Robin and Maria

By Samhoku

I do not own them. Thanks for the reviews. I am working on getting the chapters longer again, might take a bit however.


Maria heard Robin in the bathroom, washing his head in the sink. He was grumbling about the lion being the confusing sort. Maria giggled and went in, "Robin?" She touched his back, "What did Rolph do?" Robin finished washing his head then stood upright, "Rolph puked on me, Maria. I was talking to him and he pinned me down then puked on me."

Maria covered her mouth and tried to look serious, "Oh?" Robin looked unamused, he grabbed her around the waist and gave her a kiss before leaving the room, "You can be amused all you like, Maria, but I am not."

Maria followed Robin, "Robin, I am sorry. It is just funny, the lion wouldn't normally hack up a hairball unto your head." Robin gave Maria a look but kept walking, "Well, he did this time."

Maria went back to their room and sat their for a minute. She suddenly giggled michiviously and put on pants and a shirt, something that Miss Heliatrope would hate. Maria went downstairs and almost crashed into Loveday. Loveday looked at Maria then smiled a little, "Robin won't mind, but something tells me Miss Heliatrope won't be pleased."

Maria smiled and looked down at herself, "It feels odd, but I always where dresses. I want to be able to ride my horse without a dress...but in clothes." Loveday nodded, understanding and let Maria on her way.

Maria sneaked past the kitchen so Miss Heliatrope wouldn't see her and went out to see the horse. Maria bumped into Robin, "Oops, oh Hello Robin." She walked around him and into the stall.

Robin watched and was slightly confused. His wife was wearing pants and a Odd, but he was also curious. Robin turned around and followed her into the horses stall, "Maria?"

Maria looked at him with a smile, "Hello Robin." She pulled herself up unto the horse, "How are you?"

Robin watched his wife then smiled, "I am good, what are you doing?"

Maria looked at the horse then at Robin, "I would think that is rather obvious."

Robin crossed his arms over his chest, knowing the old Maria was coming back, "Riding a horse, but why are you in pants and a shirt, but not a dress?"

Maria gave Robin a bright smile and nudged the horse past him, "Because it is easier to ride the horse this way."

Robin watched as the horse and Maria left, "Okay then."