Author's Note: Oh man how many times I got infuriated with her, while writing this! Oooh she makes me so angry, I hate her I hate her I hate her, and then again we are supposed to shun evil people like this right, no wonder why I hate her so much. Okay even if she is a Sim, I still hate her so much! More at the end otherwise I'm just- if I haven't already- ruined the chapter by giving you spoilers. Among that I also have a lot of problems with how many have clear-cut one side or the other on this issue coming up in the story. There will be an Author's Note inside the story explanation of this and also why it took so long to get his chapter up. There is also another Author's Note at the end explaining a few things as well as fun questions.

The Truth, 'Lilith's' Past Comes Out

George ran all the way to the Pleasant's home and jogged up to their steps and knocked on the door and rang the doorbell. A redheaded bearded man answered the door. "Hi," he said very cheerily, which was just met with an angry scowl. "Is…ohh, maybe I got the wrong house, you sure don't seem very pleasant to me, or did I catch you at a bad time? Is this the Pleasant residence?"

"Yes it is. Yeah you could say that, you caught me at a bad time, since Lilith throwing one of her fits again, since she's is grounded, so just take a hike."

"I'd love to go and take a hike, that would be fun, Nature hobby," he joked, Daniel just rolled his eyes.

"Lilith isn't allowed to be seeing any of her friends; she snuck out last night and got busted by the cops, for drinking, she got pretty darn plastered, so she's obviously being grounded. Among yet another pending punishment, I told the girls they would get if they drink alcohol."

"Lilith, I don't know anyone named Lilith. Whoa, you mean beer or…"

"Yeah beer, she was caught getting drunk, she was pretty wasted when the cop caught her. It would have been an even worse embarrassment if her uncle busted her, but thankfully it wasn't. So she really can't see any of her friends, or so-called friends right now."

"I don't think I met her before, why, do I look like her friend or something?"

"Uh yes, you do, like you; she's totally into the emo gothic look too."

He might have seen the girl Daniel meant, but wasn't sure, there was a girl dressed all in black, and sporting the emo gothic look so he had to wonder if maybe that was her or not. "Ohh, well I'm not really here to see her, I'm actually here to ask your family an important question as well as to drop off something for your wife as well as you. Your dad or rather your father-in-law was going to bring this by tomorrow to have you use it, but since I was on my way here anyhow, he got me to drop it off for him, so here you go," taking the ReNuYuSenso Orb out and setting it on the grass away from the door. "You both need to use that when you're in gold or higher to change your Aspirations to Family. For you, so you don't get tempted into doing bad things, to mess up your family and marriage by cheating and winding up breaking up for it. Also for your wife, to stop her from being a moneygrubbing money loving workaholic like she always is."

Daniel looked a bit guilty "Uh yeah, that might be for the best, for the both of us." If she will still have me, after she finds out what I did, even though it wasn't my fault it happened. I never should have confided in Kaylynn my problems since Kaylynn just used it to her advantage and then she got me so drunk and then… "Uh I will change it, if she does, and yeah, we'll see."

"Well I'm also here besides to drop off that, to ask you something."

"Okay, ask away then, and what's your name?"

"It's George, and well the local orphanage is being raided because the kids there were all really badly mistreated, and my siblings and I got a bunch of evidence to shut he place down."

"Mistreated how, because they aren't getting parents?"

"No, they get beaten some of them, the beds are disgusting, they aren't fed properly, starved, a lot of the time, nothing fun to do or play with, yelled at, just mistreated. I was wondering if you would like to foster a child or children, until Mortimer works out how to restore the children's memories, so they can be taken to their real homes, as well as adopt. You know for the ones that don't really have a home to go home to, or were legitimately removed, and maybe should not go back to their real homes. In fact Mary-Sue's dad said she will be a big sister they are adopting again one or more of these kids as well as fostering, and told me to tell her, to please adopt, because they want more grandkids."

Daniel was shocked and a bit stunned, "It's not that we don't have the room, or would help out, or adopt for that matter, I just don't think it's a good idea, Lilith is a handful, and I mean Angela would I'm sure help out. I just don't know how Lilith would take to do this. I'll have to ask first, to see what Mary-Sue says, and thinks about this as well, first, before we say yes or no to any of this."

"Oh I wanted to ask, while I'm here and remember; do you know where the Broke's live? They need to be asked this too, and we need to help them later. Oh and not only is Mortimer foster looking after us, but if you also need anything to help look after the kids like beds food toys and that, if you do foster and or adopt, Mortimer is paying for all of that, if that's a concern with you at all."

"Oh well, yeah, that's wonderful we might need a bed or a crib. Although we have the money, we don't always seem to have that much. Frankly I don't know where it all goes at times; we get paid well but it seems to be spent rather quickly. As far as Dustin goes, I don't know where Dustin lives for sure, Angela will know though. Come on inside, you can go ask her later, when she comes back from seeing Dustin. Or I'll just call Angela and tell her to come home, and then she can go back there with you to show you where he lives. She went to see him, but I don't think she got there yet, I'll just call her and tell her, she can go back there with you."

"Sure, that works," and followed Daniel inside to the argument going on inside.

"It's not fair, you're ruining my life! I didn't do anything, and I'm grounded for what, I want to know what, what was this so-called thing that I did, wrong, what," Lilith screamed, and snapped at her mother outraged she was again being punished for no good reason, yet again! She was going to go out to go see Dirk and hang out at his place when she was stopped by both of her parents, saying that she was grounded, and not allowed to go out. Grounded, but for what, what did she do?

"You're lucky you're getting away with just a grounding, missy, or at least right now you are!"

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, is that Lilith?"

"That's her." Daniel nodded, as he went to the phone to go call Angela home, she might not even be there; yet, which might be a good thing. She had just left 15 minutes ago, before George got here, but could reach her cell phone. Angela wanted to go visit Dustin since she didn't get much of a chance a few days ago, she was told to go home right after she got off the bus, or so the story went. So she really badly wanted to see him especially while Dustin's mother was resting and couldn't tell her to leave. "Yeah, so George just wants to know where the Broke's live, he has to ask them something's, so just come on back home now… Yes, you can go back and see him, and yes I guess so, I guess I'll let you stay there, even overnight, if you like, but if that Dustin lays a hand on you…"

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, well I can see why your dad thought I was a friend of yours, you're totally emo gothic. I've seen you around in school just never really met before until today. Oh I'm George by the way so you're Lilith huh; love your outfit, I kind of have a thing for black as well, as you can see."

"Hey, nice outfit, likewise me too, I love the black outfit. I would so wear that if I was a dude, for sure." Checking out the outfit a bit, she snickered, "Yeah likewise I seen you before in school, and I've always wanted to ask you, I don't think you have one. I have to know how do you manage to take a leak in that thing," sideways glancing there to double-check for one, "uh yeah, I was right, there's no zipper, you don't have one, so what do you do, just yank everything down to use the bathroom? You look a little, trapped, if you really have to go, yikes, is all I have to say, if it was an emergency."

"What, uhh," a bit embarrassed he pulled his jacket off to the side to show the snap clasp, "right here, no zipper, a snap, and Velcro closure and it's usually hidden behind my trench coat jacket that's probably why you didn't see it. I just undo the snap and I pull it open," motioning it, "I can then either pull my pants right down to sit, or I pull the opened part to the side more go pee standing up."

