"Do we really need to talk about this now?!" Buffy yelled while she dodged a swift punch from a particularly nasty demon covered in puss-pods.

"Yes! How many times are you going to try and get out of talking to me? We need to get things out, B." Faith quickly staked one of the vampires in league with the puss-pod demon and moved to tackle the other vamp, literally.

"Fine! As soon as we kill these guys we can talk all you want. Gross!" Buffy just popped one of the puss-pods on the demon she was battling. This resulted in her new white sweater to be covered in green goo. Ugh, I just bought this! I guess that's what I get thinking I can be a slayer and own anything white.

Buffy and Faith moved in sync to slay both the puss-pod demon and the remaining vampire. Faith was dusting off her shoulders when she couldn't help but laugh at the sight of Buffy. She was completely covered in that green goop.

"Shut up, Faith!" Buffy spat at her, some green goo being spat as well.

"Ha-ha, whatever B, you were all about taking out that demon. "

"Yeah I know" Damnit and now I have to talk about all this crap with Faith covered in green gross? Can't things in my life ever be easy?

Just as Buffy was opening her mouth to hurry Faith into talking, Willow pulled up to the cemetery in Xander's car. This couldn't be for anything good.

"Willow, what's wrong? Is everyone okay? "Buffy knew that worried look of Willow's all too well.

"Yeah, uh, I mean no, I mean, we're all safe, but the Coven just called. There's another potential on her way. We're lucky the Coven picked up on her coming. We don't have much time her bus should be here very soon." Willow said this in one breath, hoping she didn't catch the blond slayer in one of her bad moods. They were common when she was around Faith too much. "Why are you covered in goo?" she added, finally seeing the blond slayer.

Buffy sighed with a mixture of tiredness and relief. She knew she and Faith would have to talk eventually, but she was glad it wasn't now, especially being covered in goop.

"Long story, Will."

"Puss-pod demon" Faith interjected.

"Oh, well I guess it's a relatively short story. But could you use some magic mojo to clean me up and then we'll get the potential. She's probably scared on her own."

"Uh, yeah, of course," Willow said distractedly. It was hard not to feel the tension between the two slayers in front of her. Was fighting this demon really that bad?

With some mumbled Latin and a rev of the car engine, a green goo free Buffy and Willow were on their way to fetch the new potential down at the bus station.

They pulled up to station just as the expected bus was letting off its passengers. Buffy exited the car once she saw a young girl on her own around 17 years old. She looks almost too innocent to be a potential. I wonder if I seemed that way when I was one, too.

Shaking the thought from her head, Buffy walked up to the young girl and introduced herself. "Hi, I'm Buffy. You can come with us, you'll be safe now." Buffy couldn't count the amount of times she said this to the potentials when they first arrived. It always felt a little bit like a lie somehow.

"Um, I think you're looking for someone else. " The girl retorted looking thoroughly confused and a little nervous.

"Aren't you the potential? Here, all alone, innocent in Sunnydale?" Buffy blurted out. The girl looked offended now.

"I'm waiting for my next bus to LA, thank you. This shithole of a town is just a pit stop." The girl turned on her heel and walked into the station to wait safely under the fluorescent lights.

Whoops. Whatever, I'm glad she's not the potential. What a cu—

"Buffy! Over here! I found her—uh the potential." Buffy heard Willow's voice cry from across the parking lot.

Buffy walked back up to the car to see Willow standing next to a young guy. He was just about the same height as Willow, a little shorter. He was very broad around the shoulders, a kind of a construction worker's build to him. He looked young, maybe barely 17 with a small patch of thick brown hair under his chin and long, medium-width sideburns to match.

Ignoring the boy next to Willow, Buffy turned to her and said, "Does this guy have information on where our girl is?" The boy cringed when Buffy had said girl. She wasn't sure why and just brushed it off.

"Buffy, this is Easton. Our new potential slayer." Willow's eyes darted between Buffy and Easton nervously as Easton extended his right arm to shake hands with Buffy.

