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Enter Kira; The Mighty Cat Demon

A full moon blazed high in the sky and its light poured over the land. The air was gentle and nothing but a light breeze shifted through the leaves. The fire that Sango had made for camp was still burning dimly in the center of the camp the group had made for the night, though it was nearly burned out.

Inuyasha lay awake, watching her. He watched the little bottle of jewel shards around her neck and his ears twitched as she rolled over, causing the bottle and shards to clink. He stood then and stretched a bit. He was too restless to sleep. Stepping closer to Kagome he lowered himself back to the ground, resting on the balls of his feet and taking in Kagome's face.

"Inu… Yasha…" she muttered in her sleep, as she was well known for by now. Inuyasha's ears perked up and he watched her carefully. His face was almost sad, and he wanted to reach out to her.

"Kagome…" he whispered aloud without meaning too. She turned over then, still sleeping and her face was lost from his view. He stood carefully and as he was about to walk away from the fire and back to his initial resting place, he caught the scent of blood. Not just any blood though. "Naraku," he whispered angrily as he sped off from the camp.

He didn't even bother waking the others. In reality he wanted nothing more than to take Naraku down on his own, to avenge the death of his Kikyou on his own. The trees flew past as he ran quickly following the scent further into the wood. He almost stumbled when he realized his foot had landed in something wet and warm. It didn't take more than a second for him to know it was blood.

He pressed on and only slowed down when he knew he was very close. He had every intention of cutting Naraku down, that is, until he realized he wasn't chasing Naraku. It wasn't even one of his incarnations. The scent of Naraku that Inuyasha had been following was now mingled with the scent of another demons blood. Inuyasha sniffed at the air and walked forward into the small clearing that lay just beyond the tree line.

He could smell something feline and female. It was definitely a demon. With his hand at the ready on Tetsusaiga's pommel he stepped forward and found the source of the smell almost immediately. Before him, standing in a pool of running water, was a female demon. The moonlight that washed over her made her only more pale, and mysterious. Her long white hair hung around her softly, though some of it was covered and matted in blood. She wore nothing but the skin on her bones and cuts were scattered in every direction.

Her eyes were crystal blue and her ears were pointed just as a demon's. She looked up at Inuyasha with the burn of a fight in her eyes, though she was far too weak to fight anymore. It appeared to Inuyasha that she had already fought for her life, and barely escaped with it. Her hair hung over her breasts, and the shadows cast by the moon did well to conserve the rest of her modesty, if demons had any.

InuYasha cautiously stepped forward and looked at her curiously. His hand remained at the ready on the Tetsusaiga's pommel. "Who are you?" InuYasha asked, "And why are you covered in Naraku's blood?"

"Isn't it obvious," she said after a moment silence, "We fought, and I did not win. Though he did not win either." She clutched at a deep wound on her side as blood pumped furiously from it. The blood on her body and coming from it was now defiling the pool of water. She couldn't heal quickly enough to sustain herself. She fell then to her knees and closed her eyes.

Kagome tossed a bit in her sleep as she dreamed of none other than InuYasha. She ran quickly after him and the group but they just kept moving faster and faster away from her. Her hand outstretched she tried to call for them but no sound came forth. And then they were gone…

She sat up with a gasp and rubbed her eyes. The fire burned dimly in the pit and she noted that it was still dark, but dawn could not be far off. Sango and Miroku were still fast asleep and so were Shippo and Kirara. She turned to see if InuYasha was sleeping still, but he was gone. Kagome stood and looked quickly around the small spot in the forest they had camped in and saw no one.

"Sango," she whispered quickly, trying to wake the demon slayer. Sango came too quickly and was surprised to see Kagome standing there.

"What's wrong? Why are you awake?" She asked as she sat up to rub her eyes. Miruko woke then too followed by Kirara and shippo.

"What's wrong, Kagome?" Miroku asked as well.

"It's Inuyasha, he's gone," she said, trying not to sound overly worried, though inside she was almost panicking. It was times like this she wished she did not love InuYasha this much, then maybe it wouldn't hurt so much to worry like this. Maybe she wouldn't have to worry at all. 'No. What a terrible thing to think. I'm glad I have Inuyasha, he makes me feel happy…' she thought to herself as the other stood and left their belongings on the ground as she assembled to find Inuyasha.

"Kirara has picked up his scent, let's go," Sango said as she hopped onto the demon cat's back. She pulled Kagome up behind her. Miroku ran beside them with Shippo hanging tightly onto his back. Kirara followed the scent until they came to the edge of the forest and saw into the moonlit clearing. InuYasha stood with the demon.