"Oh there, I'm sorry I didn't mean to embarrass you or anything, I just was wondering. I really thought it was something like a girdle, where it's hard to get off or out of. I was actually concerned at how many times you have come close to having an accident in that thing, if you can't get out of it, or did have. I'm thinking, shoot, if I'm a guy; sure I love the outfit, but at the same time, I'm not wearing something that restrictive, I can't easily get out of, when I have to run to the bathroom, no way."

"It's okay, and I wouldn't either likewise, if I was a girl. I like your boots by the way."

"Thanks likewise. I've seen you around before in school but didn't you have a different hairdo, like my dad's and more makeup on before, you looked kind of well, pale, or were you just sick?"

"I've gone through a lot of changes today my hairdo is one of them. Mortimer says that my hair looks good this way rather than how it was slicked back, I have to agree. I wasn't sick; I took the face makeup right off. I was just saved so I toned down the makeup a bit, I still like it, and it looks good on me. Just the face foundation stuff I took off, I'm dropping that, now I can show off my pretty freckles to everyone, instead of hiding them behind the foundation makeup I had on before."

"Cool. Huh, you really should have kept that makeup on, and kept your feckless covered," she said forming an angry dirty sneering loathing look, as George had freckles alright, very noticeable light ones on his nose, but quite noticeable cheek freckles, "I'm just saying. So, now, why am I in trouble, yet again, please do refresh my memory, what did 'I do' this time? This is just total BS, I so hate this. I'm always in trouble, and I've had it! I don't care if I get busted and punished for some idiotic thing I have done wrong, I'll take the punishment, pretty much without complaint, for any of my wrongdoing. But like hell I'm doing Angela's time and punishment for any of the crap that she pulls which is 80 to 90% of the time. Which I get blamed for! It's not fair, and I will not tolerate it, I'm innocent you hear me, innocent! You can't do this to me; it's not right or fair."

"Ohh, you know exactly what you did, wrong! Or did you have a little too much to drink, last night early this morning that your brain cells got fried? Convenient time now isn't it, wouldn't you say; to say you have amnesia, to use you memory loss, as an excuse out of what you did wrong. You snuck out and were caught drinking, Lilith! You broke one of our big rules!"

"Drinking as in beer, oh dad, please, I would never do that crap. You think I'm that stupid or something? Aside from the main loving and painful deterrent of the impeding spanking if I do touch let alone, drinking the poisonous crap, I know exactly what that garbage does to you. I did a whole paper on it in school, and even if I didn't do that paper, I still wouldn't touch the crap. I respect the rules of not drinking, it's a great rule, a wonderful rule, to keep me safe, and I do really love it! So I am so not doing the time, or a spanking my foolhardy sister deserves, it was her, who was drinking, and you just got us mixed up, again. Why are you so sure it was even me who did it, how can you be so sure it was me and not Angela? One time one time has she ever got really busted, for something that she did, one time, and even then you questioned if it was really her and not me. One time, and all the times after that, I get blamed for the stuff spoiled 'innocent Angela' does. Sure it wasn't her, really sure, it was me, and not Angela?"

"Yes, it was you," both parents said angrily!

"You are the worst condescending parents on the face of Sim Earth, you always believe Angela and never me, ever, you always favor her over me; you're nothing but a twofaced pair of hypocrites!"

Instead of it begin a rebuke it stirred his anger up more, but it worked out for all their good as it finally brought some things out into the open to be dealt with, as Jesus dealt with them all on this, and other issues they had, needing addressing! "I'm so sick of your mouth! I should have teared into your backside, the moment that cop left, but not only was I too furious with you to do it then but I knew, you would be very sorry for it in the morning with a hangover, and you wouldn't be sorry enough until you sobered up enough to really remember it. I think you're sobered up enough, do you have any idea what alcohol does to you, or what you could have done, you could have killed someone if you drove home!"

"Are you deaf? I told you, I did a whole paper on it, I know, exactly, what it does to you; I'm not stupid unlike Angela to do that garbage. You know what dad, I love you, I love you so much, that you would do that, to bits, as snippy as I can get. But do you know why I'm snippy right now, it's all because this is injustice right here that's why I'm like I am you're causing this, no one else to blame but both of you, treating me unfairly and unduly, all, the, time! I'm so sick of it! I just really wished you had done it; I really do; sat her in a chair, until you calmed down then did it. I only really wish you had spanked Angela and beat her butt for it, and then do it now, a reapplication once she was sober enough to really remember the beating Angela deserves. At least then if you did, like you always seem do, get us mixed up, if you just, inspected our butts, you would know, exactly, who needed, and deserved, the second round with your belt, certainly not me." Lilith looked so very respectful, and she was, as she said it, but she was still angry as can be at the, injustice, she would not tolerate, as that look on her face plainly told them. "Even if you were mixed up and fooled, at that moment, thinking it was me, at least Angela would have gotten what she had deserved. So I'm saying now, loudly and clearly, you lay a hand on my butt, belt or otherwise, you're gonna hear it, because I'm not guilty, Angela is," Lilith said calmly. "So, I don't deserve to be punished for something my sister did; it's not fair or right. If I was so stupid to drink then yes I'd bend by butt over right now and let you tear into it, but I swear to God I did not drink a drop." (Big Time AUTHOR'S NOTE: Please keep in mind Lilith had meant beating as in spanking this is just how Lilith talks especially since she has Aspiration failure, and a bit of an attitude problem, attributed mostly to the red Aspiration, she tries to keep in check, but sometimes she lets out, but she isn't really like that. However she meant 'beating' done in love, but also to case a lot of pain, but still a loving spanking, just that the pain and swats had to be and would probably be, a bit more severe than the average 3 or 5 swats done for a younger child to sting the butt for an hour or two, to help that child to remember what s/he did wrong. Remember they are teenagers, and now can take a bit more pain, so the swats needed and had to be more, stingy. Besides that, repercussions of drinking, like driving home drunk do need to be addressed by the spanking. I do not condone violence. I firmly believe that a spanking done in love and for all the right reasons to better the child or teen, (this has to be at the very heart of why you do this, otherwise forget it, deal with the child in some other way, to discipline them) even one done with a belt is worlds apart from an act of violence beating a teenager or a child, yes that is child abuse. A proper love motivated spanking to correct some bad behavior, and an actual beating, for revenge, or to cause or inflict bodily harm or lasting marks other than a reddened up ouchy behind, are/is worlds apart, and are/is as clear as black and white, night and day, for anyone who has the wisdom or sense to see it. So this is why it's been quite a while to get this big chapter up and out. I kept on reading, and watching a few different things, to see how some parents dealt with their teenager caught drinking. Take it a bit like this, how Daniel and Mary-Sue see it, and set it up; and a lot of other parents may, or do, do this. This rule is in place not a drop of alcohol till your 21st birthday (or whatever the legal age is to buy and or drink in your area) and it's purely out of love, and concern, and health, and safety, of their children, and other citizens (drunken driving) preventative. So now then, one child breaks said rule, and seemingly lies about it. The guilty party deserves it, a spanking, or has earned it. Read on and you will see exactly why 'Lilith' has her problems, and why she is like she is, and usually in trouble.)