"Hi, it's so great to meet you. I've heard so many stories about you from my mom when I was younger. She was a potential too, but never got called." The boy said this all quickly as though afraid he'd be cut off in the middle of his sentence. His voice also cracked quite a bit for a 17 year old. Could he be even younger then she originally thought, Buffy wondered.

"What? How are you a potential, you're a boy. A rather androgynous looking boy, but a boy nonetheless."

"Uh, Buff, Easton here is a potential, he's just uh—"

"I was born female." Easton announced abruptly, but as casually as one would say they had blue eyes. "I'm a FTM guy, female-to-male, transgender, genderqueer, b-o-i, anything ringing a bell?" Easton stood there anxiously awaiting word from Buffy on whether or not she believed him.

Willow decided to help the process of explaining along so they could get back to the house. She was the L in the LGBT sandwich after all.

"Uh, so when the original watchers made the original slayer, they didn't have any way of knowing about trans* folk, so when they said girl, they really meant a person born female. So that's how Easton here is a potential, because he was born female. I'm honestly surprised it took this long to have a potential be trans*."

Buffy sensed Willow beginning to babble and cut her off, "So Easton, you're transgender. Making more sense. How about you fill me in more about you once we get back to the house? It's dark, and I'm sure boy or girl or whatever, you're probably tired and hungry. I know I am."

With this, Buffy opened the car door for Easton, waited till he was in, duffle bag and all then climbed into the front seat herself.

"Let's motor, Will. We got some stuff to figure out at home."

I hope Faith won't try to bombard me with the talking when we get back. I so cannot deal with that right now.

Buffy, Willow, and Easton pulled up to Slayer Central fifteen minutes later. The car ride was mostly silent with a few break outs of Willow's signature babbling that helped get some background information on the newest potential. Easton was originally from Chicago and went to an all-girl Catholic for 11 years. He was actually closer to Buffy and Willow's age, just shy of 21.

"So here we are: Slayer Central. Come on, Easton, let's get you settled." Buffy said this as she opened the front door, showing him the way to the living room. She made to follow him when Willow whispered in her ear, "The girls are going to go crazy over this boy. I hope he's prepared."

The next night…

"Buffy this is huge."

"I know."

"This, this is bigger than the biggest Big Bad! This is bad…is it bad?" Willow questioned her friend as she paced around the headstone Buffy was sitting on. Buffy heaved a sigh, "I don't know, Will. Maybe? But, maybe not? Oh, god, I wish things could just be easy, especially with another apocalypse coming."

"Apparently that's not the only thing that's been coming." Willow murmured just loud enough for Buffy to hear her.


"Sorry, Buff. It's just…this is—"

"Huge, I know. You said it about a thousand—"

"Faith." Buffy shifted in her tombstone seat. "You slept with Faith, Buffy. It's—"

"HUGE. Gigantic. Monstrous. I know, Willow."

"Well, yeah, but it's Faith we're talking about? Former Mayor of 'Get-Some-Get-Gone' Town. Operative word being "former" here, Buff." The two were silent for a moment until Willow spoke up again.

"Do you think she has feelings for you?" Willow's eyes bored into Buffy's as if she was trying to read the slayer's mind rather than hear what she had to say about it. Buffy looked away quickly as she slid off the headstone. "I don't know, Will. Maybe? Oh, who am I kidding I'm sure she feels something."

"How do you know?" Willow's brow furrowed in concern of hearing what she already knew about the Dark Slayer.

"Well, she wants to talk to me about what happened for starters, but I've been avoiding her." Willow rolled her eyes at this giving Buffy a 'Biggest Duh of the Year' look. "Okay, I know Major Buffy is also Captain Obvious…but Willow…what's more is," Buffy took a quick breath. "What's more is... I can feel it."

"Feel what?"

"I can feel how she feels, what she feels…about me." Buffy stared at the ground unable to look her best friend in the face. After a few moments, Willow blinks herself back to earth.

"Uh, whoa. So Buffy, you're saying you know Faith has feelings for you? Feeling feelings? And you feel these feelings too? Like sense them, I mean? Whoa…is this a slayer thing?" Willow started fidgeted with her hands in a manner that can only be described as "Willow-y".

