you've done," he added with complete honesty.

Edward smiled a small smirk, "I hope one day you can forgive me, but even if you don't, I'll be able to live, knowing you and your family are safe," Edward said sincerely, before getting up and making his way back to his seat.

There were no more words needed.

The rest of the ride, went quickly, we landed in Volterra after sunset. The first thing I noticed when we got off the plane, was a black SUV with tinted windows, parked a few feet from the plane. A large man got out of the drivers seat, as Edward made his way to him. Edward's greeting to this vampire told me his name was Afton, the man spoke few words and only nodded, when Edward asked him if everything was ready.

Afton made his way back into the driver's seat as Edward approached us, ushering us into the car. Kim was passed out in Emmett's arms, who had to almost limbo into the car to not hit his head, but he refused to let go of her, I knew he was wondering if it would be the last time he got to hold her as she slept. Once everyone was seated, a divider between the front seat and the back seat went up, as Edward turned to all of us.

"We're not far from the castle, so I have to be quick with this. When we arrive, Gianna, the human receptionist, will take Rosalie and Kim to my room, just around the corner from the throne room where everything will take place. Now, I want to warn you that the brothers will listen to Alice's accusations once more, I must stress, do not speak until spoken too, you will get your chance to defend yourselves against her accusations, but if you become hostile, Caius won't be afraid to sic Jane on you," Edward warned.

Jasper had told us about her, with one look she could cause the most excruciating pain to radiate through you. Jasper had heard rumours, that most beg for death after Jane's fun.

"When all the vampire stuff has been taken care of, Aro will want to see Kim, and I want you to be prepared for him to read her thoughts. He'll want to hear it from her that you have never revealed your true nature to her," Edward explained.

We all nodded in understanding, we knew that Kim's thoughts would be the thing to save us when it comes to Alice's immortal child accusations.

Only two minutes later, the car came to a stop, we all climbed out of the car, as Emmett got out, Kim opened her eyes. She looked around sleepily and confused, she stuck her arms out at Jasper for him to take her, from Emmett's arms. Once Jasper had her, she snuggled deeply into his chest, casting glances around at the large castle, that surrounded the courtyard we were in. I was expecting her to start asking a million questions, but it was almost as if she knew, now was not the time to explain.

We followed Edward, who lead us into a side door, the inside was damp, and surrounded by stone on the walls and ceiling, and small torches lighting the tunnel. Kim snuggled deeper into Jasper's chest, as Jasper took my hand, squeezing it tightly. After only a few moments we reached a very normal looking room, with a large desk in the middle, and a beautiful Italian human woman standing there with a smile.

"Welcome back, Edward," she said staring lustfully at him.

"Thank you, Gianna. Are they ready for us?" he asked, ignoring her flirting.

"Yes, everything is set," she replied.

"Good, you'll be taking Rosalie and Kim to my room, while we go meet with the brothers," Edward explained.

"Of course, whenever you are ready I'll show you the way," she said with a sincere smile, she seemed way to nice to be working for the Volturi.

Edward stiffly nodded at Jasper and I, and we knew it was time to say goodbye. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched Emmett and Rosalie embrace tightly, Em whispering his love for her quietly in her ear.

"Okay Kim, you are going to go with Auntie Rose for a bit, while mama and I go talk with some people ," Jasper explained, to a confused looking Kim in his arms.

"Papa, you're coming back right?" she asked scared. I knew Jasper didn't want to lie to her, but we didn't want to scare her.

"Of course, sweetheart," he replied, I could see the pain in his eyes from the lie.

"Okay," Kim replied, wrapping her arms around his neck giving him a hug, "Love you, papa," she said.

He squeezed her tightly, "Love you too, sweetheart," he said placing a kiss on her cheek, before handing her to me.

"Love you, mama," she said hugging me around my neck.

"Love you too, baby. Now I want you to be good for Auntie Rose, it's very important you listen to everything she says okay?" I asked.