George was a bit surprised, but in this sense a spanking and yes even one done with a belt, done in love, to save a life from going down the wrong path, as he could plainly see, this would warrant; and yes loving needed. Yes he too all 6 of them had by their adoptive daddy at least one time or another, as young children had spankings for some bad behavior, and now with his older wise age saw how loving those spankings were, all for their own good. George could easily see no matter whom the guilty party in this, really was, a spanking would be a kinder fate, met with an underage drinker. Oh yes, George knew, yes, a spanking even with a belt, would be a kindness, compared to the lifelong guilt, of killing, or mangling, someone in a car crash, knowing you caused the damage, or a loss of life. That was a far worse fate to be met with, and to endure, a lifelong guilt, of hurting or killing someone, all because you had drove drunk, then a swollen aching tanned behind for several hours to even a few days. "Whoa, I fully do agree, that this warrants, even a harsh belt spanking. As long as you're doing it, because you love her so much, and you hate to think what might have happened, and love is at the core root of this spanking, go right ahead. That would be a kindness considering what could have, and thank God didn't obviously happen. But chill out for a bit, you can't, you must not do that in anger, for one, let alone do it, to the wrong one. Agreed," both parents nodded wholeheartedly. "Then please tell me how can you two get them so darn mixed up, to not know, for sure, who was the one out drinking," he asked.

"We're identical twins, that's how. Pathetic, still can't tell us apart, obviously. I agree though, if I was out drinking, which I was not, I would expect the butt whooping of my life. I'm sure I would also be very grateful too it was only a warmed up behind compared to hurting let alone killing someone due to driving drunk, once my mind had cleared and the pain was over to see how stupid I was, if I had done that. I have had one whooping once before for something I did but believe me that was what I had coming to me, and as much as it hurt, I was thankful for it afterwards. This is also why though, I won't tolerate getting the whooping my sister rightly deserves, and not me, especially for something like this."

"Ugh, that's my nightmare; I would hate to have that happen, if I had kids, identical twins, and then always getting them mixed up. I love kids, but I don't want that to happen."

"Listen up, dear parents, I want a fair trial, I'm not guilty, I didn't sneak out and drink! When Angela gets her sorry butt home I want to go to the hospital and take an alcohol test. I'll prove to you it wasn't me, even if you honestly got us mixed up, fine I know exactly why that happened, but I'll prove to you I am innocent in this matter. I've had it up to here with you punishing me unfairly and unduly! Yes, if I did wrong, then yes, fine, I know you rip on me, because you do love me, but I will not stand idly by and have my life sent down the flusher, all because of something I'm being accused of doing wrong. This isn't fair to me, at all, to always be wrongfully punished! I want some justice for once, especially if the belt is coming, I'm not taking 'my punishment' until I'm proven guilty! Which I'm not! If you still can't figure out who is who when something like this happens to come up, then fine, tell us both that, and then punish us both, so then I don't have to be pissed off with you that Angela gets away with murder, and is left unpunished!"

"Oh give it a rest."

One set of eyes were finally opened and realized the truth in this circumstance, what they were doing and were about to do was unfair. Yes a spanking was needed and due cause here but it had to be given to the right one, and it wasn't fair, always believing one twin, over the other, especially the way she chose to dress and maybe sometimes act. They needed to judge their motives, and especially their heart, and character, of their heart, and in Lilith's case hers were pure. It is never fair having a favorite kid, as Lilith had pointed out. "Daniel, please, you're still angry, and not listening to her reasons. She is right, innocent, until proven guilty. She has every right to be justly angry, if she really isn't guilty, and she also has a good point and idea. A lot of the time I think that they both of them have it coming I think they both need to be punished at the same time. Honestly at times I do often pin the blame on one over the other, I do believe the wrong one, and I hate myself for it. I'm sorry for that. But Lilith has a good point, when we don't catch who started what; we should, maybe punish them both, to make it all a bit fairer, rather than blaming one child more than the other. I also think, that's fair enough to ask, for a fair trial, here, especially considering the harsh punishment coming, we all agreed on. So why don't we do that, make them both take a blood alcohol test. Then that way, we will all know, for sure, who it is, who the real guilty party really is, in all of this. Then we can without guilt properly punish that one, and then there are no hard or bitter feelings. Especially if the belt is coming, like George said, it would be unfair to, whomever, if the non-guilty one is punished, while; the guilty one is not."

"Sounds great to me," she says cheerily for once.

"You know she's been having memory problems ever since…forget it it's just an excuse to get out and go somewhere."

"So what if it is, and it's only straight to the hospital anyhow, and if she is guilty, we can punish her a bit more for trying to get out of the punishment, and lying, and breaking that rule, okay, fair for you both? Fair warning last chance to get out of it, now, if this is an excuse and you are lying, and we do catch you in your lie, you will be punished, more, if you are the guilty drinker. So are you innocent or guilty in this, did you drink beer or not?"

"Innocent, I'm not lying, I never drank, it wasn't me, out boozing the beer, it was Angela," she said looking at both her parents and said it bluntly and honestly she was innocent.

"Fine, I accept your answer, and fair warning here, only, if you are lying, you will accept your additional punishment. So now, fair enough for the both of you now?"

Grunt growling, "Fine, but if this is an excuse like I believe it is, you are so getting an extra week put on your grounding, and a few extra licks with my belt for the lie. We told you both exactly the 7 things that would earn you a harsh whopping with a belt. They are, doing illegal drugs, such as marijuana; smoking cigarettes; underage WhooHoo; which could easily lead to you getting the other big butt whooping, for getting yourself, with the exception of God-forbid getting raped, pregnant; lying; stealing; and the drinking alcohol, of any sort, until you were of legal age of 21; will all earn you a few good rounds with a belt."

"Fine, with, me," she said happily knowing she wasn't guilty, now she just had to get the proof. "I will show you I'm not guilty, it's Angela who's been boozing. I did a paper on the effects of alcohol in your system and I know that it takes anywhere from 12 to 24 hours or more for alcohol to fully leave your system, let alone blood, which takes a lot longer, so there should be enough in her system to prove her guilt. Did you even check our breath you know, here, smell it," blowing her breath in her father's face, "tell me, do smell like I've been out drinking, or look or act like I have?"

"No, but you could stand a brush," he said as George snickered.

"Okay, I'd be happy to. Why do you think I have memory loss?"

"You do, since you were a toddler you've had bouts of memory loss, that's probably why you do so poorly in school."

"Oh how lovely, didn't you think to take me to a doctor, or get me some sort of help, for it, my memory loss, when I have an obvious need or a big problem like this? Great parents I have, wonderful parents, you two suck, Llama you know what," she yelled and stormed into the bathroom and slammed the door shut. "And you wonder why I have a bad attitude problem!"

"You're in huge trouble when you get out of there!"

"Just drop it, it's not worth it. Pick your battles, this one isn't worth it. She doesn't remember."

George was a bit surprised, "What was that about?"

"We shouldn't be so harsh on her; you know how bright she was, how smart she was."

"That's why, I know she's better than this, she knows better, she's just rebelling, and using the memory loss thing, to manipulate us, to make us feel guilty," Daniel says folding his arms over. "Just because she had it a little harder doesn't give her the right to act that way or lash out like that especially to literally try to cover her butt."

"Can you blame her, if any of that was the truth? After all, when 'Lilith' was brought home at 3 in the morning, we told her to go straight to her room, and that we would deal with her in the morning, or later. We told her as of now you're grounded but we didn't check, to see for sure, who it was, since it was dark out, and we were both tired and both so infuriated with whoever, that we couldn't do it, the spanking right then. We really should have checked though, regardless, for later, to properly punish the guilty one, when she was sober enough; and we were calm enough to do it. Maybe it was Angela."

