So I auditioned for Emmett and I decided that it was good enough to use as a little one-shot! I didn't get the audition... I had to do two scenarios, one with Rose, her desire to have a baby and Emmett's feelings on the matter, and one interaction with a Volturi Member

So I want you guys to leave me a review, but be completely honest here... tell me what you think?

"A baby?" he asked looking at her with love and compassion shining in his eyes. "Rosie..." he trailed off as he took her in his arms. He liked the idea... He liked it a lot but he was feeling sort of defeated. A feeling which was quite alien for Emmett since he always took challenges head on, never backing down. "I... What about when the baby grows up? When he/she notices we never change... What about then baby..."He had a sad edge to his voice.

He had imagined it once. What it would be like to have a little boy or girl with his Rosie... and he wanted it, her own desire to have a child spurred on his own and he sometimes found himself wishing he could do it... Give her a baby. Of course most of that desire came from wanting to just make her happy, to not see that desire for a child anymore. To know that he did everything for her and the look of pure happiness on her face that he always imagined was because of him... He put it there.

"I want it so bad." Rosalie cried.

"I know, babe, I know..." he said as he held her tighter to his body... He wanted nothing more than to make her happy...

Emmett stood on the edge of the river looking in, thinking over his conversation with Rose, How he wanted to give her everything, when suddenly, while staring into the water, Alec appeared behind him.

Emmett quickly stood up his body tensed and crouched as he prepared for anything. "What are you doing here?" he asked angryly.

Alec smiled as he watched Emmett. "I'm here to see you."

"Me?" Emmett muttered surprised. "Why me?"

"Not just you." Alec retroted. "I'm here to see all of you. Aro has a message."

"Well you can take your message and shove it up your ass... " Emmett snarled angryly, but he was suddenly pleased that Alec was here, maybe he could release some tension by fighting him.

Alec laughed. "Oh, you wouldn't want that... To annoy the head of Volturi..."

"You don't know what I'd want..." Snarled Emmett angryly.

"On the cotrary," Alec started. "I know exactly what you want."

Emmett tackled Alec to the ground as he threw punches. He was never one for patience.

What do you think? Do I make a good Emmett? Did I get his personality right?