She nodded her head wildly, "I promise, I'll be good," she said with a smile, before kissing my cheek as Rose approached us, stretching her had out for Kim to take.

As they followed Gianna down the hallway, my heart clenched and the realization that it could be the last time I see her, sunk in causing a pain to run through me worse then the change. I wanted nothing more then to believe everything would be okay, but my 44future now laid in the hands of the brothers.

"Everyone ready?" Edward asked casting a glance at everyone.

All of us nodded, we would never be ready, but it was time. Edward lead us down a long stone hallway, every footstep echoed, almost as a countdown as we grew closer to the large wooden door in front of us. With every step, my grip on Jasper's hand tightened, he was my rock, his love keeping me calm. When we reached the large door, Edward reached to open it, but Jasper stopped him.

"Wait, just one second," he said, Edward obviously reading his thoughts, nodded gently in understanding. Jasper turned to me, his hand that was not holding mine, came to my cheek, and pulled my head to his, our lips meeting in a slow deep kiss, he was projecting his love for me, wrapping around me like a warm fuzzy blanket. As we pulled apart he moved towards my ear, speaking in a low, rough emotional tone, "I love you. Thank you for giving me the best months of my existence."

I wrapped my arm around his neck, burying my face into his neck as my heart broke, he was saying goodbye. Neither of us knew what faced us on the other side of that door, it seemed cruel that fate would keep us apart for so long, then give us such a short amount of time together.

"I love you more than anything, and thank you for saving me from my hell," I whispered, without him who knows what would have happened to me after I escaped from Maria.

Jasper placed a soft kiss to my forehead, before pulling away and turning to face the door once more, he squeezed my hand gently, before he slipped into what we called his mask as 'Major'.

"We're ready," Jasper said with a stiff nod to Edward.

Edward nodded back, turning to the door, he took a deep unnecessary breath before swinging the wide wooden doors open. My eyes scanned our new surroundings, we were in a large circular stone room, a blood red carpet divided the room down the middle of the room, running up the steps that lead to three thrones.

I identified each of the vampires in font of us, from the descriptions Jasper had given me, the older man with long brown hair, to the left and a look of permanent pain etched on his face was Marcus, to the right sat a younger man, whose eyes showed his maturity and age, but also the evil that possessed him, was Caius. My eyes focused on the vampire standing, with a strange smile on his face, was Aro.

To the left of the room stood, the reason we were here, the Cullen's. Alice stood in front, apart from her now black eyes, and the arrogant look on her face, she looked the same, but knowing how truly ugly she was on the inside, any thought of her beauty went out the window. Carlisle and Esme stood behind her, Carlisle looked fearful as he watched Emmett walk into the room, standing tall behind us. Esme on the other hand, looked heartbroken a look of regret deep in her eyes as she gazed at each of us. If I didn't know the truth about her and Carlisle, I may have actually felt sorry for her. Behind them stood a large burly man much like Emmett, in the black clock, guard members wore, a look of indifference on his face.

"Edward, welcome back!" Aro exclaimed happily, Edward really was his favourite. "Please come join us," Aro said beckoning Edward to his side. With a quick glance to all of us, he turned and made his way to Aro's side.

Aro smiled contently as Edward stood beside him. "Welcome, Whitlock's!" Aro said in greeting, with a smile on his face. He turned to look at Carlisle, "Carlisle, I seem to have found the rest of your coven," Aro said with a sarcastic tone.

Carlisle didn't dare respond, while Alice sent us death glares, her intense gaze was fixed on Jasper and mine's joined hands.

"Let me be the first to say that I appreciate that you came when requested, most covens put up an unnecessary fight," Aro said smiling.

"Of course we came, we respect your wishes," Jasper responded.

Aro smiled sadly in response. "I wish we were here under less serious circumstances, but I'm afraid this is quite serious." Aro then turned to Alice, "Alice since you are our good Samaritan, I would like you start," Aro said, there was something off in his voice, but I couldn't place it. "Tell us why you are here."