"Yeah right, why would it be Angela, what are you suggesting, Angela dressed up as Lilith, and went out boozing, to get Lilith in trouble?" Mary-Sue folded her arms over, and gave him a look, how obvious this all seemed, now that it was brought into the light. Mary-Sue was about to bring up that he had brought up the refresher of the no alcohol rule and the consequences that it would bring, but Daniel went on. "So you're actually suggesting that Angela is the bad manipulative one, and purposely getting Lilith in trouble by posing and dressing up as her, why that's so preposterous, now why would she do a thing like that? No, if anything Dustin probably talked her into it, is what I think happened."

"Maybe she did, maybe she didn't. Oh now you're blaming Dustin, I don't believe you, he's a good kid, or have you so soon forgotten what he did, let alone been though recently? If he acts badly, it's only for the same reason Lilith does, Aspiration failure. He's also still upset and grieving over his dad's death. Besides the officer didn't even mention him, just that 'Lilith' was caught out in the park, in the bushes heavily drinking beer, alone."

"Yeah exactly, probably because he took off the little wretch, he's out drinking trying to try deal with his problems and home life, and getting our sweet Angela mixed up in it, to take the blame for his problems. You know what I'll bet he probably stole it too, because his family is so poor he can't even afford a fake ID to buy the stuff. I'll bet he got drunk and as soon as the heat came he took off, and let whoever, take the blame."

"Ugh, listen to yourself; do you have any idea just how stupid that just sounded, what you have suggested? None of them are over 14 let alone look like a 21-year-old to use a fake ID! Look, unlike you I have talked with Dustin about his bad attitude, and he has always apologized to me, for his bad behavior and attitude, saying he's in Aspiration failure, but he said in no way does it excuse any of his bad behavior, either, but Dustin owned up to it. Does that sound like a kid who doesn't own up to the bad things he does? For a little bad attitude he owns up to it, every time, and looks and I can see how badly he feels for it, as he sincerely apologizes for it. Just because someone is poor, it doesn't make them hillbilly, hick, or a bad person, you're passing assumptions, and bad judgments there."

Daniel only then stepped back in his mind after that to realize, maybe he was just having some issues and yes when he was a child Dustin was a nice kid, and finally did the sensible thing put himself in Dustin's shoes. He asked himself, how would I act or react if I lost a parent, he didn't have to look very far, the guilt, and sadness, of his own father's death, crept up, how silly had realized he had been back then when he was younger to blame himself for dad not going to Mars like he dreamed. Maybe Dustin too felt bad or guilt for his dad's death or something similar. Now he knew he was doing this boy wrong, when it came to being enemies with him, trying to 'protect' Angela from him. "Umm, fine, you're right, I just I don't want either of them, getting mixed up into the wrong thing, especially with boys, and well, doing the wrong thing. But now I'm not too sure who is really guilty here. It really uh does sound like Lilith is innocent, but at the same time I can't and won't believe it, Angela is doing this, especially dressing up as Lilith just to get her into trouble. Look I'm sorry, I'm really sorry I'm having trouble with this, I have well another issue I'm dealing with and I'm putting it unfairly on them, and I'm having a hard time believing one over the other, I'll admit."

Calling from the bathroom, "At least that's a start at least you're being honest, now do the right thing, and let the test prove my innocence in this, that's all I ask."

"Look let's take our time in this to try be good parents for once, and if for some reason all this turns out, that no one is guilty, or it is too late, to find out, then why don't we sternly lecture them and punish them both with a week's grounding and heavy chores. Then, to further fix, this situation, so it doesn't ever happen or so easily, again, I got an idea If one is dressing up as the other, then let's make it so it's not so easily done anymore, and let's both give Lilith the benefit of the doubt, she is innocent in all this. We'll let her dye part of her hair or cut it short or something. That way if one of them really is dressing up as the other, they can't do it anymore, and some of this bickering can end."

"Black," Lilith said, coming out of the bathroom her toothbrush in hand, she had overheard the whole conversation. "I want to dye all my hair black, then there's no chance at all, you can ever get us mixed up again, and I'll be happy to trim my hair nice and short, but I want black hair. It's about time you two dingbats grabbed a brain, I would have told you sooner if you ever listened to me, that Angela dresses up as me, all the time! Like I said 80 to 90% of the time it's Angela who does the crap not me. She's totally psychotic, but you don't get that! Isn't it just funny and convenient that you dad, not even 3 days ago brought up the issue of the no drinking rule what it does to you how it inhibits your thinking and judgment how drinking could lead to all sorts of bad things. How you reinforced the rule, backing it firmly, that it would end with a tanned behind, did you not? Isn't it just funny then, that I was caught drinking? Funny, that, really hilarious, that I get it, fully blamed for something, my identical twin sister does, by easily dressing up as me, to fool you 2, to get me into trouble, and just to do it, for kicks and giggles, to watch me squirm. She gets off on it, I swear. Great idea mother, love it, of dying my hair. Black hair, I want my whole hair to be as black as my mood!"

"You are not dying your hair black!"

"Daniel, it's fine with me, she does that, look, why are you doing this?"

"It's not that, it's not what you think, it's because I just can't let her go dark again; that's why. I love her red hair, it's bad enough she got the ink spilled on her when she was a toddler and nearly dyed her beautiful red hair black then, like hell I'm letting her have black hair, no way."

"It's hair, it will grow back or grow out. Sigh, highlights only, okay, fair enough for the both of you, if she gets highlights, and cuts her hair short, the way she sees fit?"

"Okay, only highlights, I don't care if she cuts her hair short, just not bald," he says quickly to that last bit, to make sure to stress not to do something stupidly extreme, before it crossed her mind.

"Black highlights."

"Yes fine, black highlights, just highlights only, you dye your hair all black…just don't do it."

"Fair enough, I won't, black highlights are cool with me. Now what's this ink thing, what ink?"

"I don't know how it happened, but you got ink all over your head, hair, and face. You might have just bumped into the end table upstairs or used it to stabilize yourself as you walked and toddled about. You got the ink bottle I left up there, to do my calligraphy, spilled all over you. It took 5 baths just to get it off you, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, it's kind of really funny now, and how you got your nickname, Lilith," Mary-Sue chuckled.

"Toddling around, you never taught me how to walk, or talk, or potty trained me, so how in the hell could I be toddling around! Whoa, what, wait, what do you mean, nickname, Lilith, Lilith is my name, not my nickname."

"No honey, it's Lillian, not Lilith."

"Yeah Angela could never say your name right, in fact when you were in the tub getting washed off I brought Angela in because she wet herself after I tried to potty train her and she refused it and wet herself in protest. So I was taking her to bathe her, and I said oh poor Lillian look how dark she is. So Angela says Lilith dark one, I had no idea that the name actually meant that. If I knew it, I would have stopped it right then and corrected her, to try calling you Lillian, or just Lil, if she couldn't get your full name. However at the time, we both thought, I'm sure, she was just unable to say your name, and she would grow out of it later and be able to say your actual name. But I guess that didn't happen you kind of got stuck with it, Lilith, and Anglia even when she was a child still called you that."

"I want proof. So am I really Lillian, ha, ha, ha, I like that name; I do, but prove it to me." Her mom walked off to the bedroom while she put her toothbrush away and rinsed out, by the time she had done that mom came back with her Birth Certificate, and handed it to her. Inspecting it as she sat at the table by George she smiled, "I really am Lillian, Lillian Elizabeth Pleasant. I like my middle name too. Wait until Dirk finds out, I wonder how he'll take it, to find that out, but I really love it, my real name. It's so, pretty, I can hardly believe this, and it's like my whole identity changed or something looking at this, Lillian, wow."

