Oliver the first vampire I had ever accounted had me by the throat against a tree, his grip was fierce and breathing was starting to become a problem. "Now what's a young girl like you walking around in a town like this" the vampire smirked at me "You wouldn't believe me if I told you" was all I replied. "Oh really try me" I took a deep breath settling my nerves "A little girl told me to come here" I said trying to keep calm about my situation but it was becoming harder and harder. I could almost feel a panic attack coming along. "Where is this girl" he asked his voice was ruff against my ear "You wouldn't be able to see her" I told him. He gave me a funny look "And why can't I see her" he stated aching an eyebrow at me "Because she's dead" I whispered. Oliver seemed to take a step back to my confession like I had some disease, like if he got to close I would infect him.

Oliver just stood there piercing me with his gaze until finally he took out a phone. I watched him punch the numbers in and waited for the other person to pick up. "Amelie I have a girl here" buy the tone he used I had a feeling him and this Amelie didn't like each other or get along. It stood there watching him make the phone call but I couldn't help the feeling that I was being watched.

I turned quickly; I felt a strange twinge of paranoia go through my body. "Oh Claire, little innocent Claire survives again" I turned to see the little girl next to Oliver I felt anger boil with me to the point that I burst "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!" I screamed at her. All she did was laugh at me "Till next time Claire" then she was gone.

Oliver kept looking at me then to where I was facing not understanding who I was yelling at and why I was so angry. "Who were you yelling at" I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and then counted to ten. When I opened them I was surrounded by the dead. All there withered faces looking at me for guidance and comfort something I couldn't give them. I saw Oliver in the distance but the faces kept smothering me to point I could no longer see him. "Claire why won't you help us" they taunted me getting closer and closer, suffocating me within their circle. They tried to grab my arms but there hands kept going through me. This frustrated them even more to the point they were screaming my name so loud I had to cover my ears.

I saw Oliver making his way through the sea of dead people. He had a worried expression written all over his face. When he got over to me he crouched down taking my arm. "Amelie is expecting you" he said while placing me in the limousine that was a dark red colour from the inside. "Something's seriously wrong with me" I whispered to myself but Oliver being a vampire he heard. "Why do you think something is wrong with you" I took a deep breath before replying….

"I see dead people everywhere"