Alice stepped forward, she tried hard to make it look like she was afraid to speak, but we all knew it was an act. "I came here to report the crimes that this coven has committed," she said her voice wavering.

"Enlighten us, Alice, exactly what crimes do you speak of?" Marcus asked in a bored tone.

"As I said in our previous meeting, I have proof Bella was the leader of a newborn army for the last decade in the South, and three other members of this coven participated in the wars from the late eighteen hundreds till the 1920's," Alice stated. Jasper growled from beside me, it wasn't enough to throw me under the bus, she wanted the whole coven executed.

"Whitlock's, I assume you would like a chance to defend yourselves," Aro said with an encouraging smile. "Bella, dear tell me is what Alice says true?"

"She is correct in the fact that all four of us have fought in the Southern Wars, but as I understand you are already aware of my mates and families involvement," I answered, and Aro nodded his head. "None of us wanted to do what we did, and I can assure you that my time with the army I was a soldier, not a leader. One vampire is responsible for our years of battle."

"The name of this vampire?" Aro asked with a strange smile.

"Maria," I responded.

Aro clapped his hands together happily. "Excellent! Alec, the time has come," Aro said to the young brunette vampire at his side. He nodded and made his way out of the room.

"Now Alice, I believe there was more," Aro stated.

"The Whitlock's are a danger to our family," she responded, casting a false fearful glance in our direction. "They seek revenge for our decision to separate, if we hadn't come to you, we may all have been dead by now."

"You have brought up a very interesting point," Aro said before turning back to us. "Jasper, tell me, why did you leave this coven?"

"There was an indiscretion, and I decided I no longer wished to stay with them, and sought out my true family," Jasper said gesturing at Peter and Charlotte who stood tall behind us.

Aro nodded, "And you Emmett? Why is it you and your mate left?" Aro asked. I inwardly smiled, it was time to screw over the Cullen's.

"We were kicked out," Emmett replied, his anger still fresh, and echoing with every word.

"Kicked out?" Aro asked in surprise.

"Carlisle, surely a man who preaches understanding and compassion would never abandon a family member," Caius remarked sarcastically.

"His actions were causing problems for our family to live the lives we wanted," Carlisle replied simply. He wanted them to believe Em was reckless and they had no choice but to kick him out.

"And what about dear, Bella? What was your reason for leaving her?" Aro asked him with an intense glare.

"Not to mention while human, with knowledge of our secret," Caius added.

"Aro, I have already spoken to you on this matter, it was my fault that Bella was left behind," Edward stated, casting a guilty look in my direction.

"It may be true, that you decided to end your relationship with Bella, and to leave her, but Carlisle as the leader of your coven should have known better," Aro replied, disappointment clear in his voice.

"Dearest Bella, I assume Your mate and Edward have told you of my gift?" Aro asked excitedly.

"Yes, Aro," I said with a nod.

"I'm aware that Edward here can not read your mind, but I was wondering if you would allow me to try and see what you have lived?" Aro asked.

I nodded and silently raised my hand in offering, Aro smiled brightly and glided over to us, Jasper stiffened beside me, but tried hard to relax. I lowered my shield, and before Aro took my hand, I saw the look of shock on Edward's face as my thoughts were open to him for the first time. As Aro took my hand, my eyes immediately focused on his on their own accord.

I started from the beginning, allowing him to see the few human memories I had left of my time with the Cullen's, including being left behind. I showed him my change at the hands of Maria, and glimpses of the ten years I was held captive. I let him see me find Jasper and my family, and the memory of seeing Emmett and Rosalie for the first time, and I let him see Emmett explain Carlisle's experiment.

Aro's eye were wide, and a smile broke out on to his face as he released my hand, "My, my, what an interesting life you have lived," Aro replied.

Interesting wasn't the word I would have used, but I left it. The blonde vampire, Jane, that I had been warned about, walked to Aro's side, speaking very lowly, all we could hear was, "We're ready."