"Yeah it's pretty. Dirk is your guy?"

"Boyfriend yeah, so was I really walking, I don't remember any of this let alone the ink thing or any of it. Was I really walking around?"

"You were right after you transition to toddler you got up and toddled about, a little wobbly at first but you soon got the hang of it very quickly and were running about. Heck you even said, help me I want to use the big potty not little potty when you needed to go," she said.

"What a load of lies, I don't remember any of that! You're lying to me, why are you lying to me; stop it, trying to pretend to be good parents you're not."

"Like I said you have bouts of memory loss," Daniel said again sticking to that fact.

"You're just lying, you don't love me; you never cared; that's why you never bothered to teach me anything, any of my toddler skills! You want to me to be good and honest but what great examples my parents are and give to me; they like to lie like the devil, lies! I should whoop you guy's butts for lying to me, especially in front of a guest, shame on you both! Tell me, how could I possibly be up and walking, talking, and wanting to use the big potty or toilet, when I was never taught any of that?!"

"You didn't need it; you learned all that all on your own, before you were a toddler, especially using the toilet," Mary-Sue insisted, she was telling her the truth they both were.

"Ohh, sounds like you were EC potty trained, that comes with territory, usually you'll wind up learning to talk, and walk, very easily, before toddlerhood, if you use that method, to toilet learn babies. Same with us we all learned that without having to be taught that. So when we transitioned to toddlers we were already up and walking about and talking quite well without the need to ever be taught any of that too. You keep that open line of communication with the baby's basic potty needs, and you pretty much, or do, bypass all that need to teach them how to use the potty or toilet, as they are potty learned. So no fuss, no muss, just straight off to the toilet, or in our cases, the bushes, we were out camp living in the woods. So we just squatted and peed and did caca in the bushes, but we all know how to use the toilet. We were at times taken into town and taken to the toilet both as toddlers and babies and squatted on, held over, or sat on, and held while on the toilet so we didn't fall in, to pee or caca, so we all know. You like me and my siblings were taught that by the EC method short for Elimination Communication, potty learned, so you never needed to learn the other stuff, toddlers who don't get EC trained do, you already learned it, but you don't get the memory as such for it, let alone the wants as a toddler to learn those skills, as they're already learned."

"What are you talking about? I had the wants to learn all of that, but they never taught me any of that. Now if I had those wants filled I wouldn't have grown up badly. Did you or your siblings ever get those 3 toddler wants at all with this so-called EC thing?"

"Nope, we never, none of us, ever had any of those wants, to learn talking walking or especially potty training; I don't know why you would have gotten it."

"Actually that pretty much sounds like what we did do with Lilith, we just didn't call it that."

"Yes, she screamed like the dickens every time she needed to wee or poo," Daniel smiled.

"Yup EC cue, my bro Joel was like that too, he hates holding his pee in and the feeling of a full bladder. When he has to go pee he usually lets everyone know about it. Well when he was a baby, but he's still a bit that way to this day. Still hates holding it in and that full feeling."

"No kidding, I hate it too. Are you serious, I never heard of this…way…"

"Honey," Mary-Sue chuckled and took a seat beside her, "it was how I was taught, yes, I was conventionally potty trained, but that was because my parents never did this full time with me, let alone my biological parents. However, the orphanage I was raised in practiced this, with the babies. Both the Asian and Japanese cultures, practice this natural infant hygiene, I guess is what they call it, and yes EC too. They don't believe in diapering babies, like we do nowadays, in fact this is how they did it, before the invention of diapers, just took them to an appropriate receptacle to go," motioning to George, "or outside in the bushes to do their business. At first we thought something was wrong with you, as you cried very loudly for a while then I realized, maybe you have to go; it could be why you're crying like you are. So I respected your right and want and wishes to stay clean and to be dry. So I tried to see if that was the case, and see if you would go. So I took you to the toilet and held you over it in a squat and told you this is where you do what you have to do. So I say go tinkle, tinkle-tinkle this is the potty tinkle-tinkle, and sure enough you went tinkle, and stopped crying as soon as you went, and we used that tinkle-tinkle every time for that, and stinky-stinky for the other end. You were quite the little joyful smilier to say thank you after every toilet trip, your way of saying thank you if you can believe it."

"Ha, ha, ha, I believe that for sure, yeah nothing makes a baby happier to be clean and dry. We also had similar cues; too, ours was pssss, pssss, for pee and unh-unh, kind of grunting sound for caca. Yeah totally good to use a word or sound cue to help the baby to go, especially for strange potty places they aren't used to, to assure them it's okay to go here."

"I actually thought you were quite a little genius compared to Anglia you always let us know as soon as you needed to go, to cry, you had a particular cry to let us know when you had to go. We tried it with Angela but she refused to do it so we gave up on her and diapered her. That's why she needed to be taught her toddler skills, unlike you, who learned them all before you had ever needed to be really taught any of them. You were talking before you were a toddler, you would say stuff like potty, toilet, stinky, tinkle, hungry, tired, we were just amazed, and with the help, you were walking well, but still needed to be walked held otherwise you would fall, but you walked, and could stay standing for a few seconds, without the support."

"Oh bull, then why don't I remember any of that?"

"We don't know how it happened, but you fell down the stairs, you're lucky to be alive," Mary-Sue said. "You might have been trying to get downstairs and just tripped and fell down the stairs. You were in a coma for over 2 almost 3 years, so pretty much most of your toddlerhood. Maybe that's why you had those wants to learn all of your toddler skills, but you were still walking, talking, and yes even went to the potty. Maybe because your Aspiration was so low by then, you needed something big to bring it up, or really just didn't know."

Shaking her head, "Even if this is true why didn't you just snuggle me or talk to me or the other things toddlers want or need to fulfill it that way? Or just explain it to me I might have amnesia, that I can't remember it, but I already knew all these skills already before I lost my memories, so there's no real need to be taught them, again. Then I could have maybe spun up a different set of wants for you to fulfill, or show me I knew them."

"We did tell you that, and show you and yes we did try to fulfill other wants, but unfortunately by the time we had figured out you wanted to be read to, it was too late and you might have not sat still for long to be read to," Mary-Sue says, it was true, they really did try.

"Then Angela was also constantly bugging us too for attentions, to the point of distraction that I yelled at her to go do something else, and leave us alone. When she persisted I grabbed her and put her in the crib, so we could try focusing all of our efforts and attentions onto you for a time, without being interrupted. Of course Angela screamed, rattled the crib, and escaped, and bugged us even more, for attentions, which we wound up giving to her, in the end. I really wish I just stuck to my guns with her, and stuck her into the highchair, like I had threatened to do with her, if she didn't stop bugging us for attentions she did not need."

"Probably she didn't need, no she didn't need them at all! She was doing it to distract you from helping me grow up well; that sounds, exactly, like the succubus suckhole brat. Yeah you should have put her in the highchair and let her scream her empty little head off, the brat."

"Probably," Daniel sighed. Looking back at it now he realized he had been too harsh on her and maybe put his expectations up a little too high, maybe for both them, basically teaching them to fail.

"I guess the bump on the noggin might explain all of that, and also why I do so badly at school, even though I do try. Do you really think I'm a genius?"

"I do, even before I gave you Smart Milk and tried to teach you your skills, but nothing to learn. You were so good in school up until that incident…," Daniel stopped and looked over as he heard it, Angela's footsteps approaching up the driveway and towards the door, but had stopped for a little bit outside to inspect the ReNuYuSenso Orb machine.