"Let me help you," InuYasha said, feeling sorry for the demon as she hid her pain. It was a demons duty to carry themselves with high reverence and dignity. 'She must be a high class demon,' InuYasha suspected as he approached her.

"Leave me, I do not require the help of a half demon," she said quietly, her face turned down toward the water.

"You'd rather die, than just let me help you?" InuYasha asked, not entirely surprised. It reminded him slightly of Sesshomaru.

"InuYasha!" Kagome said, worry present in her voice.

"Kagome be careful that's a demon!" Miroku shouted as the rest of them quickly exited the wood and laid eyes upon the scene. 'And a very beautiful one,' Miroku thought as he approached InuYasha.

"She's hurt," Kagome observed as she came to stand at InuYasha's side. The demon looked up at them, her blue eyes glaring at them for only a moment before they went blank and she collapsed into the water. Inuyasha jumped in and picked her up.

"What are you doing InuYasha?" Sango asked as she leapt from Kirara. "She doesn't seem to want our help, she could be dangerous."

"She was battling Naraku," InuYasha said as he laid her down on the grass and covered her with a cloth handed to him by Kagome from her bag. "That means she could be an ally to us."

"Wow, InuYasha, I would never expect you to think things through so clearly," Miroku speculated as he watched InuYasha an Kagome tend her wounds.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean? You callin' me stupid or something miroku?" InuYasha said glaring up at the monk. He quickly smiled and stepped back a few feet.

"Aha, no not at all InuYasha," he said.

It wasn't long before the sun made itself known. The group had all settled into the new spot and waited for the demon to wake once again. Normally they would have been moving on at this point but now they had a new mission.

InuYasha sat by the demons side. He hadn't moved since they finished bandaging her. His hands were inside each sleeve of his shirt and he sat quietly, eyes closed. Kagome watched him and wondered why he was hovering over her so much. Though his protective nature seemed to make him that way about everyone he deemed important.

Kagome stood and walked over to him. She sat down and watched the Demon's face. She was very lovely, Kagome could not deny. Her hair was as white as InuYasha and Sesshomaru's but her eyes were so blue when Kagome had seen them. They made her face come to life. Suddenly the demon stirred and the blue eyes opened.

Kagome jumped a bit but didn't move away. "Stay back Kagome," InuYasha commanded as he placed his arm protectively in front of her. The demon sat up and the cloth covering her fell though nothing could be seen through the hair that fell down her back and chest. Her wounds were completely healed and not a scar took their place.

"Are you alright?" Kagome asked. The demon shot her a look that may have held annoyance if she did not look so weary still.

"Well enough," she said trying to stand.

"Woah, woah you should stay down. You still don't look very well," Miroku said, rushing to keep her on the ground. She obeyed though everyone knew that should she have wanted to she could have easily stood and walked away from them all. Though it was certain she wouldn't have made it very far.

"You never told me your name," InuYasha said out of nowhere. Everyone looked at him as he questioned the demon.

"Kira," she said reluctantly. A few gasps could be heard from the others, all but Kagome.

"Kira, the demon with power over time," Sango asked. She looked shocked.

"The very same," Kira said.

"What is everyone so shocked about," Kagome asked, still confused.

"Kira is a demon that most people only hear about. She rarely shows herself," Miroku said, trying to explain.

"Why now then," InuYasha asked.

"Naraku," she said, a foul growl laced in her tone. She looked frightening for a moment, her beauty transformed into menace. "He thought he might consume my body, and therefore gain my power, but I would never be defeated by a loathsome half demon. He will pay for his actions with his life."

Sesshomaru walked slowly along the forest path with no destination in particular. Rin and Jaken followed closely behind him as they always did. Jaken held the reins of Ah-Un and lead the creature along-side him. Suddenly Sesshomaru stopped and looked to his right.

"My Lord?" asked Jaken as he wondered what might have peaked the demon's interest.

"I smell the blood of Naraku, and someone else," Sesshomaru said indifferently as he always was. He began walking then in that direction.

"Naraku?!" Jaken asked as he tugged Ah-Un's reins to follow him.

"Will you kill him, my Lord?" Rin asked as she followed him closely. Sesshomaru did not answer but knew that there was someone else's blood mixed with that of Naraku's; someone familiar to him. 'I have to be sure that it is her,' he thought to himself as he made is way in the direction of the scent.

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