The town had changed a lot in the many years, and one big change to Simmanity was they were all now going to live a lot longer, all of them were living much, much longer lives now; with a quick painless flash the whole town had extended lives. Not just Pleasantview but all towns and cities. Also, Mortimer Goth had soon discovered a potion though his outrage, during a needy moment in his life, in which helped in the rejuvenating of the mind and memories, to help if you would, to reboot any and all lost memories. This came in real handy for one Sim who had been for years looking for answers to her past, and Mortimer to further test out the medicine/potion. Soon her kin would have his past restored fully to him, as well as his family. The Goth Memory Potion was also the inspiration to another Sim who hated living in the slums who was looking for any idea to make money cleanly and honestly.