"Yeah… I think so…" Buffy said narrowly eyeing Willow's twisting fingers slowly. "…but I think it's also because, I feel" Buffy inhaled deeply. "The same way." She let her breath leave her body slowly and she felt lighter. She never knew how heavy a weight having feelings for Faith really was. And she had carried this for years.


Back at Slayer Central

Easton found himself oddly alone in the Summers' kitchen. He wanted to search for food, but he felt like that would be extremely rude, even if this was his new home. He was just about to strike up the nerve to open the fridge to check for at least some milk when someone walked in behind him.

"Who the hell are you?" It was a girl's voice, but around here, that didn't give much of a hint to the speaker. Embarrassed, Easton spun around locking eyes with the woman who spoke. I shoulda fuckin' known. Easton visibly relaxed as he stepped toward the dark haired woman.

"Kennedy after all these fucking years and you don't recognize me?" Easton questioned, knowing that of course she couldn't tell who he was. After Kennedy just stared blankly at him, Easton decided to fold.

"You, me, St. Bernadine's. Man, Sr. Michelle hated our fucking guts." Grinning widely, Easton watched as comprehension hit the potential.

"Holy fuckin' shit bro! What the fuck!" Kennedy ran to Easton shoving him in the chest so hard he hit the fridge behind him. "Dude, tell me everything! You're a guy now? What happened to Dykes 'til Death, man? Holy shit," she laughed slapping Easton playfully on the shoulder again. "Did you come here looking for me? We haven't heard from you in years, B. What happened to you, other than the dudebro shit."

Easton cringed at Kennedy's use of his old nickname from his female past. "Oh, you know, shit with my mom got really real so I had to spilt." Kennedy gripped Easton's hand knowingly at this. "And, then once I was on my own for a bit, I was bouncing around the country discovering myself and shit. Woke up and realized, fuck, I'm dude. It all kinda clicked and fell into place then. I've been on T, uh, testosterone for about a year now and I go by Easton."

"Holy shit that's great, you sound great like seriously. I hardly recognized you." Kennedy embraced Easton. "Ha, yeah I figured that by you saying "Who the hell are you?' It's good to see you, Kenn." The two remained hugging for a few moments. Just then the back door opened and Buffy and Willow walked in from their patrol together.

"You have to tell me everything that happened between you and—" Willow cut herself short seeing her girlfriend hugging the newest potential. She tried to compose herself quickly. "Uh, glad to see you're getting to know everybody, Easton." Willow became fidgety as Buffy had on the biggest "uh oh" face ever.

"Hey Willow," Kennedy rushed over to kiss her Wicca girlfriend, "B, er, I mean, Easton and I go way back."

"Yeah, buddy," Easton laughed as he high-fived Kennedy. "Partners in crime at St. Bernadine's for six years."

"I'll fill you in more upstairs, cutie," the potential said to Willow, "but for now," Kennedy turned back to Easton, "I wanna know what you're doing here." She awaited an answer that Buffy surprisingly supplied.

"Easton here is our newest potential recruit. Willow can explain this better than—"

"Oh, it's because she," Kennedy corrected her pronoun without skipping a beat, "he was born female and the ancient blah blahs didn't know about transgender people. Got it." Kennedy filled in.

Does everybody understand this better than me? Am I some kind of bad ally? Hell, can I even call myself an ally when I'm off having sex with—

"Earth to B?" Buffy hadn't realized it but Faith had joined the kitchen party. Easton instinctively twitched in Faith's direction at the mention of his former nickname. It was a habit he hoped to eventually break.

"What?" Buffy said slightly annoyed when she noticed everyone staring at her.

"Faith mentioned pizza, want in?"

"Uh, no. I should go check on the other potentials, but you guys have fun."

"Party pooper" Willow mumbled under her breath. She had to admit that she wanted to really watch how Buffy and Faith interacted with each other now. Looking back on it, it was so obvious, how she had not noticed the energy between Faith and Buffy was beyond her.