Aro grinned widely, and told Jane to 'bring them in'. Aro turned to the Cullen's, "before I bring my special guests in, I would like to give you a chance to add anything, or maybe retract anything that may be untrue."

Carlisle and Esme looked confused, telling me that it was possible we weren't the only ones that Alice had been playing.

"no Aro. I have spoken the truth, you have seen my visions. She is a shield, and obviously altering her memories," Alice accused, pointing at me.

"Do not take me for a fool!" Aro growled loudly at her, causing Alice to jump slightly. "I know of her gift, and I am offended that you would think, I wouldn't know when someone was altering their thoughts, or perhaps a vision," Aro said gazing at Alice.

Aro had struck a cord in Alice, and her fear was now real and obvious in her eyes.

"Enough with the riddles, brother! It is time they learned the truth," Caius said from his throne, this wasn't fun for him like it was for Aro, he just wanted whoever was guilty to be punished.

"Very well, brother," Aro said, agreeing with Caius. "Cullen's as you know, Edward here, came to us a few months ago. The reason? His concern for the safety of young Bella. Now tell me Alice, why would he be so concerned for someone so dangerous as you accuse she is?"

"He is blinded by his love for her," Alice argued.

Aro let out an unusual chuckle, "Caius had the same concern, so obviously we did some research," Aro responded with a sly smile. "In March of this year, we started planning for a raid. You see when Edward arrived here, he gave us the location of a southern newborn army, the one his first love was now a soldier of," Aro said glancing from Edward to me. "His only request in exchange for this information, was to let Bella escape unharmed," Aro said dramatically.

"Do you know how he was able to tell me where this army was?" Aro asked looking directly at Alice, who shrunk under his intense gaze, her fear making her unable to speak. "No? Your visions, my dear! Though the vision quite a bit different from the ones you have shown me," he said disapprovingly.

"In April we set out. Caius led the guard to the location of the camp. Edward arrived three days before us, and was able to learn of Bella's plan to escape. You see the camp had a future seer and warned her to run during the attack. The orders were to destroy all newborns, let Bella escape and capture the leader of this army," Aro said gesturing to a small oak door in the corner as it opened.

My unnecessary breaths stopped, my hold on Jasper's hand tightened. Peter and Jasper were frozen, while Charlotte let out a frightened gasp. Behind Alec, being held by two very large guard members, was my nightmare.

"Oh this is rich! My four biggest traitors together, my weakest holding the hand of a true leader," Maria snarled, but a look of lust and respect aimed at Jasper. Maria had taken many lovers in my ten years, but the older soldiers always said that she had only ever respected, Major. The thought of her with my mate, mad my stomach roll.

Seeing her again, brought the memories of the last ten years came back, but she was no longer just ugly on the inside. Her skin was a chalky white looking as thin as paper, her eyes blackened and purple shadows surrounded them, making them appear sunken in. It was obvious she had not fed since capture.

"You will not speak until spoken to," Caius snarled at her.

"I'll say what I please," Maria stupidly growled back, she never knew when to step down.

Caius grew angrier, and simply said, "Jane."

Jane turned to Maria, she smiled a sickly sweet smile and said, "Pain."

Maria's entire body tensed like she had been electrocuted, her eyes wide, and pain shining brightly in them. Her back arched as she screamed loudly and fell to the floor, every scream echoed off the stone walls as she withered on the ground. If it was anybody else the images would have disturbed me, but I felt nothing as I watched her in agony.

"Enough, Jane. I believe she has learned her lesson," Aro ordered. Maria's thrashing stopped, and she laid a shaking, gasping mess, on the stone ground.

"Dear Bella, is this the woman in your thoughts and from your past?" Aro asked, and I nodded tightly, but couldn't find my voice to verbally answer. "Very good. Maria, you have already said you are familiar with the Whitlock's. Tell me, who was the leader of the army?"

"I'm insulted you have to ask," she responded with attitude, still crouched on the floor.

