Robin and Maria

By Samhoku

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Well, at dinner Maria was tired and kind of hungry. Robin found this confusing as the girl ate maybe 1 small plate full of food then was done. Now she was eating 2-3 plates full. He was amazed and impressed.

Robin hummed a little then when everything was over he glanced at Sir Benjamin. The man was obviously trying to make up with Loveday. It made Robin want to be ill, seeing the cold cynical man being affectionate with his sister. He opened his mouth and point his finger down his throat, pretending to gag. Maria's eyes bugged and she covered her mouth, trying not to laugh.

Robin knew Loveday saw him when she said, "Robin De Noir!" He winced and grinned at his sister, "Yes my lovely sister?" Loveday looked unimpressed with him. Robin winked at Maria, watching as the girl started to blush bright red.

Maria stood up and fled the scene of the soon be murder. Sir Benjamin was also glaring at Robin, "I am allowed to flirt with my soon to be wife. Double wedding remember? You should try flirting with Maria."

Robin barked with laughter, "She doesn't let me! Each time I try she steals my hat or slaps me." Maria was listening by the dining room wall, thinking about flirting with Robin just to see his reaction. She heard the chair scratch back then Robin walked by. He winked at her as he walked by, and she knew that he knew she had been standing there. Maria stuck her tongue out at him.

Robin grinned, "That was real mature Maria. Just like what you did with your dress. Only I think the dress was far more interesting." Maria glared at him and slapped him across the face again, "Robin!"

Robin winced and saw a lot of slapping in their marriage. And the receiving person seemed to always be him. Robin wrapped his arms around her and asked, "Why can't you just accept it when I flirt?" Maria growled at him, slapping his chest, "Because its always inappropriate!"

Robin sighed then turned around, walking away, "Well, when we get married I will flirt with you lots." Then he grinned over his shoulder, "Maybe even have babies." Maria covered her ears, "AHHHH too much information!"

Robin laughed until he heard Sir Benjamin growl at him, "Keep your hands to yourself Robin." Robin yelped and started silently praying that he wouldn't be killed by the man. Sir Benjamin chuckled then walked away.

Maria was now in the sewing room, helping Loveday with a dress. Maria sighed and asked, "Why can't Robin leave me alone?"

Loveday looked up, surprised, "Well, I think he is attracted to you Maria. And he wants to make sure the marriage lasts." Maria shrugged and looked away, "Does he have to do it that way?"

Loveday smiled, "He is creative, he will find other ways to get you to like him. Even if it means doing something completely off the wall."