Flashback- Faith's first night back

"I guess wanted wasn't entirely accurate," Faith joked, trying to relieve the tension she felt being back in the Summer's home after years of regret. Ignoring the sullen looks from Giles and Dawn, Buffy took Faith upstairs to show her where she'd be sleeping. Reaching their destination, Buffy lamely pointed at the sleeping bag on the floor of the blond slayer's bedroom.

"Didn't know we'd be bunking together. You sure you're cool with that, B?" The blond looked over the dark slayer for a moment. Things could get weird, but Buffy was too tired to care at this point.

"It's fine, Faith," she assured, "I'm beat and would love to unwind." Buffy rolled her neck cracking it several times in the process. Faith had a smirk planted on her face by the time Buffy eyes met hers again. "I got just the thing, B."

An hour and a half later the Chosen Two were tipsy and rounding the corner to intoxicated.

"You know, I never realized how delicious tequila is. Thanks Faith," the blond slayer slurred slightly, wobbling on the ground where she sat across from Faith.

"Ha, you know me, B, always finding that fun. Glad to see you're a bit looser than last time I saw you." Uh, oh. The touchy subject of the last time they say each other in person. Faith sitting in the police station confessing to murder moments after Buffy had told her how small she was, how awful.

"Yeah, I've changed. I think you have too." Buffy said, taking in the woman in front of her. This is certainly not the Faith I remember from high school. Still as dangerous looking, still as enticing, but harder, the kind of hardness that comes with…maturity?

"Where'd you go, B? Thinkin' of all the good times past?" Faith questioned downing another shot of tequila with ease. Buffy frowned at this. She hated the past the two slayers shared. Everything was difficult between them for no reason. They were both young and stupid, and honestly that was all an understatement.

Sighing, Buffy offered up an answer as Faith continued to look questioningly at the blond. "Yes and no," she couldn't help but be honest with this new Faith. Maybe Buffy was finally seeing the side of her she'd hoped for, or maybe the alcohol was hitting her harder than she realized.

"I just wish that, that, you know—"

"None of it ever happened? That we spent time braiding each other's hair and sharpening stakes at slumber parties instead of trying to kill each other?" Faith offered, passing the bottle to Buffy. Watching Buffy take another swig of the silver liquid, Faith spoke up again, "I wish that too. I wish a lot things, wish a lot of shit hadn't happened, you know?" She took the bottle back from the blond, "Man, my skin never stops crawling around you. Did you ever feel that? If things coulda been different, I wish..." Faith fell silent, choosing to take another drink from the bottle instead of finishing her sentence.

Buffy knew exactly what the Boston girl was talking about. Her skin did crawl around her sister slayer; some of it she chalked up to a slayer connection, the rest of it, she wasn't sure she was ready to admit what it was.

Buffy looked up from her thoughts seeing the other girl staring at her. Faith's eyes looked sad despite the smirk she had on her face.

"B, I, I never knew how to tell you this," Faith looked away and took another shot of liquid courage. "I, shit, I'm being such a chump right now. I think you're sexy as hell." She half-admitted finally, staring at any part of the room that wasn't near the blond slayer. Buffy laughed quietly smiling at Faith. "Yeah, I know Faith. We always were with the flirting back in high school, or did I remember that wrong?"

Faith laughed easily with the chosen one. Both could tell they were tiptoeing around the subject; that same subject being the reason behind their hatred towards each other. "Huh, so you definitely were flirting back then? Thought maybe it was in my head." She offered the bottle to the blond who took it willingly.

"Why would you think it was in your head?" the blond took a half sip and put the bottle on the carpeted floor between them screwing the cap on tightly.

"Dunno, I mean, I thought about my time in Sunnydale, my time with you, a lot in prison, and I just thought maybe all that…that is was just hopeful thinking for my long incarceration." A silence fell between the two partially estranged slayers. Faith semi-consciously inched closer to Buffy, and the blonde's eyes scanned the younger slayer's body while she licked her lips.

"You, uh, you thought about me in prison. Like none-hate-your-guts thoughts?" her voice was lower than normal, her throat tight. Thirsty, she grabbed the tequila bottle and took another nervous swig watching the brunette carefully, waiting for her answer.

"Yeah," Faith answered, her voice deeper too. She bore her eyes into the blonde's hazel ones. "I told you, B," she moved even closer to Buffy, "I think you're sexy as hell."

Buffy's heart was beating fast, her mouth dry, her mind buzzing but fogged. She met Faith's gaze, blinking sheepishly for a moment, and before she could stop herself, "You're not so bad yourself, Fai." She huskily responded, and she too moved closer to the other slayer. Their knees were touching now, their faces closer than they had been in years.

"You know, B," Faith began, testing her courage; they had both left the alcohol on the floor forgotten. "You're even more beautiful now than ever…than what I remember from way back when." The brunette eyed the Chosen One's leg and placed her hand on it, rubbing gently. This completely clouded Buffy's mind, and she was taken over by the electricity she felt from the tips of Faith's fingers.

Without thinking, the two closed the distance them between, crushing their mouths together. Within seconds the kiss deepened and both slayers' hands began exploring each other. Buffy curled her fingers in the brunette's wild mane, bringing her closer than possible as they continued kissing fiercely.

Faith grabbed the blond slayer by the waist and lifted her into the air and onto the bed, never breaking the kiss. Faith straddled the other slayer's hips and ground her body into Buffy's. Buffy broke the kiss to move down Faith's neck, leaving hot red marks in her wake. Faith moaned in Buffy's ear.

Not daring to ask any questions or slow each other down, Buffy and Faith practically ripped each other's shirt and pants off, leaving them both stripped down to their bra and underwear. Faith took this moment to take Buffy in, looking over every inch of her body. She wanted to memorize the slight slayer in this moment.

Buffy reach up and pulled Faith down in another crushing kiss, and unhooked Faith's bra, tearing it off her and throwing it on the floor with the rest of the forgotten clothing. Faith followed suit. She started kissing down Buffy's neck and hovered over her exposed breasts. She captured a hard nipple between her lips and flicked it with her tongue sending Buffy's eyes rolling to the back of her head. It felt amazing.

Faith hurriedly kissed down Buffy's stomach needing to get a release; she could tell the blond needed that too. The dark slayer's kisses reached the band of Buffy's underwear and she pulled them down off her. Faith could not believe Buffy Summers was naked in bed with her.

Without any hesitation Faith seized the blonde's clit, sucking on it gently as Buffy moaned and bucked her hips slightly. Faith licked the length of Buffy's wet slit, sighing excitedly into the older woman's vulva. "God, you taste so good, B," she said before continuing to run her tongue in and out of the blond before her.

This drove Buffy insane and she could feel her orgasm building. "Oh, god," she whimpered into the pillow next to her. She ran her fingers through Faith's hair encouraging her to keep up her ministrations to her clit.

Suddenly, they felt the orgasm rip through both of them as Buffy came hard in Faith's mouth, pulling her hair to keep her tight on her clit. Faith moaned heavily into Buffy's exposed slit as she came intensely, feeling her wetness seep through her black underwear she still had on.

Feeling the orgasm subside, Buffy pulled the brunette up to her to kiss her harshly, their night far from over.