"Oh dear Maria, I already know the truth, but some in this room seem to be mistaken," Aro said looking at Alice who shrunk further under his gaze. "Tell us who the true leader was?" Aro demanded, playing to her vanity.

"Whether I lie or not, I'm not stupid enough to think I'll be leaving this castle alive," Maria said, I could almost detect the fear in her voice. "I will not die having idiots believe that, that army was anyone's but mine! It has been mine for over one hundred and fifty years, I'm the only one who could have lead them," she answered with pride. "Anyone who believes that someone as weak as Bella could do what I've done, is delusional, or a liar," she responded with a smirk in my direction.

It didn't matter what she said, Maria was the delusional one, I wasn't weak because I didn't enjoy the wars like she did. I almost felt sorry, that she would never know what love was, or what it was like to have a family.

"she's lying!" Alice yelled unconvincingly, she knew she was fucked and all I could do was smile.

Aro grinned what I could only deem as a freaky smile and simply called for Felix. The large man who had been standing behind the Cullen's moved swiftly, grabbing Alice from behind, his hand wrapped around her neck gripping tightly as she struggled against him.

"some how I knew you were going to say that," Aro said with a laugh. "Maybe I'm becoming psychic," he said with false humour, though I'm sure if this was a less serious conversation someone would have laughed. "Carlisle, I'm sure you are aware of the Irish coven?" Aro asked, and Carlisle simply nodded. "for those of you who don't know her, I would like to introduce to you, Maggie," Aro explained as the corner door opened again, and a young girl, no more then sixteen at the time of her change, with bright red curls walked into the room.

:Maggie, so nice of you to join us," Aro said, taking her hand in both of his in greeting.

"Happy to be here, Aro," Maggie replied tightly. She was uncomfortable, but I wasn't sure if it was all of us or the Volturi.

"Maggie, I asked you here because we have a problem, which only you can assist us with," Aro explained, most in the room were trying to figure out what this girl was here to do.

"I'll do what I can," Maggie replied.

"Excellent!" Aro exclaimed happily, before turning towards all of us. "Maggie, here, ha a very unique gift. In all my years she is the only the second I have discovered. You see young Maggie here, can detect when someone is lying," Aro said with a grin. Everyone but the Alice and Carlisle looked relieved.

"Now first order of business, Maggie, Alice here has come to us, her intention to have us destroy this coven you see to your right," Aro said gesturing to us, while Maggie's gaze followed locking onto mine. "But of course we have many versions of the apparent truth. I would like to ask each of them a series of questions, and I would like you to tell me if they are being truthful," Aro explained.

"Easy enough," Maggie responded, looking more relieved to learn as to why she had been summoned here.

"Very good. I would like to start with Maria," Aro said turning to her, she was so weak that the two large guards, we're keeping her up. "Maria, I only have one question for you, were you the leader of the newborn army my guard destroyed this year?" Aro asked.

"Yes," she answered, she almost looked defeated. She knew what was coming next.

Aro turned to Maggie, all of our eyes following. "She is telling the truth," Maggie responded.

"Very well. Santiago, please," Caius ordered the darker of the two vampires holding Maria.

He nodded in response, before gripping Maria's neck as he other guard removed his grip on her. Maria silently closed her eyes, she had accepted her fate. With one quick, swift movement, Maria's body fell to the floor, her head in Santiago's hands. The large guard beside them, grabbed one of the torches that was lighting the room, and placed it on her body, engulfing it in flames within a second.

The eerily familiar smell of burning vampire, and purple smoke appeared, and only intensified when Santiago placed her head into the flames. At that exact moment, a strange sense of calm washed over me, she was really gone.

"Such a shame," Aro tisked without emotion, and turned to the Cullen's. "Alice Cullen, you have falsely accused Bella of a crime. Do you have anything to say?" Aro asked.

"I must have misread my visions," Alice claimed.

"She's lying," Maggie responded, before being asked.