"Do me a solid don't mention that thing we both have to do until we get there."

"We won't," Daniel actually agreed, consenting to the fact this should be fair and not let Angela get a chance to try anything sneaky, if indeed it was her. Both he and Mary-Sue could easily tell the girls apart, there were a few subtle differences they had from day one, and more now, that they could easily check on, if they did try the old switcheroo on them.

"So that's Angela, hmm. Can I use your bathroom, before I take off to see where Dustin lives? I think I have to wait for my sister to come here, or I'll go there with Angela and phone her when I get there, along with my other sibs to see how they are doing with finding homes."

"Uh yeah there are two down here, right there and by our bedroom and one upstairs. Yeah let's see how this plays out first, I'll just get Angela to give you the directions if need be, because of the, uh you know," Mary-Sue says.

"Right," the test, "I'll check out the one upstairs, if it's okay with you, I want to see how much room you have for an adoptive kid and as well as foster kids," Mary-Sue nodded that was just fine if he wanted to have a quick look around, it was just the girls' bedrooms up there not much to see. "Thanks, and your dad really wants you to adopt and he says you're going to be a big sister, and to please adopt he wants more grandkids," he said getting up and heading up the stairs, "Oh by the way, you need to both change your Aspirations to Family, is what your dad says and that will be so much better because then you'll be more keen on adoption. The machine is outside when you're ready to use it."

"Like, who the heck is that?"

"That's George," Daniel says calmly, waiting to see if there were any signs Angela was really drunk or plainly up to no good. "He says the local orphanage, is being shutdown, he and his siblings they got evidence of the deplorable living conditions and wants to know if we were willing to foster as well as adopt…"

"Him, no, we don't have enough room as it is."

"No they have a home with Mortimer apparently, but the other kids need a foster home, and I'm sure there will be kids that need adopting. Yes I think that would be splendid, it might be nice to have another child in the house," dad said. "So do you think we can manage it, or do it, foster a kid or two, and maybe adopt?"

"I suppose if the girls don't mind roommates, and yes, I would like to adopt, more so if we get our Aspirations changed to Family. After we spent that day together I see how much my working has been a big drain on our family. I'm quitting my job for something better and easier." The two of them leaned over and kissed. (This is Canon, Mary-Sue does have one vacation day, so a little time together without the kids, and more so after the maid is sent away, can fix up everything, plus no getting fired!)

"It's nice that you're kissing but, ewww. It would be cool with me though, if you had another kid, a boy this time, but adopting is even better, just make sure that it's a boy, because I really so do not want another sister right now. Besides, it might be nice to have someone keep the family name going. I'm taking Dirk's last name, Dreamer, so unless Angela talks Dustin into taking our last name. No, uh now that I think of it, they really shouldn't even be together, at all, not at all."

"What's that supposed to like mean?!"

"You know damn well what it means, you manipulative little liar, don't play dumb with me, no wait you don't have to pretend, you are dumb and you do enough of that, pretending, for the both of us. You're just plain stupid, a fool, what's the matter Lilith oh I mean Angela, think you're not gonna ever get caught," Lillian chuckled Angela flinched only slightly, it was hardly noticeable unless you were really watching for it, but otherwise Angela kept her cool.

"Like what the heck are you like going on about?" she feigned not having a clue what her sister was talking about.

"Nothing, and I rest my case, *sniff*, booze breath, just that you're finally going to get what's coming to you for once, I think." Okay admittedly she didn't smell like beer but had to see her reaction to the truthful accusation of her drinking, see if she would flinch. She didn't, oh she was good, she had to admit, she was so caught up in her lie she didn't even doubt it, to feel the least bit guilty about it.

"Booze breath, like funny, I hear it was you out drinking last night, at all hours of the night."

"Yeah that does sound like something I would do, now doesn't it. You're right, so who am I to argue with you sis, who am I to argue with you." Eye glancing to dad with a smile in her eyes as she glanced to her backend, before she went 'fishing' for the truth, as she scratched her lower back, to test Angela, to prove to her dad, she wasn't lying. Sure enough, Angela took it, the bait Lillian was fishing with, as Lillian held up her 'catch' for all to see, as Angela smiled happily enjoying it way too much.

"So, tell me, how many did you get? Can you even sit-down now? So did you cry, like a little baby, and openhanded or did you get it with a belt, or both, mom, or dad," she asked with a smug face.

Lillian just gave her dad that look, 'I told you so', "Why do you want to know, is it any of your business, if and how I got a spanking, or who gave it to me, or how many swats I got? Is it really any of your business or concern? Why do you want to know, if and how I got it, why, suddenly feel sorry, or guilty for some reason?"

"Uhh, uh n-no reason, I just wanted to like, know, I want to see if you really learned something for once in you stupid life, to like, make sure you fully got what you deserved for once."

"Yeah sure, I'll bet that's it."

"It is; it's like bad enough I took your punishment, when you like beat up that kindergartener."

Lillian/Lilith was shocked, oh now she was lying about that. Knowing Dustin's secret he's been hiding from Angela since grade school, Lillian hated to have to break her promise but had to do it. She promised Dustin, she would keep it a secret for him, to keep him safe, after witnessing the altercation; back when they liked each other a bit more. But ever since he foolishly started to smoothen things out, by trying to be friends with Angela, and then as teens dating, well, they weren't as friendly as they once were. She did, however, understand Dustin's reasons for it, and like she had promised back then, she would keep his secret a secret. Still Dustin was also treading dangerous waters doing that. Must have his father's daredevil spirit in him; dad would often tell them, some of Skip Broke's antics. Lillian then not only realizing, she didn't have to break her promise, but realized, Angela's stupidity, broke out in a huge belly laugh! Angela really is a fool, and blind, it's been well over 10 years now, and yet Angela still had not figured it out, whom, or where, 'Dusty' is! How stupid could Angela be, that she didn't get it, Dustin, 'Dusty' it was so laughable she was that blind! "Ohh, ha, ha, ha, not only are you a lying manipulative witch, ohh, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, but you're a morn too, mom and dad are so right, I'm a genius, at least compared to you, because only a moron like you would take this long to figure it out, ha, ha, ha, ha, still looking for him, are you?!

"Looking for like who, looking for who, whatcha talking about?"

"Oh, you know who, that kid, that blonde boy, with uhh, freckles, who just so happened, to get you in trouble by tattling to a teacher, and got you booted out of school. Technically, you should have been expelled, but, yeah, I guess they figured they'd better let you stay, you know, so you wouldn't get any stupider. How many years has it been, now, that you've been out looking for him so you can beat the crapola out of him, to even the score, for getting you into trouble? Do you know, who he is, where he lives, do you at all know who that kid is?"

Her anger switched off her mind, "Of course I don't, I'm still looking for Dusty wherever he is, because he…" She suddenly went silent and clueless with rage. She really honestly did not know.

Oh sure he had changed his whole hairdo and covered up his freckles, got a whole new set of clothes, but Lillian was very sure that Angela had a good look at 'Dusty' either before, and or after, the fight ended when Dustin took off to get that teacher, to stop the fight. So how could she be so gullibly blatantly oblivious to the obvious? Even mom and dad knew it, who Dusty is, and might be partly why dad didn't like Dustin all that much. Maybe it was because of the 'trouble' Dusty had gotten Angela in with that girl she beat up and what trouble that it caused. Maybe in dad's backwards mind it was oddly a concern of love; maybe dad didn't want to see a good kid like Dustin, getting all mixed up with a brat like Angela and getting hurt like that girl. "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, mother, father, I rest my case, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, fool!" Walking to the door, "Ha, ha, ha, I don't think school has helped you one little bit, you're as dumb as ever," she said as she answered the door, then was going to head off upstairs to tell George his sister is here. "Hi, looking for George?"

