Robin and Maria

By Samhoku

I do not own them.


Robin watched as Maria walked through the woods, close to the castle. He wanted to go talk to his friend, but sometimes they would tick each other off, which would end in a hitting fight. Robin shrugged and walked up to Maria, "Hello."

Maria jumped and bumped into Robin's chest, "Ahh! Robin!" She hit him in the chest and glared, "You scared me!" Robin said in a mocking tone, "I am sorry Princess." Maria gave him a dark glare and growled a little. Robin focused on her face, "Maria. I just wanted to speak to you, not make you mad."

Maria was surprised at the gentleness that he said her name. She looked at the ground then back up into the face of her friend, "Okay, what did you want to talk to me about?"

Robin smiled at her, "Well...Moonacer. What will you do with it, now that you are the Princess." Maria glared at him, "That is something I don't want to talk to you about. I am letting my Uncle decide at the moment."

Robin tilted his head, not surprised that she didn't want to share her secrets. He got a mischievous grin on his face, "Why Princess, I do believe I have upset you." Maria tried very hard to control her temper. Her face turned a few shades of red and then she slapped his chest again before walking regally away. Robin started to laugh.

Maria spun around and glared at her friend, "Robin!" Robin tried to pull off an innocent look, but it looked like he had constipation. Maria smiled and giggled, "Robin, your face..." Robin tilted his head, "What about it?"

Maria shook her head and walked away. He hated when she did this, "Maria. Tell me. We are betrothed..." Apparently she didn't know yet because she froze, turned around, and her face was as pale as the snow, "What?" She asked, her voice barely above a whisper.

Robin just stared at her for a moment, "You didn't know?" He felt shocked, "Your uncle didn't tell you?" Maria covered her mouth and stared at Robin before fleeing. She heard Robin call for her but she kept going until she reached Moonacer.


Her uncle looked up as Maria came charging in, "Yes Maria?" Maria panted and put her hands on his desk, "Uncle Benjamin, when where you planning on telling me that Robin and I are betrothed?"

Her uncle looked at the 16 year old, "Well. I suppose I was going to tell you today at dinner. How did you find out?" Then he looked past her and saw Robin, "Oh. Well, I suppose thats what would have happened. There is nothing for it now."

Loveday came in and smiled, "Maria, why are you yelling...oh. Did you find out?" Maria growled in a very unladylike manner and turned, brushing past Robin. It took Robin a second to realize that Maria stole his hat as she did. His eyes narrowed slowly and his head snapped around and he smirked a little when Maria looked back at him. Robin said in a mocking manner, "Maria, where ever did you put my hat?"