Aro shook his head in disappointment. "Such a disappointment. Brother's it seems the Cullen coven is not as perfect as they seem," Aro said with a grin, his gaze fixed on Carlisle.

"Aro, you must believe me, we didn't know! We believed her, we never knew she was lying!" Carlisle exclaimed.

"He's telling the truth, Aro," Maggie said looking as surprised as I felt, even she thought he was no good.

"I assumed as much, but Carlisle, how is it you could turn your back on your entire coven at the words of one? Tell me Carlisle, how do you explain turning your back on the family, you use to preach about?" Aro asked with anger.

"I don't know what you are talking about. Bella was not a member of our coven, it was easy to believe," Carlisle argued. His words hurt, but I didn't need him. I had a real family, not fellow test subjects.

"I never knew you could be so cruel, Carlisle. I have seen Bella's memories, you treated her like a member, gave her false hope of a perfect forever, and then ripped it away," Aro said with a low growl. "Though I was not speaking of Bella. Do you truly believe I am a fool, Carlisle? Do you not think I have seen Edward's every thought?" Aro asked, Edward looked ashamed, having everyone know Aro had violated his mind. "Tell me, Carlisle, who do you think you are to use these people as a science experiment?" Aro yelled. The look on the Cullen's faces were priceless, Carlisle and Esme, thought they were off the hook.

"For years I believed your diet was nothing more than you trying to be a good man, but now I see I was wrong," Aro said sounding disappointed in himself. "Let me be honest with you Carlisle, your lifestyle will never be law, no matter what experiment you conduct. IT truly is a shame, you have lost all my respect, Carlisle," Aro said in disgust, turning away from him and walking to his throne.

Carlisle almost did look ashamed, but nobody gave a shit.

Caius stood for the first time, before speaking. "Alice Cullen, you have falsely accused this coven of multiple crimes. The Volturi do not take kindly to lies that waste our time, and we do not offer second chances. As punishment for your lies, we have decided you will be put to death."

A chill ran up my spine, I knew the possibility was there, but to hear those words, caused me to freeze.

"Felix, if you please," Caius said with an intense but gleeful look on his face. He really was sick.

Alice started to fight against Felix, begging and pleading for her life. Something bubbled in my chest, she deserved what was coming to her, and we would never be safe with her out there, but I couldn't let her die, without finding why.

"Wait!" I yelled, causing everyone to turn in my direction, Jasper giving me a confused look. "Why did you do this? You are going to die anyways. I want to know what I did to deserve this," I demanded, looking directly at Alice. I believed her to be my best friend, my sister, and she did all of this.

Alice remained silent, but everyone's eyes were on her.

"That's a very fair request, Alice. Bella deserves an answer. You and your coven changed her entire life, the least she deserves is an explanation," Marcus said from his throne.

"Maybe she needs some assistance," Caius said with glee. "Jane, can you give Alice some," he paused thinking for a moment, "inspiration," he finished with a twisted smile.

Jane focused on Alice, as Felix removed his grip on her, she tensed just like Maria did then fell to the floor, clutching her hair and screaming for dear life. Aro lifted his hand signalling for Jane to stop her attack.

"Have you changed your mind?" Caius asked.

"You want to know why?" she asked with venom in her voice, supporting her weight on her hands and knees, gasping slightly. "Because you kept getting in my way! A weak human like you taking everything I wanted. You should have died years ago, I was sick of you escaping, and I thought this would end you," she admitted, her words shocking us all.

"What are you talking about? What did I escape?" I asked confused.

"Come on, Bella! You're a danger magnet, for sure, but nobody comes close to death by accident that many times in a year," she said with a sick smile.

Within a second Edward sped across the room, picking Alice up off the floor by her neck, slamming her roughly into one of the stone columns, so hard it cracked. "You are sick," he yelled at her. "Tell them what you've done!" he demanded screaming. He obviously heard something he disliked in her thoughts.

His grip on her intensified as she struggled against him. "Go on, Alice! Tell them how you've been trying to kill her since day one!"

What the fuck did he just say?

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