"Yup, I'm Rebecca his sister, so George is here?"

"Yup, he's upstairs going to the bathroom, I'll go get him for you; or knock on the door and tell him you're here if he's not done yet; I figured you were his sister."

In reality Angela was trying to get out of there so her parents wouldn't have to talk with her and find out she had tried to lie right there in front of them! As if they had to try, really, she had said it, she was that foolish, to think that they wouldn't realize it, let alone punish her for it. "No, I'll go get him; you don't know how to be anything but rude to our guests." Angela took off upstairs to find this boy. He was blonde she noticed, and wondered his eye color as well, it was so important that they were dark blue like Dustin's, green like hers, or maybe brown, like her mom's, but they could not be grey, that was pushing chances, same with light blue, let alone hazel, or anything in-between for all this to work. She had a huge growing problem and was looking for the quickest offload to pin the blame on. So in case Dustin wasn't up for the task, as he still has yet to kiss her; of course, that was his mother's fault, for chasing her off. In fact she had gone to Dustin's anyhow even after the call, not giving a care what dad had asked of her, to come home right away then she could go back there after. She wasn't going back home until she wanted to. But again Brandi had chased her off again saying she didn't want her over there, especially when the toddler started screaming loudly as soon as she walked in the door and woke her up. The first time it was just a case of Dustin was in trouble because of his grades and she didn't want her around but as soon as the toddler cried Brandi chased her off. So now she might have to try this other blonde boy and say that it was Dustin's, and make this kid pay for it, literally, while Dustin takes all of the blame for it. After all Dustin had seduced her and got her drunk last night after all, yes, that's it, might as well use that, if there are any lingering questions or concerns, hell she could say that was the night, yes, perfect, yes perfect she grinned, as she reached the top of the stairs, the plan all worked out, perfectly, in her head. "Adopt a kid, like hell that will happen, no freaking way, not a chance." Angela found him peeking in her sister's room and looking around the place. "Like uh what the hell do you think you're doing?"

"Just seeing how much room you have up here for a needy child. It's all fine I asked your mom she said it was okay if I have a look around," and walked past her, taking a look inside Angela's room, and nodded. "Should be plenty of room to put a kid or two in each of your rooms and a put crib either for a baby or toddler right in here somewhere along with some toys for the tykes, right here in this open space, plenty of room, for your new adoptive sibling." He just had a feeling they would adopt, he just knew it to the core, that they would, and had the hugest grin on his face as George nodded envisioning it, what the place would look like. He could see it all now, the whole place transformed, opened up the floor cluttered with educational toddler toys, and some fun but not educational toys, a baby, growing to a little toddler, then to a young child, playing up here, and loved on, very happy to have a home with a loving family, it nearly brought tears to his eyes.

She could have sworn she saw, "Hey, cutie let me see your eyes, my darling boy."

George was suddenly very creeped out, but turned around, "Why? Hey, don't you call me that. I mean, don't you have a boyfriend, Dustin?" George suddenly felt extremely uncomfortable, and he slowly backed off a few paces.

That's it, you freak; backup a bit further, she thought to herself, as she gave him a saucy smile, and approached him, taking a step forward, for each step he took back. Yes, she was right, he did have freckles. Also now seeing them he has green eyes, she could easily use him to cover for this mistake, if she couldn't twist and manipulate Dustin into thinking it's his. Still there was yet another problem, her angered mind, couldn't take the fact he had freckles to really put the effort into fooling this boy. Could be him, yes it might be him, even if it's not; no way I'll let him get away with it! I have to finish what I started and didn't get a chance to do away with that brown-haired freckled faced little kindergartener, let alone with Dusty! It's time to end this freak of nature's life, payback time! "What's on your face?"

"Makeup," he said, seriously freaked out, he didn't know why. Oh God what's going on, help me please, help me, God, I'm freaking out I don't know why. I feel so freaked out and frightened I don't know why, please help me, Jesus help me, protect me.

"No, what the hell is this crap here," poking his face hard and jarred George suddenly. Angela suddenly grabbed his face, doing a saucy look as she brought his face closer, "You got freckles," she said emotionless but inside she was seething with rage. Which in turn she used to pretend she liked it, about him, as she tried to use it flirt a bit with him, to push him over the edge. She caressed his arm as she flirted with him as she tried to rub his face holding back the urge to slap him for having freckles on his face! "You got, freckles, on your face boy." Bringing her face and lips close to his and giving him a lust filled look, but deep down she hated him with every fiber of her being. She could see it the Good in him which made the hatred she felt for George even stronger, just like the same she felt for her sister, as she was like George had Good on the inside of her. Even though she loathed him, for having them, freckles, she leaned in, in an attempt to tell to him to kiss her, if she could trick the boy into loving her, she might be able to convince him it's his. "Yes you got freckles, my boy, yes freckles."

"Yeah I do, now let me go," he said firmly and calmly, but shaking inside. "What do you think you're doing? It's wrong," he warned her, thinking she was trying to make him her new conquest. She did have that Romance Aspiration aura to her, but that was a huge turn-off for him, he felt so absolutely disgusted by it, and especially her! "I don't think so, ewww, sick, no way; I'm not kissing you, gross, get lost no." Boom strike one, Aspiration in middle to low green. George was doubly rejecting Angela both her flirt attempts, and especially the thrice attempts at a first kiss, which sent Angela from being fully in platinum, into fully deep Aspiration failure, just like her sister was in, after the 3rd attempt at it. Rejected for a first kiss, it was one of her fears, and rerolled 3 times and each time, she was rejected. Three big hits; and she still had the persisting one, of Dustin breaking up with her.

"How dare you, get over here," trying to get that want fulfilled, of having a first kiss. Angela had chosen Romance as her Secondary Aspiration, and this confirmed her fear, being rejected for a first kiss! Angela now for the second time in a row was rejected! She was a double fool, she should have known better, but now she was in very low Aspiration failure, and was rage filled too, yes a very bad combination indeed, for one who was never been in it ever before, let alone in the right state of mind! Angela grabbed onto his trench coat, and tried to force George to do it, as he struggled to stop her!

"No, no stop it, I told you no, once already I don't want to kiss you!" Boom strike 2 Aspiration hits the low red, and she looked angry, very angry! Gasping out loudly, George was normal voiced but suddenly he got a bit louder, as he freaked right out, "Let me go now, I said no, stop it, let me go. No! What are you doing?" Like Cindy had done, as they were playing around, and they both knew that the other was joking, he darted his head back and forth to stay out of the way of her lips and he pushed her face and lips out of his face! "Get your cootie lips out of my face, I don't want do it, I don't want to kiss you I don't love you at all, get lost!" Another big blow to her Aspiration; rejected a third time for that first kiss. Third strike and boom bottomed out Aspiration, and her mind and all sense went with it, as she looked crazy. "What the heck do you think you're trying to do to me, huh?!"

"I'll tell you exactly what I want to do, now come here, I'll show you what I think of freckles," and grasped him up in a hugging like embrace, but there was nothing friendly or loving about it.

