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What are your true feelings?

"What are you thinking right now, Kagome?" InuYasha asked, slowing coming closer. With every step he took a heat seemed to build in Kagome. She was unsure of herself, or how to react to the hanyou coming toward her. Her heart felt as though it would leap from her chest as she managed to look down and away from him.

"I. . ." she said, her voice trailing off for a moment. Could she really tell InuYasha what she was thinking? Would he understand? Did she even know herself what she was really thinking? Her mind was a blur of so many thoughts and emotions she was having trouble sorting and computing them. "I just wish there was some way to help the two back there. They seem so… happy and sad."

"There isn't any help for them." InuYasha's eyes lost their burning hunger and seemed to be replaced instantly with a strong sadness. He turned away from her and sat in the grass. Kagome recognized this behavior, but it was different somehow. It wasn't his usual emotional sit, it was deeper, quieter.

"InuYasha…" Kagome said as she knelt beside him. His white locks fell over his eyes and she could no longer read the expression on the hanyou's.

"Demons, half-demons," he said, his face still pointed downward, "It doesn't matter. They can never be with a human and be happy. They can never truly be accepted. The demon you saw down there, she was right. It is best for that man to find a human bride and accept his fate."

"But, but he loves her!" kagome argued, feeling that they were now not entirely talking about the two in the garden.

"It's not a love that can exist! She only wants his happiness!" InuYasha said, his claws trying for restraint as they dug deep into the soil beneath them.

"But he is willing to try for her. He is willing to sacrifice the life before him for her!"

"It's stupid to do that! It doesn't matter how much she loves him! They will both end up unhappy!"

"… You can't know that…" Kagome said, trying to keep the tears out of her eyes. InuYasha remained silent. Kagome didn't think she could stand there much longer without crying. She couldn't know if InuYasha was really talking about the two in the garden, or about the two of them. Either way, her heart took the blow as if he was talking to her, about them.

"Kagome," InuYasha said, standing with little effort. Kagome didn't react to her name, she simply covered her face with her hands and willed the tears to remain unseen. She backed away from the Hanyou and tried to walk away. She didn't make it far before strong arms clad in red wound around her waist.

"What…" Kagome started, only having to take a moment to compose herself as a few tears trickled down her cheeks, "what are your true feelings InuYasha?"

"Eh…" the hanyou was a bit taken aback by they question, but he knew all along that this was coming. "My, true feelings?" he asked, stalling.

"How do you feel when you hear my name? When you see my face? When I call to you? What do I mean to you, InuYasha?" she whispered, so quietly that the half dog demon was lucky to hear what she said himself.

The answer was easy for InuYasha. However it was not easy to say. It wasn't something he put into words. All the questions she asked were answered by feelings. They were answered by the way his ears perked up at the sound of her name. They were answered by the way his entire being relaxed when he saw her face. They were answered in every beat his heart had skipped when she said his name.

She was facing him then, her eyes heavy with tears and emotion. InuYasha could find no words to give her. He was not an expressive person, nor was he a scholarly type by any means. But he was a creature of feeling. So if he could not tell her, he would show her.

A clawed hand reached up to rest on her soft, wet cheek. Using his thumb he stroked away a couple tears and looked deep into Kagome's eyes. Her expression was unmistakable. Kagome, whether she ever wanted to or not, loved InuYasha. She loved the half demon more now than any person ever had in his entire life time. His heart felt like it was about to burst, and the moment before it did, he leaned close to her. She could feel his breathing on her face.

Before another thought could be had, or a word said, InuYasha kissed Kagome. He placed his lips softly against hers, and for a fleeting moment he felt that perfection was actually attainable. In the one small moment, perfection was achieved. His heart hammered in his chest and he felt more alive in that moment than he ever had.

He drew back slowly and opened his eyes to see Kagome's staring right back into his.


The cat demon sat up slowly, and her eyes felt heavy. Kira was almost fully aware of her body now but had no intentions of being hostile towards the dog demon. She always had a soft spot in her heart for him, though time had done naught but make him a more hateful creature. That was not entirely true though, as she remembered the human girl that he had taken into his care.

She looked around and saw that the imp and girl in question were in fact gone now. She could smell a faint trace of their scent but it was old. She knew the third scent was unmistakably Sesshomaru's. She turned her head, sending her pure white locks cascading over her chest and back. The dog demon had not a single emotion written on his face.

Kira took the opportunity to stand and quietly straightened her robes. "Lovely choice," she said in admiration of the clothing she wore.

"It was brought to me by the imp."

"I see," she said, turning to face the dog demon now, her eyes meeting fully with his own.

"Why is it that you are here?" she asked suddenly. The dog demon didn't answer right away. "I mean, why have you saved me, why do you stand here still?"

"I wish you do lead me to Naraku. He caused your affliction. You were the last to see him. Take me to him." Sesshomaru was not unkind in speak, but he in no uncertain terms asked the demon to take him either.

"How can I know where he is now?" she asked, prodding the demon. She was also testing his patients.

"Then we go to where he was last. Where you fought last."

"What reason do I have to stay with you?"

"You wish him dead as much as I do. You can travel with me."

"I'll travel with you then," she said. Kira knew that there was more to this. She knew that Sesshomaru was completely capable of finding him on his own. She stayed for that reason alone. She needed to know what underlying cause the demon lord could possibly have for keeping her with him. She was also indebted to him for saving her. She would repay her debt, and go her own way. All in due time.