"Let me go, you have a boyfriend let me go, how dare you try to flirt with me and hug me, let alone kiss me, like I'm you boytoy, let me go! Stop it! Get off of me! You're gonna know it, now, because I'll let Dustin know exactly what you're doing to me, now let me go," he shouted loudly for help. "Help me! Someone help me! Angela is trying to put the moves on me! Help me!"

Loathing and seething with rage, she spoke angrily but almost monotone, "You breathe a word of this to my Dustin and I'll," shoving him hard, he wobbled wildly thrashing his arms about trying to regain his balance before falling but before he could manage to do that Anglia finished him off with a hard spin kick to the chest, "kill you." She had no choice in the matter now, her mental state, made her do it, her angered rage, made her do it, and her Aspiration failure, made her do it, as well as to prevent it, from ever happening, the only one that truly 'loved' her from breaking up with her! So therefore in her mind, with no guilt in doing it, George had to be done away with, he had to DIE! Simple, as that, George had to die.

Lilith had just caught it, her mind flashed back. Everything was almost like in slow-motion as she remembered, and the memories flooded back to her! 'Hate you, go bye-bye, me want mama and dada, all me.' That look of rage, jealousy, fury, then everything went black, because of Angela. Here Angela was doing it again to innocent George. A freaked out scream before he fell, then a scream of pain and shock filled the air as George was kicked and fell down the stairs! "George," she had caught him, and broke his fall partway up the stairs, and Rebecca caught them both, at the bottom! "Ow, unh, ow, ohh," Lillian had bonked her head a bit partly on the bottom of the floor but the way she had landed onto Rebecca's arm had prevented it from being full hard smack, just the little bonk she needed to jar restore a few lost things, "ow unh ohh my head ohh!"

"Aahh, aaahhh, aahaa-ow-owie," sobbing loudly, George continued to scream and cry out in pain and shock like a wounded child.

George was bawling in apparent pain or shock, or both, she herself was teared over but unhurt, for the most part a little bump but nothing serious it wasn't even painful. "George, no oh, where does it hurt, don't move, don't move, just tell me where it hurts."

"Owie, what happened," he sobbed out, confused for a few seconds before the shock of what just happened wore off and he remembered exactly what had happened. He was a bit banged up but mostly shaken up shocked and in shock and just shaken, but unharmed as far as anything broken yes, but as far as hurt, yes he was very much hurt. "Ow, ohh, cough, my tummy unh ooh, she kicked me there unh-mmn, in my tummy," he coughed, still recovering from it, the wind being knocked out of him. Plus his belly and ribs, they felt like they were on fire, and it was so painful to breathe, it hurt to breathe, as he gasped a few times, trying to catch his breath.

"I just caught it; Angela pushed and kicked him down the stairs, probably because George has freckles. Just like she did to that girl, she beat her up all because she had freckles. For some odd crazy reason she hates them. Just like she did to George she did it to me too when I was a toddler Angela she pushed me down the stairs, I remember it now. I remember it all now. Angela wanted to try to kill me she wanted me gone, so that she could have you 2 all to herself. She was feeling jealous over the fact I was, am, smarter than her, already walking, talking, and using the bathroom, long before Angela was taught that. Right, sister dear, is that it? Is that right? Isn't that it? What you wanted? Tried to do? Tried to do to me? You tried to kill me, right? You tried to kill me, so you could have mom and dad all to yourself, right?" She repeatedly asked her guilty sibling standing up at the top of the stairs, the same basic guilt-inducing questions!

"He tripped and he fell, and so did you."

"LIES! Go to Hell Angela! You wanted me dead! Admit it!

"No never! You fell, you have to believe me! He fell, too, you have to believe me, he tripped and fell down the stairs, it's a good thing you caught him!"

"You lie like the satanic spawn you came from! Either that or you're completely crazy!"

"He fell down the stairs, honest, he did!"

George shook his head, tears on his cheeks in his eyes, still coughing a bit and moaning and still crying in pain. Even with the fall tumble down the stairs backwards he remembered it quite clearly he didn't fall down the stairs he was pushed and kicked down them, as Rebecca held him. "I don't believe it, either, not for one second, you pushed my brother down the stairs, you satanic piece of trash!"

Both parents couldn't say a word they just stood there dumbfounded finally seeing for the first time the real truth about Angela, the lies the manipulations the deceit, the evil residing in her! There was nothing to say in that moment, nothing at all. However, Lillian had plenty to say still!

"Yes, I heard him, we all heard him cry for help, and before that telling you no and to stop it, before you pushed him down the stairs, don't give us that load or crap you lying manipulative lying witch liar! So just go on back to Hell you satanic piece of CURSE! Go back to Hell where you came from!"

"How dare you! I didn't do a thing to him, or you!"

"Ow, she kicked me down them, she pushed and, cough, kicked me, in the gut, and ribs, down the stairs, she is lying, she is, so she doesn't get into trouble. I think she really wanted to try to kill me. It hurts to breathe; I think maybe she broke something, when she kicked me," he sobs in real pain.

"I'm calling an ambulance, we have to go to the hospital anyhow, so try to get comfortable, but don't move too much, just in case you're hurt worse than you seem," Daniel said, George nodded, and Daniel walked by giving George a compassionate and saddened look, but an angry very hurt rage filled look to Angela, then called 911.

Author's Note: Yes this is why each twin hates the other one. Lillian is good but at times, not often, mostly in dress, has rebelled for attention and Angela hates good or sees the good (God) in her and her insanities makes her evil. Yes Lillian is saved but just has never admitted really openly about it, to many, aside from Dirk, (low self-esteem and she is at awkward ends with her parents with things and it's hard to talk and sometimes relate to them) among other things. Mostly the all problems with, or, Lillian has, is coming from Angela's lies and believing them. Growing up with a sister like that is hard to do, and what Angela has done to her in life and mostly calling her Lilith. This is why finding out Lillian is her real name is such an important revelation and changes her relation with her parents nearly right away, from, how can you give me a name like that; to they didn't, I should have known, Angela. Her real name changes her and gives her a new outlook on life. She doesn't have to be what someone thinks or says she is she has to be true to herself and be what God says she is and truth is, she is His kid!

Yes now Angela on the other hand yes for the most part is evil and 'Lilith' Lillian sees this, that Angela is just trying to pretend to be good, and being a manipulative witch. Hence also why Trinity saw this easily like Lillian, to know what manipulation is not only a terrible thing but some see it as a form of witchcraft, and why she calls her a little witch!

So answer me please in a review, did I fool you at all with Lilith's angry sneer at George, did you think it was Lilith who hated freckles all along until near the end? I hope so! Nah Lilith likes them she was just still peeved at Angela for being a psychopath and hating them and still peeved being reminded of what she did to that girl Trinity. Basically she was warning him because she knew what happened to Trinity, and was keeping her promise to Dustin. Besides with her parents there she figured it was safe enough to just let the ball roll to let her get busted for once for what she is, evil and crazy. So in that way, that's exactly what, happened.

Now here's the kicker question what mind disease does Angela have? Hint weird hard spelling, silent letters in the word, and starts with an S. So what more trouble has 'angel Angela' gotten herself into, how many of mom and dad's big 7 rules do you think she has actually broken, or others that might deem a spanking? Could Lillian 'Lilith's' bad grades, be a result of more than just her memory loss? I have my own idea but I really want to hear your own ideas at how many bad things Angela has done and what she should be held accountable for and punished for. If you do I will give you credit for it and try incorporate it in the story.